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Posted in: 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games ticket sales open for Japan residents See in context

I registered on time and so spent an hour tonight in an online queue of over 7000 people. Finally, after an hour waiting, I reached the front of the online queue. There were options as to what events I am interested in. I clicked on them. That was it. Could choose evening or afternoon. No dates available. There were two links available from the opening ceremony option. One explaining the venue and the other its location. And that was it. I then got logged out and couldn't reconnect. So I have no idea if I have been successful or not. I guess the system has crashed.

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Posted in: Trump slams his 'naive' intelligence services; says they should go back to school See in context

What I want to know is who has President nincompoop's ear? He's very opinionated and thinks he knows best. Why? Where is he getting his non fake news and real facts from ? Is it Mossad, Fox news, the Kremlin or North Korea? Maybe it's all of them? Why isn't he being called out for the traitor he is to freedom and democracy? with the power he has he could be making the USA and the world a safer, happier place to live. Instead, he chooses to promote division, hatred and rivalry. He's a dangerous, belligerent fool.

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Posted in: In view of the Brexit chaos, do you think referendums are a good idea? See in context

Hitler himself was a big fan of referendums. That shoud tell you all you need to know about how useful they are and to whom they're useful.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher punches high school boy in face; social media on his side See in context

There are a lot of people on here saying teachers shouldn't be allowed to behave this way. But in the UK where this teacher would be immediately suspended then eventually sacked, teachers are now routinely punched, stabbed and murdered by their pupils. There are even police permanently located in high schools and knife arches to search the pupils for weapons. Much better to let the teachers defend themselves and to require pupils to respect teachers on pain of direct teacher retribution. Well done the Japanese teacher. He should be applauded.

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Posted in: Japanese school bans non-white masks for students See in context

I wear a mask when I'm coughing and sneezing so my germs aren't spreading all around the train or over my colleagues at work. It's considerate to do so.

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Posted in: Ex-MtGox bitcoin chief maintains innocence in trial closing arguments See in context

I hate this man. I had about 700 pounds worth of bitcoin that I was trading daily on mtgox and slowly increasing the value. Then I lost everything. I tried following the compensation route. Lots of letters from Japan. I gave them all the information they asked for, in time, and still got nothing. That was the end of my trust in cryptocurrency.

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Posted in: Dual nationals feel cast adrift in Japan See in context

Im British and teaching in Japan with a 5 year visa and love it so much I'd like to stay forever. How does one go about it ?

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Posted in: Tokyo, Seoul clash over S Korean warship's fire-control radar lock-on See in context

It is so sad to witness Japan and South Korea on such bad terms. In a crazy world with Trump doing his best to trash everything, the two countries should be working together closer than ever.

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Posted in: Economy minister lays out plan to soften blow from coming sales tax hike See in context

There shouldn't be any tax on food.

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Posted in: Japan to offer free rubella vaccinations to combat outbreak See in context

How does a foreign person living in Japan get their free vaccination ?

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Posted in: Ruling bloc to agree on tax reforms spurring car, home purchases See in context

This is just another tax cut for the rich. Poor people already struggling to feed and clothe themselves, and to pay heating and cooling costs, will pay increased consumption taxes so the rich can buy a new car for a cheaper price. Disgusting economics.

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Posted in: Gov't outlines fiscal stimulus to ease tax hike impact See in context

Increase income and inheritance tax for the richest. Anything else will almost certainly cause a contraction in the economy.

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Posted in: As Facebook faces fire, heat turns up on No. 2 Sandberg See in context

Personally I'm setting up my own website this weekend. Then I'm leaving Facebook. I'm no longer prepared to participate in the gutter sewer Facebook has become.

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Posted in: Silent plane with no moving parts makes 'historic' flight See in context

About six years ago around 7 am in the south of France three completely silent aircraft flew at about 60mph over my head. They were about 300 metres above ground and appeared to be each the size of a car. They also seemed to have no discernible wings. I didn't think they were alien. Now I know it was probably this technology. But it just shows the military are probably already using this or similar inventions.

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Posted in: Japan, 2 other Asian nations warn citizens not to use marijuana in Canada See in context

What ridiculous laws. And almost certainly unenforcable. They do nothing other than make Japan and South Korea appear as Police states.

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Posted in: Fukushima wind turbine, symbol of disaster recovery, to be removed See in context

Incredible that a nation as advanced as Japan cannot successfully operate a windfarm. In the North West of England the power company there has just announced all of its power will be wind generated. What works in the UK can surely work in Japan?

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Posted in: China says its army will act 'at any cost' to prevent Taiwan split See in context

Everybody likes trading with China but nobody wants a rabid China flexing its muscles and denying democracies their rights to freedom. One only has to look at the steady erosion of civil liberties and freedoms in Hong Kong to know what will happen in Taiwan should China take back control. It's time China was taught a lesson. The west and all those opposed to Chinese aggression should boycott all trade with the Chinese until they grow up and act more responsibly.

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Posted in: Robot station security guard unveiled to media ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

How will this robot right itself when a drunk pushes it over? What a waste of money it's utterly useless. Employ real people.

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Posted in: Quake shock absorber maker says products may have been used nationwide See in context

These are incredibly serious revelations. As a foreigner working in Japan I know the risk of Earthquakes but always felt relatively safe as I trusted Japanese design and technology, and Japanese society to build earthquake proof buildings. I live on the ninth floor of a relatively new mansion. Now I am not so sure I am safe. Prison is too good for those who falsify data that could have a massively damaging effect on other peoples lives. This story should be pursued until every faulty part has been replaced and the situation is resolved. Also, until the culprits are in prison.

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Posted in: Niigata school superintendent resigns over improper use of Japanese word for 'you' See in context

Meanwhile what becomes of the bullies ?

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Posted in: Gov't to announce 2019 sales tax hike to address debt mountain: reports See in context

Bank of Japan just needs to do some quantitative easing. No need for a tax hike then. Also create more yen and put it into the productive economy building and upgrading infrastructure. The extra taxes flowing in from increased productivity and consumer spending can be used to buy back bonds. No need for any tax rises then. Also cut military expenditure.

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Posted in: Abe renews pledge to change constitution to include reference to SDF See in context

Modern Japan should be proud of it's peace loving defence only present. A wonderful country and people, now admired and respected by most people. I hope the Japanese people reject Abe the war mongers plans.

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Posted in: Would you be in favor of Japan switching to daylight saving time in summer? See in context

Yes yes yes please...

Here in Tokyo even in mid summer the sun has gone by half eight at night and its up again about 4 am,

In Summer they should add 3 hours to the time. Then the sun would be up at 7 am and go down at eleven. That would allow people to enjoy the evening.

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Posted in: Restaurant manager arrested for shooting dozens of toothpicks into face of employee with toy crossbow See in context

It does seem to be the Japanese way. You hurt and bully an employee out of a job and then to cover your tracks accuse that employee of owing you money. Japan is overall a wonderful country but it needs to protect employees especially LGBTQ.

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Posted in: Westinghouse, Toshiba's troubled nuclear unit, acquired by Brookfield See in context

Nuclear power. Vastly expensive. Environmentally destructive. Just cloak every building with solar panels and build some hydrothermal power plants. Close the nukes forever.

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Posted in: Simultaneous small quakes in Japan trigger emergency warning See in context

It was my first experience of the warning system. I opened the windows and doors and then waited. Nothing came. It was still a good practise for me. Made me realise I haven't even got a table to get under too.

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Posted in: Prince Akishino says he is 'relieved' by emperor abdication law See in context

Royal families are so last century. Surely democracies should elect their head of state ?

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