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Posted in: Ultrasonic foam device ensures Japanese continue to give their beer far too much head See in context

If some Canadian came walking into my izaiaya and demanded a Canadian style I'm afraid I might had to spit in your beer. Here is your Canadian. I hope you enjoy. I guess Japanese people are nicer and more service minded than me.

I enjoyed this - best comment so far!

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Posted in: Ultrasonic foam device ensures Japanese continue to give their beer far too much head See in context

I hate the idea that there's only one way of serving a beer in the whole world - just like putting mayonnaise on pizzas or whatever, this is just how they do it over here. If you don't like too much foam on the beer, just say something to the bartender. Japanese beer fans who go to Europe are in the same boat. I personally don't like much foam on my beer, but seeing it doesn't send me into a blind rage like a lot of other people...

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Posted in: Which pop culture character do you think is the most recognizable on the planet? See in context

Hulk Hogan

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Posted in: Japanese media slam 3-0 loss to Brazil See in context

3-0 was a harsh result on Japan - they actually created a lot of good chances, and with a reliable striker they could've scored a couple of goals. I would even go as far to say that they could be a top 10 side with a world class striker. The media want to generate some attention for obvious reasons, but this is very harsh on the team.

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Posted in: Sony wins opening skirmish in new-gen console war See in context

I predict Microsoft make postpone the release of the XBox One and attempt to change some of the ridiculous stuff they've announced. Surely the amount of negative press (and hilarious gifs) aimed at them will wake them up...right? The PS4 absolutely wipes the floor with their new piece of garbage surveillance equipment.

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Posted in: Thinking differently: Autism finds space in the workplace See in context

Great approach and really encouraging to hear a company like SAP is committing to this. I would be very interested to hear how this works out in practice, and if any additional support is needed.

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Posted in: 'Abenomics' may result in more workers getting fired See in context

Anyone who has worked at a JP manufacturer will agree that the country is in dire need of less stringent dismissal restrictions. For every talented and efficient worker, there are 2 or 3 who are content to look at Yahoo all day and do nothing. The level of job security here is abnormal - if you're concerned for your own job while reading this, work harder and earn your dough instead of reading JT all day!

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Posted in: 'Mother, help me' fraud: NPA, public select new name for bank transfer scam See in context

Such a terrible name. Embarrassing.

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Posted in: Man attacked by bear defends himself with pruning shears See in context

Punch it in the face. Repeatedly. Or use a big stick.

You would need a pretty long reach to hit a 2m tall bear with a straight shot to the mush and not leave yourself open to the counter. The bear isn't going to be intelligent enough to use angles in its attack, so your best bet would probably be to move to the side and blast it with a stiff kick to the knee. Then get the hell out of there.

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Posted in: Man attacked by bear defends himself with pruning shears See in context

What would be the best way to fight a bear? Kick it in the groin?

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Posted in: Man attacked by bear defends himself with pruning shears See in context

Probie - what's a guy supposed to do if he wants to eat some edible wild plants? The guy probably wanted to enjoy a few leaves and branches while watching the Nippon Ham game. They don't sell that sort of merchandise at Lawson.

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Posted in: Abe defends ministers' visit to Yasukuni shrine See in context


Yasukuni celebrates militarism and glorifies war


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Posted in: Kagawa rues limited contribution to United title See in context

I think we can put this year down as an 'adjustment year' that went pretty well for him. He played well at times, but Utd will be expecting him to be more consistent next season. Congrats on the first title of many!

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Posted in: Sharp says no investment deal with Taiwan's Hon Hai See in context

That's Sharp down the pan then.

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Posted in: YouTube says 1 billion people visit per month See in context

Probably my most visited website. Considering there are concerts, sporting events, etc shown on there on a fairly regular basis already, perhaps it will replace tv channels as we know them one day? I'd take watching random stuff on Youtube over watching about 95% of what is shown on Japanese tv.

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Posted in: Puerto Rico ousts Japan from WBC See in context

Looks like this year's WBC is pretty much a marketing ploy to increase the potential of baseball as a business in Central America.

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Posted in: Masked wrestler city councilman forbidden to wear mask during sessions See in context

Does this mean he can't bring a steel chair to these City Council Sessions too? How will anything get resolved?

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Posted in: Older women form 'Obachan' Party See in context

That level of detail in the eight policies will fit in very well with Japanese politics. They'll be a junior coalition partner in no time.

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Posted in: 10 signs that you may be addicted to life online See in context

When you comment on over 5 JT articles per day.

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Posted in: S Korea, China fault Japan on 'comfort women' at U.N. See in context

I don't understand why the Japanese government doesn't just come out and say - "we paid reparations to the S.Korean government in the 60s; they didn't distribute it to the victims. The issue should be with your government."

They need to take a harder line or these repeated apology/compensation demands will never stop.

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Posted in: Dead cat, bird found on department store escalator in Kashiwa See in context

A dead cat among dead pigeons? Somebody could coin a new idiom out of this.

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel shrinks in new-style urban demolition See in context

Japan is generally brilliant with this kind of engineering technology. Very cool.

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Posted in: No holds barred See in context

It was the company's tagline back in like 1995...my point being that it isn't marketed like that anymore. The sport is governed by athletic commissions, they have a long-term tv deal with FOX - do you seriously think they would get that if they presented the UFC as "no holds barred"?

And what am I supposed to be defending the UFC from exactly? Your belief that its a barbaric? Well, people do get hurt in MMA, but my reason for comparing the injuries players sustain in American Football, Boxing, etc is to show you that people get hurt in other sports too, and much more so than in MMA. Its just another sport that participants willingly compete in. MMA is all about the intrigue of seeing which martial arts are the most effective against each other - maybe you can't appreciate the skill level demonstrated by a wrestler in passing the guard of a highly-ranked Brazilian ju-jitsu player, or a a ju-jitsu player submitting a wrestler off his back, or a judo player clinching with a greco roman wrestler and tripping them, or a muay thai fighter taking apart a boxer's base with leg strikes, or a karate fighter demonstrating the way their elusiveness can confuse a kickboxer....but if you look past the blood, you'll see that all of this is what makes MMA an amazing spectacle and truly intriguing as a sport. I don't really care if you're not changing your mind on it being barbaric because you've clearly made up your mind on that, but questioning the skill level of UFC fighters is incredibly naive.

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Posted in: No holds barred See in context

Frungy - and I trust you have the same problem with boxing? MMA is governed by athletic commissions, fighters are drug tested, the fights have referees who stop the fights when an opponent is clearly finished (critics of the sport say they stop fights too early these days), there are banned strikes/techniques like downward elbows, kicks/stomps to the head (was allowed in PRIDE - not in the UFC), small joint manipulation...I could go on. MMA now is so much safer and better governed than it was in 90s, even the borish senators who opposed it initially have given up trying to ban it in the US.

If you want to do the MMA fighter vs "master of martial art xyz" debate, there are plenty of examples in MMA over the past couple of decades where supposed "masters" have been shown up by better-rounded MMA fighters. The new breed of MMA fighter like Georges St-Pierre, Jon Jones, Jose Aldo, Daniel Cormier, Rory McDonald, etc are elite level in a number of disciplines. Just take a look at the credentials of all the current UFC champions, and try to discredit their martial arts background. I'll be waiting for your response.

Oh, and one of the "hulking pieces of muscle who would be killed in about 5 seconds by a Navy Seal" is a former US Marine with a black belt in MCMAP (look it up). Just saying.

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Posted in: No holds barred See in context

jforce - there are no title fights like the UFC 144 card, but considering it's a Fuel TV event, the card is PPV-quality. The main event will be a lot of fun, Lombard vs Okami is a top level middleweight fight (if Lombard wins he may be next in line for a title shot after Weidman), Hunt vs Struve will definitely be exciting and may even have title shot ramifications considering the lack of contenders at HW, Gomi vs Sanchez will be a complete war (and you know it!), Stun Gun will be an excellent test for Bahadurzada, and the undercard has some very fun looking fights.

I think this event is flying under the radar for the potential event of the year - pretty much the whole card is stacked with guys who either consistently finish by KO/submission and have exciting bouts.

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Posted in: No holds barred See in context

Nonetheless looks can be deceiving. It should be interesting to see the outcome. So who do you pick?

Wanderlei Silva is a legend of the sport, but he's accumulated too much damage over the years and is done. Brian Stann wins by 1st round KO after a crazy round of brawling.

This will be a brilliant event - I bought tickets in the SS seats for a ridiculous price...but it'll be worth it!

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Posted in: Panel recommends 'moral education' to counter school bullying, corporal punishment See in context


Morals should be taught by parents yes, but since parents here often, typically?, don't teach them, schools do it instead.

Then wouldn't urging parents to teach kids about morals and ethics be better stance for this panel to take? The schools here are so ridiculously weak, parents end up blaming everything on the school, when most of the time it is they as parents who are neglecting what needs to be taught in the home. Schools and teachers need to stand up to parents for any of this to change. Moral classes will be treated as a joke by most kids, especially the potential bullies (think back to the bullies from your school days and imagine them being taught about morality by teachers...it wouldn't make a shred of difference would it?).

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Posted in: Atsuko Maeda's film canceled after studio goes bust due to Senkaku dispute See in context


So why and how exactly did the Senkaku issue "cause shooting costs to skyrocket"? I don't see the connection.

Maybe they were going to shoot the film on the Senkakus? It's the only explanation.

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Posted in: 'Dokdo' island classes to become mandatory for S Korean children See in context

Whether it's propaganda or not, there are undoubtedly more important things to learn about. People will argue about the importance of learning about "national identity", "heritage", etc until the cows come home, but let's face it - you should be left to make up your own mind about that.

Schools should be spending their time educating kids and equipping them with skills that will be useful in the real world, not spending hours teaching them about the 'importance' of some tiny islands which are irrelevant outside of these petty disputes...or if you're a fisherman.

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Posted in: What do you think of the Japanese banking system? See in context

A million times better when you have online banking, no exaggeration. Without online banking, it only loses to going to the town hall in the top two of "ridiculously outdated and inefficient Japan"

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