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That's what a phone is for...this is just stupid. :(

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That is sooo stupid! These books are just for entertainment! I don't see the reason to ban these books.

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That's just sick. The mother should just put the child up for adoption if she can't care for him.

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I wanted to go see it but i went to alice in wonderland instead! ^_^ Though i have seen Titanic...he was sooo HOT in that movie. He is such an amazing and versitile actor.

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AW! That makes me feel kind of sad. Im going to save up all my money so that i can travel to Japan for my graduation present. Now im going to be distracted from my schoolwork today...oh well!

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HAHA! If it wasnt for the price I would buy it! Maybe then my teachers won't complain about me not having my supplies that I need for class anymore.

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haha. That sounds like such a cute book! I totally need to go buy it.

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Wow. That woman is psychotic. They should reward that man for staying with this psycho long enough for the police to get there.

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Posted in: Man caught taking up-skirt photos with camera in his shoe See in context

That's just gross. It makes me glad that I dont have to wear a skirt as a school uniform.

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