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Posted in: Which issue do you think will be the most important in the Dec 16 lower house election? See in context

Territory Talk: Japan really needs China consumers... not to mention they will have to relocate a few factories... this obviously cots loads of time and money. Who knows what will happen with SK.. but I would prefer Japan to have good relations with their neighbors. This also goes hand in hand with relocating the US bases... they need the US now because of this mess.

Japan's reliance on nuclear power for its energy needs: This has been on the back burner for a long time now and not much will change. It will be all talk no action, but shoganai.

The Economy: Tell Abe to shut his trap and quit bugging the BOJ to start the hyperinflation process... Let these guys do their job please!

TPP... Just make a decision already...

Child abduction: This needs to be nailed.... 30 years ago...

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Really weird how the justice system labels crimes... If you dump a body, several things come into play: Murder/Abuse, Negligence, Abandonment, etc. Even more concerning is that for all these cases that reported, there are a few of them that get follow ups for who did it, what were they convicted of, and what needs to be done for something that keeps reoccurring.

Baby hatches should be put into play. Any Koban, Fire station, Hospital, and city/ward office should have a place for people to SAFELY turn over their child for proper care. But then again, this is a tough thing to implement, as they already had an issue with keeping the prior custodian anonymous... Of course they need to keep that area under surveillance for safety reasons, but other than that, if the child is safe and sound, work on providing the kid a happy a fun filled life.

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Posted in: Man arrested for disposing of mother's body re-arrested on suspicion of her murder See in context

ManBearPigMAY. 06, 2012 - 10:56AM JST No Al. They avoid the murder box so they can rearrest people and hold them longer. The article does not say, but its obvious this guy was never released in the first place. Also, I am sure they did not arrest him immediately after he confessed, but rather waited until his initial holding period was up to rearrest him, and thus drag it out as long as possible. And bail? Forget it. Good luck to anyone trying to defend themselves in this country.

Very true... but the below says a lot when it comes to Japan and their conviction protocal

He reportedly confessed

So all this time he has been in custody (if that was the case, nothing supporting this statement) it was time for the police to get a confession. Great.

I am not knocking on the J-police (this time) but they at least "found" out what happened. Then again, if there is no proof, then charges shouldn't be pressed for the fact that police would (probably are with the way they do things here) do some crooked stuff to uphold their nice conviction rate.

Other than that, I hope bowing it out and saying he wont do it again (well... no one else left to do it to) wont get him a get out of jail free card AKA suspended sentence.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite examples of the way English is misused in products, advertising and pop culture in Japan? See in context

LoL, these are all shirts that my J-niece has: Buy More Socks We are kids Pop Tarts ... I forgot some other ones, but they are all pretty stupid and she wears them to school.

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Last sentence: "That would put some heat on the incident..."

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Posted in: Japanese porn makers demand cash from Taiwanese See in context

The Taiwan telecom companies should calculate how much of "media" is kiddie porn, then ask the Japanese producers if they want royalties for their unpaid child pornography.

That but some heat on the incident...

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