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Posted in: Poisonous pufferfish sales blow up as prices drop See in context

I agree with the author of this article. There are many other foods that taste just as good as fugu and are not as dangerous. A lot of daredevils die horrible death because of the dumb things they do. That's their problem; I don't want to make it mine.

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Posted in: China steps up appeal to West in Japan propaganda battle See in context

The Chinese are using something that happened long ago during a war to justify their behavior now during peace. The Chinese are trying to take more and more territory and they will stop at nothing to achieve it. Japan is doing the right thing in not letting China bully it.

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Posted in: India outraged after female diplomat arrested, strip-searched in New York See in context

If India wants to be treated like a superpower, it should act like a superpower. In other words, it should not overreact about cases like this until India gets all the facts. And then, Indian should not overreact. It makes India look weak. Overreacting in India's Bollywood movies is one thing, but in the real world? P l e a s e .

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Posted in: Ben Stiller casts 'Walter Mitty' from imagination into life See in context

In my opinion, Ben Stiller is one of the most interesting directors out there. He is funny, nice and a good storyteller. Thanks Ben, for all the good times you have given us - your audience.

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Posted in: China's air defense zone: The shape of things to come? See in context

I hate to say this, but the author of this OPINION sounds like kowtowing to China because they are strong and crazy and can shoot a ship or an airplane down. When the tone should be one of: we don't agree with you and we are not going to comply and the heck with you, China. Why I say this? Simple. If we kowtow to China today, what will they decide to do tomorrow? Claim Okinawa and Hokkaido? We, the US and Japan and others, must show China that they are not going to be obeyed. Period!

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Posted in: U.S. increases naval aid to Southeast Asia See in context

Unfortunately bullies do not back down when they smell fear from their prey. Thus far, the smell of fear from most countries except the United States have been palpable, it is the smell of utter fear and cowardice. I believe that as long as people behave this way, China will continue their relentless move toward conquests - you know, imperialism. Remember this: now is islands, later will be land next to them and: When will it end? Unfortunately, we in the US and other places continue to subsidy China's bad behavior by giving them easy access to our markets with easy tariffs in trading. Good luck!

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Posted in: How much would the world miss Japan if it suddenly disappeared? See in context

My only complain is that the author left out: SUCHI. But other than that, the article is wonderful and very well written.

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Posted in: Now for something completely different... Monty Python returns See in context

They made people happy and I am sure they will do the same with their funny sketches. I am looking forward to their antics and wonderful sense of humor. Kudos to the person or persons responsible for getting them to appear together again.

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Posted in: World chefs: Andy Ricker shares Thai obsession in first cookbook See in context

I want to thank Mr. Ricker for this recipe. I will definitely try it. I love Thai food and it is always fresh and tasty. Thanks again, chef.

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard keeps up pressure on Japan in island dispute See in context

China is getting more like a bully now than ever before. I think that the fact that they are getting stronger is not boding well for the rest of the countries nearby,,, and later, the world. While most countries that get stronger want to help their people with their new wealth, the Chinese military (peopled by folks with ossified communist brains) want to push others and bully their ways to other's lands. For example, the Chinese says that all of the South China Seas islands belong to them, Ha! What about all those other countries that are much closer to those islands? The Philippines lost islands that are closer to them than to China because the Philippines are weaker than China. Japan should never waiver from their property or they will lose these islands now - and other island later.

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Posted in: Japan protests against South Korean drill on disputed islands See in context

It bothers me when intelligent people act dumb. The only way for Japan to really own any island is to put Japanese people on the ground and hoist the Japanese flag. End of story.

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Posted in: As body ages, Jackie Chan longs for Hollywood's full embrace See in context

I believe I know what is Jackie's secret to staying young: EXERCISE. I remember seeing someone I knew in 1968 who turned out to look exactly the same in 2012. He keeps exercising everyday doing Karate Katas and running and other hard exercises. He couldn't remember me. I don't exercise that hard anymore.

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Posted in: Pressure on U.S. as global economy meetings near end See in context

I think that the republican party is going to derail the world economy and destroy the US because they are not getting their way. What a bunch of idiots.

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Posted in: China says it is ready to talk if Japan admits isles are disputed See in context

If the Japanese continue to pussyfoot the islands - they have no one there and no flags - then, give the islands to the UN. Make them UN property and that way the Japanese and Chinese can start to fight about something else (we all know the Chinese will never give up about the entire sea near them). Just a thought.

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

Frungy, I admire your passion but you need to step back and get some life experience and read more. You see, you seem to think that a soldier knows when he is going to kill a civilian and therefore be able to not shoot a civilian. You have obviously not been in a war or read about wars. You see, when you are fighting and the enemy is trying to kill you, you shoot back and sometime you can not see who you hit. That sometimes civilians get killed happens in all wars. Both the US and its allies during WWII knew that towns in both Japan and Germany were responsible for making the war materials that the soldiers needed. Therefore, bombing those towns was a necessity of war. If the Japanese army had the means to bomb cities in the US, they would have done it without hesitation and would have killed lots of American civilians. To suggest otherwise is disingenuous.

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

Frungy - I think that you have misunderstood what I was trying to say. First of all, when I say that war is war, I don't mean that everything goes. What I am trying to say is that war is a dirty, ugly event. Also, it is impossible after all these years to second-guess a decision made at a time when finishing the war was imperative. What was the US to do, invade a stubborn hell-bent on fighting- 'till-the-end people or send a couple of bombs that quickly ended the war? It is not the policy of the US armed forces to kill civilians, but civilians get killed mostly because the combatants put the civilians in harms way to use them as tools of propaganda. For example, the Taliban commanders surround themselves with children so that when they are killed, invariably, children who are nearby get killed also. Frungy you also do not seem to know your history very well. You see, the Japanese armed forces also tortured and killed many civilians in countries that they were in, such as China and Korea. Please read your history.

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Posted in: Swiss apologize for encounter Oprah calls racist See in context

Oprah, sometimes it is not racism it is common sense. I remember one time I was walking on Michigan Ave. in Chicago and I got tired and wanted to rest in an Art Store called Atlas and I was almost thrown out by a smiling clerk who knew that I didn't have the big bucks for their art. I called that common sense. I didn't look like I could afford any of their expensive art.

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

I think that a best question would have been: If the bombs had not being used, would the slaughter by both sides in the inevitable invasion of Japan called war crime? As much as we comment on the atomic bombs, we need to remember that war unfortunately, is war. Since we are on the subject of war crimes, let's not forget the true war crimes of the Japanese. Japanese officers were horribly bad to their prisoners; cutting their heads and mistreating prisoners to extreme sadism... and how can humanity forget one of the worse sadistic thing of all: project 731. I like the Japanese people and I love the way they have changed their country to be a good friend of the United States, but, please let us not forget what I said before: war is war and the best thing now is to not start another one.

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Posted in: N Korea lifts ban on joint factory park operations See in context

I pray I don't have to read about those who are invariably going to be trapped at the NK area. All it will take is for the major great idiot dictator of NK to decide to start a fight with either the US or SK to close that area again. I don't want to hear about those dumb people again, please.

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Posted in: Bombs target Iraqi shoppers, killing more than 50 See in context

It's easy to blame W but think what the poor people of Iraq had before. They did not have freedom with Saddam in power nor did they know the truth of their people been tortured and killed every day because the government controlled all the media outlet. All in all, I think that eventually, they will find their way in a Democracy and learn to care for their trouble through dialogue. I wish them well. And GOD bless President Bush!

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Posted in: Aso retracts Nazi remarks amid criticism See in context

I think there is a saying that those who do not read history are bounded to repeat it. This fool is a prime example of not reading and learning from Japanese history. He is probably one of those who would spouse tactics such as the Project 731 mess during Japanese occupation of China, and the attack at Pearl Harbor. I say, the Japanese people who somehow voted for this fool to not vote for him again.

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard confronts Japan in disputed waters for first time See in context

I said it before and I will say it again. Japan has to put people in those islands, hoist the flag and without doubt make those islands Japanese territory. As long as Japan is playing this cat and mouse game with China, Japan is simply encouraging China to continue to be the bull they love to be. Encourage a bully and you will simply are asking for more bullying.

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Posted in: S Korea's travel industry smarting from sharp drop-off of Japanese visitors See in context

The comment by milkihouse said exactly what I had in mind. In other words, South Korea will continue to blame Japan over the lack of visitors to South Korea and then demand an apology and then money. I heard it all before.

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Posted in: Chinese naval fleet seen off northern Japan See in context

Japan is adding fuel to the fire. Japan has to be decisive. They have to state clearly that those islands are Japanese territory and plant a flag and a lighthouse with the Japanese flag on top. They should do this before China gets any stronger because - mark my words - waiting for China to get stronger is going to make the whole thing much much worse.

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Posted in: Japan mulls nationalising unclaimed islands See in context

Japan better hurry. China continue to bully as long as Japan doesn't take ownership of those island. Hurry and work out the consequences later.

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Posted in: Prince Hisahito - the future of Japan's monarchy See in context

Tradition is what has kept the Japanese people together and strong.

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Posted in: Chinese ask: Why doesn’t Japan hate America for dropping the A-bombs? See in context

Japan knows that it can count on a good friend: the U.S. Regarding China's ongoing mention of the Nanking incident. I don't deny that Japan acted very badly. But I am certain that Japan has learned its lesson. However, the reason China keeps bringing this incident over and over is for political reasons. It is easier for them to bring Nanking up than for them to bring Tibet up. You see, China miserably fail to see their own fault and only see other's fault. I am certain that If the reverse had happened - China invaded Japan - they would have done as bad or worse in Tokyo than what Japan did in Nanking. If anyone doubts it, look at what China did to Tibet and its citizens. Japan made many idiotic and horrible actions during its war, but China is no better. If China had been strong and powerful in the old days, they would have attacked Japan and all other near-by countries.

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Posted in: Chasm grows between Japan, neighbors: study See in context

While it is true that the Japanese soldier behaved very horribly during war, the true nature of the resentment towards Japan is a convenient weapon of those countries to justify their bad behavior. When China wants a new piece of land, they say: Hey, Japan did this, or Japan treated us bad. But of course, they forget to mention that they have behave very horribly toward the Tibet people after forcibly taking over their country. Japanese behavior during the war was bad - we know, but that basically happened a long time ago. A lot of Japanese people knows and they feel bad about it. But China and Korea have their own agenda... and that is what is important to them.

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Posted in: US, China clash over Snowden but see trade progress See in context

What bothers me is that people sometimes do not see what's in front of them. China is a bully. A big, big bully. The stronger they get, the more arms and soldiers and marines they will get and the more dangerous they WILL get. It will be all of the South China Sea today. It will be areas next to other countries next and more and more. Countries will allow the bully to have more and more and eventually there will be total capitulation. If anyone doubt this, think of what has happened to China's minorities, Tibet, South China Sea, Hong Kong and all the areas next to India that they are trying to annex. India, United States and Japan should not be helping this bully continue to bully.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker on boat near disputed islands See in context

I believe that the only way China will stop or slow their bullying is if Japan is firm and put several Japanese citizens in those islands. Having people there flying the Japanese flag will send an unmistakable message to China to stay away. As long as those islands stay uninhibited, the Chinese will continue to bully Japan. If you don't believe me, all you have to do is watch how China took over the island clearly belonging to the Philippines. Please wake up!

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