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Posted in: U.S. Navy sailor kills two in shooting at Pearl Harbor base, then takes own life See in context

Is this normal now?

I am horrified. Shootings are coming so fast and frequently it's like the whole country is numb, and there's no tipping point.

When we treat random shootings like weather events something's gone so wrong.

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Posted in: 'Nasty', 'two-faced', 'brain dead': NATO pulls off summit despite insults See in context

Let us not forget: Russia installed Trump PRECISELY to weaken the EU and NATO alliance with America.

It is so obvious that all Western leaders look at Trump as an idiot. Pretty much as half of the American citizens and all global citizens.

Republican voters, you are very small island of stupid in a very big ocean of the educated!

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Posted in: Legal experts summoned by Democrats call Trump actions impeachable See in context

George Washington University Law School Professor Jonathan Turley - the only witness chosen by the Republicans, though he said he voted against Trump in 2016 - disagreed that the president's actions constituted bribery and said the evidence does not adequately support the Democrats' allegations.

This is the same little worm who excitedly appeared on TV during the Clinton impeachment hearings arguing FOR impeachment.

So let's see, impeach for lying to cover up a *****. Don't impeach for withholding congressionally-approved and badly needed aid while trying to pressure another country to investigate a domestic political rival.

Sure, sparky. lol

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Posted in: North Korea's Kim sends defiant signals with new horse ride, rare party meeting See in context

Poor horse. Not only having to carry fat boy Kim, who sits in the saddle like the lump of lard he is, but also carry half a ton of tasteless gold on his harness.

Almost as tasteless as someone who thinks a gold toilet shows class.

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Posted in: Democrat Kamala Harris ends 2020 White House bid See in context

1. Return to the Senate 

2. Get some work done

3. Beat McConnell’s junk into mush

Her big moment, criticizing Biden for busing, was a political disaster. Almost no one wants federally imposed busing. And a former prosecutor claiming to be left wing was never going to get any traction. She should have run as Biden's clone with less baggage and been ready to take the mantle if/when Biden stumbles.

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Posted in: Democrats accuse Trump of abusing power, obstructing impeachment probe See in context

Between Trump "perfect" call on July 25th with Zelensky and Mick Mulvaney's admission of a quid pro quo in October, that is pretty much all the evidence necessary to validly impeach Trump. Unless you are an "ostrich" member of the GOP.

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Posted in: Iran says it killed protesters in deadliest unrest in decades See in context

This is how the revolution against the Shah started.

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Posted in: Trump says China deal could wait until after 2020 election See in context

I gotta believe trump's dirty "friends" short the market with pre-knowledge of his whipsaw trade claims.

Trump is clearly manipulating the stock market.

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Posted in: Trump barrels into NATO summit, clashes with France's Macron See in context

Trump is a complete and utter fool. As he shakes hands with the competent leaders from around the world and looks them in the eye we can all imagine that they want him impeached as much as the rest of us.

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Posted in: Trump, citing U.S. farmers, slaps metal tariffs on Brazil, Argentina See in context

Just what we need in South America...more economic troubles, to add to the political unrest.

Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Colombia have had massive street protests and unrest...while Venezuela and her citizens are enduring a collapsing economy.

Yeah, use an economic hammer against Brazil and Argentina...that will help.

Congress needs to get rid of the carte-blanche tariff authority any president has.

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Posted in: NATO under friendly fire as leaders ready for London summit See in context

It's just so sad that the leaders of the great western nations must arrange their meeting to avoid toddler tantrums from a 73 year old man who lacks the skills to cooperate with anyone, much less to lead.  And, btw, they should have learned in the 1930's that appeasing madmen doesn't work.

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Posted in: Trump campaign won’t allow Bloomberg reporters at events See in context

Remember all the times Obama denied press credential to people who he feared might criticized him!!!


Me neither.....

To qualify as unbiased in the eyes of this administration, one must stand up and applaud every gust the president emits, tell everyone how good it smells, etc.. Being denied press credentials is quickly becoming a prerequisite of credibility rather than a mark of disrepute.

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Posted in: White House says Trump won't participate in Wednesday's impeachment hearing See in context

Of course. Attack the process when you can't defend against the facts. It's as plain as egg on your face. Trump will never mount an effective defense because he's guilty.

That's GUILTY.

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Posted in: Terror checks intensify as London attack enters election fray See in context

Boris is a typical conservative: it's never his fault, even when he's Prime Minister.

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Posted in: Trump off to London for NATO summit, under pressure to steer clear of British election See in context

To our British friends:

If Trump is endorsing a candidate you can be sure HE IS A CROOK.

Stay away from Trump's pick in your election.

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Posted in: 10 wounded in shooting near New Orleans’ French Quarter See in context

Sigh! And we know exactly how this will go. Moscow Mitch and his vile party of trump and the NRA will send out their thoughts and prayers and do absolutely nothing! This is totally outrageous!!!

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Posted in: Shootouts in northern Mexican town kill 21, fueling debate on cartels See in context

This is an example of the violence and bloodshed Washington demands that Mexico endure in the name of fighting drugs.

For those not paying attention, the Mexican government for years has been locked in battle after battle with the drug mafias. The result is many thousands dead and more drugs than ever flowing into the U.S. and into the bodies of drug-hungry Americans.

As long as Mexicans are killing each other, U.S. officials are content. 

But let some white Mormons get slaughtered and suddenly Mexico is not doing its part.

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Posted in: Hong Kong protesters say 'Thank you' to Donald Trump See in context

The pro-democracy protesters have a good cause, but it's ironic that they look for salvation from a man who, in his own country, conspired with foreign powers to sway a democratic election and is the leader of a party dedicated to suppressing voters' rights, and whose members threaten violence if he loses at the polls. 

This is an example of the maxim "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Be careful what you wish for, Hong Kong. Trading one autocracy for another is hardly progress. (Read Orwell's "Animal Farm.")

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Posted in: DiCaprio denies Bolsonaro accusation of link to Amazon fires See in context

Right out of the Dictators handbook. Blame your adversaries for doing what you actually do. They don't call him the Brazilian Trump for nothin.'

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Posted in: Iraqi PM formally submits resignation amid more violence See in context

An honorable and selfless decision. 

Iraq was once the very heartland of the cradle of civilization itself. As it continues to emerge under democratic self-rule, it is showing signs of its former self. 

There is nothing easy about governing a country following decades of brutality and war. Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has put his country first, a rare and selfless act that more than a few other leaders in the world could learn from.

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Posted in: Johnson pressured on jail terms after London Bridge attack See in context

Why on earth would a “convicted terrorist” ever be released from prison?

Those brave guys who tackled this creep should get whatever national honor is presented by the British government to civilians. These men are true heroes. It takes real guts to do what they did.

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Posted in: Iraq PM says he will quit after cleric's call but violence rages on See in context

As awful as Saddam Hussein was, he stood as a buffer between Iraq and the other Gulf states. Iraq is the ONLY Arab nation that borders on Iran. That fact is not lost on the other Arab nations; it's why they (with the sole exception of Syria) backed Iraq in its war with Iran in the 1980s. When U.S./Coalition forces took down Saddam in 2003, it created a power vacuum that Iran was quick and eager to exploit. That's exactly what other Arab nations feared.

But while Shi'ites make up more than half of Iraq's population, they are Arab--not Persian. And most do not want to live under an autocratic theocracy such as Iran. Most of them do not want Iraq to be Iran's vassal state. They have been chafing under the harsh rule of the Iranian-backed mullahs and their Shi'ite militias. Who can blame them?

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Posted in: Months after abrupt halt, Trump gives blessing for Taliban deal See in context

Well since Trump neutralized North Korea as nuclear threat, this should be easy.

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Posted in: UK police say bridge attacker had been jailed for terror crimes See in context

The only reason this is news is that it happened in the UK.

ANY gunshots in the UK are front page news - because it is so rare.

It's business as usual in Anytown, US.

In the US this would have involved an assault weapon and 20 people would be dead by now.

(Pssst - the UK has sensible gun laws.)

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Posted in: Iraqi forces kill 45 protesters after Iranian consulate torched See in context

Iran's foreign ministry condemned the attack and demanded"the Iraqi government's firm response to the aggressors".

That's rich, coming from the government that allowed radicals to occupy the US Embassy in their capital, taking diplomats as prisoners for 444 days. Sucks when the shoe is on the other foot, eh?

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Posted in: North Korea fires 2 short-range projectiles See in context

Missiles for Thanksgiving?

Apparently Kim is totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great President.

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Posted in: Trump makes surprise Thanksgiving visit to U.S. troops in Afghanistan See in context

Air Force One delivered the world's biggest turkey to Afghanistan.

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Posted in: Trump to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorist groups See in context

Drug cartels ARE terrorist groups, and should be treated as one. The Mexican govt is owned by them as well as the military or they would have been eradicated by now.

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Posted in: China warns U.S. of retaliation for law backing Hong Kong protesters See in context

Trump couldn't handle the thought of an override of a veto, so he caved. Expect the trade war to get uglier.

We need to sport these people. China is committing ethnic cleansing, genocide and oppression on multiple fronts. They need to be isolated and confronted.

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Posted in: Singer Goo Hara’s death shines light on dark side of K-pop See in context

The death of South Korean singer and actress Goo Hara, whose body was found at her home in Seoul this week, has again shone a spotlight on pressures that stars, especially females, face in the cutthroat K-pop industry and in deeply conservative South Korean society.

The combination of the K-pop machine, very distinct societal expectations and the insane online culture in South Korea seem like the perfect storm for situations like this. You can't take a kid, put them under immense pressure to succeed/perform from middle school on, then expose them to a fan base who will scrutinize their every move and demand conformity to an impossible ideal and NOT have mental health issues abound.

I mean, these kids barely sleep. They're constantly being careful, apologizing, vowing to do better over the silliest tiny things. They're isolated from their organic friends and family. Their corporate owners don't even pay them unless they get very successful, since "training" is covered. Of COURSE the performers are breaking down. It's a recipe for disaster.

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