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You make a fair point, and certainly informed. I still think Marvel/Disney are over the top right now.

The movies are entertaining, and we've known the characters our whole lives, so there's no need to waste time with too much character development.

Then again, it's painfully obvious that some film projects have put profit and merchandising rights way ahead of a quality story. The stories are formulaic. Good guys bicker and struggle, bad guy seems like they will prevail, good guys work together and / or find previously unknown inner strength, defeat bad guy... for now... until sequel...

Critics whine about whether story is "true to canon" and use of CGI...

Rinse, repeat

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Posted in: Japanese beauty product prints English backwards on package so women can take better selfies See in context

Finally, a marketing pro who understands me!

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I love the people they have involved in the project, but frankly I am getting tired of everything Marvel all the time.

Film studios seem to have run out of new ideas.

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In light of revelations that Apaman didn't provide a service that customers paid for, it may be a good time for regulators to come take a look at how else they may have scammed customers.

This type of poor decision making starts from the top down, and some large fines should help encourage the removal of incompetent managers from the upper ranks.

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JLPT is not an indicator of whether someone is at a level with which to meet with clients. Their ability to communicate effectively while speaking in Japanese is what matters. Someone can have passed JLPT and still not be an effective communicator.

I agree! To have the textbook grammar and kanji recognition to pass N1 or N2 starting from zero could take 2-3+ years of dedicated full time study (or having a background in another Far East language). But I've watched many people become conversational in a year when they are immersed. I think they ought to just do away with levels N1 through N5 and make a scale score like the TOIEC does.

Besides, the JLPT doesn't even examine speaking ability! Nurses or care-takers don't need to know the kanji for samurai or how the 10 conjugations of how to say "I must" in order to do their job.

After all, there will still be Japanese supervisors on staff!

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I was not a caregiver in Japan, but I was an IT consultant. Despite holding JLPT N2, my Japanese employer wouldn't put me on projects with Japanese clients, only with foreign businesses operating in Japan. I guess not even the JLPT 2 is enough for a respectable bank or insurance company.

I tell you what though, if you're foreign and want to work in a restaurant, conbini, or kiosk for 750 yen / hr, the Japanese will snatch you right up even if you've only been in Japan for a week and can't spell konnichi-wa.

I hope the politicians, businessmen, and hospital owners realize the oxymoron they've put themselves in. They want people with a skillset that simple doesn't exist, and can't seem to find a way provide a path to get there!

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Wild boars are a threat to human safety in mountain communities, and boars are hunted and trapped daily to keep residents safe from attacks. They're not like deer, they don't run away from humans. I encounter boar almost monthly, and I keep my distance when I hear them coming.

This isn't Narnia where all animals are just like humans and can be bargained with.

Ashiya is a wealthy neighborhood with many schools just outside of Kobe where houses back up against the forests of Mt. Rokko.

Not killing the boar could result in more people (not to mention school children) being put at risk.

Sometimes you have to use the tools available in an emergency, and tranquilizing boars is not the protocol for hunters; they kill boars.

Go ahead and feel bad for the way boar was killed, but these people did what they needed to protect the community.

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Posted in: Snapcrap app steps in to take on public poop in San Francisco See in context

What a crappy place to live!

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Posted in: Philip Morris woos puff-happy Japan for post-smoking era See in context

I'd rather be out at an izakaya or bar with only iQOS and vape users, and no cigarettes...

... but ultimately the goal should still be a smoking ban in public places including restaurants and bars.

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Dog gonnit!

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The hiring process is simply in the intersection of so many other failures of big businesses and the university system.

A. Most Japanese university students finish the required 120 credit hours in 3 years. Despite this, they still pay tuition for a 4th year, while doing minimal coursework while job-hunting and taking graduation trips.

SOLUTION: Spread out your coursework over 4 years, have a part-time job and a hobby, gain soft skills, that way your last year in college isn't a whirlwind.

B. Then, the average student applies to 50 or more companies, handwriting each resume (a time-consuming process). That means company HR offices have to go through thousands of CVs from their feeder schools.

SOLUTION: Students research companies, don't apply to every company you've ever heard of. Companies should absolutely allow a typed resume in 2018, and hire science grads for lab-work, business grads for accounting.

C. As 1/3 of new hires quit in one year, my well-informed hypothesis is that this stems from the amount of companies pressuring new employees to do unpaid overtime, and often mandating new-hires relocate sometimes within the first year.

SOLUTION: Companies pay your employees for their time worked. Stop cooking the books. If you hire an applicant for the Osaka office, don't relocate them in Fukuoka in 6 months.

D...E...F...G... Failure to adapt to 21st century global information grid and so on...

If the Keidanren doesn't revamp this system, sure some people might be uncomfortable for a few years, but failing to do so will put Japan even further behind the global curve than it already has become.

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Posted in: 6 killed, 2 injured in motorcycle crash in Nara See in context

Just checked a few other news sites. There were 8 people riding on only 3 bikes... definitely some foolishness going on. I hope the 2 that survive can shed some light on this.


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More public water fountains = less plastic bottle usage

More incentives for bringing reusable bags = less plastic bags

Less products individually wrapped inside a wrapper inside another wrapper

Less staff at conbini's and grocery stores putting single items in plastic bags

... the legislation lacks penalties for those not complying.

And how about laws that have teeth, instead of polite suggestions.

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"It is difficult to know the actual working conditions of the trainees and trainees cannot easily raise their voices," said Shinichiro Nakashima

No it's not. You need to have your labor and or immigration regulators get off their butts and visit the work sites.

A man who runs a construction company in the hardest-hit town of Mashiki said he was surprised to find local subcontractors using so many foreign workers

Oh, and shifting the blame to a subcontractor? Classic move there

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Gimme a break. That arrangement clearly runs counter to "work-life balance." It's really so workers can spend endless hours at the office instead of going to home and spending time with their families. If workers want to do yoga, relax or "refesh," the best place for most people is in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. No way, I'd do any of that at my office. Ugh.

In defense of Takeda, they are headed by a European CEO and have several other foreign executives. They operate more like a European company than a Japanese company. This new office design follows suit with what has been going on overseas for a while.

Also, if you are visiting Tokyo from their overseas branches, you may not be able to get a membership at a gym for a week, so having these amenities in the office is a nice perk. Also, not everyone working their has a family and kids, so for college grads this could be a great place to start!

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Posted in: One in four young people in Japan’s biggest cities thinking of moving to countryside See in context

5,000-person study in which they asked participants if they want the government to put greater effort into programs helping urban residents of Japan relocate to rural areas

I have a completely different idea, and it involves entrepreneurs and businesses making telecommuting a possibility in this country. Around the globe there are free-lance programmers, graphics designers, writers, and a myriad of other jobs that could be down just about anywhere.

If the private sector takes advantage of modern telecommunications breakthroughs of the last 20 years, Japan may finally join the rest of the world on tele-work and reserve the extreme urbanization trends.

Heck, maybe then there will be more children born each year!! Wishful thinking!

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Just a thought: they could cut into a lot of the noise complaints if police could actually stop all those bozo kids and their engine revving.

They hit my neighborhood several times a night which I'm sure generates dozens of calls each time.

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I was about 99% this headline was a typo, and that it was supposed to read "Aso ridicules NK leader's plan"

But no, Aso is just that petty

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I don't see this as good for consumers, just the banks themselves. Bank hours 9 - 15, ATM hours 7 - 22. Banks here serve you when it's convenient for them!

The banks can imagine that Japan will become a cashless society. But the ojisan selling takoyaki out of a van outside of a busy station stations isn't ready for it!

Might be a better idea to promote the use of mobile payment for small vendors before reducing ATMs, especially in time for the Olympics.

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It was just last week when Aso said the problem with the harassment complaint is that it was filed on a single sheet of paper and the font is too small!

Good work Aso, you've outdone yourself again!

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Good riddance. Someone needed to be the fall boy in this industry in Japan.

If you have a shred of remorse for the man, just remember, a man just got out of the hospital for alcohol abuse, immediately started drinking, and called a 16 year old girl over to his house hoping to get some. Premeditated or not, that's disgusting.

Don't be naïve, this is probably not even the first time it happened at Yamaguchi's house. Hopefully this incident makes women feel a little bit empowered to stand up and say it's not okay to prey on high school girls just because you have money and fame. Or even if you have neither!

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Nervous breakdown? I see this from time to time...

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Posted in: Oita hotel to close for 10 days in a row to give employees time off See in context

When you plan your schedule this tightly, it leaves no room for employees to take time for family emergencies, weddings, and god forbid contagious illness. The cardinal sin of Japanese firms.

They could have easily used the money forgone by this 10 day block to hire and train contingency staff to allow full-time staff year-round flexibility in their holidays.

Going forward, companies like this have a lot to learn about managing personnel if they want to keep young employees, let alone luring foreign employees.

As the labor force grows smaller, employees will realize they hold the bargaining power. Don't believe me? Just watch (the employee retention numbers)!

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Haneda airport is bracing for a sharp increase in visitors from abroad and hopes robots can compensate for a lack of staff.

Yes, but how are visitors supposed to know which are the helper robots, and which are the Decepticons?!

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If I need to have 3 different devices to watch all the streaming content out there, I'm just going to ditch all their devices and subscriptions and go to the library where everything is free.

These corporations can shove it. I still haven't seen a single episode of Game of Thrones, and I'm doing just fine. Unplug your junk, and get a hobby or something...

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I'm a big fan of hers, especially in the series Jin.

But let's get serious for a second, I think she is a spokesperson for way too many companies. It kind of dilutes her name, and appeal

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What else do you want the universities and advisors to do more than they already do?

You know what J. Inc. needs to do? Stop lying to foreign college grads about career prospects.

"You will be hired into the up and coming cyber security department" Japanese for...

"You are being assigned to an underfunded, understaffed, experimental department that was started to keep up with our competitors. You'll be asked to look over e-mails and power point presentations to make sure the English version makes sense for our foreign customers"

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Posted in: U.S. Air Force F-35 fighters fly to Okinawa; 1st deployment in Asia See in context

The arrival of the aircraft, in what could be the latest show of force toward North Korea

In the business, it's actually just called "modernization"

The F-35 program has been underway for more than 10 years. So it's not like the U.S. military just decided to throw it up overnight cause Trump and Kim Jong Un are going at it... just saying

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Absolutely delusional!

Just this week they refused the measure to curb public smoking and protect public health.

Now they want to tax smoking, which causes a myriad of illnesses and obviously raises public health costs...?

The irony, folks

The question is, will the JT lobbyists even LET them raise taxes...?

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Posted in: No. of foreign part-timers at convenience stores rising See in context

For students: part timing at a conbini / restaurant is extremely helpful for language acquisition. It also helps cover expenses. I worked a baito, and I highly recommend it!

For "management interns": I only worry that including this type of job in the intern program may have greater benefits for the conbini chains (i.e. cheap labor). Unless the chains provide a path to long term employment and visa sponsorship...

The Technical Intern Training Program is constantly slammed for low pay, or providing sub par housing as "compensation", and a nearly impossible path to citizenship

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