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Posted in: Would you be in favor of Japan switching to daylight saving time in summer? See in context

Yes yes yes please...

Here in Tokyo even in mid summer the sun has gone by half eight at night and its up again about 4 am,

In Summer they should add 3 hours to the time. Then the sun would be up at 7 am and go down at eleven. That would allow people to enjoy the evening.

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Posted in: Restaurant manager arrested for shooting dozens of toothpicks into face of employee with toy crossbow See in context

It does seem to be the Japanese way. You hurt and bully an employee out of a job and then to cover your tracks accuse that employee of owing you money. Japan is overall a wonderful country but it needs to protect employees especially LGBTQ.

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Posted in: Westinghouse, Toshiba's troubled nuclear unit, acquired by Brookfield See in context

Nuclear power. Vastly expensive. Environmentally destructive. Just cloak every building with solar panels and build some hydrothermal power plants. Close the nukes forever.

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Posted in: Simultaneous small quakes in Japan trigger emergency warning See in context

It was my first experience of the warning system. I opened the windows and doors and then waited. Nothing came. It was still a good practise for me. Made me realise I haven't even got a table to get under too.

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Posted in: Prince Akishino says he is 'relieved' by emperor abdication law See in context

Royal families are so last century. Surely democracies should elect their head of state ?

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