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Posted in: Dance on! See in context

Oh and to lai Lai yuu " someday there will be a nice job for everyone" WTF??? Oh, I guess you mean working in an office every night till 11 and pouring tea for the men.yea, that's it. What a 'nice' job that would be.

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Posted in: 14-year-old student arrested for indecent assault See in context

Don't laugh, I got grabbed in my teens once, hurt like hell. But now I kind of like having my teens fondled and groped. Why is this a news story? Because some girl got pissed off at a guy and then said something and he's instantly guilty?

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Posted in: Baby girl taken from car while mother shops in Nagoya See in context

She needs to be charged.

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Posted in: Psychology, not just technology needed for airport security See in context

Have you seen the people at security in the States? Training them to use psychology? give me a break. Affirmative action has resulted in the dumbest workforce possible working at the security lines, the unions have resulted in the laziest. I am a middle aged white teacher from Canada and I got grilled to death in Amsterdam two months ago. Why? I was there on a business trip with my coworker. There is a time when you have to say the hell with PC. Every guy out there trying to bring down planes has dark hair and a last name that definitely doesn't sound like Smith or Jones. Pull every single one of those guys out of the line, pat them down, strip search them. White grandmas from Fargo aren't really a danger yet every time I travel I see one of them getting their suitcase pulled apart by two security agents at some airport in the states. Absolutely ridiculous.

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Posted in: Japan enters high-speed train sales race See in context

The taiwan system is going bankrupt because:1 - they located all of the stations so far away from urban centers ( except in Taipei and Kaoushiung) that it costly and time consuming to get there. Because of this retarded idea, now people have to rely on shuttle buses ( only every thirty minutes) or expensive taxis or driving themselves ( add parking costs ) to get to and from the stations. 2 - the stations and the surrounding areas were totally over built. They even built mini communities thinking that the high speed train would attract people to come and live in the middle of nowhere just cause there was a train station there. Absolutely idiotic. 3 - because of the first two, it takes longer to wait for the bus, get to the station, wait for the train, go to your destination, wait for another bus to get you to where you are going. The time saving is totally negligible in a country where you can get from one end to another in two hours. This train system here was built on graft and corruption, with wealthy landowners or investors selling the land to themselves ( the high speed rail corporation ) for prices way above market value. Now these losers want the government to take it over now that they are losing money. A total joke of a system here in Taiwan, but very typical of chinese thinking

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Posted in: The Tiger Woods brand will bounce back See in context

This should make golf more popular to minorities. Look at all the white babes they can get when they become as good as tiger. Oh wait, I wonder how many vijay is getting. or.. or ... hmmm, this is a sport for white guys after all.

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