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Posted in: Police investigate report of someone spreading white powder on street in Hyogo See in context

jfc. a big circus all for some flour. no one in their right mind would be spreading very expensive drugs onto the shrubs. maybe who gives a sht, it'll wash away when it rains

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Posted in: Cannabis-derived gummies probed after 9 fall ill in Tokyo See in context

how does one probe a gummy?

but seriously just legalize thc, these analogs will always be FAR more dangerous than the natural plant. the gov't could make so much money. it's absurd.

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Posted in: Clothes thrifting in Japan: How to get started See in context

tbh thrifting in Japan is a pretty disappointing experience at first. You'll be met with more curated "vintage" shops that have marked up their clothes to an extreme degree than true second-hand shops. It was a huge culture shock to find those price tags. Most people will thrift because it's what's affordable to them. Some of the best I've found are Treasure Factory and 2nd Street.

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Posted in: Japan to tackle hay fever by felling cedar forests near major cities See in context

Finally! hopefully they replant with something that produces less pollen but is still native to Japan.

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Posted in: Japan's Self-Defense Forces struggling to recruit new members See in context

Because what's the point? it's not enticing at all. Aside from that, young people hardly even vote so why would they jump on the nationalist military bandwagon?

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Posted in: Japanese educators want to allow students to use robot substitutes to attend school See in context

so that kid who can't sit still will now be an unstoppable 200lb robot who refuses to sit in its designated area

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Posted in: Japan to boost response to quasi-legal drugs amid rising health fears See in context

ah yes, the eternal game of drug war wack-a-mole continues. No mention of decriminalizing marijuana to actually deal with this issue. so stubborn...

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Posted in: This summer, will you be traveling abroad or within Japan? See in context

with THIS heat? and in THIS economy? another staycation is in store

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Posted in: Japan logs ¥1.86 tril current account surplus in May See in context

that's nice. my salary is still low and my living expenses still high.

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Posted in: 27% of Japan's nursing homes face bankruptcy due to price hikes: survey See in context

Elderly care facilities should be fully funded by the gov't. If gov'ts have enough money for war and the support of such from other countries then they have enough to take care of it's people who require aid now.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police offer bounties for 8 prominent overseas activists See in context

absolutely disgusting behaviour by the Hong Kong gov't. Have they no shame? how far they have fallen...

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Posted in: Hollywood braced for 'double strike' as actors' deadline looms See in context

Netflix and Disney need to understand that without writers AND actors, their film businesses are a burning hole in the pocket. Everyone wants to consume but no one wants to pay a fair price

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Posted in: Critics of Tokyo redevelopment plan accuse city government of ignoring residents' wishes See in context

Tokyo is no stranger to gov't corruption, it's really sad how short sighted they can be. good on these people for pushing back against it

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Posted in: Japanese A-bomb victim's paper cranes eyed for UNESCO heritage list See in context

ya'll are children lol.

we can recognize atrocities of war without it becoming a contest of who is the worst offender. The atomic bombs were abhorrent AND so were Imperial Japan's actions against other countries. Both can be true simultaneously.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 13 crows with pesticide claims they were noisy See in context

what a psychopath. it's sad that likely nothing of significance will be done about his murderous behaviour.

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Posted in: Japan faces headwinds in drawing foreign workers despite visa change See in context

and no mention of the rampant abuse and extreme under pay of foreign workers, surely that has no bearing on whether people want to work in this country...

oh but let's make a special new visa for rich foreigners who want to come here. nice classism Japan

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Posted in: Studio Ghibli says no to trailers and commercials for Hayao Miyazaki’s new anime movie See in context

I appreciate this. I think trailers and promotional materials often give too much of the film away before even watching it.

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Posted in: Several crew of U.S. Navy ship in Japan suspected of drug trafficking See in context

oh no...scary scary drugs. what awful bad men

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Posted in: Japan to provide 100 military vehicles to Ukraine See in context

first thing I thought is...what side is the steering wheel on though lol

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Posted in: Wearable binoculars gifted to G7 spouses by Kishida's wife See in context

gifted only to spouses? is this so they can look on from the sidelines while their partners have meetings and shake hands? lol

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Posted in: Public safety chief kept eating at restaurant despite Kishida attack news See in context

I don't understand the issue. He was having lunch and there was news of an attack. I'm sure his phone was with him so he could be contacted. Let the dude finish eating

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Posted in: Students mask up at graduation ceremonies despite PM saying they don’t have to See in context

Well it could also be that these allergies are really bad right now. So, who cares? If the gov't would stop the tree monoculture we would likely be wearing fewer masks as well.

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Posted in: Kishida says ban on same-sex marriage not discrimination See in context

I dunno but I'm pretty sure banning couples from marrying based on their choice of partner is LITERALLY discrimination. there's some intense mental gymnastics going on here. what a buffoon

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Posted in: Local coding school inspires a new generation of young coders See in context

This is a wonderful initiative! Love to see young people engaging with shaping tech and learning how it works, not just consuming it.

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Posted in: Man who falsely claimed someone stabbed him sent to prosecutors See in context

This is really sad…

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Posted in: U.S. envoy confident Japan will ban LGBTQ discrimination See in context

yeah those marriage certificates are an absolute sham, they are utterly meaningless. When they real law comes to pass, allowing marriage for whomever then things will begin to change.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to boost child-rearing budget to 4% of GDP See in context

They’re never gonna get it are they… smdh while this is helpful it does not address WHY people aren’t having kids. This is a much bigger issue with companies, work culture and low wages.

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Posted in: Japan's ruling party to promote debate on bill for LGBT people See in context

what does further understanding even mean? what a useless gesture. get on with the actual changes!

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Posted in: Diabetic man dies in police custody after not eating for 3 days or being given medication See in context

It sounds like another case of "I was just doing what I was told" or following the rule book. absolute bs. How about having compassion and more than 2 brain cells, let's try that first

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