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Posted in: Rapid coronavirus testing centers to open at Tokyo's Haneda airport See in context

CDC study shows COVID-19 rapid tests not as accurate as first reported. Researchers found that for those showing symptoms, rapid tests were right 80% of the time. That number is down from the reported 96.7% when the FDA gave emergency use authorization back in May.

In those not showing symptoms, accuracy dropped to just 41.2%. There can be false positives and false negatives too.

So, the tests are not accurate enough.

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Posted in: Osaka declares COVID medical emergency with 878 new cases See in context

Just for reference, I live in the US and the total cases are nearly 25 times higher than Japan and most people are not too worried about it because there still is 98% survival rate across all ages, 99.86% survival rate for those under the age of 65, and even higher survival rate if under the age of 65 and healthy. Those odds are quite good.

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Posted in: Japan to extend ban on all trade with N Korea by 2 years See in context

N Korea has goods or services for trade with Japan?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 355 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,472 See in context

98% survival rate for all ages and 99.85% survival rate for those under 65. If you are healthy and under 65 the survival rate is even higher. Driving is just as dangerous as COVID for healthy people.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 414 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,832 See in context

Why do they keep using "cases" as the barometer for the severity of the issue? Only the severe cases and death numbers matter. The severe cases and death numbers are very similar to flu numbers.

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Posted in: Many Japanese celebrities have no burning desire to be involved in torch relay See in context

That's fine they don't want to partake in the torch rally. I would gladly take their place. Personally, I don't see much risk. Riding a train is much more risky.

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Posted in: Olympic organizers to meet Saturday to decide on overseas spectators See in context


Let's see how many exceptions are permitted, both for overseas and domestic spectators.

Exactly. My guess is that Olympics will only be for the global elite to attend and watch. The image I have is when Dr. Fauci when to a MLB game and threw out the first pitch. Fauci, his wife, and friend had the entire stadium to themselves while they watched the baseball game. They were not social distancing, the friend was not from same household, and at times Fauci was caught not wearing a mask. Global elite governing class with their "Only for thee, not for me" governing policies.

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Posted in: Olympics torch relay rehearsal See in context


Yeah, I don't get it either. For how much the authorities make everyone wear a mask, yet soccer, basketball, and other athletes are not wearing masks. Conflicting application of the mask requirements. It doesn't make sense.

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Posted in: U.N. finds no adverse health effects from Fukushima disaster See in context

UNSCEAR said that a sharply higher rate of thyroid cancers detected among children exposed to the radiation was likely due to better diagnostics.

Highly skeptical of this statement. Recently, UN leaked emails prove that (contrary to United Nations denials), UN Human-Rights officials did in fact give the names of Chinese dissidents to the communist regime in Beijing before those activists were set to testify in Geneva against the Communist Chinese Party’s abuses. Basically, the people who the UN Human Rights division are supposed to protect, turned them over to the CCP.

Sorry, I don't trust any of the international agencies like UN, WHO, Paris Accord, etc, etc much anymore.

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Posted in: Tsunami survivors call lost loved ones on 'phone of the wind' See in context

Tough article to read. Quite sad. It is like visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. You cannot leave that museum without getting affected. Very important to not forget the ones who lost their lives in the horrific events. Such a tragedy for so many lives.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 293 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,054 See in context

Still a very small amount cases and deaths compared to total population. The amount of deaths of "healthy people" due to driving is likely about the same amount of deaths of "healthy people" that died from COVID. The governments are not banning driving though. People have a 99.99% chance of surviving COVID in Japan.

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Posted in: Businesses in Tokyo area say state of emergency extension was inevitable See in context

The COVID cases are dropping like a rock in Japan and worldwide since WHO changed the testing guidelines at the beginning of January 2021.

Look at the charts.

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Posted in: Woman dies from brain hemorrhage days after receiving coronavirus vaccine, but link uncertain See in context

There are lots of people who have died after taking the flu shot, but generally had health problems. However, those cases are rarely publicized. The amount of deaths for COVID vaccine is still very low.

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Posted in: 58% in Japan interested in Olympics but don't want them to happen: poll See in context

WHO changed the COVID testing guidelines the day Biden got into office and now the cases are dropping like a rock worldwide.

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Posted in: Fly me to the moon: Billionaire Maezawa seeks 8 passengers for lunar trip See in context

I'll pass. Maybe when I'm in my 80s. Good luck with that.

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Posted in: HondaJet becomes top-selling small business aircraft for 4th year See in context

Do they have a 2,500,000 yen Civic model?

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Posted in: HondaJet becomes top-selling small business aircraft for 4th year See in context

If I had 500 million yen lying around, the HondaJet would be on my radar. Lol.

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Posted in: Relief, concerns mixed over having state of emergency lifted early See in context

That picture of Ebisu Bridge in Dotonbori looks like a ghost town compared to normal. Lack of tourism has really affected many businesses and people lives in Japan. Many depend on tourism for their incomes.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic torch relay scheduled to begin in one month — without cheering See in context

Communist-like policies leaking into developed countries now. Not good.

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Posted in: Workers fear squeeze from green energy transition See in context

"Backers say the shift will create millions of new green jobs, making up for those lost in dirty sectors, and leave Europe with cheaper energy, cleaner air and water, and stronger resilience to climate threats."

Well, it is better to create those millions of new green jobs before torching the fossil fuel jobs. Less of an impact on people's lives and economy. Also, the technology of green energy is still not up to par to be able to handle the needs of major metropolitan areas which the overwhelming majority of the population in the world live. They need to up improve the technology and efficiency before cutting other sources of energy.

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Posted in: Japan requests airlines stop using Boeing 777s with P&W4000 engines See in context

Flying is still much safer statistically than driving.

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Posted in: What do you think of cryptocurrency? See in context

I won't touch it. Too risky. To me, it is some rogue ponzi scheme. Take for instance, Bitcoin. Bitcoin has no real legitimacy with its origins and background. It was developed with unknown software developers under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright has claimed he is Satoshi Nakamoto, but there is still no proof of that.

If people make money on cryptocurrencies or find some useful value with them, good on them, but I'm sure a lot of people lost their shirts playing with it. I will say it is likely less risky than gambling at casinos.

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Posted in: Kyoto slammed for manga telling people not to talk at restaurants See in context

Is this the stepping stone for social sign language-ing? Lol.

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Posted in: Time to wear a better mask, experts say See in context

Still have not seen any peer-reviewed experiments that show how effective masks are for blocking the COVID and Influenza viruses. I believe masks can help somewhat, but definitely not a end all be all.

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Posted in: Japan's celebrations rocket into orbit as Osaka's win takes off See in context

She is not wearing her mask and a lot of people in the crowd are not wearing them or wearing them incorrectly. According to all the COVID mask propaganda-ists, she and the others are endangering lives.

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Posted in: Saitama begins plans to regulate how to use escalators; prohibit walking up and down See in context

I like the unwritten etiquette escalator rules in Japan where people stand either on right or left to allow people to walk up/down if they are in a hurray. Makes perfect sense. It just is funny how Kansai escalator etiquette rules have people stand on the right-side while everywhere else in Japan is left-side.

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Posted in: China's 'zero corona' policy frustrates Japanese in Beijing See in context


Have you been to China? I am Chinese/Japanese and have spent plenty of time in China. CCP absolutely has the ability to hide the what is going on in China from the outside world. CCP uses aggressive tactics to silence dissent, criticism, or whistleblowers. Take for instance, Li Wenliang: the Wuhan coronavirus whistleblower. He was arrested and was forced to say his comments about the coronavirus were false. That has happened countless times.

On top of that, CCP is able to block everything from the outside world to Chinese citizens via the Great Firewall and use only state controlled news to Chinese citizens. On top of that, You should try researching and reading articles other than extremely liberal media sources like CNN, Huffpost, and NY Times.

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Posted in: Activists call for more reform by Tokyo Olympics organizers See in context

"Pride House Tokyo -- a community hub for LGBTQ people officially recognized as part of the Olympic program -- published an open letter this week calling for organizers to take concrete steps to ensure discriminatory comments do not occur again."

And vice versa. The LGBTQ community says a lot of discriminatory comments about the Christian community as well. I really think that LGBTQ community should be just treated like a religion. Different religious people do not force their religious views on others and just go to their churches and assemblies to be with their like-minded individuals. The LGBTQ community should do the same because there are a lot of deep-seated morals and values that many do not agree with.

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Posted in: China's 'zero corona' policy frustrates Japanese in Beijing See in context


And hence why China has managed to get this pandemic under control. There is no way in hell a pandemic can ravage the country without anyone outside the country knowing about it. Only a country like North Korea can keep that sort of news from spreading. With freedom and liberty comes responsibility - something we haven't seen in many western countries.

Wow, you really think China did a great job handling the pandemic and actually believe their numbers?? You are really misinformed to say the least.

FYI: According to the data, China has only 89K cases for 1.4 billion people and been in the 80 thousands cases for about a year since Feb 2020. That is only 62 cases per million people. Deaths have been the same at 4600 since April 2020, which is 3 deaths per million people. That would mean they are outperforming countries like S. Korea, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia by several thousand percent.

You should watch NTD News (New Tang Dynasty News) owned by Chinese. You will see a glimpse of what is really going on in China. They have the most insider information on China and have facts/documents/video/whistleblowers to prove their articles not hearsay. Communist China has very little in freedom and liberty.

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Posted in: China's 'zero corona' policy frustrates Japanese in Beijing See in context

China is the last place you want to be during the pandemic. The authoritarian tactics used are inhumane. All for a similar survival rate as the flu about 99.98% according to CDC.

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