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Posted in: Kishida dissolves lower house for Oct 31 national election See in context

oooo very spooky!

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Posted in: Keeping a watchful eye See in context

absolutely terrifying. welcome to dystopia

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Posted in: There has been no change even after the law to promote efforts to prevent school bullying was established in 2013 after my son's suicide. See in context

Parents and teachers could do A LOT more to intervene. Let's also teach kids some confidence!

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Posted in: Surfers sidelined as California races to clean up oil spill See in context

won't someone please think of the surfers?


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Posted in: Japan eyes tougher jail sentence for insults to tackle cyberbullying See in context

to those saying oh just don't go online are either Luddites, not creatives/business owners of some kind(they use socials for promoting and sharing their work) or just plain ignorant.

the fact is that the internet is and has been a part of our lives for decades. we need to learn to treat each other better using it. it's just as real and impactful as physical space.

secondly what an insult to Kimura that those people only had to pay 90 dollars for contributing to her death.

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Posted in: Japan to extend state of emergency again; set road map to lift curbs See in context

lol I'm sorry, what restrictions are there now?

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Posted in: Takaichi joins race to be next PM; outlines 'Sanaenomics' policy See in context

Michael Scott "no" meme

Our world does NOT need more fascism!

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Posted in: Trial of accused 9/11 mastermind restarts, days before 20th anniversary See in context

not that I'm okay with the acts they are being tried for...but it's absolutely laughable (in the most depressing way) that THEY are treated so inhumanely as war criminals and yet the US presidents who are guilty of far worse sit comfortably in their designer suits.

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Posted in: Opposition protests LDP's refusal to convene Diet session See in context

The saddest thing is most Japanese under 45 just don't vote. They've bought in wholesale that their vote doesn't change anything. And we are

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Posted in: Int'l body calls on Japan for stronger anti-money laundering actions See in context

I've had my cash card suddenly stop working only to report this to the bank and be met with a stack of anti-laundering forms to fill out. I suspect it was done on purpose so I would fill these out. Absolutely insane. They treat regular people like criminals and yet the LDP can accept massive bribes as it pleases.

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Posted in: Author Murakami criticizes Suga over pandemic measures See in context

Murakami for PM!

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Posted in: Couple arrested after 18-year-old girl found dead in Yamanashi See in context

how bizarre to release the poor victim's name but not the murderers names.


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Posted in: Kishida to run against Suga in LDP leadership race See in context

sigh another useless puppet.

however I will be SO happy to never see another photo of Suga's dead fish face again.

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Posted in: Illegal amounts of overtime going on at 37% of Japanese companies in government inspections See in context


exactly this! it's wholly inefficient! they are wasting human and physical resources by sitting in the office for so long. wasting electricity and life.

It's honestly disturbing how many Japanese people I've met who don't have any hobbies or know what to do outside of work aside from drinking.

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Posted in: Schools take action against rising pandemic-linked student suicides See in context

it's still just lip service!

these schools will still bully and enforce their militaristic rules for any child who is different. There is no mental health support here.

going "back to normal" for these schools is just causing child death by their regular means and not from the pandemic.

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Posted in: 33 prefectures now under state of emergency as virus surges See in context

how to say you don't want a national lockdown without saying it

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Posted in: Japan to set up panel on imperial succession as family shrinks See in context

yawn Why does it bloody matter? Royal families are absolutely useless. Just look at Britain. What positive contributions do they make?

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Posted in: Post-COVID-19, the office will be a clubhouse, says Dialpad CEO See in context

lawl spends 12k on a video set up and buys a Yeti mic, hilarious

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Posted in: Girl sues Tokyo high school that made her drop out for breaking no-dating rule See in context

I must be missing something but how can a school claim authority over a students life outside of school? sounds more than a little sketchy.

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Posted in: With Olympics at stake, Mori seen as too influential to push aside See in context

absolutely spineless. Mori must go, along with the Olympics.

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Posted in: Pet ownership in Japan on the rise amid pandemic See in context

pets aren't a fad, they're living feeling creatures. the state of animal welfare in this country is utterly depressing. I'd love to see a ban on "puppy mills" and tight regulations on breeders as well. don't even get me started on pet stores...

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Posted in: Death penalty sought for serial murder suspect See in context

sigh I don't know why I read these types of articles first thing in the morning...

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Posted in: As teen suicides rise, 21-year-old Japanese student starts online message counseling See in context

Private citizens filling the gov'ts responsibility. This isn't good when the gov't fails so completely at their duty, that regular people need to volunteer to provide a necessary service. Unironically depressing.

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Posted in: Rescued crewman dies; records reveal defects with cattle ship sunk off Japan See in context

Poor cows indeed. I wouldn't say the waters are "shark infested" though. There's no infestation, they literally live there, it's their home.

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Posted in: Annual dolphin hunt starts in Wakayama whaling town See in context

culture stops at cruelty.

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