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Posted in: Trump and Xi buy time in trade war. That was the easy part. See in context

This is what trump does. He creates a crisis. Then he gets some minor concessions, which he could have got without creating a crisis. Then he crows about his great victory and the clowns that support him are filled with joy. 

Xi Ping will toss him a scrap so trump can bellow some self congratulations, and the things we really need China to do, like respecting patents and opening up their markets, will not happen.

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Posted in: Comey makes deal over House subpoena; backs off legal fight See in context

Its a last gasp stunt by the lame duck republican house. Comey knew it, we all know it. They know they're helpless after January. Maybe the democratic committee will investigate all the **** that went on all these months under Nunes. I'd like to see that.

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Posted in: U.S., China reach 90-day ceasefire on tariffs in trade dispute See in context

Hilarious watching Trump try to spin this as a big win. Typical of a snake oil salesman.

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Posted in: Worst riot in a decade engulfs Paris; Macron vows action See in context

France offers generous tax incentives for solar panels and other cleans energies but it also has high debt. A few cents more on diesel fuel helps reduce the deficit while encouraging people to buy cars that burn cleaner energy. The protesters can put it where the sun don’t shine!

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Posted in: U.S. to keep aiding Saudis in Yemen despite furor: Pompeo See in context

"defying appeals from Pompeo and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis."

Someone please remind these men they work for the American people, not Trump.

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Posted in: 'Radical' change, Mexico President Lopez Obrador vows at inauguration See in context

Best wishes for your success, AMLO.

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Posted in: Worst riot in a decade engulfs Paris; Macron vows action See in context

One thing Americans and the French agree on: we would rather destroy our children's future than pay a few more cents for a gallon of gas.

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Posted in: Former U.S. President George H W Bush dies at 94 See in context

A true war hero and lifelong public servant. I'm grateful for his service in war and peace, and for the dignity with which he served his presidency.

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Posted in: Former U.S. President George H W Bush dies at 94 See in context

While I disagree with almost all of his policies, there is no doubt in my mind that he was a great patriot. President George HW Bush displayed all the virtues a president should display, and for that, I admire him greatly. Rest in peace President Bush.

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Posted in: Lawyer: Nissan exec arrested with Ghosn asserts innocence See in context

He is being w/o being charged while held incommunicado and unable to defend himself from a media bent on destroying his reputation for a non-violent crime. Both the Tokyo prosecutors's office and the media are doing the bidding of the Japanese PM - they serve at his leisure, and Ghosn's plan to have Renault, which holds 42% of Nissan stock, take over this company that is emblematic of Japan is an existential threat that Abe's revisionist government cannot allow.

Whether or not Ghosn is guilty of the allegations against him, it’s been likely from the beginning that his successor at Nissan has been playing some serious hard ball to remove him completely from the company. He doesn’t want Ghosn or his influence around any longer and has enlisted the entire Japanese business and legal establishment to do his dirty work for him.

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Posted in: G20 opens Argentina summit under shadow of China-U.S. tensions See in context

"One bright spot in Buenos Aires on Friday before the summit opened was the signing of a revised U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade pact to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement."

The New NAFTA is just like my cereal box. New!!! Improved!!! Packaging!!!

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Posted in: After Cohen plea, U.S. Democrats in Congress eye other Trump allies' testimony See in context

Russians must have known that Trump was lying to the world about not pursuing business deals in Russia in 2016. Russians must have known that Cohen was lying (until he started singing to Mueller). And Russians have likely known that Don Jr. was lying to Congress. That kind of dirt helps explain Trump’s obsequiousness to Putin in Helsinki. What else is Putin holding over the American President?

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Posted in: Billionaire Bloomberg donates $50 mil to opioid crisis See in context

This is the true philanthropist and actual successful businessman referred to as "Little Michael" by the abhorrent fraud, failed businessman, liar, cheat, grifter and illegitimate POTUS. The latter is not fit to shine the former's shoes.

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Posted in: White House staffers admonished for posting political tweets See in context

Trump's staff is a frothy mix of amorality and stupidity.

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Posted in: U.S. approves seismic tests despite dolphin, whale concerns See in context

To think, not even sea creatures are safe from this sociopath and his cronies...

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Posted in: China halts activities of baby gene-editing scientist See in context

Scientists are naturally curious. However, they are not naturally far-sighted or ethical, or even imbued with common sense.

Some of their discoveries are a boon to mankind: but some are also a bane. The danger exists when they apply their discoveries to real world problems without regard to its potential ramifications -- and this will become increasingly dangerous as their research advances into areas that impact the fundamental laws of nature and human existence.

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Posted in: Trump cancels meeting with Putin over Russia's seizure of Ukrainian vessels See in context

This happens all the time— he makes some utterance about doing the right thing and then does the wrong thing, but he gets a news cycle where the story is he is considering the right thing. So most of the public just can’t keep up...

We must stop reporting on him the way we typically report on presidents...we need to report on his lies and manipulations and his premeditated assault on decency, honest government and rule of law. The president is a master manipulator, we must adjust the way we report on his disgraceful and dangerous behavior.

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Posted in: Trump's ex-lawyer Cohen pleads guilty to lying about Moscow tower project See in context

Color me shocked. The mere fact that he conducted business with Moscow while running for President is a red flag for collusion.

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Posted in: Trump can rail against Fed chairman Powell, but he can't fire him See in context

Manipulating the stock market, bailing out the soybean farmers, choosing winners and losers. Its what the free market party does best!

Donnie Dimwit applies verbal pressure: people who want to keep their seats of power respond. This is leadership through intimidation, the only kind of leadership that President Dimwit knows how to exert.

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Posted in: Trump tests presidential limits with threat to General Motors See in context

Where are all the conservatives complaining about big government and championing a free market and good old capitalism? This goes against what they supposedly stand for, much like their claim on patriotism and religious morality.

Smart move by Trump to cut those subsidies, now GM can close more plants and lay more people off.

Brilliant, stable genius with very large brain.

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Posted in: As Trump renews border wall demands, U.S. government shutdown looms See in context

Trump may think that he can continue his stupid grandstanding, but I guarantee you this: the next DOD budget enacted by the House will specifically deny funding for continuing the dog and pony show. He'd better think of some other way to gull the rubes because this is very soon coming to an end.

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Posted in: Gene-editing scientist under scrutiny by Chinese officials See in context

When scientists in his own country are sounding the alarm, it says something. The real kicker is the total lack of peer-reviewed documentation. Scientists of note and genuine ability do not announce their findings on YouTube.

However, China has had science scandals like this before. In the past, some wild claims of "breakthroughs" were poorly documented, unverifiable, non-replicable, and in short, bogus.

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Posted in: Trump faces China trade showdown, Russia, Saudi tensions at G20 See in context

"The Trump administration has blasted Moscow's latest actions in Ukraine, a former Soviet republic, but the president himself has given a far lower key response."

Yes, not a word from Trump. When will Mr Mueller come up with goods. I have never in my long life seen a USA president beholden to the Kremlin. 

What's that expression: we, communists, will provide the capitalists the rope to hang themselves with.

Putin is testing all over the place. And I have feared that Trump will allow the butcher in the Kremlin to do whatever in Ukraine.

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Posted in: Lawmakers in several countries slam Facebook's effect on politics See in context

If you haven't already left Facebook, it is time to do so. This is not a solution, but it is a start. Facebook is a cancer on the body politic. Many of us found it useful or amusing at the beginning; I certainly did. But this is not a joke any more, this is a platform that has been used and continues to be used to attack democratic values. It's time to leave.

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Posted in: Trump proposes 'worldwide network' to counter CNN overseas See in context

OMG! The sooner we can get rid of this autocratic buffoon, the better.

We already have “state TV” - Fox News. But that is not enough for him?!!

Not only is he a sociopathic narcissist, but it appears (based on his incoherent statements) that he is experiencing pre-dementia - at the VERY least.

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Posted in: Mueller says ex-Trump campaign chairman Manafort lied to FBI See in context

Says a lot about what Mueller already knows about Russian interference.

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Posted in: Britain will head into unknown if Brexit deal is rejected: May See in context

Well, this is where the rubber meets the road and the fantasies end. Reject the WA deal and the EU will walk away and the UK will be up the proverbial creek without a paddle. Accept the WA deal and everybody will claim "this isn't what we voted for" when, of course, it was exactly what they voted for.

A fine mess the UK has put itself in, that's for sure, but the EU will be relieved when this nonsense (and the insults and invective aimed at them) will end.

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Posted in: Trump urges Mexico to send migrants home after border melee See in context

Ask yourself what the humane thing to do is?

Hold out a hand or clench up a fist?

There were better alternatives as Trump had months to plan the proper response. But he could only understand hate and violence.

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Posted in: Q&A on Chinese scientist's bombshell claim of gene-edited babies See in context

Volitional evolution has so much promise and peril. The ethical downfall of every misguided "improve humanity" movements is usually twofold: their definition of improvement, and the fact that the only gene-editing tools they've had are murder and forced sterilization.

I suppose a path to modifying humanity where people aren't murdered is a bit less grim, and heaven knows our species could use some improving. More than likely, though, we would only end up creating stronger, smarter humans who are just as evil and selfish as we are now.

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Posted in: Trump rejects findings of U.S. government climate change report See in context

The same guy, when asked why he supports tariffs, says "I don't know. I just do." That's the guy in charge of our government. Now, with zero scientific background or knowledge, he says "I don't believe it" regarding the climate report. He's a dope but even worse are the enablers who echo his line because they are stupid and/or gutless.

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