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Posted in: Woman disciplined after putting up partition between herself and older male coworker See in context

Surprising that the open workspace is more popular in Japan when a lot of social customs in Japanese culture is based on not disturbing others like not talking on cell phones in trains or buses, women-only train cars, women-only floors in hotels, restaurants with dividers like Ichiran, smoking zones, etc. to avoid any disturbances or conflicts. I don't think there is anything wrong with partisans and cubicles in the workplace to help keep the peace when spending immense amounts of time at work.

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Posted in: Japan's 2020 job availability logs sharpest drop in 45 years See in context

Just stop bringing unqualified foreing workers from poor countries..

The Japanese are enough for japan's work force..

Japan's influx of foreign workers is tiny compared to the US problem. This is what many US citizens want and what Trump was trying to do. Most developed countries give priority to their citizens.

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Posted in: Brady, Mahomes set up dream Super Bowl as Bucs, Chiefs advance See in context

Great to see Brady win with Tampa Bay, go to the Super Bowl, and silence the critics, but how the heck are high contact sports with no masks allowed to play football, basketball, and soccer? The arbitrary and conflicting COVID rules are getting ridiculous.

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Posted in: Microwavable okonomiyaki that you can eat with one hand See in context

It is a tough sell, when you can get one freshly cooked with fresh ingredients from street vendor easy.

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Posted in: Student not covering nose with mask disqualified from taking university exams See in context

he or she should've figured out how to wear glasses over the top of the mask by now.

Glasses still fog up with the glasses over the mask. It just fogs up the inside. Difficult to take a test when you can't see the test. I'd like to hear the person's side of the story in order to get the full story.

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Posted in: Green tea strawberry dessert sandwiches: Today’s reason Japanese convenience stores are awesome See in context

Looks quite good to me. Anything with matcha and whipped cream sounds good.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,278 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,883 See in context

What many fail to recognize is that the accuracy of the PCR test itself is dubious. As has been reported elsewhere, it is prone to a significant percentage of false positive results and has been identified by the creators of the test as NOT a reliable diagnostic tool.

An Austrian Parliament Member showed that Coca Cola soda can make a COVID test positive. Also, the Tanzanian President show that a papaya can make a COVID test positive. So, there's that.

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Posted in: Climate risks to health set to worsen inequity, harm children See in context

I would like to see the scientific proof that if humans decrease their C02 emissions substantially, then global temperatures will lower, natural disasters will lessen, and world will be at peace with the climate. Historically, the CO2 levels have been much higher than they are today and humans were not around burning fossil fuels.

I am not against protecting the environment, but not sure why the emphasis is on the global warming aspect and not focused on the pollution (air quality, toxic chemical, sewage, garbage) that has been proven to be immediately harmful to humans.

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Posted in: Chinese vaccines are poised to fill gap, but will they work? See in context

It is reported by NTD news that CCP officials are taking the US made vaccines and administering the CCP made vaccine to Chinese citizens. Because of that, it is a hard pass on the CCP vaccines.

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Posted in: Hundreds of Japanese adherents of QAnon contesting Trump's election defeat See in context

It says a lot when Chinese nationals that escaped the clutches of the Chinese Communist Party support Trump. They have lived and experience communism. Also, it is not just Chinese from the CCP that support Trump, many people that came from other communist regimes also support Trump and know the stark difference between communism and capitalism.

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Posted in: Japan to suspend new entry of all nonresident foreign nationals from abroad See in context

There goes the Tokyo Olympics?

They are going to just have the Olympics online through Zoom.

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Posted in: U.S. retailers brace for flood of returns from online shopping See in context

Obviously, the returns numbers are going to much higher because the volume of online shopping increased dramatically during the pandemic shutdowns. However, the online companies reaped big time profits as well. Amazon and Walmart up 50 to 60% from the year prior during the pandemic, so big time benefits being an online retailer during pandemic shutdowns.

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Posted in: Britain, EU reach post-Brexit free-trade deal See in context

Brexit is a crushing defeat for democracy, not a victory at all.

How is it a crushing defeat for democracy when the majority voted for Brexit?

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Posted in: Japan sees 1st jobless rate drop in 5 months amid economic recovery See in context

Extremely low unemployment rates in Japan that have not changed much in the pandemic. The US unemployment rate hit 14.7% in May 2020. All created by the severe shutdown orders.

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Posted in: One-person bento box-sized rice cooker gets double-decker version that cooks side dishes too See in context

This is great gadget, but pricey.

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Posted in: Tokyo raises healthcare alert to highest level after virus cases soar to 822 See in context

Not surprising. Influenza and cold infections always rise in the winter time. Covid is a coronavirus transmitted the same way as Influenza coronavirus.

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Posted in: Japan says it is seeking closer ties with U.S. after Biden's win affirmed See in context

Japan's economy might improve under Biden, but the US economy will likely decline under Biden. Biden has so many poor economic policies planned for the US.

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Posted in: Warner Bros to stream all 2021 movie releases See in context

@Luddite Many cast and crew are expected to stay in social bubbles to prevent contact with the virus. The current series of I’m A Celebrity is almost finished in the U.K., contestants had to isolate for two weeks and were tested before being allowed to take part.

It is a ridiculous premise to say that those in those circles are protected and in some sort of bubble. They can't control 100% of everything around them. Someone could get infected in the cab, rental car, hotel room, using the bathroom, convenience store, etc, etc. They are around tons of people who have also been around tons of people. Hollywood can't expect to be more protected than any of the general public taking the same precautions. The reality is that Hollywood is allowed a different set of rules because they have more power and more money is involved to be above the rules and regulations.

Another example is Tesla. Tesla threatened Alameda county in California to move its manufacturing plant to Texas if county officials didn't allow them to open their manufacturing plant. Sure enough, they let Tesla open. I respect Musk for calling them out on their shutdowns, but it just shows that there are different set of rules to different entities and the difference is how much money is involved.

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Posted in: Warner Bros to stream all 2021 movie releases See in context

How is Hollywood able to make movies during the shutdowns with the social distancing and mask regulations? There is lots of stuff going on behind the curtain not known to the public.

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Posted in: Osaka raises coronavirus alert level to red See in context

overall it is unacceptable for a country like Japan to have less than 2000 beds and not even able to serve those beds and patients, or not wanting too.

You numbers are not correct. Japan is #1 in the world for amount of hospital beds per capita. Japan has 1.53 million hospital beds. 1212 hospital beds per 100,000 people.

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Posted in: Call for shorter hours at Tokyo restaurants, bars takes effect See in context

Here are some sobering facts. In 2020, more than 17K people in Japan committed suicide, while fewer than 2,000 people in Japan have died of COVID-19. The shutdowns seem to be doing more harm than good. Food for thought.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 561 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,678 See in context

weather does not effect the Covid-19 virus so no one can blame oh it’s getting colder. 

Cold weather can adversely people's immune systems, so they are more susceptible to colds, flu, or covid19. Cold and flu cases always rise in the colder months.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 570 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,524 See in context

It is the start of the cold and flu (influenza) season where colds and flu cases always rise. Covid19 and influenza are both coronaviruses, so nothing surprising here.

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Posted in: What's with the confusion over masks? See in context

But nobody has a problem with the experts and leaders not following their own recommendations or orders?

@Raw Beer, Exactly, it shows they don't believe in their own orders. Makes you really wonder what is going on behind the curtain.

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Posted in: What's with the confusion over masks? See in context

It is difficult to respect the medical experts and agencies (CDC, WHO), when they changed their guidance on whether to wear a mask or not so many times. Literally around 3-4 times or more. It is good that Japan Today listed some of the medical experts changing their narratives, but I assure you there are several more examples of this.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics: Many rules, no partying, no hanging around See in context

Still so bad for Japan. Japan was really dealt some bad cards after putting so much money into the pot to host the Olympics.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 298 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,686 See in context

It is not the amount of cases, but how severe the cases and if hospitals are getting overwhelmed. WHO has said they estimate that 10% of the world has been infected with CV19. So, that would mean 780 million cases with 1.4 million deaths. That is a 99.82% survival rate similar to the influenza survival rate.

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Posted in: 15 Asia-Pacific countries form world's largest free trade bloc in boost for China See in context

Sounds like you read the book "The Expendables - How the middle class got screwed by Globalisation" by Jeff Rubin. Recommend it to other posters on this subject.

Agree with @JeffLee and @mazzda

I have seen it happen firsthand in last several decades living in the US. Countless industries outsource tens of millions of middle class jobs abroad in the US. Not sure why so many people support globalism when it really only benefits a select few of global companies.

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Posted in: Princess Mako expresses strong resolve to get married See in context

I'd marry her. Would I instantly be called a prince and get prince status? I would brag to my buddies and make them all call me prince. Lol.

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Posted in: Change of tune: Japanese music fans moving from CDs to streaming services See in context

I was really surprised to see a Tower Records in Shibuya and wondered how they stayed in business. Tower Records in the US went bankrupt and closed all their stores in the US in 2006.

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