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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting off sleeping woman's underwear See in context

Seriously twisted

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Posted in: Miyazaki woman shot by hunter after being mistaken for a wild boar See in context

Everyone missed the point....he shot at a sound...he didn't even identify what he was shooting at.

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Posted in: ANA replaces 787 battery charger after fault warning See in context

When you are spiraling downward and are running out of breathable air .,.,that's when your loyalty to this crap aircraft will sink in as .....this was a bad choice of transport !!

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Posted in: Volcanic eruption creates new island south of Japan See in context

Lol funny I didn't read the comments until the end of the article...any bets china claims within the next bit ??

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Posted in: ANA replaces 787 battery charger after fault warning See in context

Wow, specialized box, venting , insulated ....a lot of preventative measures taken to halt the spread of a fire .....how about finding the cause of these possible fire issues. Definitly won't be using Boeing on a long trip

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Posted in: Google, Microsoft step up efforts to block online child porn See in context

Great that they came up with the tech to accomplish this. Now if they would take some responsibility and remove other life damaging forms of negative information eg slander many murders or suicides have risen from such types

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Posted in: Aid missions boost U.S. troops' image, readiness See in context

"If I were the people of the Philippines I'd tell china to "Talk to Da Hand "What they should do is tell China to get out if their shoals and give back vital fishing and natural resources. Here is just a example of China two faced imagery ..they did not respond to the crisis on hand and there is no excuse for a country that is big and powerful as it is not to respond to the needs of the less fortunate ...they have the resources to do it and fast but now the world is seeing how greedy and power hungry they are...and will go to no expense at taking instead of giving !"

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Posted in: Temperatures plunge in many parts of Japan as chill sets in See in context

October Canada ....beginning ! I'm liking it !

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Posted in: M5.5 quake jolts Kanto region; no tsunami warning issued See in context

They have been little stronger as of late, let's hope it's not a precursor to the big one that was predicted to happen within 4 years of the last.

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Posted in: TEPCO to double pay for Fukushima plant workers See in context

Well I guess with the loans cancelled through the banks the Yaks have managed to come up with extra supplement of income through "double pay" . What a joke. Like any of these workers will even see half of that increase.

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Posted in: 20 years and going strong: Seasoned burglar arrested in Kawasaki after stealing Y15.7 million See in context

Was just a matter of time...home security is cheap these days

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Posted in: Japan launches new submarine amid fun-looking party See in context

Is it nuclear ?

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Posted in: Man shot after being mistaken for a deer in Shizuoka See in context

I hunt back home. There's no excuse for this "accident" if you can't clearly identify what you are shooting at ..don't take the shot. Sounds like he saw movement and took a chance. I hope the rules here do the same they do back home ...jail time with a license to bare arms removed for life.

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Posted in: LDP questions plan to let Fukushima evacuees go home See in context

Relax radiation limits ???? The people already working there are being screwed over by the companies that hired them. Now the Gov. Wants to relax limits to exposure ...so what ? Later when the people that worked here can get sick and get screwed again ?

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Posted in: Japan, Russia agree to expand defense cooperation See in context

I would like to think that Japan could only fortify relations between the USA and Russia with these talks. I firmly believe Russia is at a major turning point in global security and the three countries working together would have a huge impact in dealing with countries that pose a threat to stability in the pacific region....China pay heed to this. Power takeover isn't a move that should be used.

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Posted in: China's behavior jeopardizing peace, Onodera says See in context

Just a matter of time before Japan wakes up and finds china station on those islands

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Posted in: China criticizes 'self-deceiving' Japanese politicians See in context

Hmmmmmm wonder who the "unnamed" foreign military is ?? If China seriously thinks the USA is any happier about drones flying into Japan airspace and mucking around not so far from Okinawa then they give obtuse a whole new meaning. It's funny how they try to convince the world it's all Japan's doing when they have multiple issues (of the same) with Japan's neighboring countries.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 2-year-old son shortly after child's release from care See in context

Whole problem with this is...nothing will change. The system is flawed and it will keep being this flawed because no one person can make his/her own decision. There was a decision made but it sure wasn't in the best interest of this child's health and well being

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Posted in: Airbus chief eyes overtaking Boeing in production by 2018 See in context

@WA4TKG. I wouldn't be referring to Guam . That crash had nothing to do with the plane being at fault . It was pilot error and a modified system in Guam that was the cause if that accident ...one of numerous Korean pilot errors. "(MSAW) system at Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport had been deliberately modified so as to limit spurious alarms and could not detect an approaching aircraft below minimum safe altitude. The captain also failed to follow a normal non-precision approach and prematurely descended to impact a hillside short of the runway. ". http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_Air_Flight_801

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Posted in: 2 youths killed in car-microbus collision See in context

What is really surprising is how low the safety standard are on a lot of these small cars in Japan . You see these vehicles on tv and they are totally mangled on a small road ...it's time they upped the crash proof standards on these yellow plate cars.

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Posted in: U.S, S Korea, Japan hold naval drill despite N Korean threat See in context

That unexpected horrible disaster may be that aged plant they restarted melting down on them because they are so resource starved that can't possibly maintain it correctly.

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Posted in: Japan to pay $3.1 bil to relocate U.S. Marines from Okinawa See in context

Ya! That's all fine and dandy until China screws up....! The very same people that bitch and moan about their presence are the bet same people (in a very two faced way) that would bend over and polish shoes in gratitude of the crap hit the fan ! Cake......Icing can't have one without the other !

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Posted in: Honda begins construction of new transmission plant in Mexico See in context

Great .....it's not like there are no jobs needed in Japan right ??? The latest shift in cheap labor is towards Mexico ...again !

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Posted in: Typhoon forces TEPCO to release tainted water into sea See in context

Tainted....how subtle .....

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Posted in: Australian tycoon Packer eyes casinos in Japan See in context

Hope he has a masters degree in organized crime and the psychology behind it !

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Posted in: Police officer racks up Y500,000 in social gaming debt; attempts extortion See in context

Wow, we went from police extorting confessions from people falsely accused to police extorting money....they probably weren't going to do anything about it....lady probably threatened to use the media to have her case handled

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Posted in: 4 Chinese coast guard ships back in disputed waters See in context

The lack of assertive action from Japan is going to cost Japan those islands. One morning everyone will wake up and find China has just moved in next door ....the unwelcome guest/pest

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard ships remain near disputed waters See in context

Tiger ...China M.O.R.O.N, pays to not use words like regime...American isn't going to "impose it's will" here , it's a contractual obligation that they must adhere to, otherwise why shouldn't Japan become a fully militarized nation ? The country of Japan has the right to protect it's interests ...this brings us back to the treaty ..Abe should just insist that the USA patrol that area ...that would definitely diffuse any possible act of aggression from the direction of China. Also what's with the mentioning of NK ??? How is this in any way relevant to this current article or situation??

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Posted in: Elementary school principal resigns after responding to knife threat with a heavy smack See in context

Probably wasn't the best choice for reprimanding but I think he was on the right path . Responsibility lays with the students as well to report these serious events. Next time it may not just be threatening actions....

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing woman in Miyagi supermarket See in context

Seriously ??? The news ? There are less painful ways to get that done at your own expense. I never can wrap my head around this "I felt like doing it" mentality that's shown in the news so often here.

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