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Posted in: Empress emerita Michiko turns 85; celebrations shelved over typhoon See in context

Tax, would like to know when any of them actually paid tax or paid for anything, do they have a wallet? For them money falls from the sky? As their ancestors did.

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Posted in: Abe pledges all-out efforts to locate missing people in typhoon-hit areas See in context

Abe has just, just literally lost a chunk, of his voting base and has pledged to find them, good luck with that.

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Posted in: Car slams into truck, which then hits mother, 4-month-old daughter See in context

And a sidewalk might have helped rather than shared space with trucks, cars, bikes, rickshaws.

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Posted in: Empress emerita Michiko turns 85; celebrations shelved over typhoon See in context

She is retired, after 85 years of celebrations sure she doesn't give a hoot. Typhoon or not. Give her a break.

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Posted in: Another cabinet minister, 100 cross-party lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

The term voluntary be it "comfort" women (aka sex slaves) or given a uniform and encouraged to act out depraved behavior against people's who never asked for Japan's version of freedom. To have leaders honouring these press gang flotsam is not just offecive on every level but so out of place at any time.

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Posted in: Another cabinet minister, 100 cross-party lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

Tens of thousands of Koreans volunteered to join the army.

well there are things called books of a historical nature and the use of volunteers bit of a streach.

I'd volunteer too with a gun at the back of my head.

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Posted in: Another cabinet minister, 100 cross-party lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

Yasukuni shrine if you can call it that is a perverse place that makes historical facts twisted. Japan lost, due mostly to its inability to supply or arm it's youth in any meaniful way. It was hardly a beacon of freedom. The Korean girl sitting on the chair has more relevance although she should be bound in rope to be historically accurate. And yet politicians seem to glow in their shuffling through their stunts for constituents.

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Posted in: China asked NBA to fire Rockets exec over Hong Kong tweet: Silver See in context

Fire him? No way. He needs a few years in a voluntary re education camp cut off completely from family and friends. Only then he will understand how delicate Chinese feelings are.

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Posted in: School bullying cases hit record high in Japan in FY2018 See in context

The teachers bully each other, and those are designated anti bulling mentors. So the kids are trapped in a cycle. Like an alter boy/girl the ones you trust are the ones who abuse.

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Posted in: Turkey agrees with U.S. to pause Syria assault while Kurds withdraw See in context

Lesson one don't trust an alliance with America, lesson two, prepare for genocide Americans care about themselves first and screw everything they have contact with. Must be one of those DNA quirks.

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Posted in: Abe promises special support to rebuild from Typhoon Hagibis See in context

Another promise pledge, don't hold your breath unless you want to turn as blue as a lapel badge as blue as a corpse.

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Posted in: Cabinet minister visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

Nippon Kaigei are getting desperate thankfully their base are dying in huge clusters thankfully like the dinorsors they are extinct soon leaving only a foul taste but not much more.

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Posted in: Cabinet minister visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

I hope his actions bring him the deserved dirision that he fausly claims as support

stupidity has no barriers. That's why it's called stupid.

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Posted in: IOC apologizes for abrupt plan to move Tokyo Olympic races; Sapporo mayor not notified See in context

Wasn't the whole point, the reason for this charade to boost Fucashima? It does seem unseemly to now change everything on the weather that was a give in, . It's hot and humid to the point of discomfort going to the toilet let alone running outside. I could have called it years ago as many have yet we don't receive massive compensation for being right. It really sucks when after More than 5 years of common sense suddenly those in power decide to sheepishly float the idea. We have had such brilliant ideas Aircons on full blast doors open, roads sprayed with sludge to absorbe heat. Corrupt idiots grasping for straws. Next no marathon a mad scramble to make a human pyramid.

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Posted in: Christian Dior criticized over China map, apologizes, upholds 'one China' See in context

Ha ha, if these "Brands" didn't use the cheep labour China provides then there is no hold, no reach around. Forget any monicom of decency it's all about making money at any cost.

forget rainbows and unicorns they are well behind being an Individual in China's eyes.

Subserviant to the state business wise or as an individual not acceptable for China. Want to smell nice look to personal hygiene not China.

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Posted in: Venomous ants may spread in Japan: research body See in context

This is a worry, would be money well spent to eradicate. Do we have an ant sized defence system that's land based to contain these invasive pests? I'm sure there is a defence supplier with the product we need.

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Posted in: Gov't to use ¥710 million from reserves to deal with typhoon damage See in context

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism said it plans to set up a panel of experts to study damage along seven state-controlled rivers that flooded neighboring areas.

So the original Pannel of experts who Oked the original plan are proven to have been completely wrong. Not holding my breath about this next Pannel of experts getting it right.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader presents policy address via video after disruption See in context

It would appear that as a leader she has failed, it's no Suprise a puppet of China just doesn't have credibility. The people have spoken and been ignored, she is so far deep in China's pockets she can't hear the people she presumes to represent.

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Posted in: School lunches keep Japan's kids topping nutrition lists See in context

When I was teaching at a J high school I had to pay for lunch vouchers, I used one and was horrified at the disgusting mess I was served. I returned the vouchers immediately saying give them to a deserving family. School couldn't do that, made too much sence for their puny brains. So the vouchers went the same way as the food should the bin. It's all well and good to serve nutrients, could at least make it palitable. So school foods in Japan are among the best UNISCO should be alerted. Disgusting foods are normal for those unused to taste.

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Posted in: LDP exec apologizes for calling typhoon damage 'so-so' See in context

Funny thing is he will die sitting in his Diet seat still collecting tax payer money and brown envelopes and getting re elected. Well it's not funny as a a minister of cyber security has no experience with computers or the minister of women affairs disparaging of diet members who have children. While trying apparently to encourage births? My point is those in charge have no absolutely no idea what normality is for the underlings.

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Posted in: Abe promises action after 2 homeless men denied typhoon refuge See in context

Well if the government local and national in the 3rd largest economy in the world can't provide shelter in normal times it's a streach to expect them to provide shelter in times of disaster.

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Posted in: LDP exec apologizes for calling typhoon damage 'so-so' See in context

The big Suprise was reporters actually understanding his incoherent ramblings usually his comments are met with blank stares and a pow wow to see if anyone made sence of what he mumbled.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward barred homeless from evacuation shelters during typhoon See in context

Empathy not a strong point

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Posted in: Abe to skip Yasukuni visit during autumn festival: sources See in context

Gutless on so many levels, can't actually articulate the level of depravity Japan's Imperial Forces sank to, can't be seen to Horner real life monsters. But needs the votes of would be monsters to maintain his delusional sence of self worth. Crones oh crones where are thou now?

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Posted in: NZ PM Ardern steps up fight against extremist online content See in context

So trying to stop online extremist abuse of the Internet suddenly creeps into being a cencership of political opponents? Really! It's NZ not Russia or China. New Zealanders will have no part of political cencership but do support a block on live streaming massacre. To try to fausly say its a political move is strait out of trumps play book and as such to be completely ignored.

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Posted in: Human pyramids continue in Kobe schools as injuries mount to 51; mayor’s pleas to stop unanswered See in context

This is such a stupid action, but stupid is was stupid does, at least it takes the focus of the judo injured that far exceeds global norms. Judo club sounds nice untill your child Is confined to a chair. How's Your child? Fell off a pyramid that was madetory? My grandad was a Kamakazi pilot so it was madetory for him too. Shogani.

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Posted in: Turkish-led forces advance into Syrian border town See in context

Beacon of freedom

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Posted in: Turkish-led forces advance into Syrian border town See in context

I had no idea ethnic cleansing was a U.S policy. Nore did I know that working with the U.S actually gives the green light to ethnic cleansing. Who would have thought being stabbed in the back is an actual policy by a not a the supposed beak on of freedom.

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Posted in: N Korea demands Japan pay compensation for sinking fishing boat See in context

A fishing boat illegally in Japanese waters, compensation...sure just return honestly the persons or remains that were abductees and there is a start point. Then we can talk about compensation but be aware NK have to sell lots of drugs to pay for their heinous crimes. Nippon Kaigie go to hell.

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Posted in: China warns Apple against 'reckless' support of HK protesters See in context

One day the whole world peoples of all colour and race will live in harmony.

In Chinese re education camps. Proudly sponsored by multinational corporations.

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