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Posted in: Los Angeles hopes new mask mandate will reverse virus spike See in context

Los Angeles hopes new mask mandate will reverse virus spike

Common sense says it won't, but politicians have zero common sense.

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Posted in: First positive COVID tests reported for 2 athletes in Olympic Village See in context

2 athletes in Olympic Village

2 is the lucky number that will turn into 200 which will turn into 2021. After a large number of infections hit the athletes in the "bubble" village, Koike, Bach and Suga will win the Gold.

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Posted in: Internet misinformation fans COVID vaccine hesitancy among Japanese young people See in context

Hey just get a plasma-cluster air cleaner and all will be fine. That was the story on the news cycle yesterday.

If the media can throw that info out to the world, people can certainly question the motives of a vaccine. 99.9 percent of all people that have received a "jab" probably have no idea what just went into their body. it's called blind faith, yet the media spins it that if you cannot accept vaccines you're unaware, if you accept vaccines you are a good citizen and aware..It is the exact opposite.

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Posted in: Biden tells Putin Russia must crack down on cybercriminals See in context

Boy, I bet Putin is shaking in his pants after a scolding from President Joey.

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Posted in: Tokyo starts massive renovation project for entrances to the world’s busiest train station See in context

how about finishing the inside first. the rat warren of closing in corridors has been 'under construction' for the last 17 years!

Been there lately? It was completed and looks amazing!

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Posted in: Trump files suit against Facebook, Twitter and YouTube See in context

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg: Private companies should not censor politicians.

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Posted in: Trump files suit against Facebook, Twitter and YouTube See in context

Go away Donald, nobody likes you.

Seems like somebody out there likes him.

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Posted in: Lack of Olympic spectators bad news for Tokyo's souvenir sellers See in context

The same old Autopilot doesn't work anymore. Reinvent yourself Japan, come into the future with bold and innovative ways to change with the times.

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Posted in: 86% fear COVID rebound if Tokyo Olympics held: poll See in context

What you fear eventually comes true.

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Posted in: Gov't to begin issuing vaccine passports in July See in context

Very bad idea, it will further rip the world apart.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 501 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,703 See in context

This is a big and constant problem. As the world slowly opens up, Japan will be forced to lock down the country after the “super spreader ‘ Olympics. It will create a completely new form of virus that will make all the old vaccinations obsolete. Good luck Japan and. thanks JGOV for your vision and hospitality.

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Posted in: Paris Jackson says paparazzi caused her long-term trauma See in context

Michael Jackson surrounded himself with hoards of paparazzi. He knew exactly what he was doing in regards to having his children photographed.

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Posted in: After G7, Biden says he's reestablishing U.S. credibility See in context

Biden, What a spineless politician, nothing more.

Yes, he will go down in history as the President that tore apart the U.S.

He has nothing to lose because he doesn't have much time left.

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Posted in: Biden, Johnson strike warm tone in first meeting See in context

They are one of our closest allies and it’s nice to see the relationship strengthen after Trump damaged it with his bullying, ignorance and buffoonery.

The relationship has always been strong.......

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Posted in: Yes. Tokyo Olympics are still on, despite opposition, pandemic See in context

The Olympics are off, but on.

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Posted in: Man cooks rice, stir-fried noodles in convenience store parking lot before starting police chase See in context

What is the crime? Using a power outlet? HE should have just gone to STARBUCKS, he could have stayed there all day, ordered water and cooked a bit of food, all in a smoke-free environment!

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Posted in: Osaka says she won't do news conferences at French Open See in context

That's great news, the less she says the better off we will be. Just play tennis.

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Posted in: 3-meter pet python found after 2-week search in Yokohama See in context

"The owner should have had a stronger sense of responsibility," said a 35-year-old woman who lives nearby.

What she is trying to say is she doesn't like snakes and he shouldn't have one as a pet.

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Posted in: 28 local Japanese governments considering mass vaccination sites See in context

28 local Japanese governments considering mass vaccination sites

And nobody shows up.

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Posted in: 35 Republicans buck Trump; vote to probe Jan 6 Capitol riot See in context

Another prediction carved in stone. He’s going to prison.

He will never go to prison. Just fodder for the masses.

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Posted in: Why has the price of Bitcoin been falling? See in context

The Turkish lira is a more stable currency than Bitcoin, and that’s saying something.

Bitcoin is not currency, Bitcoin is an asset.

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Posted in: Family of dead Sri Lankan woman unconvinced by Nagoya immigration account See in context

Immigration authorities killed her due to lack of awareness.

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Posted in: Man arrested for defrauding his 35 girlfriends See in context

90 percent seems a little high, but I imagine it's a safe and playful way to embellish everything you don't have in the "real" world.

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Posted in: Biden avoids wading into Trump impeachment debate See in context

Smart move, he has enough dirty laundry as well.

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Posted in: Trump trial gets go-ahead after emotional, graphic first day See in context

Liberals setting themselves up for major losses in the future.

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Posted in: ANA plans to cut workforce 20% over 5 years to survive COVID-19 crisis See in context

@CS: Was that your opinion PRIOR to the Pandemic?

Thank you for the post, the answer is yes that has been my opinion for awhile. ANA expanded to quickly and as a result their alliance with United has suffered. I believe they are using the pandemic as an excuse to restructure. It will be a good thing in the long run.

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Posted in: ANA plans to cut workforce 20% over 5 years to survive COVID-19 crisis See in context

ANA is a bloated airline, they should downsize, better for customers and the airline.

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Posted in: Iran's top diplomat urges Biden to return to nuclear deal See in context

Who cares what Iran's top diplomat thinks?

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Posted in: Republicans signal deep resistance to Trump Senate trial See in context

The trial will fall apart after Biden gets tired of dealing with everything Trump.

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Posted in: Japan's 2nd state of emergency met with public indifference See in context

Japans transportation system is built around crowds of people crammed together in close quarters. Unlike Koike, people have to work to survive. It’s easy for privileged government executives to brow beat the average citizen and not be required to follow the same rules they nag others to follow.

This is all about changing and adapting, it is inevitable, there will be no going back. Leaving the city for something new might be a good option.

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