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Posted in: Osaka train driver apologizes to Japanese passengers for ‘having many foreigners’ on board See in context

First of all, well done to the Japanese national who remarked on the announcement. Japan belatedly, like so many other countries have done in the past 50 years, is going through the 'acceptance' pains of finding themselves awash with non-natives who act, speak, and look different. My parents generation in Britain had the same problems in the 1960's with non-white visitors let alone residents. Much of mainstream conservative USA STILL has issues with non-white residents and visitors after TWO HUNDRED years. This incident is not 'unbelievable' at all, as one comment stated. It is part of the so-called 'globalization' process..

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Posted in: Japan to cut emphasis on nuclear power in next energy plan See in context

This is why Abe and his gang of corrupt ministers are HOPING Trump will be elected...so COAL will continue to destroy our planet and our children's future!!

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Posted in: Kyoto Starbucks’ elegant over-river seating might make it Japan’s coolest coffeehouse See in context

Yes, maybe elegant but not a cup of Fairtrade coffee in sight..Used to have it, but due to lack of awareness and demand, disappeared! SHAME on the Customers and Starbucks..charging $3-4 a cup while paying coffee farmers that much for a 10-12 hour working day...BOYCOTT STARBUCKS!!!

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Posted in: Vegetarian dining options increasing in Japan See in context

Japan is still going through the cycle of ‘Westernization’ that it seems every country inevitably has to go through (like many individuals?) before more and more ‘return’ to the values and unique facets of their own culture. This Westernization is both positive and negative; note the changes that are happening both in the West and here in regards to gender rights, acceptance of immigrants and mixed marriages, to name a few. ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’ is an obvious axiom here, evident in the comment about vegetarian restaurants being so common in Britain now. Finding such restaurants 20-30 years ago was almost impossible, as was finding decent beer; does anyone remember the days of Double Diamond, Watneys Red Barrel and Budweiser? Even now, 20 years after the U.S., decent craft beer is only now becoming available in Britain as it is here in Japan and the same is true for vegetarian restaurants, Fair Trade products and organic vegetables—all of which were almost unheard of when I was growing up in Britain in the 1970’s. Comparisons of countries are always a subjective exercise. We only have to look at the efficient train system, the relative cleanliness of the cities and the fact that I can leave my door unlocked here in Japan to make another subjective comparison between Japan and the West. Change is always slower when a ‘value’ was imposed on or transferred to a country than in a country where the change evolved due to a political or popular movement. Note how due to democratic demands, drug laws and gay marriage rights are finally throwing off the shackles of the conservative 1950’s in the West, while the laws that were imposed by the US on Asia, not demanded by the populace itself at that time, are still strongly in place. All we can do is to live and teach those values we believe to be sustainable, free of cruelty and beneficial for the planet and the change will happen-in its own time, and often all too slowly!!

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