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Posted in: Naha air traffic controller falls asleep on job See in context

Holly cow FLipRay are you suggesting that because a person has an employment contract that there is no accountability for their incompetence while on the job???

I can just imagine it, OHHHH just made a tiny mistake, and people died, BUT I`m sweetI have a contract to cover me!!

If they get fired the Union will throw a fit.................If that person costs the lives of innocent people, I bet 100% the families will throw a fit a lot further than any stupid Union.

There is a huge responsibility on those people who take on jobs where other peoples lives are at risk, and believe me there is NO grey area here.

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Posted in: M-6.7 quake hits northeast Japan; tsunami alert briefly issued See in context

hello from Christchurch New Zealand, here we have had over 8000 aftershocks and 25 over 5M.

Most of my city has been flattened and 10,000 homes affected, of which half will have to be rebuilt.

We have had 9months of shaking, it`s like a bad movie.

I lived 7 years near Tokyo and never experenced anything like this, feel so empty and sad for the people of fukushima.

but however both countries will rise and flourish again Gunbatte!!!!!

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Posted in: 'Talent' Miyu Uehara dead after apparently hanging herself at home See in context

what a waste of such a young and beautifull Lady, some seem to have it all, Looks, fame, however the one thing we all cherish is "True Love"

Older japanese must take responsibility for the way they pressure young people to conform to their ideal life style for example ........Must do certain things at a certain age (Must be married by 30, leave home by 25)

I feel so sad that this beautifull person saw only one way out, and a drastic way too.

Ture love by 24, very rare to find that, many in japan are not able to talk about their true feelings for fear of ridicule from their peers.

I lived and taught english in Japan for 7 years and saw the exploitation of young japanese ladies, especially in books displayed in stores such as Family mart.

Through my 7 years there found that Japanese students find it very hard to convey their true fellings, many work long hours and do not have the chance to learn or even practice social interaction.

I can understand the type of business she was in and the pressure to make others happy at the expence of her own happiness, Just wish she had got out of the business and found a regular job where she may have found that true love.

These comments do not just apply to beautifull Japanese Ladies who take this dreastic measure, it applies to all Japanese population

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Posted in: Woman arrested for injecting contaminated water into daughter's IV drip See in context

What was the cause of death in the other 3 cases, is there actually anyone in the police force taking notice of these incidents other than checking illegally parked bikes.

The other night walking home about 7:00pm there were 3 burly police officers agressivly checking bikes in my neighbourhood, WOW you guys are really run off your feet fighting crime.

Do they actually go through any training in the police school other than bike checking?

I hope the first child and this one year old daughter get the life they are entitled too, and far away from this SICK women.


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Posted in: Former porn star Ai Iijima found dead at Tokyo apartment See in context

I for one have much more respect for Ai than many of the politicians of today, reguardless of her past she was a great entertainer.

It is certainly a bad call by the media to headline it with "Former Porn Star".

Also equally sad she died alone, where maybe she could have been saved.......Dam same and a terrible loss.

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Posted in: What's your recommendation for helping Crown Princess Masako recover fully from whatever is ailing her? See in context

Unfortunately your stuck my dear, Divorce, children or even a holiday will not work.

Once your in, Your in.

Look at princess Dianna she Divorced and they never left her alone.

Look where she is now.

The dam maggots never leave you alone in public life.

Its hard being a somebody, Im just happy being a nobody.

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Posted in: Japan to arrest anti-whaling activists, newspaper reports See in context

Japan say the 1000 or so whales are for research, A 1000 a year have to be killed, Bullshit I`d like to know what the hell they are actually researching and how it benifits mankind.

And it`s the only research I know of that actually ends up as commercial gain for the people who sell it, And who actually gets the money for it.

Next thing you know we`ll be killing 1000 humans a year in the name of research, where does it stop.

I understand the lengths the protestor go to, but boarding ships at the risk of being arrested must be a hard call.

Just there was more world support against these nations who continue killing these whales.


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Posted in: Tourists to be barred from Tsukiji tuna auctions for a month See in context


In order to hide our Illegal sale of Whale meat (Tuna) please implement measures to ban observers of the practice.

Suggest a 1 month trial, if we get away with it lets make it indeffinate.

Japanese whale commission ...AKA Whale research Wink Wink!!

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Posted in: We'll change our conventional attitude, which has been to act only after crimes are committed, and will instead adopt a more proactive stance toward cutting crime and eliminating the factors that caus See in context

How will the police, police this when they are too busy looking at all the illegally parked bikes, they won`t have time.

Does this include women, How about observing all the women who go and kill thier own children, for being children.

Proactive stance Means? A policeman will accompany any one with a child, better do some more recruiting Fallas.

How do we eliminate the factors (STOP HAVING BABIES) how do we Identify a potential child molester.......Did he look sideways at that child.Hmmm.

How stupid this really is in a country where porn in video stores can be seen by children, where high school boys can go to a store called family mart and look at sex styled books, where in manga sexual acts are depicted especially by so called business men openly read them on the train.

You dress high school girls up in mini skirts to tempt theses kind of people, How the hell are you going to identify these people with all these kinds of temptations around.

Change our conventional attitudes (What a Joke) How many red light districts are there in Japan, Soapland, strip clubs, Porn video stores and mini skirted High school girls walking around, not to mention hostess clubs.

What are you going to do ban guys who look like potential molster from entering these places....Sorry you can`t come in here you look like a child molester. Hahahahaha!!!

You want to be more proactive ban the books in the video store that show underage girls and showing young girls as easy targets, then you will change things, take away the temptations........Dumbassas!!

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Posted in: Tourists to be barred from Tsukiji tuna auctions for a month See in context

Thats right ban the tourists who bring in tourist dollars, especially at a time when the economy is going down the toilet..........Good move!!

I hate Tuna anyway, damm smelly fish.

Yes we don`t want tourist snapping evidence photo of us secretly selling whale meat (For study purposes only).

Shit where else are they going to ban tourists, next maybe the resturants where they serve the tuna, or how about Tokyo Tower, How about kamakura Yea dont want tourist taking photos of our unkept daibutsu, hahahah!

The report says hundreds of tourists flock there everyday to watch the proceedings, and they are going to post a few guards to tell tourists to go away, Hahahahaha GOOD LUCK FELLAS!!!!!

I bet the travel companies are real chuffed about this move, one less place to visit, whats next?

What a sad day when an industry openly bans people for looking.

I`m introducing a bill into the parlament of my country banning Japanese tourists from using public transportation because they smell of tuna.

Or better ban all Japanese tourists from bringing cameras into the country and taking a million photo`s each, FLASH FLASH!!!

Cheers Man you start something like this where does it end, one gets away with it everyone will want to do it.

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Posted in: Restaurant owner arrested for beating employee to death in Gifu See in context

Actually this is coomon in Japan because there are programs on T.V gloryfying this kind of thing, and I`m not just talking the work place.

This kind of behavour is common with sports coaches and even at national level.

I watched a program about one of the national vollyball players during his training program for the Olympics, and that coached physically abused the trainee, seems common practice.

If any coach physically abused me I would have no respect for that person as a coach and secondly as a mentor.

In this case the guy is lucky it didn`t end up the other way, the owner being dead from an angry employee.

Violence is the the way to gain the respect of your charges, Stand up and be a better coach OR get out of the business.

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Posted in: Kano Sisters See in context

NEWR FLASH NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know on an airplane when the demonstrate the inflating of the life vest and you can inflate the manually from a side blow up tube.

I hear the kano sister can do the same think with their breasts the blow up tube is under their armpit.


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Posted in: Kano Sisters See in context

helloklitty at 11:29 PM JST - 25th October

This thread is a perfect example of the "piling on" nature of internet posting. Sure, I think they are a couple of scags, but I've got the decency to keep it to myself.



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Posted in: Kano Sisters See in context

Quote: Kyoko said, “I always try to be honest about myself. I know it’s risky to say what you really feel. But you are wasting your life if you are not true to yourself.”Unquote.

True to yourself with enhanced breasts, Yea way to go Kyoko thats being honest.

I notice neither is married, Hmmmm No pressure from the parents???


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Posted in: Maki Horikita looking for boyfriend as she celebrates 20th birthday See in context

Umm onewrldoneppl, actually she never said that she never had a boyfriend.

Can`t you read she said “I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment,...thats a bit different.

At the moment means now.

I wish people would just not ask those dumbass questions and leave her to grow up on her own.

Maki just do your best, don`t worry about the paparazzi who only have a camera to hide behind, You on the other hand have money and a career!

Don`t let them hound you into something, like they did with Princess Diana into that french tunnel.


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Posted in: Manners more attractive than boobs, says Mika Kano See in context

Imagine if the Kano sisters were on the titanic together maybe that ship could have been saved, enough flotation there.


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Posted in: Manners more attractive than boobs, says Mika Kano See in context

Oh by the way did kyoko start boxing again


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Posted in: Manners more attractive than boobs, says Mika Kano See in context

On second thoughts will you lay off the Kano sisters....literally Hahaha

anyway having these two around is what helping Ugly chicks get layed.

And without the boob jobs they would be..............WHO?


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Posted in: A downloaded question See in context

Hmmm let me see, Tom Hanks gets $20,000,000 for a movie and you charge me ¥1800 to see it......Now tom`s salary V mine.

Yes I see how hard it is for Tom and other highly paid actors.

If the price was more reasonable, and does Tom really need 20million a movie, I might just come back.

Hey Movie industry I`m the hand that use to feed you, which is now biting you.

Oh on the next movie if toms not free, I am and Ill do it for 10million I`m sure I could retire on that.


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Posted in: Police arrest mother for strangling 11-year-old son in Yokosuka See in context

maplesugar, actually Bamboohat is right on the mark.

In this country if you are not married with children by 30 parents tell you that you have expired.

And actually parents hound their children to get married just to be rid of them, even in todays world arranged marrage and dating go on, I know of 2 cases myself where parents have arranged for their adult children to go on a date just to try and get them married off.

Age has a real stigma here.

However it does not excuse this mother for doing what she did, Father did you not see any signs here DUMBASS!!!!

I can Imagine while she was strangling him she was thinking (Your father should have taken you fishing) Oh mom was stressed out why didn`t she strangle the father.

Is there any actual parent training in this country?


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Posted in: Police hand out leaflets on murdered girl in Chiba See in context


The mother was working at a hospital and just let her 5year old walk off alone from the hospital.

What the hell kind of mothers are in this country, there is no way would I let my 5year old just walk off.

Where was she going, did she leave alone, we see programs on T.V letting small children being asked by thier parents to go to the shop, down busy roads to buy something for the family.(What is that telling people to do)

Are Parents in this country completly stupid (And as stupid as the Jcops) why don`t the parents make a sign.


Do you people really understand how society is changing, there are many people in society on medication, and fail to take it and are ticking time bombs, how many young ones do we need to scarifice.

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Posted in: Manners more attractive than boobs, says Mika Kano See in context

Oh sorry! did they say something, I was too busy looking at their boobs


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Posted in: Miwa Asao See in context

Umm I want to know how the photographer kept his camera still long enough to take this photo.

Geeees my hands would be so sweaty I couldnt control myself

What a shot!


post note: Just 10min in a room alone with her would be Great (wake up dreamer) Hahahaha!

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Posted in: Comedian Atsuhiko Nakata says he's ready for marriage See in context


The heading should read

Atsuhiko Nakata actually ready to tell his girlfriend he`s ready for marriage.

Just wondering but did he have his parents permission to announce this?

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Posted in: Comedian Atsuhiko Nakata says he's ready for marriage See in context

actually after carefull thought

If she sees his comment here, she may say no!!

Considering he should have told her first of his intentions not the media.

And he did say IF!!!

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Posted in: Comedian Atsuhiko Nakata says he's ready for marriage See in context


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Posted in: The English of most would-be translators is awfully poor. Few Japanese can actually read English accurately. See in context


It`s themselves......Not thier selves.

and It`s o.k to learn Japanese .....Not Is o.k to learn Japanese

and It`s their mother tongue.......Not Is their mother tongue.

You need to learn to write, I`m sure if they read your writing they will be confused.

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