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Posted in: Japan to skip naval event after S Korea protests over flag See in context

It is silly to be honest and simple to object to events that happened long ago is history. And Past. No one responsible for the events of that time wanted WWII, except for a few nuts. Sadly the effects were profound and still not accurately realized by most of the countries involved. but to protest Japan using treasured symbols of its nation and history is just persecution and from trying to make political credits out of a silly attempt to hold the present hostage to the past. Grow up Korea you have a much greater danger: China. Japan is YOUR friend NOT China which wants to colonize and conquer the entire Far East. Get Smart or start to learn Chinese.

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Posted in: Captured fugitive was traveling by bicycle with another man See in context

I have the greatest respect for the Japanese Police and they do their best and Japan is much more lawful than most of the rest of the world by far! I am very glad this creep was re captured and the police took full responsiblity thru some of their senior members who made serious efforts to aid the search. Let us be grateful and thankful.

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Posted in: Strong typhoon nears southwest Japan See in context

I am sorry for the trouble caused by the typhoon and hope everyone is safe. it is part of nature, and as such nature has cycles that affect even climate it is a natural progressiosn not some fake hyped up liberal fantasy to try to gain global power. Let us be careful of such events and take care of those we love and ignore the fake pseudo science quacks that try to scare people ..Nature and the environment change over time, and we can adjust along with it.

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Posted in: Hokkaido races to secure power supplies before cold weather sets in See in context

I am glad they are working to get ready, and needless negativity about the challenges does not help much. I would think it better to encourage them and wish them well.

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Posted in: Trump, Pompeo bash ex-Secretary of State Kerry on Iran talks See in context

Kerry is and was a total idiot and emberassment in office and out. I wish he would just stop trying to act like an expert on anything as he is not.

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Posted in: Retired police officers post ¥2 mil reward in Osaka fugitive case See in context

This is a remarkable and very commendable sign of integrity on the part of these officers to take this step, and take responsibility for an error in job performance by fellow officers. I don't think that this would very likely happen in any other country than Japan.

I give great respect for this action and hope that this evil man is caught and kept away from society very soon.

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Posted in: Study finds diversity in film criticism lacking See in context

there are so, and I mean SO many other topics of interest and concern to focus on, it is amazing how a few hypermotivated and narrow minded people with a crusade can ignore reality of what is important.

Sadly whatever the ethnic or gender of a critic is, has nothing to do with how good they are at their job.

as they say, nothing to see here just move along :)

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Posted in: Cold weather hits evacuees after deadly quake in Hokkaido See in context

I am very sorry about the sad deaths of so many including many elders it is more fitting to speak with sympathy for them than to criticize the authorities who I feel are doing all they can. It is not easy to organize relief ....and i am glad they have shelters and will be able to be taken care of until clean up can be done. It was worse than expected the landslides look very bad from photographs. It has been a tough year for many all over, things from Nature cannot be known ahead.

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Posted in: Comiket See in context

I think it is incredible that there is no article or coverage of Comiket since just ooccured again this year and many many thousands attended and brought great new books to share. It is an integral part of Japanese modern visual culture and should be covered to have a balanced media coverage.

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Posted in: Rescuers search for survivors as death toll from floods, landslides rises to 157 See in context

I hope and pray that many who are lost are found and all who can be helped are. I am very sad to hear how so many have died. Each is a precious person and loved. I pray for them all. Please keep comments focused on the people and not on issues for now. lets us offer support and care.


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Posted in: 4 dead, more than 300 injured after M6.1 quake hits northern Osaka region See in context

it is very scary when ground moves up and down so much hard to stand. My heart goes out to all injured and to the families of the three we know so far that died. There may be more I will warn us.

It is a scary and tragic event of nature. I hope comments can be compassionate and kind. That is what is needed at this time.

my family all ok. glad any posting here from area are ok too.


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Posted in: U.S. troops in Okinawa banned from drinking, restricted to base after fatal crash See in context

I am very glad the military is taking this seriously and taking responsibility. It is a critical time for the US Military to be in Japan to help stand up to and stop the aggression of China as it tries to take over the Orient. I am hopeful this will help calm negative feelings because we need Japan and the US to work together now in a very important time.

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Posted in: Artelligent Christmas See in context

sigh. i guess it is hard for ppl to just appreciate Beauty and say thank you. so i will.

that is very beautiful...thank you for sharing it and i am sure everyone enjoys the lights. I do.

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Posted in: Autumn in Aizuwakamatsu See in context

It is lovely and subtle, not all natural scenes are flashy this is sublime and peaceful thank you for sharing it.

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Posted in: Trump revealed classified info to Lavrov at White House: officials See in context

I am sick of the liberal left media attacking Trump our first decent president in the US in decades with this ridiculous fake news story over Russia. Every president in history has worked to establish good relations in a rational manner with all major sane world powers. Russia is working to rebuild and is a valuable ally. the Fact of the matter is that Obama the previous president ruled the country using Executive orders that no one had the courage to challenge, Trump is trying to return to rational governance by actually BEING and Administrator, and to follow the needs of our time. The constant attacks are ridiculous is the attempt to make him out to be a fool and the Republicans as a negative force. I will hope for sanity to come, the liberal program of forced skewed social ideals failed because the people in the US do not want it..time for the media and the far left liberals to accept it and for all to work together for a decent future for all people.

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Posted in: National Park Service staff step up campaign against Trump See in context

Trump is the first rational intelligent president that is NOT a tool or a flunkie for either the right or the left he defeated not only the Democrats and the liberal cabal that has had the entire country under control and heading to bizarre far left directions but he also defeated the /Republican party hacks who refused to stand up for liberty and justice at all. As for the fantasies about Carbon emmsions and the fake science over climate change it is idiotic. Yes there are swings in climate, and no we dont have enough data to know if this is just a recent swing or a massive change due to ALL EFFECTS not just human. And as for carbon it is a GOOD thing not a bad thing, all plants NEED carbon dioxide and it actually HELPS them.

and in a final note, AP is now suspect as they are mad at Trump's press secretary because he refused to allow them the first question at a press conference which was their "so called" right....the Trump White House is having to have to teach the US media to be honest and REPORT the news not commentate and twist it as they have been, esp CNN, NBC, and CBS. Sadly almost all major media has been increasingly biased and the fact that some Park service people are upset because they are losing their perceived control over public opinion based on false science is no surprirse. It is not really news at all.

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Posted in: Suspect in deadly Washington state mall shooting in custody See in context

Gee what a surprise another arab attacker filled with so much hate that he shoots innocent strangers in the cause of his cult's believfs and the demcrats in power want to let thousands more potential killers into the US with no screening just to try to force a foreign religion on the rest of the country.

i expect we will see more of this until sanity returns to not only the US but Europe as well and the free pass for any and all people from the Middle east is shut down.

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Posted in: As Trump rises, Clinton struggles with traditional tactics See in context

Clinton is a joke she should never have been elected for anything she had no eperinece at all and her record in the State Department was deplorable. She and her husband have been known to be shady forever. Trump is an honest and strong minded man who we desperatly need and most of American realizes this he will win by a landslide and we can start restoring the US to a country of honour and decency. the past eight years have been horrible and filled with liberal trash at every level of life.

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Posted in: 8 people taken to a hospital after Minnesota mall stabbings See in context

Yet another attack by arab inspired terrorism and the officials being afraid of the pro muslim powers in charge of the US right now wont say it is one. sigh getting tired of this whitewash.

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Posted in: Blast injures 29 in upscale New York City area See in context

It is so obviously an arab terrorist attack but the liberal dominated media is falling all over itself trying to say it is NOT teerrorism and that no arabs were involved ya sure.

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Posted in: Jude Law stars in Japanese Pepsi commercial as legendary demon from tale of 'Momotaro' See in context

I have no idea why they would choose a foreign actor when there are a ton of great Japanese actors available. sad story.

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Posted in: Japan plans July fighter jet tender seen worth $40 bln as China tensions simmer See in context

Good this is a timely order. Sadly China has not learned anything from the entire 20th century of trouble and trials..and continues to act like a 19th century warlord. Those outdated techniques will not work in todays world.

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Posted in: Famous manga artist avoids drawing one everyday item in his comics for the sake of future readers See in context

This is a rremarkably superficial article, not sure who wrote it but they sure dont understand much about anime or art or literature. It is silly to try to avoid our own time and our own tech whatever it is, it is part of our reality. Elfin Lied is a disgusting bizarre perversion of anime that shows graphic dismemberment, and other horrors when the viewers is not expecting it to shock and dismay and is nothing to do with what is good about anime in general. So it's artist and the series should not be viewed as having any impact at all other than something to avoid. Puling this marginal artist up for a comment and holding that somment up to be significant is shallow and meaningless.

there are a thousand and more fine anime series that are far far better and none of them worry about their tech or their reality being "outdated" they just get on being great entertainment and great visual literature.

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Posted in: Vanishing golf stars for Rio could jeopardize Olympic status See in context

Good for them it shows they have their priorities in the right place. Sport is sport, but life and family are what matter. Not worth risking over a hobby. well done

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Posted in: Studio Ghibli producer apologizes while announcing price reduction for art exhibit See in context

that is very nice to see. I have come to appreciate Studio G's work recently after feeling rather negative about it for years. the very odd and extreme elements in some of the productions put me off but some of the early work won my heart esp Kokuriko-zaka kara (From Up on Poppy Hill) ...there is a strong element of true Japanese spirit in the good works and beautiful art that is far far better than anything ever done by Pixar or Disney. superb work.

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Posted in: Marines: Man in Iwo Jima flag raising photo misidentified See in context

It borders on very bad taste to be featuring an article about a battle that cost thousands of Japanese lives military and civilian here. It would be fine for an American venue but hardly appropriate here.

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Posted in: Obama asks parents to teach their children to love and cherish differences See in context

This is meaingless and rather a joke coming from a man who had tried hard to create hatred between racial groups by pushing his agenda to promote his own chosen groups. We don't need lectures from hypocrites like that.

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Posted in: Video game makers finding their way in virtual worlds See in context

Virtual reality is a joke. please stop pushing it along with other media who just jump on clever ideas without thinking.

We have enough problems today understanding reality wthtout encouraging people to dive eve further into fantasy.

this is like driverless cars an example of yuppie brainless whims claiming to be useful.

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Posted in: Full bloom See in context

A beautiful picture thank you Japan Today for sharing it. And a lovely lady too.

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Posted in: Clinton says Trump has 'lowered the bar' regarding protests See in context

they are NOT ;protests but planed mob tactics of bullying and should be outlawed by regulations against any candidate but you notice they are being used by the liberal followers in their attempt to force mob rule on the US...sad stuff to see and really silly but Trump will win and will save the country thank God.

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