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Look, scientists will say whatever they need to, to maximize their grant money. The last ice age peaked 11000 years ago. We are still coming out of it. Yes we're getting warmer. End of story

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I have lived in Japan for two years and now in Taiwan for 12. Things I love about the urban environment are the public transportation systems, which are amazing, and the convenience of life. Purchasing goods, paying bills, everything can be done a stones throw away from your home. I can purchase high speed train tickets on my phone or at my neighborhood 7-11. I can pay my car registration at a convenience store. Japan and Taiwan are a zillion years ahead of any country in terms of service provided to citizens. Taipei right now is the only city in the entire world that has a completely free wireless network. I have had many customers come here thinking they are going to be in a "chinese" environment, and are blown away by the modernity of it all. Japan is the same. I don't know that it's "reverse culture shock" we suffer when we go back, it's more than likely dismay and disappointment at what the western world doesn't have, but thinks it does have.

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How is that a power saver?? Don't you need to put it in the freezer first?

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Yup, this is a fine example of people who stuff their fat faces and then deny that their obesity is self-caused. Big pharma must be in glee over this. Last year I was in the US and went to lunch with two very overweight clients. We went for Japanese because they said they were trying to eat healthy. During lunch both guys drank 4 large glasses of cola, without realizing they were doing it. An entire day's worth of calories. Unreal

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So, people who had abnormalities in their EKG ( which obviously means they have abnormalities in their heart) had a higher risk of heart attack than people with no abnormalities? This is news? It's like saying research has shown that people with lung cancer are at a great risk of dying than people without lung cancer.

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