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I think other than just relying on textbooks which is really a hard thing to do... Practicing conversation skills is really a must.

I'm a textbook learner. I went to japan with JLPT N4 certification but i am not good in conversation. My first months was overwhelming actually. XD but it didn't stop me from talking with the Japanese people. I attended language exchange every week and free Japanese classes. After 6 months i kinda a little bit get used to the language. I can just converse in a simple not very long topics. XD

But ofcourse it's a process.

I've met someone who doesn't even take JLPT but is very fluent xD but he's not good in reading though.

I think learning Japanese and mastering it is a great accomplishment.

I'm not a very disciplined person. I don't study every :p even I'm in Japan already.

But the desire to be fluent in Japanese makes me wake up in the morning and try harder.. Build discipline.

The only enemy you got is yourself.

It's really a pain in the ass to study but if you really like something.. You'll get it. No matter how hard it is..

Because hard is what makes it great.

Good luck to everyone in JAPANESE! XD

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