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Posted in: Opposition steps up offensive against beleaguered PM Kishida See in context

You can give family members government jobs? That’s very feudal. How many people were interviewed for that plumb position?

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Posted in: Japan apologizes for J-Alert malfunction after N Korea missile launch See in context

By the time the alert is broadcast, your tv, smartphone has melted to your face.

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Posted in: Japan to extend oil subsidy program to next spring to curb price hike See in context

@Mark hilarious

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Posted in: Russia abandons key bastion; Putin ally suggests a nuclear response See in context

When you think an atomic bomb is your best option, then your officially out of your mind.

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Posted in: Japan to extend oil subsidy program to next spring to curb price hike See in context

Thinking lowering the 50% tax on fuel might be a better option, rather then using tax money to prop up the companies that profit from selling fuel, free money for them.

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Posted in: Japan Sports Agency chief slams Tokyo Olympic corruption scandal See in context

The Japanese Olympic committee closed the financial books months ago, saying all is well. Doesn’t seem that way. Sadly those that pushed this at the top are dead or dieting. Greed to the end. It was a disaster and it was always going to be Mori, Abe, Ichihowa that pick was a recipe for disaster (allegedly)

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Posted in: Japan August jobless rate falls to 2.5%; job availability rises See in context

Absolutely false crap from the government again. As Aly said they don’t count people just surviving.

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Posted in: Japan's junior coalition partner signals tax hike to fund defense spending See in context

Can’t afford it don’t buy it, pretty simple. But the LDP you know spend, spend.

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Posted in: Idol singer from Keyakizaka46 says she’s now working as a Tokyo bar hostess See in context

This is sick, the earning span is not set in stone, need more than looks and a short time as an “idol” to have a happy life. But we all make life choices, nobody is perfect. Good luck to her.

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Posted in: Ex-Tokyo Olympic exec, business ally allegedly shared bribe See in context

Dentsu previously known as the Ministry of Propaganda ( 1945) has close ties (obviously) to the LDP. They are untouchable even when all the evidence (alleged) point at their involvement in numerous scams of tax payer money (allegedly). But that’s a no go area for prosecutors as the LDP will simply say to prosecutors and the courts…don’t. And the corruption can continue. A separation of law and government would bring the house down.

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Posted in: Kishida meets foreign leaders on final day of 'condolence diplomacy' See in context

So the best time for diplomacy is when a family connected politician is shot in the back. Ok, don’t claim to understand the unique culture but if it works… hazzza. There are a plethora of politicians that fill the bill.

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Posted in: Mourners form long lines before ex-PM Abe's state funeral See in context

That’s a lot of flowers at the gomi centre today.

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Posted in: Slain ex-PM Abe honored at divisive state funeral See in context

Saturation on TV, really! One channel is enough.

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Posted in: Japan set to honor assassinated Abe at controversial funeral See in context

I know the media are extolling his greatness! Bit I’m not convinced at all. He was just another self serving, destructive, grubby LDP suit that talked.

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Posted in: Japan, China foreign ministers unable to meet at U.N. See in context

Sidelined by both Korea and China, regional diplomacy is a mess, when a discussion isn’t sought. But the PM did get to ring a bell? And speak to a mostly empty hall. Not looking good.

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Posted in: Japan holds 1st tourism expo in 2 years to aid virus-hit industry See in context

That’s not much of a display for an expected 150,000 people? I love the tape on the back corners holding the cloth on. Looks more like a science project display at a high school.

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Posted in: Japan to ask foreign guests to wear face masks at Abe state funeral See in context

What pantomime.

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Posted in: Japan holds 1st tourism expo in 2 years to aid virus-hit industry See in context

Onion picking?

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Posted in: Japan floats issuance of gov't bonds for more defense spending See in context

15% of the population 75 or over, 60% of the workforce on low paying contracts, Plummeting birth rate. What is there to tax further. Tobacco sure but that’s a dying habit. Really need a better plan than buying weapons while increasing poverty and debt.

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Posted in: Japan is hard on gifted children See in context

It’s a no brainer to encourage gifted children to excel, it’s a no brain that insists they remain at the same intellectual level as contemporary’s.

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Posted in: Gov't to pursue U.S. base relocation in Okinawa despite Tamaki's win See in context

As usual the LDP brushes aside what people actually want and claim they will get their understanding sometime in the future. They represent themselves not the population.

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Posted in: Russian forces retreat amid Ukrainian counteroffensive See in context

I love it, those sneaky Ukrainians smashing those I’ll trained, I’ll supplied, I’ll lead Russian troops. They know they are wrong. I am sure if the boot was on the other foot and they were fighting to protect Russia amazing, but invading hearts not in in it. Go home relax.

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Posted in: Sympathy for the suspect and his family environment should not lead to justification for the crime he committed. See in context

Someone’s actions for good or bad are derived from their environment, cause and effect. What seems crazy to the Majority (not condoning killing) if you read his story the stress he had from family suicides and an out of control Mum. He just snapped. I think not justified but kind of understandable in context. In a crazy world and decisions we make are our decisions.

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Posted in: U.N. panel urges Japan to end segregated education of disabled kids See in context

They still do that? Really…..I don’t get why authorities are so behind. Are they taught to uphold regressive ideas?

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Posted in: Gov't unveils inflation-relief package See in context

Blame it on the sunshine ( Russian war) Blame it on moonlight ( foreigners manipulations) Blame it on the boggy…( LDP) This greeting card is not a package it’s another LDP slight of hand, honestly at their average age never going to work! So frustrating to watch such bumbling stupidity again and again.

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Posted in: Half of Japan's ruling LDP lawmakers had ties with Unification Church See in context

It’s bizarre That a party so obviously corrupt and incompetent, with no concern about the population has been voted in for over 70 years. Are the voters so bereft of reality?

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Posted in: Gov't plans ¥50,000 handouts for each low-income household to fight inflation See in context

Not begrudging the money, they and many others need help, a more long term solution needs to be found. One off is one off. Raising wages especially the minimum would help. A government that knew what it was doing to benefit society long term would also be advantageous. At the moment they are buying socks for a leg less man.

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Posted in: No preferential treatment given over bid for Abe state funeral: Matsuno See in context

Out of interest what foreign dignitaries are confirmed as attending?

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Posted in: Japanese government wants to encourage wealthy foreigners to travel deeper into Japan, NHK says See in context

For rich people getting out into the Japanese country side would be like a safari. Is the government really sure it wants these people to see the poverty?

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Posted in: What happens if China invades Taiwan? If Japan got involved, its own sea lanes would be destroyed. Food imports from the U.S., Australia and the EU would stop. The whole of Japan would lose physical access to imports and it would lead to famine. See in context

This man has a positive outlook on life. Taking scaremongering to a new level.

“ former agriculture ministry official “ well, should have increased food security when you were in the ministry if you were / are so worried. Please don’t corner me at a social gathering, I can’t afford the therapy.

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