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Posted in: From 'Godfather' to 'Irishman', Mafia is gift that keeps on giving See in context

I hardly feel glorifying criminals who brought great graft and corruption to America after WWII is a good thing to honor.

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Posted in: Robert Redford warns of 'dictator-like' Trump See in context

A movie actor is hardly an expert on politics. I respect and admire Trump as one of the finest presidents that American has had in a long long time. America is still a free country with everyone having the right to their own opinion however just because someone is a famous actor does not give their comments any more importance than mine.

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Posted in: Explore a mysterious hidden octagonal tunnel in the mountains of Kyushu See in context

Actually having the gaps makes it much safer for the drivers of a steam locomotive who face the perils of the gasses of the locomotive in enclosed tunnels.

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Posted in: Anime studio arson-murder suspect undergoes unprecedented skin grafts See in context

He is a horrible horrible man, not worthy of any sympathy or care at all. His crime will stand for all time as one of the worst in modern times. I am sure the doctors did what they could for him but they were morally right to put the victims ahead of the criminal who tried to kill them.

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Posted in: Famed Tokyo sushi restaurant Jiro dropped from Michelin gourmet guide See in context

I am glad that the restaurant is being considerate of its aging owner.

I found most of this article very interesting however the need to mention famous people seemed tasteless and un needed. In Japan people are respected for who the are as people not as 'stars" I frankly respect the restaurant for upholding their own standards.

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Posted in: Typhoon death toll climbs to 72, as scope of damage spreads See in context

A number of school children are volunteering to help with the disaster as many schools are closed. I have great respect for that.

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Posted in: Deluged bullet trains show power of nature over modernization See in context

I am sad as usual to see the deluge of negative comments on Japanese culture, government and so forth. And the slant of the article using Western scientists is also a bit sad. The best people to know Japanese weather patterns are in Japan . and finaly there is no scientific proof of climate change, there are shifts of weather and always have been ...we only have good records going back a ways before that core samples and tree rings are it. And historic records when they exist. there has been awareness of the dangers of bad weather and flooding and the threat to infrastructure in Japan for hundreds of years. In the "old" days wheeled vehicles except a few official ones were forbidden on roads to protect the roads from excessive damage.

It is sad to see the trains damaged, they are treasured parts of the much respected and supported train service and I am sure they will be repaired and fixed just fine. I suggest we keep commenting more positive in such a tough time. It would be nice. Andrespectful to those working so hard to deal with this tough time.

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Posted in: Typhoon makes landfall on Izu Peninsula; one dead, at least 50 injured See in context

Please people be respectful and nice at this time of crisis. It is a serious storm and may cause a lot of damage and even injury. Pray for those in peril and be supportive and compassionate. I will hope for the best outcome for everyone. And remember the first responders, firemen, police and medical personell who will do all they can to help. I do hope for the best.

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation will use no donations for business recovery; all of it for arson victims, families See in context

KyoAni are very special people and are most of us feel in the industry of anime one of the finest companies of any, for their ethics, support of their staff, and quality of work. They continue to be a guiding light for all who love and work in anime and continue to show the right path in all ways. This all shows in their work and I am sure will continue to do so. Thank you Japan Today for continuing to show respect and to share about the story. Much appreciated.

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Posted in: American man married to same-sex Japanese partner sues gov't for long-term visa See in context

Japan has no obligation to conform to lack of standards followed by other countries. Thank Goodness.

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Posted in: Japan needs to improve medical care for detainees, says immigration chief See in context

No i disagree they do not need to improve anything. The current policy is FINE as it is.

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Posted in: Typhoon pummels Kanto region; one reported dead, 40 injured See in context

I hope everyone is ok

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Posted in: Trial date set for man arrested for killing 7-year-old girl in Niigata last year See in context

it was a terrible crime and i am hopeful the man will be punished to the full extent of the law.

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Posted in: Empress emerita Michiko leaves hospital after cancer surgery See in context

We will hope and pray for the Empress' quick recovery. I am so glad to hear that it was early detection. She is a lovely person and deserves all good fortune.

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Posted in: China hits out at 'bullying' U.S. over new tariffs See in context

China has had a free ride with a huge trade imbalance with the US and now the scales are tipping to even and they are making a fuss. Thank goodness for President Trump who has had the courage to stand up to China the worst bully in the international world today. Time to put things back on a fair basis.

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Posted in: Abe becomes 2nd-longest-serving Japanese prime minister See in context

Abe is one of the finest Prime Ministers Japan has had..and I am very glad he is doing such good work for the country.

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Posted in: Writer hopes Japanese step out of 'comfort zone' as society diversifies See in context

Japan is just fine. there is no need to try to force Japanese people to accept other cultures. Other cultures can stay at home and be just as they wish. So please respect Japan and the desire to just be Japanese ...this silly ideal of multiculturalism is born from socialist attempts to water down everyone to a single global mass easy to manipulate and harvest for power.

Japan is just fine as it is. There is no need to change....

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Posted in: Climate deniers get more media play than scientists: study See in context

It has been long obvious to any with real scientific background that the entire climate change farce has been another attempt by liberal and fantasy based media pundits to create another power base by skewing and over dramatizing some rather basic natural shifts and trends that have been part of the planet's long history. I don't even bother reading any of the doom saying coverage and like the LGBT farce, just marvel that modern media has become so much the tool of rather amazingly gullible and ignorant junk.

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation releases trailer for first major anime project since arson attack See in context

I am very pleased to see this topic covered and covered well here I have been a bit worried at times that the entire anime world seemed from from any other than the most superficial coverage in this venue but this is a well done report.

Yes KyoAni has had a terrible loss but they are strong good people and are dong their best for the healing of the firm and all within it. Thank you for this article.

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Posted in: Would China risk another Tiananmen in Hong Kong? See in context

there is no way Taiwan will ever rejoin the crude and brutal dictatorship now ruling China. Sadly China ha s along and much to be respected history but now it is showing all the signs of being another brutal facist regime that cares only to expand the power of its elite. They are a danger to world peace and will face increasing failure if they continue to try to employ 19th century colonial tactics as they are now. Those days are gone forever and I have the greatest respect for the brave people of Hong Kong for standing up for their freedom.

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation arson victim returns to work, calling it 'ultimate counterattack' to arsonist See in context

They are wonderful people at KyoAni and have always treated their employees and staff better than any other anime studio. ..considerate, kind and supportive. Their work and their anime are some of the very best yet made, covering many genres with grace, artistry and depth, bringing in topics of relationship, family, work, hope, love and much more than just fantasy and the artistry that is the basis of anime and indeed all story telling. I am hopeful they will recover and flourish again, and all in the anime world in Japan who do similar work are hoping the same and will help in any way that can be done.

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Posted in: Japanese temple stirs criticism with naked men paintings See in context

As a live long professional Artist, i have no issue with the local council speaking for what it feels is appropriate for the community. Art is NOT separate from life and has a responsiblity to be created with respect for values. Far too much trash is called art by egotistic would be artists who have no concept of the responsiblity of art and its correct place in life. Far too long has the label "art" and the political gambits of freedom of expression been used to trample on the senisibilities and values of society. Yes that local artist has his own enjoyment of his own desires in his art but that does not make it a valid form to make part of the fabric of a spiritual temple that is the result of generations of past devotion and respect. If he and the temple had been open and honest with themselves and the town, there would be no issue but then it makes a good story for the press. Hence I have many things i can wonder about. The pictures are very low quality and far from the level of sophistication of either older Japanese arts and of modern anime both of which have very high standards and can offer much more.

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Posted in: Nagasaki observes 74th anniversary of A-bombing See in context

The War need not have happened. And many of the results and methods were not what needed to happen. And that applies to both sides. I do not seek to rekindle historic pains but speak of truth from actual history which can be studied and understood with careful research by any individual.

I am glad to see this issue covered. I know the Daughter of Oppenheimer who led the US effort to develop the bomb and he regretted deeply to his last days that it has occurred. He felt it was a blight on humanity and that it need not have been used on a city to show its power.

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation hopes to recover data from server after arson attack See in context

It was a main server and contained many important files and all were recovered successfully.

Much generous and kind support has come to KyoAni from within Japan, from both the Anime community, other studios who are generously planning help, and the government to help support KyoAni which is a major national Cultural Heritage. The works of KyoAni are much much much much more than "high school girls"..tho the school genre is a very significant one throughout anime ..for many reasons. KyoAni is one of the very best anime studios, making superlative series, with very fine and high quality art schemes, animation and stories. Japanese animation or Anime started in 1919, and has flourished into a vast literature of stories of every possible genre, and a high level of artistry and talent. Sadly the western view of anime is skewed by lack of understanding and awareness, and the very limited nature of western esp American Animation which is far less sophisticated. KyoAni also has maintained the highest standards of support for their staff of any Japanese anime studios, offering full regular salary, support of all kinds including child care and a compassionate and caring atmosphere of appreciation and encouragement for many fine animators, many of whom got their start at KyoAni which holds classes and training for various aspects of anime production.

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Posted in: 33 dead after man sets fire to Kyoto anime studio See in context

We are shocked and horrified at this tragedy. KyoAni is one of the finest studios with wonderful management and superb series that have been created some of the best anime by any. The man is crazy and evil and I hope he is punished at hard as possible. There is no place here to attack anime or Japan this is a time of tragedy and mourning and I ask posters here restrain their impulses and show respect. I am sure the Studio will continue they are brave and good people and will do all they can to honour the memory of those who were so sadly lost. Please be polite and kind.

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Posted in: Japan to skip naval event after S Korea protests over flag See in context

It is silly to be honest and simple to object to events that happened long ago is history. And Past. No one responsible for the events of that time wanted WWII, except for a few nuts. Sadly the effects were profound and still not accurately realized by most of the countries involved. but to protest Japan using treasured symbols of its nation and history is just persecution and from trying to make political credits out of a silly attempt to hold the present hostage to the past. Grow up Korea you have a much greater danger: China. Japan is YOUR friend NOT China which wants to colonize and conquer the entire Far East. Get Smart or start to learn Chinese.

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Posted in: Captured fugitive was traveling by bicycle with another man See in context

I have the greatest respect for the Japanese Police and they do their best and Japan is much more lawful than most of the rest of the world by far! I am very glad this creep was re captured and the police took full responsiblity thru some of their senior members who made serious efforts to aid the search. Let us be grateful and thankful.

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Posted in: Strong typhoon nears southwest Japan See in context

I am sorry for the trouble caused by the typhoon and hope everyone is safe. it is part of nature, and as such nature has cycles that affect even climate it is a natural progressiosn not some fake hyped up liberal fantasy to try to gain global power. Let us be careful of such events and take care of those we love and ignore the fake pseudo science quacks that try to scare people ..Nature and the environment change over time, and we can adjust along with it.

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Posted in: Hokkaido races to secure power supplies before cold weather sets in See in context

I am glad they are working to get ready, and needless negativity about the challenges does not help much. I would think it better to encourage them and wish them well.

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Posted in: Trump, Pompeo bash ex-Secretary of State Kerry on Iran talks See in context

Kerry is and was a total idiot and emberassment in office and out. I wish he would just stop trying to act like an expert on anything as he is not.

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