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Posted in: Japan to uphold apology if South Korea settles wartime labor issue See in context

It is in both Japan and Korea's best interests to be on better terms for economic trade, since there is a lot of uncertainty with China right now.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Mori casts doubt on Japan's excessive support for Ukraine See in context

I agree with Mori. The US alone has already given the Ukraine about 100 billion USD and just announced another 400 million USD package that includes another 31 Abrams tanks.

I thought the Democrats were anti-war? Like Trump or not, he was on good terms with Putin and likely the war could have been avoided.

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Posted in: Asia rings in New Year See in context

The COVID restrictions and lockdowns attributed to more deaths than COVID itself. WHO states that there was 14.9 million excess deaths directly and indirectly associated with the COVID pandemic. So, with 6.7 million dying of directly from COVID, that means there was 8.2 million indirect non-COVID excess deaths. WHO states that the lockdowns were the main cause of the excess deaths because people were unable to get medical care and/or preventive measures due to hospital lockdowns working at a fraction of capacity. The solutions were much worse than the problem.,pandemic%20in%202020%20and%202021

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Posted in: Travelers on New Year's holidays flood planes, trains in Japan See in context

I want no part of that madness during the holidays. I'd rather stay at home.

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Posted in: Public faces ¥1 bil annual maintenance bill for privatized National Stadium See in context

Japan got railroaded when they dumped billions into the Olympics and COVID hit. Had the pandemic not had occur, much of the Olympic infrastructure would have created a ton of revenue to help pay for it and perhaps even a profit, but now they are in a deep hole for it.

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Posted in: Men urged to train themselves to notice household chores: study See in context


In Japan, yes. In the US and other western countries, however, the vast majority of women work. And this study, performed in that context, shows that men do less housework than women.

That is not true. For stay-at-home parents in the US, 17% are men 83% are women. So, vast majority of women are the stay-at-home parent which are designated to do more housework. The study infers that it is couples that they are taking the data from. I live in the US.

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Posted in: Men urged to train themselves to notice household chores: study See in context

Just designating that women do more of the housework than men lacks context. What is more relevant is who is the one who is working full-time and who is stay-at-home. I'm sure a higher percentage of men are the ones working full-time and the women are stay-at-home so the women are more designated to do the housework.

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Posted in: Why do seats at some Japanese station platforms face away from the trains? See in context

I don't really see how it would help drunken passengers not fall into the platform. The chair arm rail could help them lift themselves up, but the angle seems insignificant. Maybe I'm missing something.

In Fukuyama, I did see chairs faced parallel to the trains with a drunk passed out passenger sitting. The chair arm rail was preventing him from collapsing on the ground some, but if he started walking to the platform in his heavily drunken state, he could have easily fallen into the platform.

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Posted in: Heavy snow in Japan leaves 17 dead, more than 90 injured See in context


People should install roof heaters for snow or wire grid heaters to melt the snow, they are available.

That would cost a lot and take a lot of energy at a time when all the governments are trying to cut energy usage and increase prices on energy.

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Posted in: Heavy snow in Japan leaves 17 dead, more than 90 injured See in context

Inefficient green energy with shortages and blackouts during winter will likely endanger more people worldwide than climate change.

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Posted in: Hokkaido care home requires sterilization of mentally disabled couples See in context


Who decides what a mental disability is? Some politicians could fall into that category.

Exactly. Psychiatrists and doctors have the highest suicide rates of any profession. Nearly six times higher than the general population. How can we expect them to adequately address and treat mental illness in their patients?

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Posted in: Japan aims to alleviate overpopulation in Tokyo area by FY2027 See in context

Even though Tokyo is the most populated city/metropolitan area in the world, it doesn't feel that way. Vast majority of people are courteous and respectful of people's space. Where I live in Silicon Valley, it is much more chaotic and lots of rude people that invade your space, and seemingly try to interfere and create conflict.

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Posted in: Int'l cruise ship operations resume in Japan after almost 3 years See in context

Who is really crazy enough to go on a cruise ship in winter after what happen to the Diamond Princess cruise ship where they locked it down for weeks?

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Posted in: Japan posts ¥2.03 trillion trade deficit in November See in context

Looks like the entire world is in a self-induced recession from poor policy.

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S., Japan to coordinate sanctions on N Korea See in context

Like Trump or not, he was making some progress negotiating with N. Korea and Russia.

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Posted in: Keeping up with the Morohoshis: Buying a bomb shelter in the Tokyo suburbs See in context

It is either brilliant or totally irrational. I don't know which, but time will tell.

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Posted in: Japan, UK, Italy to develop next-generation fighter jet See in context

(1) Cut costs by joint development by Japan, UK and Italy.

Highly doubtful that they will be cutting costs. Do the governments ever cut costs or manage money efficiently? ;)

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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa picks K-pop star TOP, DJ Steve Aoki to join SpaceX moon trip See in context

I'm sure if they are abducted by aliens, the aliens will get to listen to edm house music and learn dance routines. Lol.

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Posted in: Taxes to be raised to cover additional defense spending: Kishida See in context

The military industrial complex approves this message.

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Posted in: Japan starts power saving period amid fear of supply crunch See in context

@Nihon Tora

"sign just went up proudly declaring that the seat heater had been switched off for the SDGs.”

Seriously? How much electricity does a heated toilet seat use? It can't be much. Once I got a heated toilet seat, I can't live without it during winter now. Now, the cold toilet seat is a shock to my system that my body can't take. Lol.

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Posted in: Japan starts power saving period amid fear of supply crunch See in context

The energy shortages is really becoming real especially with the impending winter. It is going to be a tough winter for many countries. Not liking the aggressive worldwide green policies. It would be better to just slowly ween off of fossil fuels as new renewable energy technologies are created.

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Posted in: Lawson opens 1st avatar-staffed convenience store in Tokyo See in context

The matched the woman with the avatar. It is like an avatar mirror. Lol.

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Posted in: Lawson opens 1st avatar-staffed convenience store in Tokyo See in context

This only works in Japan because nobody steals. In the US, not so much.

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Posted in: Ad agency Hakuhodo, others raided as Olympic bid-rigging investigation widens See in context

Here we go again. Lol.

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Posted in: Win or lose: Japanese fans tidy up at World Cup See in context

Still can't believe in this day and age, people can't be bothered by taking their trash with them and dispose of it in a proper waste containers. I see it everywhere. It is not that difficult.

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested for taking online job recruitment test for money See in context

The guy did not charge very much. I'm sure he could have charged way more. Lol.

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Posted in: Do you think Christmas illuminations should not be displayed in Japan's cities this year in order to save electricity? See in context

Japanese big cities are lit up at night like stadiums and concerts. The night lights are one of the reasons Japan is so unique. I hardly doubt cutting the Christmas illuminations would make any measurable difference.

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Posted in: School in Yamaguchi in turmoil after student’s tablet records teachers’ room conversation See in context


No single private conversation is fit for public ears. If any of our private conversations was to be made public, we all would have been fired, and some even jailed. That's every single one of us.

Exactly. But nowadays, the powers that be want and have that power of surveillance in people's homes from all the technology nowadays. It is basically a system of thought police where everyone has to think, act, and say what they deem as only acceptable behavior even it people's speech and actions are total legal.

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Posted in: What do you think of the quality of food sold in convenience stores in Japan? Has it improved since you first came to Japan? See in context

Japan has the best convenient stores of all the countries I have traveled. All have some good healthier food options. The best one to me is AEON Food Style, but may not technically be a convenient store even though they are small. AEON Food Style has some really good quality prepared meals, good baked goods, and everything is reasonably priced to me. Korea looks like they have some great convenient stores.

Most Asian countries have some very good convenient store chains, even China. Been to some great ones in China. The US comes in last because the convenient stores just have junk unhealthy food. I never go to convenient stores in the US for food and I live in the US. Lol.

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Posted in: Musk gives ultimatum to Twitter staff: Work intense, long hours or lose your job See in context

The title is totally overblowing what Musk said and is doing. Musk just said, employees are expected to work normal 40 hour work weeks in the Twitter offices and if they don't want to do that, they should leave. That is not unreasonable.

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