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-1 Good Bad YuriOtaniOCT. 27, 2012 - 06:58AM JST Senkaku islands belong to Japan, we are not going to just hand them over to Chinese thugs. If the 100 yen shops and their like run out of stuff then too bad. If the PRC gets these islands they will demand more.

You do realize that Japan make junk 50 years ago? If you work in Bloomberg, or standard charter bank, 60 % of their work force from china.. They all graduate from top university in uk and USA.. 10 years ago china was making junk.. But those times has pass.. They start from below and work their way up.. Just like Japan toyota made junk car and now good quality car... Most anti china prefer to focus on negative side rather than the whole picture...

And for senkaku island, both side have good claim to it.. But since it's control by Japan, so it's belong to Japan. But it doesn't stop the Chinese for claiming them.. Who cares rite.. The island is under Japan control, what more do you want? Same goes to diaoyu and kuril..nthose island are not control by Japan and yet Japan claim them...

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Posted in: As China tensions simmer, Japan pulls back from 'world's factory' See in context

I hope the reader in this forum is smart enough to know alot of the problem between Japan and China is political strategies... Like Japan, right before Senkaku issue, you see alot demonstration about Fukushima Nuclear plant... Then Ishihara trigger the senkaku issue and fukushima demo just suddenly vanished! They know what the Chinese reaction will be if they heat up senkaku issue... Now they have little room to breather and think about what they should do with Fukushima while all Japanese eyes is on China.... This happen all the time in any countries..

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The worker in southeast asia is very different from those in China.. If you have stayed in South East Asia for years that you know what I'm talking about... The Chinese worker can work 12 hour a day for money... South East Asia people have very different mind set.. As long as they can eat, thats enough.. And if they have extra money, they will quit and go back to home town untill their money run out then they come back to city and seek new job.. I own factory in Indonesia and I have to deal with replacing worker all the time..

Those apparel company is easy to replace those worker whose only job to sew your jean whole day... But making car is totally different breed of worker... You need proffesional for that kind of job and if they quit, where are you gonna find quick replacement for that??

The CHinese government is not idiot and they know they cannot rely on export.. CHina has one big advantage and is her population.. She can turn in ward and still maintain good balance in her economy...

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Posted in: Chinese tycoon offers Geelys to replace cars damaged in anti-Japan riots See in context

All the problem between China and Japan lately is more political.. Average Chinese and Japanese dont really care about that 2 rocks.. Government is not doing a good job and this kind of issue is good way to shift the focus outward instead towards their leader. I hope you guys smart enough to realize this.

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Posted in: Chinese tycoon offers Geelys to replace cars damaged in anti-Japan riots See in context

China is an immature nation and they have a long way to being accepted as a responsible power. The want to acquire territory on many fronts, on the west with India, and in the east with Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei, Taiwan and Japan. They exhibit an arrogance as their economy has grown but once a recession hits the country the tables will be turned against them.

This article has nothing to do with the topic you're talking about.. Are you a troll spaming same post in every article related to China?

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Posted in: Chinese tycoon offers Geelys to replace cars damaged in anti-Japan riots See in context

Interesting post in here... The guy is giving away car and you guys bash him lol.. What have you guys done? At least he made tons of money! And it does take brain to make money.. Unless you inherit than its different story! 50 years down the raod, people wont remember all this copy crap from China.. Do you remember Japan 50 years ago? Dont forget Japan used to make crap too!

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Posted in: China-Japan dispute spills over into U.S. newspaper ads See in context

They should buy more add.. Definitely good for business in USA.

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Posted in: U.S. seeks calm over Asian disputes, but won't mediate See in context

At the back, Hillary will tell Gemba to buy more of American made gun! More money for US economy!

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Posted in: Chinese official says spat with Japan derails free trade talks See in context

In this conflict, at the end of the day, its the American that is the winner.. More Chinese now is buying American electronic and cars now while Japanese made product is at free fall... Second, Japan now will want to spend more money in buying bigger guns from USA... Its the tax payer in Japan that will suffer at the end of the day.. As if we are not paying enough tax already..

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I own trading company in Japan and do a lot business with Chinese in China.. All I can say is they are very reliable and every year, they impress me a lot! Its impossible for Japan to cut off trade with China as we speak now.. A lot of people livelihood in Japan depend on business with China.. China is so close to Japan that is why everything is much cheaper to ship here and faster.. A very good friend of mine own "computer chips" trading company... I once talked to him about what he think about the future of his business... As for now, USA is still the leading chips maker in the world. But 3-5 years from now, that will shift to China. That is why he send his son to China to learn Chinese now so they can continue his business to next generation. Japan too make a lot of chips, but not all the chips is made in Japan.. Alot of them still made in USA for now.

Japan China good relation is in best interest for all Japanese. You don't see much demonstration in Japan cause everyone is too busy with their own life.

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Posted in: Chinese official says spat with Japan derails free trade talks See in context

How can Japanese economy recover when they change their prime minister every 2 years? Its quite amusing to read "yuri Otani" post. Japanese company is not leading innovation like before... All the companies are swimming in red inks... And the new market is in China.. If you cut that market off, good luck with getting back to black.. When you realize its wrong, Western company already lead the sales in China.. Now American are praying real hard for Japan to exit China so they can sell more of their car and electronic there..

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Posted in: Philippines hopes to lure Japanese investment from China See in context

Its not that easy to train engineer to work in high tech factory..

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Posted in: Japan losing its manufacturing edge to South Korea See in context

That dude will never get it... Its deep down in his roots... Tunnel vision

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Posted in: Japan losing its manufacturing edge to South Korea See in context

Japan China relation ship will be complementary one for foreseeable future... Just like England and France in 19th century... England choose to go mass production and France concentrate in producing high quality product in smaller scale. But 10-20 years up, the game could change... A friend of mine is selling alot chips and most of them coming from USA.. He sell alot of them to Sony and panasonic.. Alot of this chips can only be made in USA... He said this chips selling business wont last until his children cause Taiwan and China is catching up too fast.. Sooner or later those companies will stop buying from him but instead from China..

I really want to see Japan to maintain its wealth... This is still the best country for me... Safe, clean, polite.. It has all the ingredient to make a really good country... I think Japan should open up immigration to really smart people or really rich people only.. Just like what Singapore does...

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Finish product is the one that will get to consumer.. If there is no company that know how to make use of those semi conductor "monopoly by Japanese" to make attractive product for consumer to buy, then what is the semi conductor good for then? Its just another radio shack chip sitting in the vault...

Take out China and India for manufacturing equation. How much do you think those ipad cost if they were made in USA or Japan? Do you think they can sell as many ipad as the news reported today? I doubt Apple can sell those ipad for USD5-600 bucks... If they go for thousands, not many people will buy and those record sales wont even happen...

Everyone do contribute something in here... Japan make those chips, Apple make the product, China manufacture lower the price = Great affordable product... Everyone goes home happy...

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I am living in Japan and I hope Japan can stay in good shape economically. But I suggest Japan should never ever under estimate SK and China. SK is really small country compare to Japan and they are doing amazing thing with their country. And China only 20 years ago most of them are farmers and today are number 2 in term of GDP. Technologically China cannot compare to Japan atm but 10-20 years down the road, things could be very different.

My mother in law always told me in Japan when she was young everyone was very poor. She was born in 1950 and within her life time Japan had grown from ashes to this super power... If Japan can do it, what makes you thing SK and China can't? Japan isnt the only country that is hard working and has the ambition to grow... You can see China grow so much over 20 years..

I remember 10 years ago looking at Samsung cell phone... They are cheap and unreliable... Most people prefer to use either Nokia or Motorola... Look at Samsung now... Yes alot of the parts inside make happen by Japan technological know how.... But somehow they could reach that top spot along with apple....

Oginome kept pointing out the semi conductor know how.. But you have to remember China is making it affordable for the masses... And because companies like Apple and Samsung could use those product inside their phone, demand kept rolling into those companies and those companies could keep on making it better... In the end, price does matter! I dont care if my phone have 10gig inside.. But I do care how much I have to pay...

Also, Japan semi conductor alone cannot carry the whole nation GDP... Its not ok for Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Sony, Panasonic to go... Those companies hire tens of thousands of worker in Japan...

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Posted in: Olympic torch concludes topsy-turvy tour of San Francisco See in context

politicians and their games

the olympic games is a sporting event, not a place to make a political stand. the tension between china and tibet has got nothing to do with it. politicians, celebrities and other organizations that are boycotting the 2008 games should learn to take their issues somewhere else. by the way these are people who are 99% serving their own self-interest (publicity? political gain? polishing their 'righteousness'?) isn't it time to respect the ability of sports to bring together people from around the world? think about the history the olympic games, by the name of Zeus. to the sportsman/woman who are taking part in the boycott, u should be more ashamed of urself. what do u really know about the history of china and tibet? are u just doing it because 'everyone else' is doing it? too many people acting like they know what they're talking about. wake up. we are all concerned about the riots and violence that's happening in tibet and china, and yes we should bring about debate and change. will boycotting the 2008 games solve anything? we'll probably only contribute to the spirit of the games diminishing. and soon, the olympic games will be replaced with debates and hot issues if we allow this to happen. what to expect in london 2012? ties between the UK and the middle east? boring. plus nobody cares. if u think i'm wrong, u are wrong.

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