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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' finale draws staggering 19.3 million viewers See in context

Traditional television, with 20 minutes of too-often repeated commercials per hour, will die a well-deserved death. Good riddance.

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Posted in: Google v Huawei hits millions of smartphone users See in context

Just shows you the android is not really an Open Source Project. Google has the power to cut you off whenever it wants.

Do I believe Huawei poses a national security threat to US? Hell no, they don't even sell most of their phones here.

Its a blatant move to cut US consumers off cheaper product before it reaches the shore in mass.

You ever wonder why iPhone, Samsung, LG can charge 1000+ on a phone that costs 300 each? You have your answer right here.

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Posted in: Trump loses lawsuit challenging subpoena for financial records See in context

Judge today: 

It is simply not fathomable that a Constitution that grants Congress the power to remove a President for reasons including criminal behavior would deny Congress the power to investigate him for unlawful conduct—past or present—even without opening impeachment... These are facially valid legislative purposes, and it is not for the court to question whether the Committee’s actions are truly motivated by political considerations. Accordingly, the court will enter judgment in favor of the Oversight Committee.

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Posted in: Trump, Saudi Arabia warn Iran against Middle East conflict See in context

Yeah, yeah. Persia has been there for thousands of years, and will still be there thousands of years from now. The United States? After Trump, you have to wonder.

This man who calls himself our President needs to keep his small hands off his phone and stop tweeting. You don't solve problems with a tweet. He is the most derelict President of all time.  He is goading Iran into a war. Saudi Arabia is pushing his buttons, as is Israel. He needs to be stopped. We do not need a another war in the Middle east.

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Posted in: Koepka holds on to win back-to-back PGA Championship titles See in context

Not bad - he's won 3 of the last 5 and 4 of the last 9 majors.

It is quirky but interesting that he current holds the last 2 trophies for 2 majors.

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Posted in: Rocket fired in Baghdad's Green Zone, no casualties See in context

Breaking: Trump's latest tweet

Mission Accomplished.

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Posted in: U.S. to roll out economic part of Mideast peace plan See in context

Two for Israel one for the Palestinians, Three for Israel one for the Palestinians, Four for Israel one for the Palestinians, Five for Israel one f.........

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Posted in: Trump tells anti-abortion activists to stay united for 2020 See in context

Too late, Trump Republicans. You made your bed with deranged "right to life" zealots, who strangely tend to be comfortable with military and other killing. Republicans, Trump and "right to life" wack jobs are forever wedded. At least as forever wedded as multi-divorced Trump can get.

It's about 2020 and that's all these Republicans care about. This so called president will go wherever the wind blows and where the obvious road to re-election leads him.

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Posted in: Trump blasts Republican lawmaker Amash over impeachment remarks See in context

I don't think the $1 billion+ businessman loser has any room to talk about who is and isn't a loser.

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Posted in: Australia's ruling coalition wins surprise third term See in context

This wave of right wing populism sweeping the world should terrify all thinking people. We made a huge mistake by not investing far more heavily in education a long time ago. We now have a populace that is easily fooled by con men.  

Australia has universal healthcare for all. A large majority of medication is subsidized. Those on age pension only pay a maximum of $4.50. The rest pay around $28. People don't go broke when they're sick or need surgery. And guess what in 2017, the Australian government spent less on healthcare per capita than the US ($4,543 vs $10,224). It shows that don't have to be socialist or communist to have decent healthcare.

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Posted in: At campaign rally, Biden decries Democratic 'anger' and pledges unity See in context

Donald Trump is doing everything he can to destroy our country. Yes, we need to unite and defeat him, completely and with authority.

But that's not enough. I want our country to move forward, but I also want the Trump administration held accountable for their corruption and illegal activities. No more Dems playing Nice Guys.  

I don't want to vote for a candidate that isn't willing to hold him accountable.

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Posted in: Australian election vote count reveals close contest See in context

Australia will swing to the left.

It's policies of late have been likened to those of the Trump administration causing tribal divisions and unrest in what is usually a relaxed country.

Australia needs strong leadership and should not be beholden to its American masters.

They should take note of the progressive stance that New Zealand has taken and put its people first and business profits second.

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Posted in: Koepka sets 36-hole major record while Tiger misses PGA cut See in context

Uh... every golfer misses the cut sometimes. Nicklaus missed the cut almost 15% of the time. Just because Tiger missed this cut doesn't mean he isn't playing competitive golf. Just wasn't his week.

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Posted in: Disney takes over Hulu from Comcast as stream wars heat up See in context

Most of the Star Wars movies magically appeared this week on Hulu. I guess now we know why.

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Posted in: Herman Wouk, a consummate writer until the end, dies at 103 See in context

The Caine Mutiny is more than a pleasurable and entertaining read, it is one of the finest examples of American literature, and stands with greatest American works such as Grapes of Wrath. 

May the memory of the righteous be a blessing. Travel well, friend.

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Posted in: Trump administration rejects subpoena for tax returns See in context

Let's look at this in the simplest possible terms. If you got a subpoena to appear and produce documents, and just decided to "reject" it, your butt would be in jail until you complied.

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Posted in: Trump lifts tariffs on Mexico, Canada; delays auto tariffs See in context

U.S. reaches a deal to lift the tariffs that weren't there in the first place until this **** put them in place. And he expects credit for it.  

What is wrong with this man ? 

And what is wrong with the Republican Party ?

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Posted in: Court asked to stop dolphin hunts in Wakayama town See in context

Taiji officials and fishermen have defended the hunt as tradition.

Tradition and cultural residues count for zilch when the subject is killing sentient beings. Many, many activities from the past were always just wrong and immoral; killing marine mammals is in that domain.

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Posted in: Taiwan approves same-sex marriage in first for Asia See in context

Not all the news in the world is bad. In some places, love is still triumphing.

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Posted in: Trump pitches U.S. immigration overhaul See in context

I think the most important trait in a citizen is loyalty. For generations we got that on the cheap with family based immigration. 

The US is a place where immigrants see a chance to make a better life for themselves. They want is a chance and not even a fair one. They put up with the dirty looks, slurs, and hard jobs because they know the US rewards hard work over time. They tell their kids this is a great country and pass on their work ethic and appreciation of country to them. There is nothing that bonds people to a country more than having family living with them. It's these people who will rush to our defense, not the "talented" ones who have high expectations and ability to leave when it gets hard.

To imprison asylum seekers, separate them from their children, and deny them entry, may put such a foul taste in their mouths, we will lose their hearts and their loyalty when needed the most.

Embedded in our immigrants, whether legal or not, are persons of talent, discipline, and great intelligence who only want a chance. They renew us. They have always returned this chance with love of country.

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Posted in: New York Mayor de Blasio joins 2020 race to 'take on' Trump See in context

Oh, good grief. Give it up already. I fear for our chances in 2020 with egocentric pretenders like this stroking their fantasies of even having a chance being elected.

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Posted in: Alabama abortion law draws some criticism, but mostly silence from Republicans See in context

When the penalty for abortion after being raped is more than the penalty for rape, you know it's a war on women.

Tired of talking about "beliefs." Let's talk facts. Men have no business controlling women's bodies. Ever.

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Posted in: End of 'Big Bang' stirs debate over future of TV comedies See in context

The show lasted as long as it did because ALL the actors and their characters were good -- male and female.

We remember sitcoms in large part because of the recurring gags that always work - the constant background of the PA system in MASH, Get SMART's Cone of Silence, the bar greeting "Norm!" in unison. We even remember the Carol Burnett show because the late great Tim Conway could ALWAYS make Harvey Korman laugh. 

Was anything about Big Bang close to the reality of life, in a factual sense? No. But we remember Sheldon's spot, and the elevator with caution tape, and Mrs. Wolowitz's voice. Because those running gags were always funny, part of a mostly-always-funny show.

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Posted in: China formally arrests Canadian ex-diplomat, businessman See in context

This is a pure political strong arm tactic to avoid a problem with a well-connected Chinese businessperson who had a long history of extremely dubious financial maneuvers, and who has paid off Chinese officials on a regular basis for decades.

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Posted in: U.S. pulls staff from Iraq; says Iran gave 'blessing' for tanker attacks See in context

The makings of a Republican Presidency:

Tax cuts for richest .001%: Check

Send country into a recession: In Progress

Get involved in pointless, unnecessary war to boost dwindling approvals: Coming soon

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Posted in: Facebook restricts Live feature; White House snubs call for New Zealand shooting response See in context

The White House obviously (and rightly) sees any attempt to limit hate speech on-line as a direct threat to Donald Trump's twitter account.

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Posted in: Tensions over Iran show cracks in a time-tested U.S.-British alliance See in context

Maj. Gen. Chris Ghika denied the U.S. assertion of an increased threat from Iranian-backed forces in Iraq and Syria

Hear that? People IN THE FIELD are saying there is no threat from Iran. I am so convinced that the Trump administration is going to manufacture a war to keep him in office. Suddenly, in the past three days, every news agency is running with articles that paint Iraq in a bad light. Saudi Arabia appears to be colluding with the Trump administration to whip the U.S. voters into a frenzy of fear and hate.

John Bolton is driving us into another one of his wars. The last one cost $1 Trillion, hundreds of thousands of lives, and over 5000 dead American soldiers. It also destabilized the region and led to the rise of ISIS. All based on lies about of weapons of mass destruction WMD. Remember?

His next war based on his lies could be much worse. Iran is a much more powerful foe than Iraq.

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Posted in: U.S. abortion rights activists vow to challenge landmark Alabama ban See in context

If a woman is forced to carry a child she does not want, cannot afford, isn't viable, was conceived through rape or incest or another form of force, her life is in danger. What the hell is the matter with these people?

A fetus is NOT an infant- not even close.

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Posted in: Congress has no right to 'do-over' of Russia probe: White House counsel See in context

Nobody is asking for a "do-over". We want the unredacted report, and to have Mueller testify to discuss his findings and interpretations.

Mueller explicitly stated that he would not indict and therefore would not accuse the president but neither could he exonerate him. That leaves Congress and their article one powers to investigate which is exactly what they're attempting to do. The White House is full of it and giving the house every reason to begin formal impeachment hearings.

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Posted in: Trump order clears way for barring Huawei from U.S. telecommunications networks See in context

There's only one national emergency in the USA right now, and it ain't China.

And yet he does nothing to sanction Russia for hacking a presidential election.

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