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Posted in: Trump cancels UK visit, saying he will not unveil new U.S. embassy See in context

Mr. Trump does have his own options and he is great enough to say it matter of fact. And the hell with all the little nobodies.

Clearly Mr. Trump will do and say as no one can't.

Business is business that's Mr. Trump mentality plus he is uniquely free and a US sitting president willing to face any challenger any time. Being nice and polite is not allways a good thing.

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Posted in: Peru's president grants medical pardon to jailed Fujimori See in context

Happy, happy holidays to you all.

Congratulations to the Fujimori family.

Today , it's a date to remember....Mr. Alberto Fujimori Fujimori , finally is free . VIVA EL PERU !!....KAMPAI...!!

We the people who respect Don Alberto, we do feel great relief that Mr. Fujimori will be at home with his loved ones.

A Peruvian statesman like Mr. Alberto Fujimori Fujimori enedit....the true outsider....a unique Samuray made in Peru.....FUJIMORI RULES..!! KAMPAI...!!!

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Posted in: Abe sees World War I echoes in Japan-China tensions See in context

my loved,admired and respected japan, can and should put the "fire" out by doing away with self pride and " innocent " remembrances. If one is to be " honest" or " gracious" it does not need to be that the public and everybody "sees " it. Me and anybody can be or visit any god dam shrine. But why it has to be public? . To start with, these visits in the context of Japan war experiences ( to visit to any such shrines) is just irresponsible in view that other people were hurts. And they are just across the seas and today China can and should get at least a modicum of respect if not for her pride at least for her incalculable losses at the hands of strangers with dreams of conquests of other people lands. Never mind theirs lack of sophistication or politics ......respect to others is the basis of our humanity moving forward positively and constructively.

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