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Posted in: Typhoon approaching Okinawan islands See in context

Rain or not this is not good for Okinawa. It was raining on Okinawa earlier the past week without the destruction. Typhoons are destructive, hurt farmers, damage properties, mess up schedules, affects businesses and can be fatal. Yes the kids are happy getting a day off of school, but the schools are required to make up the lost days.

Really SMH at the people thinking this is a good thing.

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Posted in: Smokers find new haven in Japan, but for a price See in context

I found it funny going into a Japanese hospital and seeing smoking areas in the middle of the floors. People with IV's on stands walking around smoking.

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Posted in: Changes to driver's license test eyed after Chinese man arrested for cheating See in context

I passed both tests on the first try :)

So did my wife and for all practical purposes she does not know how to drive. She took classes and was given her license. Funny thing is she would have her gold card right now if she didn't forget to renew on time. She still probably will get her gold card before me and she barely knows how to start a car. ペパードライバー FTW!

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Posted in: Changes to driver's license test eyed after Chinese man arrested for cheating See in context

Bumper touching the white line on the road at a stop sign = instant fail for me. Other gaijin were failed for reasons like not looking both ways twice and at their rear view mirrors at intersections. I could drive a forklift on the road but not a car.

Second time I took the test I said I would lose my job and leave the island if i didn't pass. I passed everyone else failed. ;p

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Posted in: Japan rhythmic gymnasts put game face on See in context

I love seeing the girls perform but they take out real sports like baseball for this stuff. Too much fishy business going on with judged sports.

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Posted in: Changes to driver's license test eyed after Chinese man arrested for cheating See in context

Wow the test is really easy. And one "class" test I had to take I even had my wife with me as a translator. Really laid back attitude here I really love.

It is the driving part that is tough and they will fail foreigners here for any reason. I used to drive an 18 wheeler and other big rigs here but they put me through the ringer just for a regular car license. Really night and day between the written and driving tests.

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Posted in: Japan finds major rare earth deposits See in context

Minamitorishima=Marcus island for all those WWII buffs who are too lazy to google it. And yes it is very much a Japanese island.

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Posted in: What do you think of the level of service in shops, restaurants, airlines, banks, offices and so on in Japan? See in context

I love pulling into a gas station and have people run to your car to help.

However what I love the most is getting great service here without having to leave a tip!

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Posted in: Occupy protests See in context


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Posted in: Rangers sign Darvish to six-year $60 mil deal See in context

"First thing on TV this morning, "60 million bucks for six years is too cheap." Gimme a break! For having never thrown a pitch in the Majors or finished a full season? For a rookie?!"

The WBC proved he could hang with anybody in the world.

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Posted in: Bid deadline nears for Japanese ace Darvish See in context

"Other than Ichiro, it's hard to think of any Japanese player (pitcher or otherwise) who has been able to consistently perform at a high level."

Matsui was a World series MVP. And I hate Matsuzaka with a passion because he is good. There are a few more out there, you should study your baseball a little better.

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Posted in: Japan likely to buy Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighters: media See in context

Only real move available to the Japanese. It is the only fixed wing aircraft that will be able to operate off of the 22DDH and perhaps even off the Hyuga class "destroyers." It will give Japan a force projection capability greater than most of the countries in the world.

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Posted in: Cain sex accuser goes public in New York; he denies it on late-night TV See in context

The latest flavor of the month in the Rebublicans search for "Anybody but Rommney/Paul" for president fades away.

Next is Newt.

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Posted in: 6.8 quake strikes off Okinawa See in context

Biggest one I haveever felt here.

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Posted in: 6.8 quake strikes off Okinawa See in context

That was a bit scary. Get used to those in mainland but not here.

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Posted in: Nigerian who used bank accounts in Japan extradited to U.S. over $31 mil fraud See in context

I should be getting my $16 million dollars deposited into my bank account soon from a Nigerian presidential aide.

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Posted in: Playing sports in heat OK with precautions See in context

Kids are sure protected these days.

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Posted in: Marvel: New Ultimate Spider-Man boasts big changes See in context

Rhyhl thank you for that.

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Posted in: Cockpit chaos on doomed 2009 Air France flight See in context

Airbus will always blame the pilot. Faulty equipment, tails breaking off, computer taking control of the plane and crashing it into trees or whatever is never the planes fault.

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Posted in: Return of the bots See in context

Took the family to watch it last night and both my kids fell asleep...

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Posted in: 3 dead, 3 missing as heavy rains lash northeastern Japan See in context

Talk about having a bad year...

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Posted in: N Korea calls nuclear talks with U.S. 'constructive' See in context

reality is that NK enjoys good relations with USA.

Reality is the USA and North Korea are still at war.

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Posted in: For home bakers See in context

Wife and kids want one after making bread at a neighbors.

I know it will be used once and sit on a shelf for 99.9% for the rest of its life... I'll stick it next to the takoyaki maker, juicer, gyoza maker, donut maker, food processor, cotton candy maker and water purifier.

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Posted in: Video projector See in context

But at 370,000 you can buy a 60 inch flat screen and even some 65 inch if you look around.

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Posted in: Nintendo books quarterly net loss of Y25.5 billion See in context

Damn nice timing. I am going to buy a couple of 3DS's soon.

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Posted in: Former Yankees pitcher Irabu found dead in LA in apparent suicide See in context

Man this is horrible. It was good times watching him pitch for the Yankees. I have his autograph on a world series program.

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Posted in: Lee says Japan lawmakers in danger if they visit disputed island See in context

The UN said those islands were Japanese. Now is the UN wrong?

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Posted in: Lee says Japan lawmakers in danger if they visit disputed island See in context

There have been other islands that the UN said belonged to Japan that Korea set up shop in. Korea took the first provocative move with the fly over. Now threats are being made.

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks lower, dollar trading at Y77.90 as U.S. debt default looms See in context

Time to buy some more land in America.

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Posted in: 70% support Kan's policy to make Japan nuclear-free: poll See in context

Everytime I mention Kan and Softbank are going to make a lot of money I get a lot of down thumbs.

Kan=Kika might have something to dowith it also.

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