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...the Japanese Government’s 2020/30 Overall Target of Women Holding 30 Percent of Management and Leadership Positions by 2020.

The goal for 30% of managerial roles held by women by 2020 was, and still is unrealistic, based on the fact that recruiting standards didn't follow suit. I completely agree with the author.

Meanwhile, companies are trying create jobs for working moms, but the only "success" stories I often hear about are placing women in call centers or clerical work. 1,000 yen / hour, and not on a managerial track.

Getting women in the workforce into managerial roles will require shorter hours for both women AND men so someone can be at home to support children, and an effort to open more daycares accessible to employees. Just look at what the rest of the world has been doing to support dual working families.

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And still, the consumer pays a high price.

Pukey2, of course the price is higher to the consumer. That's exactly the way the Japanese quota / subsidy system is designed to work.

Rice on the world market is pennies on the dollar compared to Japanese rice.

The business model up until now is: "Elect politicians that support and protect the rice subsidy". We need more people like Yokota-san to get out there and challenge the status quo. Farmers should earn profits on efficiency, not off the taxpayers!!

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Posted in: Man missing after his mother, sister found dead in Nishinomiya home See in context

Just awful. I have never understood how people can take the lives of their family members. We need a better mental health referral system in place.

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Nuisance taxes might break up congestion by making it less affordable to stay... but Kyoto is a "must see" for any first time traveler to Japan, so I predict nothing will change except the city getting richer!

Another option would be to encourage new businesses to build more lodging capacity... but that would make too much sense

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Posted in: Cafe in Sendai will hook diners up with a virtual girlfriend to keep them company while they eat See in context

The government is looking to find ways to increase the birthrate.

The otaku culture has already foiled their plans.

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What about the teachers? You start moving school days around, and now the 2 week holiday period that teachers usually have to take their time off will virtually disappear.

I miss dearly the 10-12 weeks of summer break in the US where kids and teachers actually have the opportunity to have a break.

Meanwhile, Japanese schools use Golden Week, summer break, etc. to have all day club activities instead of just after school.

Education can happen outside school walls. Just saying.

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Posted in: Toxicity levels 100 times safety limit detected again at new fish market site See in context

Funny, I thought the reason we paid politicians so much money was so that they could foresee this kind of thing.

Exactly. They did foresee it. And then government officials and construction firms took matters in their own hands... probably to increase profit margins.

Come on Bertie, you practically live on Japan Today, don't pretend you didn't know that...

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Posted in: Oita zoo names baby monkey Piko after PPAP singer See in context

This dedication is about 6 months late. The hype over Pikotaro is looooong gone

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Posted in: Abe reaffirms conviction that TPP benefits Asia-Pacific See in context

In a sign of hope for Japan, new U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer will attend a meeting of trade ministers from the 21 (APEC) countries

He's not going there to discuss TPP revival plans. That ship has sailed. The US usually attends talks with APEC, so this is not a sign of hope at all

If they didn't get it done during the Obama years, it was never going to happen... so Abe and his people may just want to rename it the West Pacific Partnership going forward...

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Posted in: Desperately short of labor, mid-sized Japanese firms plan to buy robots See in context

Instead of having kids and getting women into the workforce.... ROBOTS!!

Crisis averted.

Great logic, Japan.

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Until Japan figures out their work/life balance situation, the vast majority of Japanese men will prefer their wives stay at home and be 'shufu' with a part time job at best.

Any woman I know that's made it up in the ranks in Japanese business either leave their kids with grandparents, the one in a thousand stay at home dad, or they don't have kids.

When will J. Inc. let working parents go home to spend time with their children??

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Posted in: Parents of workers who died due to overwork speak to students See in context

It seems to me that speaking to the presidents and human resources departments of these companies would be a better idea. SO MANY LABOR LAWS VIOLATED EVERY DAY IN JAPAN!!

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Posted in: Yamato to hire 9,000 more workers to reduce overtime See in context

I think this is great news. I feel like a lot of companies could follow the lead here

Step 1. Get the right number of employees to eliminate over time

Step 2. Establish a workday and work-style that would attract more mothers into the work place

Step 3. Japan solves MANY problems. More women in full time jobs decreases labor shortage, dual income families raise the family income, family spending increases, and fathers begin to spend more time with their children.


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Maybe Japanese banks could also stop charging customers to use ATMs on evenings weekends. This is a "service" that has been available around the world for a long time

My bank's ATM charge a convenient "handling fee" of 150 yen per use "after hours"

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I usually agree with most of you, but can you guys hear what you're saying? A population in decline like this is not good for Japan or anyone.

The pension system is not ready for this proportion of retirees. Japanese citizens hold most of the countries debt, so less people = government budget issues. The average age of farmers is already in the 60s, and farm sizes remain small and heavily subsidized. You can't feed the country affordably this way. The population pyramid won't balance out for YEARS, and the 18-64 year old population will be hugely overburdened. Think about it!

The problem is not crowdedness. The problem is fleeing rural prefectures and unsustainable urbanization with a lack of childcare to support it. The problem is overtime for everyone, and impossible working conditions for working mothers. The problem is LEADERSHIP and putting "company first" and families second.

Stop being short-sighted and calling this good for the country. That is wholly incorrect. This is bad news, and the government and corporate leaders should hurry up and commit to families and work-life balance. Go to the countryside and see for yourself, the decline is already here.

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Posted in: Watchdog to examine cost, security of Trump's Florida trips See in context

Comments are focusing heavily on the costs, but the big issue here is security. You can't easily put a price tag on people overhearing classified information.

"Spillage" (which refers to when a level of sensitive information was exposed outside of secure channels) can cost government and business far more than the travel costs of executives, and no one can honestly say what or how much the President has exposed.

You have a leader who campaigned against Clinton with the whole "Lock her up" and "Crooked Hillary" slogans. She was absolutely wrong to have used private e-mail to send sensitive info. But, you'd think Trump would be a little more careful with his political discussions considering his stance on the whole thing!

Just another way that Trump's campaign platform differs from his actions once in office.

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Posted in: Fukushima Prefecture to host Tokyo 2020 Olympic baseball & softball matches See in context


I think that's a fair assessment. People can be so quick to judge something based on name association. Like Trump University.


Absolutely agree, now getting sports fans with absolutely no knowledge of Japan's geography to understand it will be a steep hill to climb. But I hope the rest of the world will appreciate what Fukushima has to offer!

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Posted in: Trump White House sees 'deep state' behind leaks, opposition See in context

"They create a lie, spread a lie, fail to check the lie and then deny that they were behind the lie.”

Wait, Newt Gingrich said this?! What "They" is he talking about?? Doesn't he read Trump's tweets? Trump has been one of the world's masters of creating stories, spreading them on social media, failing to check them, and then denying he was behind them.

Look in the mirror Newt. Maybe both sides lie, but you've got some all stars on your side!! Ha!

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Posted in: Company promises women the man of their (financial) dreams See in context

What are the women going to bring to the table with the expectations that they have?

Sekkusu, bento, ban-gohan, akachan

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Wasn't Trump going to get all the allies to pay more so the US could reduce it's bill but now it's going to spend more?

Exactly. That's all he has ever said about it. I sincerely hope he can still manage to reduce the deficit while simultaneously raising the defense budget by $54 Billion.

"Just make our allies pay for it" - Trump-o-nomics

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Posted in: Trump blames Oscars chaos on show's political tone See in context

Excellent comment by Trump and especially because it is true.

Right, because passing envelopes to presenters has everything to do with what is being said on stage...

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Posted in: 129 stolen kindergarten application forms confiscated from man’s home See in context

This goes beyond the typical bizarre story in the crime section.

I wonder what he is trying to pull... some kind of blackmail scheme?

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Posted in: Would you support a complete ban on smoking in public places in Japan? See in context

Smoking next to lecture halls can definitely go away at Japanese colleges. Open windows in the summer = smoky classrooms.

Also, they can definitely get rid of the smoking area beside my apartment building in the first floor of the staircase at my building. There's a day care attached to that staircase for crying out loud!!

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Posted in: Asian Olympic leader backs Sapporo for 2026 Winter Games bid See in context

I think it would be awesome if the games were in Sapporo

But I don't think I can deal with 6 more years of Japanese news media building up the Olympics... I am already a little worn out on the 2020 Olympics and it's still over 3 years away...!

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Posted in: Trump disputes account of his Supreme Court nominee's comments See in context

The president is going to speak his mind

Truer words have never been spoken. And this whole article makes me feel like the 3 branches of government are having a playground dispute over who has cooties

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Posted in: Man jailed for 16 years for killing girlfriend's 3-month-old son with stimulants See in context

How could an appeal possibly lead to a different outcome?

Is he trying to blame the mother? Or some stranger that broke into their hotel room and fed the kid some genki medicine? Give me a break

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Posted in: Trump to seek quick progress with Abe on replacement trade deal See in context

Based on comments made during his first week as President, here are what I perceive to be the tenants of Trump's TPP replacement plan:

US increases import tariffs for Japanese goods, especially cars and electronics

Trump asks Japan to import more American cars and agricultural products

Trump asks Japan to invest more in its American based businesses / partnerships

Trump asks Japan to pay more for hosting the US military

Once Japan complies, Trump offers a discount on the aforementioned tariffs

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Posted in: Consumer prices in Japan fall for 1st time in 4 years in 2016 See in context

I often wonder if getting more women in the workforce would help increase spending

I would argue that dual income families would be more likely to increase spending, especially if working mothers are given more opportunities to work career track jobs that actually pay a decent salary

And by this, of course I mean jobs that are both career-oriented, but also allow people to go home at a reasonable hour

Wake up, I must be dreaming...

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Posted in: Women for women: Keiko Maruyama does her part See in context

Good steps in the right direction. Up until now the typical "man-centric" approach to helping women gain employment is by setting up call-centers that offer cheap or free daycare to mothers while they work in a room next to the daycare.

The only catch is, the pay appears to be only about 1,000 yen per hour, and in one such facility I saw on TV, the mother is still expected to go and change her children's diapers even during a work shift. A good opportunity, but still the previous model lacks any sort of upward mobility for women.

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Posted in: Falcons, Patriots to clash in Super Bowl See in context

Both AFC and NFC championship games were completely one sided. Hope to see an actual contest in the Super Bowl this year!

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