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Posted in: White House butler for 11 presidents dies at 91 after contracting COVID-19 See in context

A human library; a wealth of knowledge; and an inside perspective of history...RIP

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Posted in: U.S. Senate returns to Washington See in context

With Washington still under a stay-at-home order, lawmakers were advised by the congressional physician to wear masks, stay six feet (2 meters) apart and limit the number of staff on Capitol Hill.

Moscow Mitch should be careful. Masks were designed for those with a chin.

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Posted in: Cuomo details regional restart criteria as NY hits 1M tests See in context

More than 1 million coronavirus tests have been conducted in New York, according to data released Monday, the most of any state in the country. Nearly 1 in 7 tests in the U.S. have been performed in New York.

COVID-19 Test Site Locator


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Posted in: Trump administration pushing to rip global supply chains from China See in context

to punish Beijing for its handling of the coronavirus outbreak

Why doesn't the Trump administration ever craft a policy to further the interests of the American people instead of the feelings of their toddler President?

China is gonna' pay for the pandemic like Mexico paid for the mostly invisible wall.

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Posted in: The world tiptoes out of lockdown See in context

Italy and the United States were among a slew of countries tentatively easing coronavirus lockdowns on Monday to revive economies as global deaths neared a quarter of a million.

It's important to understand that Italy tried the lax regional lock downs like in the US back in February. That was a disaster because people left the hot zones and infected the safe areas. In March they switched to a strict, police enforced, national lock down. That worked, but it was a long wait before the numbers started tumbling down. Even today, "open" in Italy means something more restrictive than "lock down" in the US. You are required to wear a mask and most shops are limited to 2 customers at a time. I am not at all convinced the patchwork of lax lock downs and no lock downs in the states will end well. It seems almost certain to prolong the pandemic and economic damage.

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Posted in: World leaders pledge billions for virus vaccine research See in context

Thank you Bill & Melinda Gates for representing the US, even as private citizens. While this Admin. & our govt. continues to be the laughing stock of the world--might as well not show up since they don't believe in science anyways.

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Posted in: S Koreans return to work, crowd parks, malls as social distancing rules ease See in context

There were 13 cases in Korea yesterday. Only 8 the day before. Less that 20 per day for three days. Those cases, traced and quarantined, contacts quarantined. Break quarantine, get arrested or deported. Wear your masks, keep your distance and wash your darn hands people. Get serious. 


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Posted in: Don't reopen yet, governors tell Trump as coronavirus deaths top 40,000 See in context

"LIBERATE" Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia, all run by Democratic governors.

Trump has just set a new low for presidential irresponsibility.  And most Republican leaders haven't spoken out against it.  

The sitting President of the United States is directly calling for insurrection against state governments! How is this not a direct attack on the constitutional government of the United States?

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Posted in: Gunman kills 16 in Canada rampage See in context

I watched the press conference. The RCMP member answering media questions is the saddest police officer I have ever seen. He's not struggling to speak, he's simply crushed.

This is such a complicated crime scene over many locations they haven't even been able to count all the bodies. At least 10 so far. No words.

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Posted in: NZ's Ardern says many restrictions to be kept in place when lockdown ends See in context

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is certifiably intelligent, and she listens to and is guided by actual experts, and she doesn't have a ridiculous ego, and most importantly, Prime Minister Ardern is empathetic: she really cares about her fellow citizens, and knows the meaning of the term "public servant".

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Posted in: Sanders endorses ex-rival Biden for U.S. president See in context

This was the right thing to do. The highest priority is to defeat trump. Then, keep the House. Then, turn the Senate blue.

We've had enough of the failed leadership in this White House. Let's move back toward sanity.

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Posted in: Assange fathered two kids with lawyer in Ecuador embassy: report See in context

A lawyer should not engage in sexual relationships with clients. Ethical violation.

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Posted in: China says Taiwan attacks on WHO are venomous, aimed at independence See in context

Let all the countries recognize Taiwan and be done with it. Taiwan is what China should be.

Once Chinese Communist Party sees the respect they covet, is going to Taiwan, perhaps they will learn. Or being the controlling bullies the Party top members are, they will be more intransigent. 

China's Communist Party has to pay the price for being complicit in the deaths of Dr Li and all the innocents who died of COVID 19.

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Posted in: Saudi-led coalition announces ceasefire in five-year Yemen war See in context

And the killings and destruction was for what?

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Posted in: Countries start thinking about easing restrictions, even as virus death toll rises in Europe, U.S. See in context

US trial of Japanese flu drug for coronavirus gets green light


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Posted in: Body of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend's grandson found See in context

This is indeed tragic beyond measure. Even if they were not "Kennedys", she was someone who made the world a better place with her profession as a human rights lawyer and worked on global health issues. Equally, her son was destined to be great in the Kennedy lineage, much too young and innocent to leave this world.

I am reminded that life can change in an instant. One just never knows. Just a side thought, I am wondering if they were wearing life jackets-that could have perhaps made a difference.

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Posted in: Sanders quits U.S. presidential race See in context

Thank you Bernie for bringing the Democrats to look at more options for healthcare, but thank you most of all for acknowledging this election is about life and death. 

Hopefully your fervent followers will agree. 

Vote blue, no matter who.

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Posted in: Long lines and frustration as Wisconsin citizens brave voting amid pandemic See in context

Republicans have allowed the election to proceed despite having only 5 polling places in a city of 600,000. I don't know how they can look themselves in the mirror. Today's Republican leaders are truly evil, evil people.


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Posted in: Acting U.S. Navy secretary resigns after ridiculing commander of coronavirus-hit ship See in context

I'd say good riddance, but Trump will just appoint someone worse. The Republican Party absolutely hates the military and insults service personnel at every opportunity.

Congratulations, Mr. Modly, you're merely the latest addition to the dotard's destruction of everyone who ever agrees to "serve" him.

Oh, and your reputation is now in tatters, too.

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Posted in: Trump removes head of coronavirus watchdog; widens attack on inspectors general See in context

210 days left of Trump’s presidency....potentially the most dangerous time our Constitution has ever faced.

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Posted in: Virus deaths slow in New York, parts of Europe; cases rise in Britain See in context

Mr. Cuomo, please don't lift the foot from the gas pedal too early.

If anything it is time to apply maximum pressure. Easter and Passover are significant threats to the social distancing guidelines.

If the numbers hide roses, they will flower.

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Posted in: Australian court dismisses Cardinal Pell's sex abuse convictions See in context

This is a stunning development.

For a Supreme Court to overturn a verdict in a criminal case by lower courts is very unusual. 

The evidence of sexual abuse presented in the lower court trial was not flimsy, supported by victims. 

This decision reeks of very high influence!

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Posted in: Citing virus threat, Wisconsin governor postpones Tuesday's primary See in context

Seem pretty clear that the Republicans in the legislature are much more interested in retaining power than in helping and protecting the people. I hope that is taken into consideration in November.

Once again Republican actions prove that they are the greatest threat America faces.

Wisconsin Supreme Court reinstates Tuesday's election, overturning Gov. Tony Evers' order


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Posted in: Virus deaths slow in New York, parts of Europe; cases rise in Britain See in context

If you saw this CBS video of a crying nurse, IT WAS FAKE


As it turns out, the nurse was an Instagram model who had not worked as a nurse for over a year


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Posted in: Abe to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 6 prefectures See in context

Governors in Tokyo and elsewhere have asked citizens to stay home on weekends, avoid crowds and evening outings, and work from home.

Japan wears a kabuki mask of technological advancement and efficiency but it is easily the biggest technological relic among developed countries when it comes to business. It maintains a business culture steeped in respect founded on quantifiable things - hours worked, degree of conformity with colleagues, years at the company, how little sleep workers manage due to being in the office - instead of qualitative aspects generally recognized as "success" in Western countries. Having worked and lived in Tokyo and the surrounding prefectures, and experienced the sometimes horrific working conditions expected of Japanese employees, I'm hoping this serves as a wakeup call. Japanese companies will (not might) begin to fail as a result of COVID-19 because of the country's dependence on ritual and "culture" versus innovation and quality-over-quantity.

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Posted in: U.S. wasted months before preparing for virus pandemic, reports show See in context

He derided warnings of pandemic reaching the U.S. as a hoax perpetrated by Democrats and the media.

We can thank Tump for all he has done to make "hoax" such a staple of national conversation. His so-called "Presidency" is the biggest hoax of all, given the obvious fact that he has no idea what being President involves, has no qualifications for the job, and no interest in growing into it. The only growth that concerns him, as so often is pointed out, is in the amount of time he gets to appear in public free of criticism, in the number of bootlickers and cultish droolers he can gather around him, and in the fortune he can make while perched in the White House.

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Posted in: New York state virus toll tops 4,000 with 594 new deaths in 24 hours See in context

The CDC new reporting format just came out with revised death numbers and comparable with last years flu:


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Posted in: Hunt for medical supplies creates marketplace of desperation See in context

FEMA controls both the means of production and distribution of essential medical supplies (PPEs, ventilators, etc. ) and is using this control to divert shipments to states like NY and stall negotiations with potential suppliers like GM. And Jared Kushner is in control of FEMA.

Trump is very concerned about governors' public statements praising or criticizing him. It would be unimaginable that a President would use lifesaving resources to elicit public statements to gain political advantage, except that exactly one President has a track record of doing exactly that.

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Posted in: Trump says toughest weeks ahead as coronavirus spreads See in context

Trump will be responsible for 10s of thousands of deaths. And how will we ever be able to make even tentative steps to reopen without widespread testing and contact tracing? I don't see that ever being possible with this administration. We'll have to wait and hope for a new president in January, and then rebuild from the rubble of what is left.

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Posted in: China mourns thousands who died in country's coronavirus epidemic See in context

Let's be clear. The authoritarian Chinese regime failed to heed warning signs of an emerging epidemic, and then tried to cover up the problem as the death toll climbed, going so far as to lie to the World Health Organization. These failures directly led to Covid-19 spreading globally, causing the deaths of thousands of people, and causing catastrophic damage to the global economy. In short, in an effort to hold on to power, Chinese leaders killed huge numbers of people and caused untold economic and personal hardship.

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