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CrisGerSan comments

Posted in: Masters champion Matsuyama wins Zozo Championshipby 5 strokes See in context

congratulations to Matsuyama-san a magnificent showing at the tournament. Congrats.

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Posted in: Families of last victims in Florida condo collapse say waiting is agony See in context

uh this was a tragedy ..the falling of a building and the death of many people. I pray for peace for their souls. this is not the place for political rants. Please be respectful.

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Posted in: Viewers 'hungry' for LGBT+ movies, says 'Happiest Season' director Clea DuVall See in context

I am a viewer and i am NOT hungry for this sort of media. Not at all.

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Posted in: Britain to send aircraft carrier strike group to waters near Japan See in context

Very glad to see so many standing up against the Chinese attempt to practice 19th century expansion in the 21st century of shared world .... it wont work, and will be hard on China if they keep pushing. The "accidentatal" event of the virus is no mistake. And the aggressive actions in the South China Sea are part of this expnasoin policy. Ancient China and the naval history of Chinese large junks sailing in deep ocean areas is part of ancient histtory and has as much relevance today as the actions of Ancient Rome on modern Europe.

good posts from many here well done. It is good to see the Royal Navy standing shoulder to shoulder with Japan and the US in defending a free Pacific. Well done.

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Posted in: 75 years later, 1 million Japanese war dead still missing See in context

this is a very interesting and heart rending article. It discusses some terrible and sad events, many thousands of Japanese military persons who were abandoned by the events of the war, and the loss of naval transport to evacuate or supply distant bases. Those who died far from home have not had much effort to bring them back. I am glad to see that this coverage may help encourage it. Some of the comments here are very thoughtful and accurate especially that of Ms. Carlisle, which encourage me. thank you for the kindness shown by many. These are people, human beings who were serving their country ....faithfully. As were all in that terrible needless war. If there had been fairness and equality shown by the other big powers Japan might have helped bring Asia into the modern world without the imbalance and threat of an out of control China. Now we must face the result but I hope that these lost people can come home. thanks for the coverage a very good one.

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Posted in: Massive blast rips through Beirut, killing 78 and injuring thousands See in context

i am very sorry to see about this terrible event. I am also sorry that the authors of this articles felt the need to once again try to needle and fit criticism of President Trump into the article. The tragedy of the event is news enough. I will pray for healing.

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Posted in: Olivia de Havilland, Oscar-winning actress, dies at 104 See in context

She was a lovely lady and a great actress.

so sorry she has departed. thanks for the article.

However a note: the movie did NOT glorify Slavery it told the story as it was then, not the edited "corrected" modern remake of history. Had to correct that she herself was very practical about that issue...and knew history was what it was when it happened.

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Posted in: Trump deploys federal agents to more states under 'law-and-order' push See in context

THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank God that our fine President Trump is taking this much needed step to stop the anarchist and socialist organized violence and destruction of historic statues, burning of buildings including a large down town Post Office and much other damage, graffitti and attacks on Police with frozen water bottles, bricks and other missles causing much harm. It has been a terrible time of disrespect and chaos. It is much much overdue. I am very glad we have a brave and caring Presdient who cares for the country. This article is very critical and really is a political statement with a clear point of view rather than a news article and should be labelled clearly as an Op Ed.

I hope that the admins here will not delete this post. In the past my posts have been removed over and over for being critical, of US figures and actions of the radical left. That is the right given by free speech and the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and just like the author of this article and many posters here critical of President Trump who all have the right to say what they think so do I. I will hope that my sharing my thoughts will be allowed but i see many cases of people and their thoughts being censored by the liberal media over and over and that is not good. Trump is right to use Federal Agents to protect Federal Property and to support law and order which protects us all, Black and White rich and poor together. I will hope for peace to return.

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Posted in: U.S. vaccine expert says he was removed for opposing Trump-backed chloroquine See in context

I say nonsense to all who are claiming there is no proof that Chorloquim is useful there is a LOT of it and many doctors use it today for the virus and it has been used for decades for other needs and has minor side effects and is NOT dangerous. The political opposition to it is ridiculous. As is the media attacks on it because it has been discussed by President Trump. If anyone takes the time to find the existing studies and papers on its use they will see there is plenty of proof that it is effective. A single study mentioned that is negative is just that a single study. There is no way with the complexity of the virus to know if worsening health is a result of a therapy any one who knows anything about treatment knows that. And it is disgraceful for people to be using derogatory names for our President, any President. It is a sad sign of the times. I am glad the man mentioned was removed from his post if he was not doing his job to find any and all possible solutions. He clearly was biased and is using the press once again to grandstand and gain sympathy.

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Posted in: U.S. coronavirus death toll rises past 3,000 on deadliest day; New York governor begs for help See in context

The Federal Government is doing all it can to help New York, after New York Mayor himself pretended there was nothing wrong ... the Governor of New York is going a great job and asking for help is part of his job. Articles don't need to ephasize "pleading" as if he is not heard. He talks to the President and the Federal officials every day. No need to try to make it look divisive. It is time for all to work together and not focus on negative.

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Posted in: Japan warship, China fishing boat collide in East China Sea See in context

Yes that is the truth Yamada-san, the islands ARE Japanese. The Chinese are slowly learning they cannot change or "own" the world by just wishing. They will be happier if they learn to cooperate and accept just their own part of the world instead of trying like happened in the 19th Century taking the land and territory of others.

Time for the Media to stop supporting False Chinese ambitions.

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Posted in: Stocks rebound from big losses on hope for U.S. economic aid See in context

I dont blame Trump and dont think american workers blame him either. He is the savior of the US economy and culture. I think the stocks rise because of confidence in his measure to help. I see posts above criticizing him and some supporting him. thanks for this article it is very timely coverage.

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Posted in: Ryokan at Japanese onsen resort goes bankrupt after 64 years due to coronavirus See in context

I am sorry for the people who lost jobs and it would have been a fun visit for people from abroad But it is not wise to do business with China they are not the friend of Japan. it is a sad story tho and i dont like that people are so critical without knowing the circumstances. I hope maybe they can save their place.

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Posted in: Gov't to create fund to subsidize parents during school closure: report See in context

The Government is trying hard to learn from the recent past and prepare in every way possible. this is a sensible wise move and I hope that other countries follow the idea. It is wise to protect the kids who are the future. Anything will help until the medical scientists can develop an effective vacine and then everyone needs to get it like when the Polio Vacine was given out in the early 1960s. This is for the best and I admire and thank Abe and the rest for doing what they can.

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Posted in: Another case of coronavirus confirmed in Northern California See in context

People dont get it from thin air. The two women clearly had contact or some opportunity to get it from someone. Someone is not being honest or was not aware. It is likely 50 percent of people will lie about thier history and their health to prevent from being forced into treatment. I suspect this one fact alone will guarantee that it will spread widely beyond control if it has not aleady. Our modern culture is so used to being able to go where it wants when it wants with no limits that it is inevitiable.

A good vacine will be the only hope but that will take time. Realistically life as we know it is over ....whether people want to accept it or not. We just need to wait for the events to unfold.

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Posted in: Does anime need to start being more politically correct for overseas audiences? See in context

H i undestand now. this rather silly article was written by a westerner who has made a profession out of seeing himself as a interpreter of Japan to the west. He evidently has not learned to respect and accept Japanese culture in its own terms instead of his own. To even suggest that bending Anime to fit western values shows very very little respect and acceptance of Anime and the culture that creates it. Japan is Japan, it is NOT an American clone or colony. There is no reason or need for Japanese Anime to please the market in the US, tho many hundreds of thousands of westerners have loved and supported Anime, Manga and much else of Japanese culture for generations now. I suppose it was useful to see this article to realize how strongly some westerners even some who have lived in Japan for years are not able to accept Japan in its own terms.

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Posted in: Does anime need to start being more politically correct for overseas audiences? See in context

this is an absolutely ridiculous article the entire question is meaningless. Anime is a creation of Japanese culture and is exactly that - Japanese culture Chinese imitations are NOT Anime. Nor are American sponsored attempts Anime either.

There is no reason to make any changes in how anime programs are made. Westerners if they want to try to twist personal relations in specific ways are welcome to do it ..in the WEST. There is no need for it in Japan. Anime is fully supported and funded fine by the Japanese audience it is created for. It does NOT need to market itself to the West. To even suggest that shows that whoever wrote this article and the editors who chose it are far very far out of touch with Japanese culture. It is like trying to make American Baseball Teams introduce elements of British Cricket. It is trying to mix apples and oranges.

As for what politicaly correct means that is a muddled attempt to twist entertainemt and popular culture into a reflection of some rather twisted values imposed by Hollywood and a liberal elite. They do NOT represent the majority of American or western people and their values. So it is an attempt to hyjack cultural elements for a political purpose. This is actually one of the funniest ideas and articles I have seen in a long time. There is no chance any self respecting Anime studio or director or Producer would even consider this and I have been working with and in the Anime industry and related fields for years.

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Posted in: Professor denies he was pressured to remove videos on virus-hit ship See in context

I came back to say something that I feel needs to be said. I am in my late 60s and have seen enough of life and studied history all of my life enough to recognize important events. This event, this disease, is a bigger thing than most of you or anyone seem to realize or accept. I feel it may challenge Japan and the wider world deeply. Japan may be more equipped to deal with it having survived WWII and terrible events few can accurately describe...and a long history of major natural challenges. This is another one such, even if it was created on purpose it occurs person by person in a natural way to make ill and sometimes to end people's lives. It may spread widely and be harder to stop than most countries most people are willing to take real steps to stop.

Japan is strong but also a closed society with layers and closed levels and boundaries. It may need to get even more so, rather than less. Many of you feel the issues of free speech and such issues of importance when the real issue is taken lightly. For the betterment of all of us going thru it and we all near and far may be affected before it is over, I feel we need to get serious and look at this honestly and not worry about blame and shame, all involved are surely doing their level best. If they fail, then we have to try harder and encourage them to continue to do more if they can. That is what i felt the need to say. The first Cherry trees bloomed this week, i hope that is a hopeful sign. thanks. Good fortune to us all.

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Posted in: Professor denies he was pressured to remove videos on virus-hit ship See in context

A wonderful discussion here looking at all sides. well done.

i have he greatest admiration for the doctor who was brave enough to tell the truth. I am sure it will be hard for him but the truth is scary and very very hard to accept. until there is a vacine life is doing to be very scary for a lot of people all over the world very

good luck us.

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Posted in: Japanese data on cruise ship coronavirus infections backs quarantine strategy See in context

the only truth here is in the comments but not all of them. I see already manufactured posters trying to support this sham of a quarantine. it was a joke from the start. No organized supervision just free chaos aboard and the government testing a tiny portion when everyone on the ship needed to be tested immediately and then removed to a secure facility at the expense of the cruise line which is responsible for events aboard their ships. Simple and workable. Was it done? no

the result was a huge incubator for the virus which is now being distributed to the world becaues NO one has the foresight and courage to quareantine everyone who may be infected NOW so we will have to deal with milliions instead of thousands.

it is going to be a tough time. I am not sure theJapanese Government could have stopped it. Few governments have the strength to do it. the UN should have tried.

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Posted in: Some people believe the coronavirus is the result of a bioweapon lab experiment that got out of control? What do you think? See in context

It is indeed very possible. There are reports of that nature and were aired early in the crisis but quickly surpresed. There are Chinese military facilities for Bio Warefare in that region and could have escaped. i am very sure it was not released on purpose. Not even the dictatorial leadership of modern China which resembles the ancient empire more and more would do such a thing to their own people I hope.

There are so many questions about this virus, not just the numbers of those infected and dead, but also about its origin.

As many have pointed out, the BL4 lab in Wuhan is not far from the market the virus is supposed to have originated from. This lab probably had a leak of a bioweapon. There are serious questions about the research labs in China and the security of the viruses they are studying.

Recently two researchers at Harvard: the head of the Chemistry Department, Charles Leiber, and a Chinese national, Zaosong Zheng, doing research in pathology at Harvard's lab at Beth Deaconess Medical Center were arrested for possible espionage ties to China. Zheng was arrested for trying to smuggle biological research items out of a Boston lab and into China, aboard a commercial flight.

The kind of genetic research Zheng was doing can be used for medical and vaccine purposes but also for bioweapons research. It seems clear that China was actively trying to bribe U.S. researchers, and to infiltrate their labs to steal research that could be very dangerous if not handled properly.

It is worth asking questions about the level of security and safety of Wuhan's BL4 lab, the viruses there and all of Chinas labs, especially when one of the top Chinese research scientists is trying to smuggle biological matter into China for testing in his lab, by hiding it in his socks.

If we are not investigating the origins of the virus and these espionage incidents, then more pandemics will follow.

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Posted in: 44 more people on cruise ship test positive for virus; some elderly to be allowed off See in context

Samit read the comments just above yours....

Educator60Feb. 13 10:29 pm JST

The tv news reported that the Kanagawa woman who died is the mother-in-law of the infected Tokyo taxi driver.

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Posted in: Human-hunting film set for release after Trump 'racist' row See in context

it is hard to beliee how horrific Hollywood and the people who run it have become. And truly this will do nothing more than enflame and foment social unrest. What a sad sad thing to read about posing as entertainment. I have not gone to a big studio movie in years not since the Jurrasic Park horrors which everyone else brushed off as a thriller. It has gotten much worse. thanks for reporting on this. that is good coverage.

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Posted in: Junior high school students filmed up skirts of female classmates, sold images See in context

It horrifies me how insensitive people can be in this supposedly enlightened age. The girls in this situation WERE abused and violated. Period. The boys are pervets and need to be punished and disciplined over time not just scoffed at. Good to see this covered and a lively and interesting discussion but wow, i was shocked by many of the comments. And happy to see others. Well said Girl in Tokyo i commend you for your candor and perception,

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Posted in: Cruise ship virus cases jump to 175, including quarantine officer See in context

Given the way the world today has literally no limits or controls on movement anywhere, it is likely that the entire world will be infected to some degree and the hope is for either a effective vaccine or some rigid and iron clad rules to protect areas . The Black Death killed 1/4 of the population of Europe and it started with one boat load of soldiers coming back from the middle east.

dont forget that 2 million people fled from the epicenter of the virus in China two days before it was shut in.

time for people to be realsitic. I am sorry for those caught in the situation but such things happen in life.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes succession talks after crown prince's April announcement See in context

Gender Equality is a non issue. Men are men and women are women. common sense has prevailed thru thousands of years until recently some people have made it their career to foment discord between the legitimate sexes and promote bizarre alternatives. The Imperial Family has every right to decide how to handle the succession. the rules are clear and were the choice of the government and thru them the people. Let it be.

There are other things more worthy of concern.

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Posted in: Oscars, movies help pass the time on cruise ship quarantined in Yokohama See in context

I feel for them all. It will be a remarkable story in years to come. And frankly they may not be allowed off the ship for a long time if the incuabation time of the disease is actually 28 days in stead of 15 as chinese doctors on the front line are saying now. and if those who are known to have it have had contact with others and there is no way they have NOT..then those people too will be kept longer and the roll over may continue ad infinituem.

It is a remarkable story. It is fortunate in many ways that the ship was stuck in Japan which is a country taking the threat seriously even tho they still wont force their own citizens to get tested if they refuse. That too may change once people realize how serious this all is. People in the US where I am now are in denial, and trying to ignore it mostly But with modern travel and the fact that 2 million chinese escaped from the center of the threat in the three days before the city was locked down, can and may be anywhere at all. If they have money they may well have left China and the US is a good candidate for where the wealthiest may be now. I feel it is highly unlikely any or many of them will reveal the truth,. Would you? not many people these days would or will do the brave thing when it comes to their own life ..A fascinating chance to study modern culture and how people react in a crisis. thanks for the good coverage here.

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Posted in: U.S. allows SoftBank-backed Nuro to deploy driverless delivery vehicles See in context

this is totally nuts. I always have felt that this kind of effort was suited for Sci Fi movies but not for realty . I have no idea how this was approved and will urge the lawmakers in Washington to stop it immediately. It is just beyond belief ...and shows the hubris and arrogance of an unbridled techno elite who have no common sense.

Really does make me fear for the future of mankind. it is NOT a waste of time for Humans to spend tie making deliveries, it is JOB that provides a service and employment for the humans who need to make a living, instead of a machine that exists to make money for someone. It is that simple.

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Posted in: Japan bars entry of 2nd cruise ship See in context

This is a good chance for the world to wake up and realize that the days of open borders and open travel are long gone. There are too many health risks in the third world countries and China frankly is one of them in spite of the modernization, and the developed countries will have learned from the disaster of the flood of illegal invaders from the Middle east into Europe. The fantasy of Globalism is just that, an impossible dream and the flu from China is making that clear.

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Posted in: 3 more coronavirus cases found on cruise ship in Yokohama See in context

I am sorry that the passengers and crew on the ship have bee exposed but ....for the sake of the welfare of millions a few thousand will need to suffer the consequences of fate and chance. It may get worse for them if the virus spreads as it may indeed do, and frankly I am not sure that ship will be able to disembark anywhere.

I am glad Japan is showing the strength of will and fortitude to stand strong and do what is best for their country.

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