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Yeah, I know that. Tourism businesses in Japan (and all over the world) have gotten hit really hard the last 18 months. Time for the world to start opening up things. Tourism is good for any economy. Tourists take nothing out of economies and only put into economies. They visit, spend money, take no jobs away, and receive no benefits.

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When is Japan going to open up to foreigners traveling to Japan without quarantine? I'm ready to fly there.

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Takaichi, because I think leaders need to be more on the conservative side, but nowadays they never get elected. Only liberal leaders seem to have a chance.

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Omi said, "It may take about two to three years until the public no longer has to worry about COVID-19, like the influenza in which we have vaccines and medications,"

The influenza vaccines are only 40-60% effective. In the US on an average year, only about 50% get the influenza vaccine. There are no medications for curing influenza only medications for treating symptoms. People's immune systems and influenza vaccines (if they cover the year's strains) are only defense against influenza.

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Quite concerning that two companies have had contaminants in their vaccines. On top of that, Japan is the only country to have found the contaminants in both vaccines. So, it begs the question, are there any countries that have not found the contaminations or even looked for contamination and went ahead and administered to who knows how many people? So, many questions now.

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Looks like they are going to want everyone to get 20 shots when they get to the omega variant.

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That is was one of the biggest eye openers when I first visited Japan or Asia in general. The cities at night just look amazing completely lit up and never seem to sleep. Hopefully the climate change activists do not go after that. ;P

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Kerry is a charlatan. Took 16 trips on his private jet just this year. He justifies his carbon footprint because he claims he offsets his carbon emissions. Offsetting carbon is just virtue signaling publicity for high profile figures or companies with carbon footprints of cities. Yet they have no problem making policies to forcing the masses to change their lifestyles. :P

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"Japan weighs mixing and matching COVID vaccines"

Not sure what that even means. I hope they are not thinking of mixing and matching different company's vaccines for first and second doses. I don't think there has been any studies of possible drug interactions between different company's vaccines.

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Posted in: Russian man who swam to Japan was reportedly kicked out of Japan in 2011 for visa violation See in context

This story is hilarious. Lol. I'm sure he had some sort of flotation device, but still got to give the guy some credit for braving the cold water, currents, and whatever sea predators. Japan is going to send him back. Nice try, buddy.

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The entire pandemic is exactly like the movie "Contagion". Quite strange.

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Sounds like user error and not an issue with the bus technology.

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Posted in: Karasawa, Wada win silver, bronze in men's T11 5,000 meters See in context

Those are sub 5-minute miles. Extremely fast.

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Posted in: Japan halts use of 1.63 mil Moderna vaccine doses over contamination See in context

Those are just the doses that vaccination centers checked. You wonder how many of the doses administered throughout the world were contaminated and still administered. Yet, Moderna stock jumped today.

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Japan's LDP fossil capitalists and Japan's largest corporations have kept the country dependent on burning oil and gas for decades and it looks like they intend to continue doing the same.

While they keep the country reliant on oil and gas exporting nations like Iraq, Iran, Qatar, the UAE, the US, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

While the fossil capitalists continue to brush aside the connection between burning huge amounts of fossil fuels and climate change.

What alternative energies are efficient enough to fuel Japan's largest metropolitan areas? Not logistically possible to fuel large metropolitan areas like Tokyo, Osaka, etc on solar, wind, and hydro. There just is not the space and land to put solar panels, windmills, and large scale hydroelectric dams.

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Posted in: Japan offers $410 mil in aid to support Turkey's hosting of refugees See in context

@Hiro and @bearandrodent.

I agree with your statements that it is fine for countries to exhibit nationalism and make their citizens a priority over sending money and aid to other countries. Trump was promoting that as well. The US has a lot of problems yet tons on money was being sent abroad to wasteful programs. He was promoting US first as a priority. Not sure why so many dislike Trump's nationalism, but want the same exact nationalism for their countries.

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Can't wait for real self-driving cars. So much better to just relax and sleep while the car drives you to your destination. However, the technology is far from good enough. So many variables on roads with pedestrians, cyclists, other cars, traffic signals, yields, etc, etc make it extremely difficult. The safety features of cars with sensors to avoid accidents that they have implemented of late are good, but still not fool-proof.

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Posted in: 1.4 million people urged to seek shelter as heavy rain triggers floods, landslides in Japan See in context

@Mr Kipling

Probably when they stop building houses at the bottom of steep slopes, stop deforesting those slopes and stop building houses on flood plains and river banks.

80% of Japan is mountainous. There is very little flat usable land not on flood plains available to build on in Japan. So, the populations has pushed further out to precarious areas. All the major metropolitan areas are built on flatter more useable land, but many have flood issues.

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The world is going to look like a zombie movie by the time they get to the zeta variant.

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Robert CikkiToday 

* **The notion that Free Speech is a key freedom that many on the left are trying to take away from us through censorship and punishment for expressing views that are not in line with left wing governments has been a classic argument of the left and right together for the last few years, just switch the political direction. In the case of arguments about the left, it tends to be the screaming right, indulging in Qanon and similar delusions. In the case of the left, it tends to be the classic argumentum ad hitlerum. As a rule, the right argues for the loss of freedoms that the left is trying to take away, while the left argues for the loss of freedoms that the right is trying to take away.*

The right is not censoring people or penalizing people for having different opinions, they are just adamantly debating against those views. The companies that hold all the power now in media and social media are very liberal leftist companies that have been censoring right leaning opinions. The US media and social media has blocked countless medical doctors on the frontlines of COVID from speaking their opinions about COVID. In HK and China, the CCP have arrested countless people for making critical remarks of the government. Regardless you think any opinions are delusional, they are still opinions and freedom of speech. There are countless liberal opinions that I think are delusional as well, so touche'.

Name one example of a right leaning company censoring, blocking, or cancel culture-ing a person for having a liberal opinion.

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“I hope that a time will come soon when Belarus could be free and people will have freedom of speech,” Tsimanouskaya said.

Freedom of speech is a key freedom that many of the leftists are trying to take away by censorship and penalties for voicing opinions not inline with the left leaning governments. It is happening in the US, Hong Kong, and many other countries.

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Posted in: 7,943 taken to hospital to be treated for heatstroke from Aug 2-8 See in context

@ShotenGuy Stop overdressing like Darth Vader. Stop drinking Strong Zero and Chuhai. Stop playing sports in the middle of the day when it's hottest. Common sense really.

Well 55% of those heat stroke patients were elderly that were likely not hydrating properly. I'd bet that there was few very fit athletes playing sports in the middle of the day. The fittest athletes that train in the heat are conditioned much better to function in the heat.

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More taxpayer money going to these global oligarch organizations, bureaucracies, etc.

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Well, for that 15 billion dollar price tag, Tokyo got a consolation prize of 1.4 billion dollar remodel of Tokyo stadium. Lol.

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You can see they're taking whole boxes of spicy Korean noodles back with them.

At first glance it looks like it. Lol. However, those are Korean noodle advertisements on the back of the luggage carts.

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That is a super spreader event at the airport. Never seen Narita or Haneda that insanely crowded ever. It looks like chaos there. Lol.

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People are actually dating during the pandemic, with all the regulations, and masks? Are people asking their dates to take off their masks (while social distancing, of course. haha) to make sure they are indeed the people from the dating app and their pictures are accurate? Awkward and strange. Lol.

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Ratings were the lowest ever. Unpopular for the Olympics to be held during a pandemic in Japan and people don't like their sports to be political. They watch sports for entertainment and to get away from politics.

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Posted in: Tokyo man loses lawsuit after slipping on tempura at supermarket See in context

Does the man still like to eat tempura?

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Posted in: 10 passengers stabbed on Tokyo train; suspect detained See in context

Horrible. Hopefully the injured will recover well in both body and mind.

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