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I was stationed in Okinawa for 2 years and was grateful to have been. As someone who has seen most of the world, there is no place I loved more than Japan, outside of America of course. Id love to say more about that, but ill stay on topic. Its sad to see that the bases will be closed, but I understand. Okinawans, loved the influx of cash and a few incidents aside, got along well with each other. It has to be regarded as the most successful occupation of all time and credit for it, is equally deserved. If some confused souls, usually from the left, say that isnt true, all one needs to do is look at Germany. At least 75% of ethnic Germans have some Red Army peasant scum, somewhere in the woodpile.

Id rather see Japan enlarge their military, but it isnt because of it being cheaper for us. I think war with China is unavoidable. The last thing America needs, is an asiatic version of lazy and gutless European hermafrodites as allies. Japan need not worry about anymore Obama cowardice. His chances of reelection are slim, no matter what you hear in the media.

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