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68 people would disagree with your comment, but they can't anymore.

I'd bet money the majority if not all those people were vaccinated. So, they were supposedly more protected against severe symptoms, why did they pass then? I'd also bet, the reality is that vast majority, if not all were very old with comorbidities and COVID was the tipping point. Very common for people with compromised immune systems to pass with flu, pneumonia, or bacterial infections.

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The Japanese health authorities had the same recommendation as the CDC, WHO, etc. had at the beginning of the pandemic, for people to wear masks when symptomatic and dealing with symptomatic patients, specially in hospitals where the masks were to be prioritized. That is not a "different" approach, it was the same, which is understandable because that is what the scientific evidence at the time justified. No medical or scientific institution can responsibly recommend anything without having the scientific evidence to support that recommendation.

Not really. This is what top health officials said in the US at beginning of the pandemic.

"Seriously people - STOP BUYING MASKS!" "They are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus Surgeon General Jerome Adams

"The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through material. It might, however, provide some slight benefit in keep out gross droplets if someone coughs or sneezes on you." Anthony Fauci

"I do not recommend that you wear a mask, particularly since you are going to a very low risk location." Anthony Fauci

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It should be totally optional to wear a mask or not. If people are worried then wear a mask, if not worried then don't wear a mask. Not sure why the maskers are so concerned with other people masked when they are masked themselves. Just like the vaccines, if people are vaccinated and the vaccines are supposedly protecting them against COVID, then why do they care if anyone else is vaccinated. The hospitals are not overwhelmed. They were just working at a tiny fraction of normal because of the lockdowns.

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I’ve been in and out of Japan at least 5 times in the last two years and like a Pavlov dog , I actually feel queasy and irritable when the plane door opens and I see several uniformed officials scrutinizing the departing passengers, the long hike through the airport , the shuttered lifts and lavatories and the further scrutiny of a ream of papers etc.

Yeah, I agree. The COVID regulations and documentation at the airport is a big deterrent for traveling not only to Japan or anywhere. COVID policies and regulations are really complicated, keep changing, and different for every country. Since the regulations keep changing, it is difficult to know if you have the right information. Then when you get to the airport, you realize you have long process of going through all the regulatory departments that take a long time. Ugh.

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An elderly man climbed up onto the roof of his two storey home to secure his tv antenna during the high winds in Kansai this afternoon. He was getting blown around quite a bit but got back down okay.

Not the smartest move, but perhaps his TV programs are his only pleasure.

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"Facing a steady decline in revenue from alcohol sales, Japan's tax office in July launched a contest seeking ideas on how to stimulate demand among younger people."

People really think that the governments around the world are sensible and have their best interests at hand? Governments around the world are just angling for people's money. It is just like the saying goes "We are from the government and we are here to help you." Yeah, right.

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Typhoon aside, my family in SoCal would love to get the rain we have been getting in Japan over the past month.

Still makes no sense to me that major metropolitan cities like LA, Las Vegas, Phoenix, among others were built on deserts where they have to import all the water. Some serious problems are happening right now because of the drought. I live in California.

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60% of the time it tastes like melon all the time. Lol.

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This is where I don't understand the Japanese government policies and economic policies. Japan blocks foreign tourism to Japan which would roughly dump 45 billion USD into Japan's economy. Also, with the yen very low, not only tourist money, but other business money would flow into Japan. I don't think Japan is not strategizing with the low yen. One of China's economic business strategies is to do exactly that, keep their yuan super low to accelerate business investment in manufacturing and tourism. However, their zero COVID has put a damper on foreign business investment, but I think there are lots of ulterior motives behind the CCP's zero COVID policies and it is not COVID.

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Now the government has decided that tourists can travel without guides through "unaccompanied package tours," allowing greater movement than in the past, in dining choices and places to visit.

But they would still be forced to buy set-products that include airline tickets and lodgings, a restrictive and generally unpopular choice.

Let's see if this is good enough for some

Perhaps some, but not experienced travelers. Much too restrictive to have to buy set-products for airline tickets and lodgings. It also sounds like they perhaps have set locations? I have traveled extensively through Japan many times. I want the freedom to choose where I can go, stay, and for how long. To me, travel restrictions just will prevent people from traveling to Japan. The numbers will speak for themselves if I am correct.

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Build a giant squid statue and they will come. Lol.

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Also, virusrex, here are a list of failed doomsday predictions. 50 years of failed doomsday predictions to be specific. Theories are theories and vast majority do not come true.

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What activist say has not importance, what scientists do based on scientific evidence is the actual basis for this conclusion, and if the scientist on the field have a consensus that this is the case then the personal opinion of someone that offers no evidence (much less of the same quality and quantity as them) has no real importance.

Scientists and doctors said smoking was safe for decades and scientists and doctors said Zantac medication was safe for decades. We now know smoking and Zantac are not safe. Zantac medication has been pulled from the US market because of it is links to cancers specifically bladder cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer. Also, NASA (which is one of the leaders in climate change research) compiled some of leaders in climate change studies and the studies use the terminology "high likely" a lot in their research studies. If you have a science background (I do) the words "highly likely" are far from anything being proven and still is just a theory.

Historically, scientists have been wrong a lot of the time (more time than not on climate predictions). There are a lot of scientists that don't believe in the human induced climate change theory if you care to research it.

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The guy should ask for earplugs or headphones.

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The climate activists keep saying humans burning fossil fuels are the cause of global warming and increase in severity of natural disasters (still debatable in my opinion). However if that is the case, there is still no real proof that humans can change the climate by taking CO2 reduction measures. On top of that, if the only the countries that account for about 50% of the world's land mass are taking CO2 reduction measures and the other 50% (China, India, Middle East, etc, etc) are not doing anything really to reduce their CO2 emissions, will the measures even theoretically do anything? Not a popular opinion, but me thinks no.

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The only reason to implement robots is if they can't find humans to do the work.

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I have seen videos of the TX Scara stocking robot. It is quite slow. I have worked cashier and stocking jobs before and can work 10X faster than that robot. Pretty much any human could.

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So, will the woman get some compensation for the authorities' obvious mistake or accident or does that only happen in the US?

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I don't see how all the power grisds around the world can handle the big increase in electrical draw when there is going to be a dramatic increase in electric car ownership. Especially since they are banning fossil fuel and nuclear energy. Right now where I live, in the US (Silicon Valley), the electrical grid has rolling blackouts when people are using the air conditioners too much. 80% of the world energy is still fossil fuel based. On top of that, what about the issue with disposal of toxic batteries?

I don't think electric cars are the future unless they create in technologies in creating energy or find new energy technologies to fuel cars.

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Japan is still missing out on the 45 billion annual tourist revenue because tourists are still not allowed.

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Sri Lanka is another example of complete failure of government policies like Venezuela. Sri Lanka dramatically cut fossil fuels which drove the prices into hyperinflation, cut fertilizers which collapsed the agriculture industry, and the economy went into complete collapse.

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I live in the US specifically Silicon Valley. I'd personally worry more about the crime and violent crime than COVID if visiting the US. Do your research and visit more known safer areas. The violent crime is high right now.

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Nothing really has changed. Still the same controls on foreigners traveling to Japan. I'll just have to visit somewhere else.

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It is not a matter of not wanting to visit Japan because of the border controls, it is a matter of not being allowed to visit Japan because of the border controls. The only exception that is accepted for non-essential tourists is if they are approved to be in a complete structured guided tour, but not many want to do that. Vast majority of tourists want the freedom to travel as they please.

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The Avenger

*Dogs are a man’s best friend.*

Could not be more true statement. I like dogs better than most people. Lol.

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This policy doesn't make much sense to me because the vast majority of COVID cases are breakthrough vaccinated cases. Vaccinated and unvaccinated both transmit COVID. The CDC even relaxed guidelines and guiding vaccinated and unvaccinated cases with the same measures. Also, they do no recommend quarantine for those exposed to COVID positive people and those that are asymptomatic.

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The roads and driving is dangerous. One of the most dangerous things people do in their lives on a daily basis. Be careful out there.

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Kev James

How is this possible? He had 4 vaccine shots and told people that vaccines would stop the spread of the virus……I’m puzzled, bemused and baffled

Same with Biden. 4 vaccine shots plus a course of Paxlovid. Biden tested positive then negative, then relapsed and tested positive again for 7 days. How can this happen when overflowing with COVID vaccine?

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Apparently,she actually said,” Shut your mouth or I’ll shut it for you.”

You are probably right. She frightens me.

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Will the models be there when you visit the onsen or hot springs? Nope. I was expecting to see models in the Green car of the Shinkansen. None at all. Lol.

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