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crazyforgirls comments

Posted in: U.S. military lifts some restrictions on sailors in Japan See in context

@Brian William Meissner Get your facts straight. Kenneth Shinzato was not a DOD Civilian. He was a contractor working for a company that provides cable TV and internet services to the base. DOD Civilians and contractors are two totally different entities. There are two reasons why he is making headlines, one he is a former Marine who just happened to be stationed in Okinawa when he was active duty and two his company provides services to the base.

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Posted in: Gov't tries to reassure public over pension data leak See in context

Abe's famous phrase, "Let me assure you the situation is under control" can be applied here... ;-)

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Posted in: Woman stabs mother after being told to 'get a real job' See in context

The seasonal Stabby Summer has begun. Starts in mid May running through July. Be extra vigilant during these months.

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Posted in: Gang leader killed boy, say 2 other suspects See in context

2channel has all their pictures and names. My wife found them this morning. They all look like punks looking for trouble to me. I just can't image what terror this young boy was feeling as they beat him to death.

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Posted in: Couple confess to abandoning 3 newborn babies over 9-yr period See in context

Ho Hum... Another normal day in Japan. These types of crimes are reported so day to day that they are no longer surprising.

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Posted in: Japanese households spending more; unemployment down See in context

It never ceases to amaze me how narrowed minded these economists are when they make their predictions. Of course consumer spending has increased. The major reason for this is because of the looming consumer tax increases starting next year. Many households are buying big ticket items and appliances prior to the consumer tax increase. It would be cheaper to dip into your savings or use the credit card now rather than later. Once the new taxes kick in you will see a big decrease in consumer spending.

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Posted in: Defiant Hashimoto says U.S. troops abused women during occupation See in context

This guy keeps digging his own grave deeper and deeper.

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Posted in: Defiant Hashimoto says U.S. troops abused women during occupation See in context

America, or rather State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, wasn't criticizing Japan, she was directly criticizing Hashimoto for his "outrageous" comments. No criticism of Japan there. Who does Hashimoto think he is to assume that criticism directed toward him equates to criticism of the whole nation of Japan? He's an embarrassment and liability to his country. Well said Sensato. You hit the nail directly on the head. The rest of the world knows not to judge an entire country on the rants of a lunatic.

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Posted in: Hashimoto offers to meet 'comfort women' to apologize See in context

Very typical way Japanese Leaders back peddle once they get called out by the rest of the world for saying incredibly ignorant things. I'm sure he has been severely talked to by his aids not to mention leaders of the upper and lower house. The honorable thing to do would be to resign.

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Posted in: Gov't - but not Ishihara - backs away from Hashimoto's comfort women comments See in context

It is hard to believe this guy is still in politics, but look at all the idiotic things Ishihara has said during his career. I know one thing for sure, someone should have reminded him that his country is trying to win a bid to host a future Olympics.

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