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Posted in: FIFA to introduce goal-line technology, but referee will make final decision See in context


What's so difficult to understand ? If the ball crosses the line, then the play stops, if it doesn't, the play continues. Now the referee can rely on this new technology instead of what they see from 30 meters away.

I agree with the use of technology, I just think the method hasn't been thought out well. The referee has to stop the game to get someone to check the monitor doesn't he? As I understand it he would stop play, everyone would wait to hear what the result of the check is, then he would either award a goal if it crossed the line or if it wasn't a goal, what?...give the other team a free kick somewhere? You would have a break in the game, which would disrupt the passage of play and potentially screw another team's counter-attack up. It seems illogical putting this completely in the referee's hands. Having a 4th official checking the monitor at all times and communicating with the referee instantly would be much smoother.

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Posted in: FIFA to introduce goal-line technology, but referee will make final decision See in context

If the decision to use the technology is with the referee, how does this actually work? He stops play the moment he isn't sure if the ball crossed the line - if the ball does cross its a goal and play restarts with a kickoff, but if it didn't cross the line what happens? Free kick to the other team? If so, from where? What if they are in advantageous counter attacking situation and lose out as a result? I think having a 4th official looking at a monitor tracking the ball and then communicating to the referee via his headset in real-time would be a much smoother method.

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Posted in: Apple's downward spiral accelerates See in context

As zichi says, I think this is more to do with external factors rather than Apple itself. They are still the company everyone has their eyes on when a new product is launched.

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Posted in: DeNA, Square Enix Partner to bring FINAL FANTASY AIRBORNE BRIGADE mobile game to players in U.S., Canada See in context

What's this - Square Enix yet again trying to milk all they can out of the FF franchise? The tragedy is that people will buy it.

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Posted in: Olympus whistleblower eyes movie deal with le Carré sons See in context


A book, now a movie. What's next , "Michael Woodford, the Musical"?

I'll stake 5,000 yen that next in line is the "Michael Woodford App" - it'll be a soundboard board app with soundbytes covering the following categories for all aspiring whistleblowers: acceptance of CEO title, boardroom discontent, exposure of mass accounting fraud, ruthless criticism to press, fear of being pursued by gangsters, negotiating a book deal, 'cashing in while you can', and getting some mug to make a film for you.

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Posted in: Vettel secures 3rd straight F1 title in Brazil See in context

I am paying the price this morning for staying awake to watch this, but what a race. You couldn't have written a better script for the start of the race. Great drives by Vettel to recover, Alonso to yet again pull another great performance out of an average car, and Button to take the victory. Been a really exciting season!

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Posted in: Nuclear power, TPP will be focus of election: Maehara See in context

Did anyone see Abe debating with Noda yesterday? What an absolute slimeball. Nothing Abe says is in the interests of the country - it's all self-serving garbage aimed at tripping Noda up, and getting the LDP back in power again. How people can support the LDP with Abe in charge is beyond me.

I've said it before, but the country needs continuity under one PM and one party for a sustained period if they are going to achieve anything long-term. This short-sighted chopping and changing helps nobody.

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Posted in: Microsoft releases IE 10 browser for Windows 7 See in context

IE now is actually way better than previous versions, but there's no reason to leave Chrome after years of great performance.

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Posted in: Ishihara formally launches new Party of the Sun See in context

Stand by for numerous gaffes in the coming months offending the following categories; foreign residents of Japan, women of all ages, Ishihara's moron son, China, South Korea, USA, cats, parrots and Noda.

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Posted in: iPhone maps system is horrible See in context

Not having train directions is annoying, as is not having train station exit numbers on the map. It doesn't give you directions, but the Mapion app is way more detailed and accurate than Maps.

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Posted in: Victim didn't declare bullying on questionnaire due to fear of tormentors See in context

Take the Gracie Academy's 'Bullyproof' course and learn how to kick some bully ass.

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Posted in: Voter support for Noda's cabinet sinks See in context

Dang. Another Prime Minister change is on the cards then? Which will probably be that moron son of Ishihara? Exactly what Japan does not need. The country and its politics need some stability and continuation - do the same public who support the LDP actually believe things will be any different if they are voted in? Or do they just want to get rid of the DPJ?

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Posted in: Armstrong facing big financial hit over doping ban See in context

This will be very messy - he shared a lot of winnings with team members, obviously dating back years. Will they have to return the cash too?

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Posted in: 9 things guys don’t want to find in a girl’s room See in context

The cos play costume would get me excited and I would tell her to put it on so I could do her right then on the bed.

Are you Gareth from The Office?

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Posted in: 9 things guys don’t want to find in a girl’s room See in context

A photo of a Japanese man falling off a roof in a storm

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Posted in: 9 things guys don’t want to find in a girl’s room See in context

The comments here are out of control - brilliant work people.

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Posted in: 9 things guys don’t want to find in a girl’s room See in context

a SMAP CD - if you see that, it is time to abort the mission.

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Posted in: Cycling chiefs cast out Armstrong as ban confirmed See in context

They were all doping those years when Armstrong won - he just had the best chemist.

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Posted in: 9 things guys don’t want to find in a girl’s room See in context

A dead animal

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Posted in: Does fluency matter? See in context

Nice article - I agree with all of it!

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Posted in: Brazil thumps Japan 4-0 in friendly See in context

This was a much-needed experience for Japan. Brazil were a different class, but I thought Japan's game plan was actually ok. They created a number of chances for Honda and Kagawa through some very nice intricate buildup from midfield, but they clearly lacked potency in front of goal. I hope this spurs them on to improve even further, and build on their good form recently.

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Posted in: Foreign employee named Lawson working at Lawson See in context

Victoria Maude

I've personally never met anyone named Lawson, have you?

I've never met a Lawson, but there was a Lawson on Road Rash II on the Mega Drive. I knew him very well - he could be easily dispatched with the chain or club though.

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Posted in: Foreign employee named Lawson working at Lawson See in context

Nice way to start the day. A Lawson working at Lawson - I've been waiting my whole life for this!

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Posted in: Button lashes out at 'idiot' Kobayashi after Korean Grand Prix See in context

Kobayashi is just another victim of the immediate witch-hunt going on in F1 now over any crash on the first corner - just because Grosjean has been clumsy doesn't mean everyone else is. There was very little Kamui could do to avoid contact, other than not even attempt to overtake in the first place - perhaps...PERHAPS, a more experienced driver would have held back from the charge altogether, but it's pretty ridiculous to hold that against him. Both Button and Rosberg were 'young drivers with something to prove' once, and I remember plenty of incidents involving both of them.

Kobayashi is fighting to keep his seat for next year, and making up places on the first lap is essential in F1 these. Also, Button said "idiot" over the radio immediately after the crash - perhaps now he's had time to see the video footage he will have changed his outlook on it.

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Posted in: F1 legend Schumacher announces retirement See in context

Just to add to my point above about Schumacher's legacy - it's also quite unfortunate that he never had a 'great rival' like Senna, Prost, etc did. Perhaps the reason those 2 are usually mentioned above Schumacher in all-time lists is because we saw them in some brilliant battles over a span of many years. During Schumacher's most dominant period, him and his car were so good that he was rarely challenged, the races were practically a procession, and we never really saw him in the sort of battles that Senna, Prost, Clark had. Perhaps if Schumacher was at his peak during the 80s, things would have been different. Still, great driver - questionable sporting conduct.

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Posted in: F1 legend Schumacher announces retirement See in context


In a few years that will be forgotten and he will simply be remembered as one of the best champions ever. When younger, and at his best, he was better than Hamilton wil ever be.

For me (and a lot of F1 fans) I will remember him as one of the best and most dominant champions ever, but I will also remember all of the controversy - the black flag incident, shunting Damon Hill & Villeneuve intentionally, parking his car to block Alonso from qualifying fastest in Monaco, almost ramming Barrichello into a concrete wall a few years ago, etc. For all his undoubted skill, there are always going to be question marks over his sporting conduct - that's the lasting impression for me anyway.

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Posted in: F1 legend Schumacher announces retirement See in context

Wakarimasen - spot on. Schumacher has tarnished his reputation with this comeback - the car was not exactly amazing, but his performances this season in particular have been very erratic - the crash with Bruno Senna showed how far his level has dropped.

He will remain a very divisive driver in F1 history - sure, he won the most races and titles, but it was at a time when Ferrari's car was far ahead of any other team, and there was no question which driver they were prioritising during his time there (in terms of car development, team orders, etc). Personally, I still don't rate him as high as Prost, Senna, Clark, in the all-time list, but maybe my dislike of the man as a competitor is clouding my judgement.

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Posted in: Law making it illegal to download pirated music, videos goes into effect See in context

I guess the next phase of DL'ing copyrighted material will be via cloud based services like Dropbox. Unsurprisingly there is no mention in any of this law about what would happen if say your friend in the US put a TV show in a shared Dropbox folder and you just watched the show from there - I'm guessing this is ok. I'm no expert, but can your ISP actually open files in your Dropbox, Google Drive, etc? If you just changed the file name to something unintelligible it would be impossible for them to track, surely.

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Posted in: S Korea: Japan must educate its people about World War II See in context

Crazy that people are arguing (at great length) based on those 新しい歴史教科書 textbooks - maybe they should have a look at what % of schools actually use them.

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Posted in: Labor ministry to scrap employee pension insurance system See in context

Singapore have their pension system right. They attract the all-star fund mangers of the world to intelligently invest pension contributions - the returns are pretty amazing.

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