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Posted in: We have asked entities such as the Tokyo Hire-Taxi Association and the Tokyo Bus Association to have drivers drive slowly and check for safety, as well as call the police at 110 if they see someone sleeping on a road. See in context


It says nothing about people sleeping in cars. They are describing people falling asleep drunk in the street. Not sure how you made that jump in conclusions.

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Posted in: We will continue to ensure that all prefectural police officers are thoroughly conversant with appropriate on-the-street questioning based on the law. See in context

Your only obligation as a foreign resident is to produce your Zairyu card on request. That is it!

If they can give no valid reason to stop you, then you have absolutely no obligation to answer any questions or participate in their investigation. Of course, by doing that, you will likely raise their suspicions, but whatever.

I am sure the downvote brigade will come at me, but I never answer police questions here or at home.

Also, it is 100% legal to film the interaction. Don't let the police tell you it is not.

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Posted in: Are you making fewer phone calls than you used to, preferring instead email, texting, FaceTime, Snapchat or other social media? See in context

A phone call all that could have been done in a 2 minute max conversation.


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Posted in: Reports: Canadian director Paul Haggis detained in Italy in sex assault case See in context

Not saying he is innocent at all, but...he is a noted Scientology defector. Perhaps they are taking a shot at him?

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Posted in: Guns now the leading cause of death for American children See in context

The time for a mature discussion on the sociopathic American psyche has yet to come. If it happens at all.

Narrator: "It won't"

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Posted in: Not just potheads: A look at who supports legal marijuana See in context

Four states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana use and more than a dozen states have decriminalized it.

How old is this article? It is recreationally legalized in A LOT more than four states at this point. More like 15-20 I believe.

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Posted in: Who would you like to see become the next prime minister of Japan? (Sensible answers only please.) See in context

I second @ZALD

Kono-san also won some respect points with me when he admitted that Japan bungled the vaccine roll-out by requiring Japanese trials, when people of Asian decent (including Japanese ex-pats in the U.S) had been included in the initial trials. He said something along the lines of "We should have just gotten on with it at that point. I regret that". To me, it was refreshing to hear a concise admission of regret from a politician.

Since the choices are realistically very limited to Kono-san and Kishida-san, I will have to go with Kono.

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Posted in: Bach admits 'sleepless nights' over troubled Tokyo Olympics See in context

I'll just leave this here:


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Posted in: Have you ever been stopped by Japanese police, and if so, what for? See in context

I don't consider myself to be what the Japanese police consider highly suspect.

There fixed that for you two champions of political correctness.

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Posted in: Have you ever been stopped by Japanese police, and if so, what for? See in context

Yes, many times for a simple ID check. And I don't consider myself to be highly suspect (white male, professional appearance). Usually I just comply, as it IS the law. The one that really sticks out was an evening in Shibuya where I stopped to watch some celebrations after a World Cup game Japan had just won. I was approached by 2 cops and asked for ID, which I promptly gave them without any grief or words at all. Then they asked to search my pockets and briefcase. Next I did something a bit out of character for myself. As I was not in rush to be anywhere in particular, and had just stopped briefly to watch the street shenanigans, I politely declined and asked them if they had a warrant. I was in a very crowded area, so felt comfortable that any shenanigans they would try to pull would be captured by someone in the crowd. This obviously was not what they expected and immediately started accusing me of hiding something "dangerous". I said all I had was my PC and some documents. This continued for 10-ish minutes until back-up arrived in the form of a very old, senior looking officer. He again asked me the same, and I declined. I told them I would be more than happy to have them look in the bag if they had a warrant. I never got loud or angry, and remained calm throughout. I really wasn't on a SJW mission or anything, I was just bored really and had a go at it. More officers arrive, one tries to speak to me in English and make his case. Stonewalled him, and then I decided to stop answering any more questions or profess my innocence. I basically just stopped talking and stood there, continuing to watch the crowd in the crossing. Eventually, after nearly 2 hours, I was free to go. However, at that point had missed the last train and had to take a taxi. 10/10 worth the money...lol.

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Posted in: Crowds disappear from Tokyo streets amid virus, snow See in context

I trust that Tokyo people will continue to show their understanding by keeping home and follow the recommendations, as they did sunday.

Narrator: They won't.

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Posted in: Japan to ask travelers from Europe to self-quarantine for 14 days See in context

Sorry, I meant @Tokyo-M

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Posted in: Japan to ask travelers from Europe to self-quarantine for 14 days See in context

Foreign nationals who have been to any of the places within 14 days of arriving in Japan would be turned away, the sources said.


Yes, but I would still be a foreign national, no?

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Posted in: Japan to ask travelers from Europe to self-quarantine for 14 days See in context

Just as a thought exercise, let's say I have PR, own a house here in Japan, my spouse and children are all Japanese citizens, my company is here (which I own), and I have been a loyal taxpayer and contributor to the economy for 15 years. Does this mean I could be turned away at the border if I have visited the certain areas in Italy/Spain? Forced to fend for myself in the world without access to my home and job?

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Posted in: Man arrested for smuggling 240 kgs of drugs from Canada See in context

That's a lot of hooch!

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy sets record by passing college-level math test See in context

Impressive. Now, give him a logical reasoning test.

Ha, I nearly spit my coffee out all over my display.

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Posted in: Public to name new station on Tokyo's Yamanote line See in context

Kita-Shinagawa. Boring, but probably the most practical choice.

This station already exists. Weirdly though, it is south of Shinagawa Station.

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Posted in: Uber to start first taxi-hailing pilot program in Japan See in context

Uber is awesome for late night rides. They don't charge the 20% night surcharge that regular taxis do. Ends up being much cheaper, especially for longer rides.

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Posted in: Japanese corporations have to change. Unless the whole society changes, Japan can't survive in the globalized world. See in context

Judging by the lack of comments about this, I guess there is no need to comment on the obviousness of this quote.

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Posted in: What are some of your candidates for the worst movie of all time? See in context

****OPEN WATER is by far the worst movie ever made.

They complain, argue and moan. Then they die. Oops, spolier alert

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Posted in: Should U.S. President Barack Obama visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki when he comes to Japan in November? See in context

First, of course he should visit.

But he should wear a t-shirt that reads, "You eff with the bull, you get the horns." or "You reap what you sow" or "You made your bed, now sleep in it" or "My other wife is a comfort woman". That's diplomacy at it most subtle.

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Posted in: Kanji catching on all over, but frequently misunderstood See in context


It read: 日本語

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Posted in: Kanji catching on all over, but frequently misunderstood See in context

I went to the Dominican Republic with my wife last year. In the pool there was some guy with three big kanji across his back.

It read: 日本誤

I decided against enlightening him to real meaning of his huge tattoo. Ignorance is bliss.

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Posted in: What can be done to stem the suicide rate in Japan, which surpasses 30,000 each year? See in context

Bong hits for all! I still haven't come across a problem that a good ol' spliff won't handle. Why should this be any different? It's safer than all those antidepressants they dole out like breath mints.

Also I agree with Proffesor, ELE (Everybody Love Everybody). I'm going to say "I love you man" to 5 people on my way to work tomorrow. I suggest you all do the same. Man I sound like a hippie.

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Posted in: Japan won 5 medals at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. How would you assess the results? See in context

Meh. Maybe they need to untuck their shirts next year.

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