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Posted in: Japan detects season's first bird flu case; to cull 40,000 birds: NHK See in context

Do they just dispose of the chickens or allow them for food consumption? If they just dispose of them it is a waste, and it if they allow them for food consumption, will price of chicken go down? According to scientists, cooking kills bacteria and viruses in meat.

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Posted in: Man arrested in Japan for stealing credit card info via web skimming See in context

Very first case of credit card skimming in Japan? Wow. There is so little crime in Japan. In the US, there has been about 120,00 credit card skimming crimes in the first half of 2023. Big difference.

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Posted in: Kishida to visit San Francisco for 5 days to attend APEC summit See in context

They couldn't do a Zoom call? World leaders, climate change leaders, etc private jet setting all over the world while trying to ban fossil fuels is the equivalent of Marie-Antoinette's quote, "Let them eat cake."

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Posted in: Spinal implant allows Parkinson's patient to walk again See in context

Amazing technology. It is good when healthcare focuses on improving people's lives. Good story.

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Posted in: Japan's two major airlines log profit jump as COVID curbs removed See in context

Great for the economy and the businesses that survive on tourism. It was obvious that when Japan dropped the COVID restrictions and open their borders, they were going to get a ton of tourists visiting. It was almost three years that Japan was either closed or COVID restriction-free.

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Posted in: G7 calls for immediate repeal of bans on Japanese food, pressing China See in context

Every country has their own free choice to do what they think it best for their country and citizens. The G7 coerce countries to do or not do things does not work. They should just be talking directly to the countries and negotiate with them. That is how civilized negotiations take place. If the countries choose not to, again it is their free choice.

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Posted in: IMF lifts Japan's 2023 growth forecast to 2% on brisk inbound tourism See in context

Tourism is a good thing. It helps boost economies around the world.

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Posted in: Japan targets ultra-rich travelers to boost regional revival See in context

The buses and trains are great in Japan. I just have to remember to scan my IC card when getting on the bus. A few times I forgot because some buses are flat rate (only have to scan IC card when you get off) and I am getting scolded by the bus drivers.

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Posted in: 54-year-old man arrested for walking naked in Sapporo See in context


@CrashTestDummy More than a crash test dummy!!! Please correct me if I am wrong. Where in the print below does it talk about homelessness and the use of restrooms, or should I say cleanliness? Perhaps the print was not large enough to read or you just have on the wrong eyeglasses! But I think the latter part of your ID is what it is!!!!

My comment was just a comparison of how big of a problem that the US has compared to Japan. One naked guy, he was arrested, and that is a big story. This happens all the time in the US, but the authorities do nothing to solve the problem. I'd like to add that most of the homeless are doing hard drugs in the street as well.

You should save your personal punches at me and debate the issue instead. Also, be happy that the Japanese cities you live in are extremely low crime and clean.

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Posted in: 54-year-old man arrested for walking naked in Sapporo See in context

This happens all the time in US cities now. The nearly 600,000 homeless use the streets as their restroom. It is big problem that is not getting solved. I wish San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other US cities was as clean as Tokyo.

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Posted in: Okinawa pub posts 'Japanese only' admission sign based on some shaky logic See in context

I'm a foreigner from the US, half Japanese, and don't speak Japanese. I don't have a problem with it. I have been to a few places like that in Tokyo and Osaka that don't serve foreigners. I understand the issue. If foreigners do not speak Japanese, it is difficult to communicate and do simple tasks in restaurants and bars for both the owners, staff, and foreigners.

I just go find another place and there are always tons of options in the cities. Overwhelmingly, most establishments in Japan are very friendly and accommodating to foreigners.

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Posted in: Biden tells Japan, European allies Ukraine support will continue after Republicans block funding See in context

Three days after the Maui fires, Biden asked Congress for 40 billion more USD to give Ukraine. Meanwhile, Biden only allocated a one time payment of $700 USD for Maui fire victims. Biden is more concerned with helping other countries than the US.

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Posted in: Japan logs hottest September on record; 2.66 C higher than average See in context


After decades of denying climate change, I've noticed a theme emerging in the rhetoric of the right - embracing climate change. I suppose climate change itself is undeniable, so finding obscure benefits and ignoring the dangers is the closest thing - harm denial.

Still human created climate change has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt and still no proof humans can lower the global temperature, reduce natural disasters, and control the weather/climate. Yes, there are trends, but there has been many trends historically. The earth has been much hotter and higher CO2 concentration in the past, yet there wasn't humans burning fossil fuels.

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Posted in: As China censors homegrown feminism, a feminist scholar from Japan is on its bestseller lists See in context

Desert Tortoise

I guess that explains the high numbers of female engineers including some very senior ones working on things that go boom where I work. My immediate supervisor, a woman, is a Chemist with over a dozen patents to her name, stuff in the field of energetic materials (things that go boom or propel rockets). My wife is an Electrical Engineer who specializes in control systems analysis. Maybe you should discard all those preconceptions of yours and open your eyes to the world around you.

What you are bringing up is the exception not the norm. For example, in the US engineering industry, 86% are men and 14% are women. In the US, STEM industries (science, technology, engineering, math) 68% are men and 32% are women. Japan is even worse. Only 7% of Japanese women are in science and engineering majors. In Japan’s computer tech industry, under 20% of engineers are women and I am sure that in mechanical, electrical, aeronautical engineering the percentage of Japanese women in those fields is much lower.

You should re-read my comment because I said in general which is the industries at large. Not saying women aren't or can't be high level engineers or in high level scientific industries. Just saying that very few women go into those industries. I personally have many female family members that are in engineering and STEM industries.

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Posted in: As China censors homegrown feminism, a feminist scholar from Japan is on its bestseller lists See in context


What are 'gay/transgender values'?!

Who is 'promoting' 'gay/transgender values'?

Perhaps not as much in Japan, but in the US and other countries they are the gay/transgender groups are pushing gay/transgender grooming to kids and adults. I live in the US and the gay/transgender grooming is a major issue over here.

Japan population is in steep decline, so they should be promoting traditional family values. Just my opinion.

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Posted in: As China censors homegrown feminism, a feminist scholar from Japan is on its bestseller lists See in context


This is the year 2023 and yet the majority of men will still not recognize we women as their equals. My dog, why are so many men still wrapped up in their misogyny, is it a lack of education, or just a stubborn thought that they are superior?!! In many cases religious movements are at fault, and women are looked down upon as mere reproductive vessels and nothing more.

I don't think that is true. My views are that men and women are just totally different in thinking, actions, and of course physiology.

I worked in construction industry and real estate industry at a male dominated company and female dominated company. In general, men/women just work and think differently. Women are much more collaborative in decision making. leading, and take the group's views more into account. However, men are much more independent thinking and not as collaborative in decision making and leading.

Also, men/women just levitate to different industries. Women tend to levitate more toward liberal arts based industries and men levitate more to science based industries. Some industries are male dominated because very few women go into those industries. And vice versa, some industries are women dominated because very few men go into those industries.

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Posted in: As China censors homegrown feminism, a feminist scholar from Japan is on its bestseller lists See in context

Japan's population is in major decline. Perhaps promoting traditional family values is better than the gay/transgender values. Just food for thought.

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Posted in: Japan looks to promote electronic visas as inbound tourism recovers See in context


I really noticed the tourists this weekend. Now that they are here, Japan needs to figure out how to get them to spend their money in the countryside, instead of just piling on top of each other in the city.

Yeah, I agree. I have visited Japan many times, the cities are great, but I tend to go to the Japanese local areas and countryside rather than the hot foreign tourist spots. People in the countryside are so friendly and nice and there is a lot of great things to see and experience.

In my opinion, Japan needs to market/advertise with website and articles some of the great less known tourist spots in the countryside, but also guidance on how to get there. Most of the website and articles are just on the most popular tourist spots in Japan.

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Posted in: South Korean protesters call for government action on Fukushima water See in context

Perhaps they should dump the water in some desert that is devoid of pretty much all life. Just a couch surfing thought.

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Posted in: Standing sleeping pods coming to Tokyo cafe, promise to relieve fatigue and stress See in context

This is funny. I don't think I could nap in that awkward position standing up.

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Posted in: Decapitated man was involved in violent incident with suspect: mother See in context

Disturbing. It is like one of those gruesome horror movies.

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Posted in: Hong Kong steps up radiation inspections of Japanese seafood imports See in context

We will see if the Fukushima water release affects anything. Time will tell. However, many people do no realize or do not care that all ocean fish contains traces of mercury.

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Posted in: Central Tokyo condo price soars to record high in 1st half of 2023 See in context

Good for them that a lot of people want to live there. I would prefer elsewhere.

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Posted in: Visitors to Japan top 2 million in June for first time since COVID See in context

Good for the businesses and jobs that depend on tourism. However, now if I go to Japan, I try to avoid the touristy areas. Lol.

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Posted in: Record heatwaves sweep world, from U.S. to Europe and Asia See in context

I live in California. It has been one of the coolest summers so far in decades. There are always a few weeks that temperatures go into the 90s during summer. It is normal, but now news media sensationalizes it like it is quite abnormal.

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Posted in: Smart girls don’t marry? Japan rushes to erase stigma for women in science See in context

Kato should tell her relatives that there are plenty of men that are willing to become house husbands. Lol.

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Posted in: 'Idiots,' 'criminals' and 'scum' -- nasty politics highest in U.S. since Civil War See in context

Both Democrats and Republicans are engaging in nasty rhetoric and politics. It definitely has escalated in the past few years. However, a lot of the stuff being said is just pointing out some of the bad things the parties are really doing and the misinformation. Lots of lies, deceit, and deep state slanted dirty politics going on.

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Posted in: IAEA chief Grossi hints at discord among its Fukushima report experts See in context

Wouldn't it be better to just dump the water into some desolate desert that is devoid of life? Just a thought.

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Posted in: Bridge girder falls, killing 2 workers at Shizuoka construction site See in context

Horrible sad tragedy. I wonder if it was an accident because of failure or human error.

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Posted in: Study trips, livestreamed fish: Fukushima's charm campaign See in context

Wouldn't it be better to just dump the water in some desolate desert that has little to no life? I'd bet some countries would allow it for a fee. Just a thought.

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