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Posted in: Jerry Lewis, comedy icon and telethon host, dies at 91 See in context

Sad to see him go, he was a true character. He's about the last of the old time Hollywood crowd still around that I recall watching while growing up. Losing these old timers makes me feel old, worse it makes me feel alone; the young crop in Hollywood just doesn't impress me like all the old greats did for decades.

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Posted in: 10 sailors missing after Japan-based U.S. Navy destroyer and merchant ship collide near Singapore See in context

This sort of thing usually doesn't happen twice in 10 years. Now it's happened twice in 2 months.

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Posted in: Merkel stands by her 2015 decision to open German borders See in context

The problem is, these people don't just want a refuge, they want, status, benefits, family reunification, living quarters, and civil rights given to citizens. They are not there to just wait out the danger, or because they are persecuted. They are there for economic reasons.

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Posted in: 10 sailors missing after Japan-based U.S. Navy destroyer and merchant ship collide near Singapore See in context

We can shoot down incoming missiles and aircraft from god knows how many miles away but can't spot a 600' tanker a mile away. WTF

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Posted in: Jerry Lewis, comedy icon and telethon host, dies at 91 See in context

I have fond memories of outings with my circle of friends going to a local movie theater to watch the latest Martin & Lewis film.  

RIP Mr Lewis.

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Posted in: Barcelona van attack suspect may have crossed into France See in context

Where did these young men get the money to purchase 100 gas canisters, travel between towns, rent multiple vehicles, other expenses while seemingly unemployed? 

Follow the money. If the fugitive has fled to France, how does this Spanish village kid have contacts offering shelter in France. This terror attack seems to be a larger network than the unemployed young men in a Pyrenees town.

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Posted in: Trump to lay out U.S. strategy for Afghanistan on Monday night See in context

Somewhere around 1979 the Russians invaded and conquered Afghanistan. After 9 years of rather ruthlessly trying to hold on to it, they picked up their marbles and left. Ditto previous efforts by the British (twice), Mongols, Sikhs, and others. Some lasted a few years longer than the Russians. Now, after 15 years, we are in about the same place. Is their a lesson here?  

There is nothing there worth anything militarily, and any resources they have we can buy without much issue on the market.

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Posted in: Boston march against hate speech avoids Charlottesville chaos See in context

Hillary won the popular vote, Trump won the Electoral vote and Putin won the election. No one is enjoying this sideshow of American divisiveness more than Vladimir Putin. The riots, the plummeting polls of our titular POTUS, the firings, the resignations, the defections and all in between. Question: do we even have a government at this time?  

Trump is a despicable miscreant with no moral compass, class, character, knowledge or empathy. Normal people love people and use things. Narcissists use people and love things. All of those who promoted and stood by him in the campaign are history. They were no longer useful. Why would Trump risk alienating the right wing fascists of his base who still shower him with all 35% of their collective adulation? That's who we have in charge right now. He will only support those who agree, kow-tow and applaud. Nobody else.

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Posted in: Pence on message, despite Trump's troubles at home See in context

Two to go.

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Posted in: Venezuela congress defies push to take over its powers See in context

God bless these brave souls. Let's pray for their safety and that the Maduro dictatorship will be peacefully removed from power.

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Posted in: Boston march against hate speech avoids Charlottesville chaos See in context

A sincere "Thank you for your patriotism" to the Bostonian counter-protestors who turned out today to tell Bannon's alt.right that real Americans are sick and tired of the alt.right's hate, prejudice and stupidity.

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Posted in: First eclipse in 99 years to sweep North America See in context

An 80%, 90% or even a 95% eclipse is not good enough! Do what ever you can to get into the 100% eclipse zone. 

Even with 5% or 10% of the sun still exposed it is going to be far too bright - it will just seem like an overcast day and you will not get to see any of the eclipse 'surprises' that a full eclipse gives you. 

If you can manage it, see it from the top of a hill, a mountain or from the ocean with no obstructions to spoil the view of the horizon in all directions. You won't regret it. And remember, anything less than a full eclipse and you have to keep your protective glasses on the WHOLE time, however during the full eclipse (when you can only see the sun's corona) then you can view those few minutes without the glasses and that makes all the difference. Be careful to put them straight back on when the diamond ring appears though!

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Posted in: Bannon out at White House as pressure mounts on Trump See in context

Bannon was merely a symptom, Trump is the disease. 

Disavowing Nazis is such a basic thing for a president, 

since he can't -- Trump has got to go ...

Let me know when trump is leaving.

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Posted in: Barcelona van attacker among five killed by police See in context

The world, and especially Europe, is losing patience with *****. They're going to have to do a better job of policing their own. That's the only thing that's going to make a dent in this problem. We can sit here all day and talk about how this is a small group of extremists etc. However, at some point nobody's going to care.

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Posted in: First eclipse in 99 years to sweep North America See in context

"In a nation that is increasingly divided along political lines, some expressed hope that fascination for this spectacular phenomenon would offer people a chance to unite."

I have been watching the total eclipse of US democracy for 6 months with absolutely no effect on my retina. My stomach is really queasy, however.

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Posted in: Bannon out at White House as pressure mounts on Trump See in context

Get rid of Miller and Gorka next.

I know people are gleeful that Bannon is out. But Bannon was never the real problem. The real problem is Donald J Trump. He's the one who should be resigning.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy removes senior officers of warship in deadly collision See in context

Blame will eventually be assigned and accountability will follow... The Navy will do what it needs to do...  

The important thing to point out though, is that lives were cut short that night and they are impossible to replace... ... and more would have been lost had it not been for brave men and women caring for each other and fighting the ocean to prevent an even bigger tragedy...  

My sympathies to the families who lost loved ones... They all volunteered to serve and I appreciate their sacrifice.

Was channel fever a contributing factor?  

What do you think?

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Posted in: U.S., Japan step up defense cooperation to counter N Korea See in context

This is like some lousy version of Abbott and Costello's, "Who's on First" routine. In the WH, nobody is on the same page. Howdy Doody blusters one thing; Shadow President boasts another; and the Cabinet Keystone Cops bluff a third. Nobody in the world recognizes this as a legitimate government. They are all amateur ham actors reading lines various failed comedy writers just wrote on the back of used cocktail napkins.

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Posted in: Robert E Lee statue defaced as Confederate monument protests grow See in context

Even Robert E Lee was against erecting Confederate monuments. These idiots who want to claim it's about "Southern Heritage" manage to ignore that Lee didn't think it was a good idea. He wanted the country to "move on".

Unfortunately, today's nincom***p right wingers are too racist even to listen to his words.

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Posted in: Van plows into crowd in Barcelona, killing 13, injuring over 100; another bomb plot foiled See in context

Anyone who would intentionally drive into a crowd of people is beneath scum.  

And so is anyone who would try to rationalize it away.

My heart is heavy with another deadly attack on innocent lives.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. culture, history being 'ripped apart' See in context

Lee never wanted statues of himself. He spoke to reconciliation during his last four years of a teacher. The South co-opted his image without regard to what he wanted. That the president lacks the basic understanding of the difference between the roles of Washington and Lee in the history of the nation is appalling... trump never fails to disappoint.

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Posted in: Obama's post-Charlottesville message most-liked tweet ever See in context

The affection we feel for Obama is reflected in the acceptance of his message on the tragic events in Charlottesville. Obama knew who he was as President and understood the significance of that Office. He respected the role in which he served our country and the world. Respect is a key word. Mutual Respect - by him and for him.

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Posted in: Lincoln Memorial in Washington defaced with expletive See in context

So, the Confederates lost to the Union. The Nazis lost to the Allies. Why are these people marching around calling the rest of us "losers"?

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Posted in: Trump says 'we'll see' what happens to his top strategist Bannon See in context

The Mercer family put Bannon in with Trump. Trump won't cross the Mercers. They run him just like the Kochs run Paul Ryan.

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Posted in: Trump insists both sides to blame for Virginia violence See in context

Our President is clueless. The events on Saturday in Charlottesville were not about a statue. The residents of Charlottesville are perfectly capable of determining whether a statue in their city should stay or go without any help from the rest of us.  

On Saturday, Charlottesville was invaded by an army of thugs intent on making trouble. And they did, including killing a woman and injuring a number of other people.

What happened in Charlottesville was a blatant display of bigotry on the part of the the alt-right, KKK, militias, et cetera. They marched under Nazi flags, gave Nazi salutes, dressed in KKK regalia, and chanted racist and antisemitic slogans. They also arrived armed and equipped for confrontation. Despite what Donald Trump may say, I didn't see that behavior on the part of the counter-demonstrators. 

What a weak President we have, that he is afraid to call out the alt-right, and instead makes excuses for those losers. I simply do not understand how responsible Americans can continue to work for that man. I would be too ashamed to serve in his administration.

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Posted in: North Korea leader holds off on Guam missile plan See in context

Somehow, it's not Kim I'm worried about "pulling the trigger," but our own lunatic leader, Pompous Don of Orange. Our leader who, when he's not too busy staring in a mirror and composing sonnets to his greatness, is a cross between a Mexican jumping bean and a wildcat on meth.

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Posted in: Trump bows to pressure, calls neo-Nazis and KKK criminals See in context

Since he had to be forced to do this, and still employs Bannon/Gorka/Miller, it's meaningless.

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Posted in: White House defends Trump's response to Virginia violence See in context

Love how trumps defenders have to constantly come out and explain how trump was 'very clear" when it is very clear, that trump was anything but clear.

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Posted in: Charlottesville rally organizer flees news conference See in context

I am sick of these guys with their oppression complex. You got to have your rally. You even got to have your press conference. Your ideas are being rejected. Freedom of speech does not mean everyone has to sit quietly and listen to whatever hateful and idiotic ideas you espouse. It means you can express your beliefs, which can then be shouted down in response.  

If you don't like it go back to your online echo chamber where you are safe to say what you want and get the validation you so desperately need because you are an otherwise weak and insecure human being.

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Posted in: White House defends Trump's response to Virginia violence See in context

One full day without a tweet? The silence is deafening.  Trump was harder on Meryl Streep than he is on White Supremacists carrying Nazi Flags and a terrorist.

It's weird how the crowd that likes to yell "YOU LOST, GET OVER IT" has a rather fetishistic attachment to Confederate Flags and Nazi Swastikas

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