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Posted in: Cirque du Soleil to end shows at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

And Cirque du Soleil was boring too. Too little circus and too much bizzare french circle-jerking they call art.

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Posted in: 70% support Kan's policy to make Japan nuclear-free: poll See in context

It's a right direction for the country to be nuclear free but the people are skeptical of Kan's rather instant friendship with Softbank's Son who is good at benefiting at someone else's expense acting as a tool by foreign capital and now may be aiming to acquire or use for free the power lines after power generation is separated from power transmission.

I have been mentioning that quite often here but it seems that most of the gaijin experts here cannot understand real Japanese news and just exist sucking up the partisan soundbites posted here.

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Posted in: U.S. administration starts new push on criminal cartels, including yakuza See in context

Well, a war directly on criminal orgs rather than a war on drugs certainly sounds better to me. But it would be foolish to think this could not blow up in our faces as well.

Like using this law against people organizing to change laws or protests by calling them cartels. Already laws made for wars on incorporeal entities (drugs, terror, poverty) have invded everyday life.

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Posted in: Cirque du Soleil to end shows at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Good to see who your friends are when the chips are down.

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Posted in: Norway killer's manifesto praises Japan for not adopting multiculturalism See in context

Before this happened I complimented Japan on its tough immigration policies and not bowing to EU pressure to let more people in. Japan is a soverign nation and should be free to control its borders however it wants.

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Posted in: M6.2 quake jolts northeastern Japan See in context

It is incredible how a magnitude 6 earthquake gets so little attention these days.

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Posted in: Norway suspect says he wanted European anti-Muslim crusade See in context

He is pissed at Muslim immigrants so he shoots native white children. Makes perfect sense...

On a side note the EU continues to criticize Japan on its tough immigration laws.

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Posted in: 'Captain America' knocks Harry from No. 1 spot See in context

Of course this movie will not be out in Japan until the last half of October. The last country to show it by at least two months.

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Posted in: Fukushima region holds annual samurai festival See in context

How about instead of wasting time on stupid festivals you evacuate those who are in dangerous areas of Fukushima. That should be a TOP priority over these feel good distractions.

Yeah just quit living and be miserable all the time.

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Posted in: Troubled diva Amy Winehouse dead at 27 See in context

Her song "Rehab" is an all time great and a sad reflection of her life.

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Posted in: Collet-Serra to direct U.S. 'Akira' remake See in context

Dragon Ball was a completly forgetable movie. I remember more about the steakhouse I went to afterward then the movie itself.

Speed Racer would be good if you were on psychedelic drugs.

Godzilla was just a big egg laying lizard. The french guys chewing gum was the best scene in the movie.

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Posted in: Fukushima region holds annual samurai festival See in context


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Posted in: Kabuki comes to the big screen See in context

Kabuki would be a lot better if they let women back in. They were banned because prostitution problems but it should not be a problem in this day and age.

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Posted in: My advice for young Japanese is simple: get out of Japan. One of our weaknesses as Japanese is our ineptness at communicating with other cultures. Even people who speak English well are closed off psy See in context

My wife went overseas to go to an American university and ended up with a very good looking husband. : p

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Posted in: JAL to offer higher quality coffee on domestic flights See in context

Serve high quality beer and high quality coffe! That would make both the wife and I happy. (I wouldn't even complain much over haposhyu)

The kids still go nuts over the consume/bullion soup.

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Posted in: For beer lovers See in context

And of course I didn't know I needed that but now I have to get it!

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Posted in: For beer lovers See in context

Why would you want to froth it up?

Keeps the beer from going flat too fast.

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Posted in: JAL to offer higher quality coffee on domestic flights See in context

That's why I always take the Shinkansen; even from Fukuoka to Tokyo. There's more to travel than speed and convenience :)

Not a lot of choice if you live in Okinawa...

But seriously how much do they save by not taking a case of beer on a flight? At 500 yen a beer they are still making a good markup.

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Posted in: JAL to offer higher quality coffee on domestic flights See in context

How about they start serving/selling beer again on flights. Seriously WTF? At least for business class.

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Posted in: Come back, Koizumi. Japan needs you See in context

Koizumi was quite a character and Japan could use him right now.

And I love having a post office open 7 days a week 24 hours a day with people helping you out while you are in line.

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Posted in: 435 cows shipped after being fed contaminated straw See in context

Well they mention how bad the feed was, I just wonder how bad the beef is. Also how bad does the manure affect the area?

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Posted in: Portable DVD player See in context

I used to use those but laptops made them obsolete.

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Posted in: What are your top 5 eating cities in the world in terms of restaurant variety and quality? See in context

New York #1 by far.

The others in no particular order.

Tokyo London San Francisco Hong Kong

Most over rated is Paris.

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Posted in: 'Potter' takes down Batman with $168.6 mil weekend See in context

It was a sad ending just in the fact it was an ending. I watched those kids grow up on screen.

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Posted in: Japan grounds F-15 fighter fleet after crash See in context

Double checked still ... No one has got a delivery. No one has an active flight group. But I am tired, you win?. I look forward to reading abut the newly equipped squadrons, where did you say they were?

First delivery was July 13. I guess your google hate sites were wrong about that 20 years.

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Posted in: What to watch for when Japan-US play in WCup final See in context

Grrrr.... Still looking for a place in Okinawa to watch the game.

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Posted in: Tokyo declares bid for 2020 Summer Olympics See in context

Gogogo Tokyo Olympics 2020! It would be fantastic to have the Olympics in Japan!

Haters 'gonna hate!

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Posted in: 'Widow penalty' victims finally allowed back in US See in context

Japan has the same law, even harsher.

Better stick to bashing the US or you will be moderated.

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Posted in: Transformers See in context

I paid money to watch the first two completly forgetable movies. Getting ready to pay for #3 as well.

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Posted in: Olympic bid See in context

Lets go 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

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