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Posted in: Have we been making pancakes wrong this whole time? Japan’s Zen-Noh shares the best technique See in context

Of course you mean Pearl Milling

Tom SanFeb. 1  10:50 am JST

I prefer Aunt Jemima's pancakes and her syrup.

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Posted in: JR Central employee overcharged foreigners for bullet train tickets See in context

This guy is NOT a racist he is an opportunist. He took advantage of a group of people who either could not understand Japanese currency or had so much money they did not pay attention. He should have received some form of criminal punishment He probably needs cash more than ever now that he is unemployed.. Unpunished what will his next crime be?

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Posted in: Elementary schoolgirl attacked by man while on her way to school in Tokyo See in context

I hope the person who committed this unspeakable act of cowardice is caught quickly and is punished to the fullest extent of the law. I’m response to the comment made by PUDUS: How unfair of you to assume everyone who is SOFA sponsored commits criminal acts. I have lived in Japan for 7 years under SOFA sponsorship. I and many of my colleagues are great citizens in our host nation. Yes it’s unfortunate that some SOFA sponsored individuals have committed crimes however all should not be judged by the actions of a few.

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Posted in: Ex-lawmaker referred to prosecutors for assaulting secretary See in context

At a press conference in September, Toyota apologized for verbally abusing the secretary but denied assaulting him, saying, "I have never inflicted serious injury on him by being violent."

In her statement she actually admits striking him by saying "I have never inflicted serious injury on him by being violent.”

Lock her up!!

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Posted in: iPhone X puts exclamation point on Apple's pricing strategy See in context

This will be another success story for Apple, yes there are cheaper phones but they don't offer an experience comparable to IPhone in my opinion. iPhone is also a device that holds its value at resale. I will sell my one year old iPhone 7 Plus (as usual) to offset the price of my new silver 256GB iPhone X. Buying a new iPhone is a choice, nice to know there are other less expensive devices if one desires an Android or other phone. Apple all the way!!

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