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By the way, CrucialS, tell me why you and posters of your ilk here are so eager and intent for a pro-relocation candidate to win in this election. Doesn't it mean the Henoko relocation plan has been carried out by Washington's initiative?

First and foremost the LDP/New Komieto candidates have better platforms focused on legitimate and tangible improvements for Okinawa or their districts. The opposition runs in one issue every time (its shown in their losing record recently).

Secondly, closing Futenma is a must and the relocation to Camp Schwab is the fastest way to do it.

Finally, relocation is the lowest priority of supporting candidates like Sakima Atsushi. Anyone who has lived in Okinawa without an agenda or bias knows that the bases and Schwab expansion are not a priority amongst the common people here. It’s an issue totally exaggerated by few media sources and mostly western media. Most Okinawans want better paying m quality jobs and better education for their kids.

casting by dangling carrots and big money in order for a candidate in their favor to be elected

Sounds like you’re just bitter that the candidate you wanted didn’t run on a better and more widely supported platform.

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Will voters be able to see through this crafty tactics of the pro-relocation camp’s?

... more likely, the voters will elect Atsushi because he (and all recent LDP winners) doesn’t center their platforms on the base issues. Okinawans have higher priorities and concerns... it’s not 2014 anymore

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Can we please get some Eldridge OpEds published here. At least he makes clear concise points backed by data instead of rambling emotional appeals

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This isn't an incident. This is a precautionary landing to ensure the aircraft is capable of completing its flight without incident.


This isn't newsworthy this is just pilots being responsible.

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Why is it any different if bases with amenities are built for the Air Force/Army (like in the countries I've listed) than if its built for the Marines. By that standard your argument fails miserably since on Okinawa nearly all of the amenities you listed are Air Force owned such as the beach resort you talk about and all but one golf course.

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RIP Onaga.

Name another country outside of Japan that would build thousands of Central Air conditioned Housing units, Dependent Schools, Day Care Centers, Golf Courses, Military Clubs, Libraries, Bowling Centers, and other leisure centers for the U.S. Marines who contribute almost nothing to the defense of Japan. I wish that all Japanese Taxpayers could come inside the Marine Bases and see what their tax money has been spent on.

Challenge accepted! Republic of Korea, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and Saudi Arabia...

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Goodlucktoyou on there being a shred of truth to that massively anecdotal claim. I could believe it if you were drinking with tourists from Beijing or one of the many Chinese exchange students who study at the Universities... Whoever you talk to does not seem very Uchinanchu in mannerism and politeness.

Onaga’s action shouldn’t be judged in terms of legal technicalities only. The whole relocation issue must be discussed in light of a broader picture of why it’s absolutely necessary for Futenma’s functions to be maintained in Okinawa at all.

That's not how the law works. A legal standing agreement gave permission to build the expansion to Camp Schwab and Onaga is reneging on the agreement and it will be judged on whether he has the legal right to renege or not. The broader picture no longer matters in regards to constructing the expansion and hasn't for years.

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Guam is better as Americans are not hated, and well, it is American

They're not hated in Okinawa either. People who actually live here know that and what you read from the Times or Shinpo is a distorted one sided view meant to fuel the false opinions such as the one you stated.

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With America's 800 billion annual trade deficit, it is time for a fair playing field. This should not be difficult for anyone to understand.

We have a trade deficit because we import, we import because American consumers prefer to buy lower cost products, lower cost products are made overseas where the cost of living is lower. We don't manufacture here because the cost of production is to expensive in the US, we design a product and then build the overseas. The moment costs for US consumer's goes up this whole plan will go up in smoke.

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yes with all the welfare handouts under the President back then no wonder it collapsed. This time, unemployment down, welfare down, illegal aliens out, and most importantly, consumer confidence up.

This comment makes no sense and here is why

-It's spoonfed Hanity Crapola.

-President George W. Bush was in office when the 2008 bubble burst occurred.

-It had nothing to do with government handouts and more to do with deregulation leading to risky.

-Illegal Aliens probably are a greater benefit to the economy than harm. It's cheaper labor (good for industry) leading towards cheaper prices (good for consumers) and their lack of documentation means they don't require any insurance/benefits. Probably the only negative of undocumented people is they can't be taxed.

-It's more commonly accepted that the current economy is a result of President Obama's late first term and second term policies and this is a continuation of the trends that those policies initiated. Trump had very little to do with the current economy. It's more likely his reversal on a lot of those policies will lead do a weaker economy in the 2020's. Especially when you launch a trade war... I mean read on world trade from the 1880s-1910s. We learned a long time ago tariffs were a bad practice.

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return all excess land to the people of Okinawa so they can improve their quality of life

It's not the military bases that degrade their quality of life, it's the dysfunction and laziness of the OPG. They've done nothing to improve the economic opportunities outside of boost tourism. Tourism increases may look good but it only provides low paying service industry jobs. Rather than focus on base issues the OPG could focus on bringing in higher paying industries (tech, pharma, transport) that would higher skilled/educated people. Those companies aren't staying away because of the bases and educated Okinawans aren't moving to the mainland because of the bases.

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Prefectural Governors don’t dictate national security planning or sign international treaties. Constantly bringing up the base issue as if the governor has a vote is a moot point. Nagasaki, Yamaguchi, Shizuoka, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Aomori don’t get votes in the disposition of military installations in their prefecture and neither should Okinawa.

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Sure, practice all you want (print more money as well). Just remove the invasion of North Korea as the objective.

That’s not the objective and wherever you heard that is making false claims for propaganda. The objective is to repel the invasion initiated by the DPRK and prevent them from being capable of continuing a military conflict.

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And here we go... cant wait to see the same regurgitated arguments. 

said the Ph.D. candidate at the University of the Ryukyus and executive member of the Association of Comprehensive Studies for Independence of the Lew Chewans.

The pro-independence organization uses in its name the original, local-language word for "Ryukyuans,"

At this point the argument becomes dismissible because it speaks for less that 5% of the population. The independence movement has no support.

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The timing of this exercise is so ridiculous that it almost appears that the hawks pushed it through to sabotage the upcoming talks.

The funding, logistics, and planning that go into a training exercise would make it highly impossible to be "pushed through." Government approval of funding for things is as terrible as waiting at the DMV or your local Ward Office... About the only thing the "hawks" did was not try to cancel the exercise that "North Korea had earlier said it would allow them to go ahead" (source Which for the Republic of Korea and US is completely understandable because there has not been a concrete guarantee and a history of broken promises from the DPRK.

The only one to blame is here is the DPRK and people have bene naïve to think anything was going to change.. history proves it

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Unless you disprove my claim or if you just ignore it, the Marines in Okinawa will be dubbed as illegal squatters . You simply can't "let it go."

You’re literally the only one who says this so it’s no skin off of the logical thinkers back. If you really think this is true you should put your money where your mouth is and file a lawsuit over and it instead if repeating it in a comment section.

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who will support the execution*

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So that means every city excluding Naha and Nanjo have pro ruling block mayors who will execute the relocation. If it doesn’t make it clear that the relocation is not a focal point of Okinawa politics the you’re just being delusional. This issue is done, the dead horse has been beaten to pulp. Let’s move on with our lives.

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I bet he is transported back to the base, stripped of his ID and sent packing back to America. He will drink and drive again for sure as he has no control over his addiction.

He will serve his prison term in Japanese jail and then returned to the Marine Corps where he will be dishonorably discharged.

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If the situation was reversed and a DPRK Moon impersonator had done the same in front of ROK cheerleaders there would have been outrage directed against the North Koreans for such insensitivity.

No, no one would have cared because Moon doesn't force his people to eat dirt or claim he is a god.

Hopefully he helped some of those people wake up to the terrible and cruel mockery of a government that runs their nation.

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What will the talks achieve? It's not like the DPRK will give up their nuclear program after these talks.

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You don't need expertise to judge the land expropriation by the U.S. occupation army in 1945 and thereafter was in violation of this Convention. Incidentally, in case you don't know, the second wave of land expropriation occurred in the 1950's. Masahide Ota writes in his 1995 book that, in order to prevent protesting farmers and house owners from resisting, troops with bayonetted rifles and bulldozers were mobilized to uproot them and crush houses.

Well in that case it still wasn't illegal, Okinawa was a US territory under the Civil Administration of the Ryukyu Islands. The Federal Government has the right to eminent domain which includes private property if compensation is provided. From what I've read the people forced out of there homes were provided compensation. Whether is was fair or not.. I wasn't the one forced out of their home so my opinion is moot but I can say it is legal and all the bases were legally established.  Even using the Laws and Customs of War on Land to contest the legality is shaky at beast because the US can use Article 42 and Article 52 to justify their actions.

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Article 46 of Geneva Convention . The singular term Geneva Convention usually denotes the agreements of 1949,

-The first Geneva Convention ("for the Amelioration of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces and Field") and the second Geneva Convention ("for the Amelioration of the Condition of Wounded, Sick and Shipwrecked Members of Armed Forces at Sea") are similar, covering land and sea respectively. They embody the main idea which led to the founding of the Red Cross: if a member of the armed forces is wounded or sick, and therefore in no condition to take an active part in the hostilities, he is no longer part of the fighting force and becomes a vulnerable person in need of protection and care.

-The third Geneva Convention ("Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War") covers members of the armed forces who fall into enemy hands. They are in the power of the enemy State, not of the individuals or troops who have captured them

-The fourth Geneva Convention ("Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War") covers all individuals "who do not belong to the armed forces, take no part in the hostilities and find themselves in the hands of the Enemy or an Occupying Power". It also includes use, requisition, and destruction by the Occupying Power of real or personal property belonging individually or collectively to private persons, or to the State, or to other public authorities, or to social or cooperative organizations, is prohibited, except where such destruction is rendered absolutely necessary by military operations.

From what I've found, Article within the Geneva Convention relating to land use and private property fall under most of the articles written in the fourth Geneva Convention which occurred in 1949. So, it's likely that it was completely legal at the time the US used the fields outside of the villages to build the Futenma air strip. The manner in which the US conducted property seizure is also legal within the Hague Conventions as well.

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Now that they have been breaking the reef with concrete blocks and chasing off the dugong there’s not much left to fight for. The school bully has already spit in the sandwich the choice here was to eat it or starve.

You've probably only read about Okinawa and not actually have set foot here. A confirmed dugong sighting has not been spotted Oura Bay in years. Yes it's a habitat that is capable of supporting the dugong but it was rarely used. This is not the last healthy coral reef, it has been experiencing the same issues and has the same health status as the other reefs surrounding the island. For political purposes, some environmental groups have been twisting the facts. The same coral reef rushing is actually happening about 60km to the southwest at Naha International Airport. As for pollution, coral death has been more prevalent where construction for seaside resorts and farm irrigation systems have led to lots of red clay runoff which is a deadly for coral.

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I think it because they do not like how their being treated by both Americans and Japanese.

If they thought they were being mistreated by the Japanese and Americans than why didn't they re-elect Inamine?

If this is absolutely necessary then I think its time for the marines to provide a more compelling reason, other then we won the war and the land was bought for and paid for with American blood. If this is the case then whats move the us military to mainland Japan, were we should have been in the first place

They've given their strategic reasoning several times but it's ignored by people who don't want them there and supported by people who do want them there. This election goes to show that it's not as biased in Okianwa as some people would like to believe.

Here is a link that underlines several reasons the US and Japanese Government believe in Okinawa being a vital area to station the Marines

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Show how Abe's government can rig an election.

This is an insult to the people of Nago and the democratic process. They voted for their Mayor and just because you do not agree with the majority of voters doesn't mean you have the right to call it rigged.

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@extanker and @yubaru

Tanker is correct, Executive Officer's are the Commanding Officer's right hand man and fulfil the duties of the CO in his absence. For Battalion and Squadrons an XO is usually a Major and a CO is usually a Lieutenant Colonel.

It's very odd AFP didn't include the rank with the names. I'm positive the IIIMEF press release would have that information.

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Ah, the Osprey, isn't that the one nicknamed the "Widowmaker?"

No the Osprey is nicknamed the Osprey

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The local people avoid US military like a plague.

Ive been living here for years... while I served and after that time. At no point has anyone avoided me and the bonds I share with my Okinawan neighbors are as deep as a friendship can get. It’s a friendship and respect like this for most Americans and Okinawans. Many of us (the people of all nationalities who live on this island) look at the people who say the the opposite as having no understand or respect for Okinawa.

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