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Posted in: Billionaire conservative donor David Koch dies at 79 See in context

He bankrolled the politicians who have largely put us where we are today. Income disparity, wage stagnation, massive budget deficits and underfunded programs due to obscene tax cuts for the rich, and toxic politics.

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Posted in: Enraged Trump likens U.S. Fed chief to 'enemy' China See in context

So let's see -- Trump threatens to crash the economy with his trade policies, and expects the Fed to bail him out by lowering interest rates with unknown consequences? Is that about right?

Meanwhile, China just slapped more tariffs on US goods. Thank goodness winning trade wars is as easy as, say, not bankrupting casinos.

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Posted in: Facing global pressure, Brazil sends army to curb Amazon fires See in context

The European allies take the lead on what is now, the most important issue in the world while President Trump sits in the White House, doing nothing as usual but sending rage tweets about Jerome Powell and the Fed.

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Posted in: Putin orders Russia to respond after U.S. missile test See in context

Arms race with Russia. Trade War with China. Cold War with our Allies. Homegrown massacres. America is SINKING FAST!

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Posted in: Trump vows response to China tariffs on $75 bil of U.S. goods See in context

Their tariffs hurt more than ours too. Chinese citizens simply won't buy American autos, whereas American consumers don't have much choice but to buy consumer goods made in China.

China is winning this trade war and Trump has no idea how to get out of it.

China also holds a lot of US debt - so while they want us to prosper so we can pay them back, they can also rely on a steady stream of interest we pay them.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift says she plans to re-record her songs' masters See in context

Three things:

1) Taylor Swift is ballsy. She took on Apple and won.

2) Taylor Swift is cute as hell.

3) Taylor Swift appears to be smart and independent. I like that in her.

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Posted in: Greenland fallout: Trump scolds Denmark over rejection See in context

President Obama will be visiting Denmark the end of September so Denmark will get its visit from a real U.S. president. Thank you, Denmark, for being our ally.

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Posted in: Trump calls himself 'the chosen one' See in context

To put it mildly, Trump has jumped the shark and is taking us all along on his ride to crazyville.

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Posted in: Japan to build ¥67.5 bil underground neutrino detector in Gifu Pref See in context

Ever since I first read about Neutrinos, I've been fascinated by the thought that millions of them pass through every "solid" thing on Earth, including my body, without generally even leaving any trace after they'd passed through. If not for the fact that all matter isn't solid, but rather joined atoms, I'd find this notion somewhat disconcerting.

It begs a question of what else we don't know--and I'd imagine that answer would be "A whole lot more than Humanity can imagine". The universe is an amazing place, filled with wonders. Ones that make our petty Human concerns and differences seem trivial and banal in comparison.

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Posted in: Trump flip-flops on tax cuts, citing 'strong economy' See in context

Every minute, it’s something else with this malignant moron.

So in the past 48 hours, regarding the payroll tax cut, the answer from the White House/President has been no/yes/no/yes/no.

Wow, what a stable genius.

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Posted in: Trump calls himself 'the chosen one' See in context

At this point I think the pressure of being in office is leading the old coot toward a massive stroke. He's obviously struggling with rapidly detriorating brain function. And I am not saying this just because I despise that obscene toad. I am saying that because his behavior is becoming more and more bizarre and erratic. Claiming to be the Messiah and telling the Jews they are disloyal if they don't vote for him is borderline insane.

Usually people who claim to be the Messiah are locked up in Bellevue.

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Posted in: Trump calls himself 'the chosen one' See in context

Evangelicals seem already to have made that leap. They are no longer followers of Jesus, they are followers of Trump.

Any sane person can be excused for believing that Trump must have been joking today in calling himself "the Chosen One" and referring to a very nice tweet he got (and then re-sent out to the world, apparently) likening Trump to the "Kind of Israel" and the "second coming of God."

Of course -- Trump never jokes. He has no sense of humor. What he DOES have is an increasingly scrambled brain and a narcissism that is verging on genuine madness.

Anyone who's ever worked in the psychiatric ward of a hospital will tell you there is usually at least one person walking around proclaiming him/her self as God, the Son of God, the Second Coming or, at the least, "the Chosen One."

So, at least he's not alone and has good company!  Pity he's currently living in the wrong place to enjoy that companionship.

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Posted in: Marvel films to lose Spider-Man as Sony deal breaks down: reports See in context

Sony has plans to revive Betamax with direct to tape spider man movies!

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Posted in: Greenland fallout: Trump scolds Denmark over rejection See in context

Looks like Trump will have to make his "large real estate deal" somewhere else. 

Maybe he'll buy North Korea, the charming little country that sends him "beautiful" letters. I'm sure billions of Chinese golfers will rush to visit the country clubs he'll plop down all over it. 

Or maybe his good friend Putin will sell him Siberia, and he can exile all the Americans who hate him. (Oops. Not big enough.) 

Or that place called "Nambia" that nobody else has heard of, and that he offered up as having a great healthcare system, something we could surely use here.

Or maybe the US Virgin Islands. He has already had conversations with the "president" without knowing it was him.

Or maybe we should just get rid of this embarrassing fool.

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Posted in: Trump offers to mediate 'explosive' Kashmir standoff See in context

Does anyone of you know that 500,000 Kashmiri Hindus have been driven from their homeland and become refugees in their own country thanks to Islamic extremists in the valley?

Jawaharlal Nehru, for his own egotistical reasons, against the overwhelming majority of his own political party, extended a special status to Kashmir while Pakistan had absolutely no such qualms about "maintaining the demography" in its part of Kashmir. That's the reason why Kashmir became a haven for Islamic extremists from Pakistan. What Modi has done is to simply undo one of the biggest blunders of Nehru.

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Posted in: Australian court upholds Cardinal Pell child sex convictions See in context

When the inquiry started the Catholic Church flew him to the other side of the world. 

Justice still caught up with him.

My upmost respect is held for the victims who had to relive this trauma in order for the rest of the country to get justice, and to protect future generations. Thank you for your courage, resilience and steadfast persistence.

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Posted in: Trump says it would be appropriate for Russia to rejoin G7 See in context

Putin is brilliant! He got his puppet elected and Trump is doing his level best to sell out the USA and be a leader just like Putin, a man without morals!

If Trump had a brain cell, it would die of loneliness.

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Posted in: Trump acknowledges China policies may mean U.S. economic pain See in context

Paraphrasing a reporter's question, Trump said, "Your statement about, 'Oh, will we fall into a recession for two months?' OK?

Recession for two months?

Somebody should explain to the moron that a recession is two successive quarters of negative GDP growth.

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Posted in: EU rebuffs British PM Johnson's Brexit gambit See in context

Johnson is just a Trump with a Brit accent. He thinks he can get 'a better deal' by promising vague, amorphous elements which he cannot deliver. Trump & Johnson supporters may be easy to hoodwink, but the EU leadership is not.

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Posted in: Trump: Any Jew voting Democratic is uninformed or disloyal See in context

Trump is trying to weaponise bogus charges of anti-Semitism to drive a wedge between Jewish-Americans and Muslim-Americans. It ain't working. Most Jewish-Americans loathe Trump and blame him indirectly for the Tree of Life shooting. And many young Jews of conscience love Rashida Tlaib. 

"Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of Jewish voters believe Jewish Americans are less secure than they were two years ago, 71 percent disapprove of the way President Trump has handled anti-Semitism, and nearly 60 percent believe that he bears at least some responsibility for the shootings at synagogues in Pittsburgh and Poway."

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Posted in: U.S. attorney general shakes up prison bureau after Epstein death See in context

Barr found his fall guy.

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Posted in: Twitter, Facebook accuse China of Hong Kong discord campaign See in context

Now can they go after the fake "Trump supporter" accounts that "deliberately and specifically attempt to sow political discord in the US, including undermining the legitimacy and political positions" of anyone who doesn't think the way they do?

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Posted in: Elton John blasts relentless character assassination of Harry and Meghan See in context

I’ve been reading the Daily Mail’s website. Their commentary about the Duchess (and not just from their Trumpian readers, but even from their own columnists) is shocking and appalling. I have seen them blame her for destroying the world’s rain forests, all because she dared to serve avocado toasts at a party. Seriously. I’m not joking. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I can only conclude that it’s some toxic blend of racism, misogyny and anti-Americanism, beefed up by the type of unconstrained Trumpian vulgarity that is currently sweeping the globe.

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Posted in: Iran tanker heads to Greece; U.S. warns against helping vessel See in context

Seems totally legitimate to me, Greece is clearly not Syria. Islamic Republic of Iran has been a member of the United Nations since 24 October 1945, so doing trade with Greece is just a normal business transaction.

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Posted in: Omar: Go to Israel, see 'cruel reality of the occupation' See in context

From the US State Department website: "Some U.S. citizens of Arab or Muslim heritage (including Palestinian-Americans) have experienced significant difficulties and unequal and hostile treatment at Israel’s borders and checkpoints. U.S. citizens should immediately report treatment by border officials that they believe is discriminatory or hostile to the ACS unit of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem."

It's outrageous that Israel treats American citizens this way. Imagine if Israeli citizens coming to America were singled out based on their religion or ethnicity. We'd never hear the end of it.

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Posted in: Twitter shuts Chinese accounts targeting Hong Kong protests See in context

Not surprised to hear China has taken a page from the 2016 Russian disinformation campaign, hoping to sway public opinion in Hong Kong and among Chinese living in Western countries.

Xi is going to have to reckon with a population that lived in democracy for 100 years, and doesn't want to live by Beijing rules. I was very cheered by yesterday's massive and peaceful umbrella protest.

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Posted in: U.S. attorney general shakes up prison bureau after Epstein death See in context

In 2017, the Trump administration implemented a hiring freeze for federal correctional facilities, resulting is substantial losses in manpower. In 2018, Trump requested almost a 4% decrease in funding for federal prisons. At the same time, Trump has been increasing funding to private prisons, which were big donors to his campaign. While there can be no excuse for failing to safeguard such a high priority prisoner, firing people lower on the food chain and refusing to own up to problems that were caused by trump prison policies is par for the course.

Barr and Trump act like they were not in charge. In fact, federal correctional facilities report to the Attorney General and the DoJ reports to the president. Trump is quick to claim that he can do what he likes to the DoJ, yet somehow doesn't feel he or his Attorney General have any responsibility for how poorly the facilities are run. Neither does Trump take responsibility for the staffing shortfalls that are the result of his policies. That's our president in a nutshell. If something good happens, it was all because of him. If something bad happens, it is always someone else's fault.

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Posted in: Warren apologizes for heritage claim; woos Native Americans See in context

What exactly is the problem? Warren thought she, based on family stories, was of partial Indian heritage. Her only mistake was in interpreting the DNA tests -- they showed she has little Indian heritage. 1% or so is insignificant.

The bottom line is that if the American public makes a Presidential decision on this, it shows their ignorance and susceptibility to nonsense. This mistake compared to the daily craziness, lies, and incompetence of Trump? You have got to be kidding me!

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Posted in: Omar: Go to Israel, see 'cruel reality of the occupation' See in context

Ilhan Omar is 100% correct. No more aid for occupation. If Israel wants to continue to hold millions of people under the boot-heel of military occupation, then let them do it on their own dime. It's outrageous that the American taxpayer is expected to fund human rights abuses, war crimes and apartheid in a foreign country. In fact, the Leahy Law already forbids the US from supplying military aid to foreign armies that commit human rights abuses. About time it was enforced.

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Posted in: Britain's Prince Andrew 'appalled' by Epstein abuse claims: report See in context

Where does Individual 1 fit into this? That’s all I want to know.

(Let the British Press worry about Andrew. For us, it’s Pervert T.)

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