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Posted in: Astros outgun Yankees to reach World Series See in context

Gooooooooo Astrooooooos!

Bring on the Nats

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Posted in: Trump drops plan to host G7 summit at his golf resort See in context

"Those darn Democrats and obnoxious press, making me follow the constitution," cries our *****-in-chief.

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Posted in: Cheers erupt outside British Parliament as Brexit delayed again See in context

I've been listening to the debate on the Bloomberg cable channel. One does learn a lot about British politics.

There are many issues in play, but to me there is one decisive one. The Brexit referendum was sold on false premises, and was tainted by a Russian cyber attack. Yes, the same GRU that is killing Brits on British soil. The vote really needs to be redone with more security.

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Posted in: Another cabinet minister, 100 cross-party lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

The late Emperor Hirohito stopped visiting after 1978, and the Akihito Emperor has maintained the boycott. Ask yourself why.

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Posted in: 'Most overrated general' Mattis takes swipe at Trump See in context

"So I guess I'm the Meryl Streep of generals, and frankly that sounds pretty good to me," he said to laughter and applause at the annual Alfred E Smith Memorial Foundation dinner. "

Burned. The laughter will drive Trump nuts. Or more nuts.

When the US military leadership turns against him, as they now are, as they hold him in revulsion for his treachery, this is not a good place for a constitutional republic. Things are now getting dangerous. We have got to get rid of him, and yesterday would not be fast enough.

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Posted in: Republican group slams Trump over Ukraine, G7 in new ads See in context

Trump is NEVER going to stop being corrupt until someone stops him. The GOP is comfortable with the corruption as long as it doesn't interfere with their re-election. Real Patriots.

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Posted in: 38 people cited for violations in Clinton email probe See in context

Did they also investigate Ivanka and Jared for using private e-mail for government work. Or trump for using an unsecured cell phone to make calls? No, of course not.

Hillary has been investigated 50 million times by Republicans, and the conclusion is always the same — no wrong doing.

Funny how that works.

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Posted in: Yes or No? Vital vote on Brexit plan set for Saturday in UK See in context

This marvelous deal is the one the EU suggested to May a year ago which she rejected because the Brexiteers in her party objected to it.

Now suddenly with Boris's name on it it the best deal since sliced bread.

Boris just sold the Northern Irish down the river, they don't know how lucky they are.

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Posted in: White House plans G7 agenda, tells world to 'get on board' See in context

NOTE TO G-7 Leaders:

Do not attend unless the venue is changed to a non-Trump owned property. Do not aid-and-abet Trump's violation of our Constitution.

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Posted in: China asked NBA to fire Rockets exec over Hong Kong tweet: Silver See in context

Fire China.

LeBron, you are being a hypocrite here. Morey has as much right to support the people of Hong Kong as you do to criticize Trump. Silver at least got that right.

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Posted in: Trump blasts 'crazy' Nancy Pelosi and Democrats; defends Syria pullout See in context

Trump is angry because for the first time in his sorry life, he can't game the legal system.

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Posted in: Saturday drama: Brexit battle to be decided in UK Parliament See in context

Now wait for it to slide off the table and crash on the floor into the big mess of gelatinous slop that is Brexit itself.

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Posted in: GOP mourns Cummings as friend, statesman See in context

When you feel a deep personal loss at the passing of a man you never know you've encountered a great leader. He was a fine person.

A man is measured not by his material & monetary gains but by his treatment of his fellow man to that end Elijah Cummings was a giant of a man.

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Posted in: White House acknowledges strings attached in Trump withholding Ukraine aid See in context

"Treason made me uncomfortable but I did it anyway. I'm way too stupid to have understood that treason was wrong! Please don't boycott my hotels or thwart my greed and vanity. I have to stay in the 1% no matter what."

In other words, "I have no idea how to do this very important job I bought with campaign donations."

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Posted in: Turkey agrees with U.S. to pause Syria assault while Kurds withdraw See in context

One doesn't get credit for resolving a crisis of one's own manufacture.

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Posted in: Abe visits typhoon-hit areas; emperor's parade to be postponed until Nov 10 See in context

A picture is worth a thousand votes

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Posted in: Brexit deal at hand in Brussels, Johnson struggles to win support at home See in context

This is essentially the same deal that Theresa May had two years ago. It was voted down then by the very people who negotiated it, plus the DUP from Northern Ireland. It might pass now because everyone is sick of the drama. Brexit is the stupidest political idea of modern times with the exception of handing the Presidency over to Trump. The UK is basically voting to place economic sanctions on themselves.

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Posted in: Trump leaves Turkey and Syria to argue it out; Pelosi says he had 'meltdown' See in context

No matter what stupid thing Trump does, Lindsey has to make a crack about Obama. You know what Lindsey, your golf partner is the antichrist.

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Posted in: EU: Brexit deal in sight but UK must still do more See in context

Christ. This is treating a huge issue - with serious impacts on the lives and livelihoods of millions of people - like a term paper in college. You knew the deadline at the start of the semester, Boris.

They will never get a deal that will be acceptable to either party.

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Posted in: Bolton called Giuliani 'hand grenade who's going to blow everyone up,' Hill says See in context

You know things are bad when Bolton by comparison appears to be the good actor in the story. Yikes. These are scary times.

Acting American Mick Mulvaney needs to testify about his role in Trump's treason. So does the rest of Trump's politburo.

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Posted in: Pence, Giuliani will not cooperate in U.S. House impeachment inquiry See in context

Another great day for the gutless, spineless, frightened, beaten-down losers in the White House and the Administration.

With every passing day, they are seeing more and more of their colleagues walking into the Impeachment Inquiry Room, raising their right hand, and telling their side of the story – usually backed up with emails, letters, fingerprints, DNA samples, transcripts, recordings, and video. With the notable exception of Mitch Getz getting kicked out of the hearing room, everything is pretty straightforward.

Actually, I hear the Committee is booked with witness testimony through Thanksgiving.

Don’t worry, though. Your boss, the Orange Sociopath, is behind you 100% and will never, ever throw you under the bus. He and Ronna are going to pay your legal bills and pardon you if you get convicted of federal crimes. He is a team player and extremely loyal….. just ask his three wives, 1,956 girlfriends, 7,643 former business partners, the Kurds, and the best friends he never had.

So don’t worry that 69 people were indicted during Watergate, 49 were convicted, and 40 went to prison. It won’t happen to you.

Trust Me….and Trust Him.

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Posted in: U.S. demands Syria ceasefire; slaps sanctions on Turkey over incursion See in context

After a week of stinging rebukes from fellow Republicans, Trump announced plans to impose sanctions on Turkish officials, reimpose steel tariffs and immediately halt negotiations on a$100 billion trade deal.

This traitor has betrayed our troops and allies while caving in to Russia, Turkey, Saudis and ISIS.

Tell that to the Kurds as they run for their lives .... 

It's a little too late !

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Posted in: NY Times: Violent parody video shown at Trump resort See in context

The video is making the rounds on Twitter and elsewhere, and it is absolutely shocking. It is a desecration of the office of the presidency and of the country. That anyone -- ANYONE -- would make a video mocking a mass shooting in a church is a reminder of how deeply Trump has taken his base into an abyss of nihilistic self-loathing, of ignorance masked as patriotism, of idiocy positioned as strategy, of hatred depicted as common sense. Trump and the cowards who support him have taken this country to a place I never, ever thought it would go. It is sickening. And the GOP who nominated this fool, this coward, this venal corrupt idiot, should never be forgiven.

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Posted in: Canada's rugby team help cleanup efforts in Kamaishi after game canceled by typhoon See in context

Thanks to the Canadians for their offer to help once again.

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Posted in: Hunter Biden disputes Trump attacks of his work; wades into impeachment fight See in context

This is unbelievable. Every ***** day, Jared, Ivanka, Eric, and Junior do a hundred times more dirty deals that Hunter Biden ever dreamed of.

So when are Ivanka and Jared going to step down from their White House jobs?

Fair is fair, after all.

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Posted in: U.S. could pull bulk of troops from Syria in matter of days: officials See in context

This action by Trump is nothing short of mass murder.

If you still support him, take a long look in the mirror.

So in other words, Trump just told Turkey to go ahead and annihilate the Kurds.

What sort of secret deal did he make with Erdogan?

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Posted in: Biles hails record 25 world medals See in context

I am speechless with admiration. That I lived to see this brilliant gymnast break ALL the records is a great joy.

Thank you, Simone Biles, for your persistence, your talent, your physical and mental strength, your artistry and your determination. You are a shining example of what a young woman can do when she sets her mind to doing it ... Being The Best.

Thank you for being SIMONE BILES.

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Posted in: 33 dead, 19 missing, over 100 injured after typhoon rips through Japan See in context

This is terrible. My thoughts are with the people of Japan today.

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Posted in: 4 dead in shooting at illegal gambling site in Brooklyn See in context

It looks to be a private gambling club built into a tiny row house.  The neighbors will be happy that the place is shut down.

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Posted in: Facebook's Libra currency battered by defections, pushback See in context

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook cannot be trusted to handle a Libra type currency. Zuckerberg wants to know too much about where money flows in order to gain even more power.

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