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Posted in: As Ukraine war rages, Biden team revives Asia focus See in context

Charlatan Biden is doing everything in their power to cripple the World order. Just look who he appointed to Tokyo for "Asian" relations.

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Posted in: As Ukraine war rages, Biden team revives Asia focus See in context

USA uses wars and conflicts to stifle competitors.

and it seems to be working.

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Posted in: More than 60 feared dead in bombing of Ukrainian school See in context

Absolutely disgusting the west would risk the lives of billions in the world dealing with a border war between two Russian speaking countries that have been fighting for centuries. Joe Biden is easily the worst president in modern-day history as our media keeps up all the propaganda to the clueless zombies tuning in as well.

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Posted in: Yoshinoya refused to let 'foreign' student attend recruitment event See in context

Yoshinoya ranks right up there with McDonalds..

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Posted in: Heard takes stand, accuses Depp of violent sexual assault See in context

I am all for transparency but this is a domestic case. What is gained by televising this, except for making it a circus?

making it a circus.

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Posted in: Macron re-elected French president after far-right battle See in context

Macron won and France lost.

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Posted in: U.S. envoy to Japan highlights acceptance of LGBTQ people See in context

Rahm Emanuel is a failed politician with an agenda of promoting only his brother's "woke" film business.

Enough of this guy already, send him to Sado island and educate him on the culture and values of Japan.

Stop pushing the U.S. agenda down the throats of the Japanese.

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Posted in: Le Pen hopes Macron 'hatred' can tip French election See in context

I would never want to become a politician in France. No way

I am not sure the French would call them politicians.

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Posted in: Russian-run restaurant in Chiba looking to hire Ukrainian evacuees See in context

Well, there are 20 that just arrivedl.

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Posted in: Japan says disputed islands illegally occupied by Russia See in context

Then try and take them away from them.

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Posted in: Biden announces heavy artillery, other weapons for Ukraine See in context

Too little too late, The Ukraine has been destroyed.

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Posted in: U.S. government appeals Florida court ruling lifting mask mandate See in context

The masks are off and they are never going back on, the U.S. Government is now in "saving face" mode.

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Posted in: Dental fees to jump as palladium prices surge on Ukraine war See in context

Dear Japan, your silver fillings are obsolete. Dentistry has come a long way since the early 80s.

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Posted in: In France, it's Macron vs Le Pen, again, for presidency See in context

Officalspeak for Macron, “merde” !

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Posted in: Twitter stakeholder Elon Musk tweets 'Is Twitter dying?' See in context

Twitter is for twits.

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Posted in: New world order? Pandemic and war rattle globalization See in context

Bye bye USD dominance.

They still have about 50 years.

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Posted in: NATO rules out policing no-fly zone over war-hit Ukraine See in context

A no fly zone equals WW3. Probably no nukes but still WW3. If only Ukraine had implemented the Minsk 2 agreements.

The world is now being prepared for the inevitable.

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Posted in: Ruble plunges 26%, stocks sink as West tightens Russia sanctions See in context

To be expected.......next

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Posted in: Countries around world heap more financial punishment on Russia See in context

The west doesn't care about Ukraine. Action speaks louder than words and sanctions.

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Posted in: Ukraine's capital under threat as Russian forces close in See in context

If Putin is successful just watch how he easily he blows up the pipeline that supplies needed energy to Germany and Italy. (funny how quiet Italy is at the moment). The goal is to break up the Nato alliance and create a new treaty. The Germans and Italians will be the first to leave.

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Posted in: Russia attacks Ukraine as defiant Putin warns U.S., NATO See in context

The World reaping the effects of the USA having a pathetic, clueless idiot for a President.

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Posted in: Joni Mitchell says she is boycotting Spotify over COVID 'lies' See in context

Outraged comment after outraged comment as anti-vaxxers completely fail to understand the nature and responsibilities of personal choice,

A bit of an over reaction don’t you think?

These artists come from another time and are obsolete in the world we live in now . They are great songwriters, as songwriting is a timeless craft. Their opinions mean absolutely nothing to listeners in Spotify.

If this political pandemic means so much to them and they think they can “ enlighten” the masses, then maybe they should start their own podcast . I am sure Spotify would be happy stream it .

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Posted in: U.S. Senate confirms Emanuel as envoy to Japan See in context

Japan is one of the most prized diplomatic posts.

Maybe in the 80's

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Posted in: WHO says measures against Delta work for omicron variant too See in context

Of course they say that. Scare you first, then calm you down into thinking leadership has the answers.

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Posted in: Model Nana Suzuki declared ‘The Best Gyozanist 2021’ See in context

Just gross.

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Posted in: Tokyo to start flagging electric scooter users for minor offenses See in context

Most of the posters in this topic are either too old and bored or want to take all the joy out of peoples lives because they are scared to death of trying anything new.

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Posted in: LA begins enforcing strict mandate requiring proof of vaccination See in context

In the last two weeks, Los Angeles County hospitalizations have fallen about 10%, mirroring the statewide trend. State forecasts show a continuing decline through Christmas.

Funny how crime and looting, in particular, have risen 10 percent. Angelinos are sick of the rules and are leaving in droves to greener pastures.

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Posted in: Furious France scraps UK migrant talks after 'unacceptable' letter See in context

The French cry baby is at it again.

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Posted in: Europe's COVID crisis pits vaccinated against unvaccinated See in context

But paint your face blue and cry ‘freedom for Tooting’ if it makes you feel better.

I would imagine it makes alot of people feel better, it called a discussion.

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Posted in: Japan set to meet U.S. request to pay more for hosting troops See in context

Japan has no rudder, the country should be so grateful the Americans have allowed the Japanese people to grow and prosper without the headache of war.

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