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Posted in: U.S. Senate confirms Emanuel as envoy to Japan See in context

Japan is one of the most prized diplomatic posts.

Maybe in the 80's

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Posted in: WHO says measures against Delta work for omicron variant too See in context

Of course they say that. Scare you first, then calm you down into thinking leadership has the answers.

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Posted in: Model Nana Suzuki declared ‘The Best Gyozanist 2021’ See in context

Just gross.

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Posted in: Tokyo to start flagging electric scooter users for minor offenses See in context

Most of the posters in this topic are either too old and bored or want to take all the joy out of peoples lives because they are scared to death of trying anything new.

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Posted in: LA begins enforcing strict mandate requiring proof of vaccination See in context

In the last two weeks, Los Angeles County hospitalizations have fallen about 10%, mirroring the statewide trend. State forecasts show a continuing decline through Christmas.

Funny how crime and looting, in particular, have risen 10 percent. Angelinos are sick of the rules and are leaving in droves to greener pastures.

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Posted in: Furious France scraps UK migrant talks after 'unacceptable' letter See in context

The French cry baby is at it again.

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Posted in: Europe's COVID crisis pits vaccinated against unvaccinated See in context

But paint your face blue and cry ‘freedom for Tooting’ if it makes you feel better.

I would imagine it makes alot of people feel better, it called a discussion.

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Posted in: Japan set to meet U.S. request to pay more for hosting troops See in context

Japan has no rudder, the country should be so grateful the Americans have allowed the Japanese people to grow and prosper without the headache of war.

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Posted in: Study: Fox viewers more likely to believe COVID falsehoods See in context

It is, in short, a pseudo-news business model that appeals by design to white nationalist morons.

Can you prove this ridiculous statement?

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Posted in: Ruling coalition agrees on ¥100,000 cash handouts, vouchers for those aged 18 and younger See in context

What about 18 or older??

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Posted in: U.S. businesses face Jan 4 deadline to get workers vaccinated See in context

trump lost the elections due to his Covid lies, and seems like he will drag the GOP down with him for good!!!

And Biden will lose re-election due to his lies. What happened to 10 months ago Biden and Harris refused to get vaccinated because Trump was involved in the manufacturing of the vaccine? We now live in a world of sane vs insane, not Democrat or Republican. If the American people do not acquiesce to the mandates, there will be no mandates. The people have authority over the government, not the other way around. Doesn't matter what they say. That's the way it works in the U.S.A.

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Posted in: U.S. businesses face Jan 4 deadline to get workers vaccinated See in context

And the few trying to control the many.

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Posted in: Biden criticizes China, Russia for failing to show leadership on climate change See in context

Biden criticizes China, Russia for failing to show leadership on climate change

China and Russia don't care what Biden thinks. Biden is irrelevant on the world stage.

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Posted in: COVID-19 cases plummeting in Japan; doctors puzzled why See in context

 have learned one thing. And that is there is no point saying anything negative about antivaxxers here at JT!

The reason is that moderators here are antivaxxers and will remove posts that are critical of antivexxers siting either Off-topic or Offensive / Vulgar

It is a disgraceful behavior which spreads negative information about vaccines and masks!!!!!!!!!!!

Get a clue already, there is no discussion if it's only coming from one side.

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Posted in: Tokyo court disrupted by hundreds of maskless anti-vaxxers See in context

And then in a few days an article about how antivaxxers get to repeat their lies for free, 

Maybe they're not anti-vaxxers, but pro-choicers....

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Posted in: Kishida says he will strengthen medical system for COVID patients See in context

Yep, more green tea from Fukushima, free of charge for all that are hospitalized.

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Posted in: Kishida says he has no plan to change financial income tax for now See in context

Japan, the giant ship without a rudder.

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Posted in: Biden hosts Indo-Pacific leaders as China concerns grow See in context

Under Joe's great leadership they will surely be able to deal with China

Your joking, right?

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Posted in: Tensions grow as U.S., allies deepen Indo-Pacific involvement See in context

China has the military might but lacks the experience of any type of conflict. China is in for a rude awakening if the..... you know what hits the fan.

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Posted in: Regulators to oversee computer system failures at Mizuho See in context

The bankers are beginning to reap what they sow. It will be fun to watch.

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Posted in: U.S. to donate extra 500 million COVID vaccines See in context

Yes, but it is in America's best interests to get the world vaccinated as well.

Complete and utter nonsense, this is just another way to add another type of tax on the American people to pay for it all.

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Posted in: COVID has killed about as many Americans as the 1918-19 flu See in context

The Spirit of fear has overcome the spirit of freedom and common sense.

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Posted in: Hundreds arrested, police injured at anti-lockdown protests in Australia See in context

Shame on you Austrailia!!

Shame on the police, of course! There are better more proactive ways to stop protests. Pepper spray is not needed.

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Posted in: Hundreds arrested, police injured at anti-lockdown protests in Australia See in context

Shame on you Austrailia!!

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Posted in: Japan's streetwear veteran Nigo takes over at Kenzo See in context

So dasai!

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Posted in: Japan's top COVID-19 adviser wary of easing restrictions See in context

And there have been many days in the past year where Australia was covid free.

Those days are over.

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Posted in: Pandemic-hit travel agency JTB sells Tokyo HQ to raise funds See in context

Bad business, friendship cronies buy the building, company never moves out, starts a fake lease with said "new owners", Bad business writes off millions and millions of yen due to pandemic, partners in crime have a nice lunch together and call it a day. Rinse and repeat.

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Posted in: State-run vaccination sites to extend operation until late November See in context

Health information is protected and can not be shared without permission.

Do you really believe that?

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Posted in: Japan halts use of 1.63 mil Moderna vaccine doses over contamination See in context

The vaccines are clearly not effective, as they actually increase one’s risk of dying of Covid. And that doesn’t even account for the mounting evidence of serious adverse effects

Seems like the more we vaccinate, the more cases of the virus are mutating. Think about it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5,534 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 25,156 See in context

Let this be a wake up call to the Japanese Government regarding quality healthcare for it's people. Their concept of small clinics that provides smiles and aspirin doesn't cut it in the real world when there is a pandemic raging through society. Something is broken here, the people know it and the Givernmrnt knows it. So sad Nobody does anything about it.

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