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Posted in: Former IOC vice president says U.N. could decide fate of Tokyo Olympics See in context

This whole debacle leads me straight to a Premium Monday.

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Posted in: Chinese city reports coronavirus found on ice cream See in context

If it has leathery wings sticking out the sides, don't eat it.

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Posted in: Kremlin foe Navalny faces arrest as flies back to Russia See in context

Think being killed might make you think twice about returning to that poisened tea.

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Posted in: Caught off-guard by scant testing, Japan battered by COVID winter See in context

Pay rise for health workers, I say. Free testing, JDF pop up hospitals. What's so difficult?

Ohhhh the LDP.

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Posted in: Japan's suicides jump 16% in COVID-19 2nd wave: study See in context

Agentx you are my hero, never give up, you never know the happiness around the corner if you don't turn the corner. People need hope and the sence to make hope. Happy vibes to everyone. Life is a changing dynamic, it's never over unless you give up.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing woman in Niigata in 2019 dies in prison while awaiting trial See in context

That's pretty young for renal failure, 10-15 years ago I remember a story about prison guards using a high pressure hose resulting in renal failure. Nobody charged of course, it was a prisoner. Somethings never change. There was not a trail,

No trasparacy so it's suspicious, does he count in the 99% conviction rate? not defending what he may have done at all. Just suspicious death in custody.

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Posted in: Caught off-guard by scant testing, Japan battered by COVID winter See in context

Austpaul you must be new to Japan, there are too many interests involved to ever do anything for the public in anyway. Pride in sacrifice is the mantra.

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Posted in: Caught off-guard by scant testing, Japan battered by COVID winter See in context

Caught off guard? Yabaru exactly how can you be caught off guard after a year. Just through greed and a healthy dose of stupidity. Both of which are Suprisingly prerequisites for government, bueuracrat positions, guessing this new expert Pannel will be disbanded again and replaced with expert teenage idols, and several people in mascot suits.

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Posted in: Caught off-guard by scant testing, Japan battered by COVID winter See in context

From the start "ordinary" people were saying test, test but the old men in charge were focussed on an athletic week, a sports day. And after all this time still no testing untill you are almost dead. Then if you did die and weren't tested before death there was no Virus. That's why low numbers it's a paperwork thing.

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Posted in: Japan's new university entrance exams begin See in context

Weird scenario. The future students are held back by "rules" and an a adversity to change. Not really a progressive education system. At least this might thin out future politicians. Mind you in 50 years the same idiots will be in charge. Family first not skill.

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Posted in: Five Hong Kong democracy protesters seek asylum in the U.S. See in context

Only 5? Bet there is over a million well over a million wanting to escape CCP control.

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Posted in: ¥742 bil in reserve funds added to subsidies for restaurants See in context

If you have 2 or 6 customers a night, not a viable Buisness plan more a hobby. Don't think the government should support a hobby. Nurses get the same wage as the lowest paid workers, that should be addressed I pay a crap load of cash for insurance. But the staff who we all need in an emergency are lucky after tax to clear ¥1,000 an hour. That's not right.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes punishment for refusal to comply with COVID-19 measures See in context

@Bungle think you know I wasn't attacking you. Just an unfortunate user name. J government probably want to use @bungle for all their ministries. You can make a fortune. Again not judging you. Which you well.

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Posted in: ¥742 bil in reserve funds added to subsidies for restaurants See in context

Tax goes up to pay for social security, that didn't happen. And now there are "reserve" funds for resturants, bars? Pretty obvious that 70yo old men like bars and resturants. Not families or people in general.

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Posted in: Ex-farm minister Yoshikawa indicted without arrest on bribery charge See in context

Really? 70, 87 shouldn't they have after years of tax money salery and bribes have enough to retire on, you know relax and leave us alone. Think these people have control issues linked to their idea of self worth. Which is funny as they are worthless, benefit nobody.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes punishment for refusal to comply with COVID-19 measures See in context

Bungled response backed up by further bungling and the government has had a whole year to eye a response? Their absolute stupidity is breath taking. Next thing they will send tiny masks to everyone, perhaps urge pay rises, or take one Friday a month off work? It's just not a functioning government.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after selling counterfeit Chanel item to police officer at flea market See in context

She might be unemployed, but definatly has the drive and intelligence to service a market of less intelligent people. Good for her. Not sitting under a tarp actually trying to get an income. Once your rejected by society then the only person to help is yourself.

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Posted in: N Korea holds huge military parade as Kim vows nuclear might See in context

Not helping world peace at all.

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Posted in: Japan to bar entry of foreign athletes during state of emergency See in context

Bring on the sports day! Wieners, rice bento, and gold, gold for Japan. That cost a lot.

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Posted in: Saizeriya president calls requests not to eat out for lunch ‘nonsense’ See in context

He just made himself a candidate for next PM hope he has no tummy trouble, and can do 100 sit ups, bar is pretty low for leadership. I will have a beer with that pasta, there you go got my PM resides not able to vote here is my tax bill does that cover the pasta beer and virus debt? Oh guess I have to pay more.

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Posted in: U.S. capital locks down as security threats mount See in context

Nothing like being scarred of your own population, where's my hood? My M4 bump stock so much news it must be fake, which way is the capital?, can't read a map. Guess I'll burn my ctoss here it's the Christian thing to do....what I'm in Mexico? Didn't see a wall, damn Mexicans.

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Posted in: Ghosn hid scale of Nissan salary, fearing dismissal from Renault, Tokyo court told See in context

Hari Nada, a former Nissan vice president in charge of legal affairs, is a key whistleblower in the case brought by Japanese prosecutors against former Nissan and Renault boss Ghosn, who was arrested in 2018.

He might reflect on being Vice President of legal affairs seems he wasn't capable of doing that job.

Nada was demoted following Ghosn's arrest. And I bet there are lots of prosecutors, police being demoted after the the debacle they started. Japan's legal system investigation process is based on confession not actual investigation. Terror is its version of truth.

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Posted in: Minister, expert suggest coronavirus emergency extension See in context

Should have could have a year ago. But the first expert Pannel were disbanded as they weren't complying with the government narrative. Sadly as much as the government try the virus also isn't complying with the government narrative either. How rude.

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Posted in: Hong Kong national security police make 11 new arrests See in context

11 might as well arrest everyone I have a thought not congenital to the party, harvest my organs, good luck with, that bigger concentration camps I would suggest are needed.

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Posted in: WHO team arrives in Wuhan to search for pandemic origins See in context

So funny, bats funny, like China hasn't cleared the way or an interment camp until they honestly on video admit it's all a charade made up by western countries totally bats.

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Posted in: Team GB 'hugely confident' Tokyo Games will go ahead See in context

He is just justifiing his exsitance, and that takes reality out of the argument. For him his wage and position overrule any sence of responsibility or normal bounds of common sence.

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Posted in: Suga announces new measures to stem virus surge, including penalties, review of medical system See in context

I feel 100 sit ups coming on.

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Posted in: Corporate bankruptcies in 2020 fall to 31-year low with gov't aid See in context

Yep more tax payers money needed to prop up companies, screw the poor. As a member of the ruling class I see no problem. Wait a minute....¥1,000 an hour think I will stay in bed.

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Posted in: He has almost no skill at messaging. Even at press conferences he's looking down and reading notes. That doesn't invite trust from citizens... The result is that his support ratings are falling. See in context

Free speech is window dressing, all questions are veteded before being asked and the answers prepared on a raft of papers. He just has to find the particular paper. At his age not an easy task from what I've seen.

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Posted in: Corporate bankruptcies in 2020 fall to 31-year low with gov't aid See in context

My tax money. Would prefer a functioning medical system. And business sink or swim on their own merits. Why on earth do I have to pay for their failed cash hording Buisness plan. Makes no sence. Give money to family's not suits occupied by bananas.

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