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Posted in: Internet cafe employee stabbed in Tokyo's Shinjuku See in context

I have been to Kabukicho many times, and yes you have to keep your ears and eyes open just like any other place.

Just stay away from the big African dudes trying to get you in thier club, so they can look after you.............hahahaha thats a joke.

personally never had a problem there, and yes been to all the places mentioned.

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Posted in: JR Tohoku train departs without passengers, conductor See in context

I thought the driver was not allowed to move unless signaled by the guard at the rear.

There is usually a Beeeep sound meaning all clear.


Also when did the driver actually notice and how?

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Posted in: Doctor arrested for taking lewd photos of sisters during check-up See in context

this guy needs to be struck off

No 1 for putting a black mark on the medical profession No 2 being old enough to know better, gee an 8 and 11 year old.

Now if he was taking Lewid pictures of the Kano sisters what would happen then, EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

The 7 years I was in Japan I found the medical profession to be professional, but some not very competent.

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Posted in: S Korean, Japanese activists send leaflets by balloon toward N Korea See in context

YuriOtani ohhhhhh yea hell lets keep the hate going brother (Duuuuu)

Hey lets even bring back Hitler and starlin and throw in a Sudam Husain.

Come on living in the past, and past mistakes will not help the world move on, I understand what these people are trying to achieve.

Mutual respect and understanding is far more benificial than any war. The past will not be forgotten I`m sure, but lets make a better future.

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Posted in: Iwate police officer beats girlfriend after drunken birthday celebration See in context

And a fine upstanding example of the Japanese police force he is too.

Wonder what he is like on duty?

These two are old enough to know better anyway.

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Posted in: Body found in burned-out taxi See in context

I lived in that area and I saw Taxi drivers sleeping in thier taxi`s all the time, especially when on a break.

I think it`s quite common to do it, how ever this will be an interesting outcome.

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Posted in: Woman found strangled in Tokyo hotel after suspect turns himself in See in context

Umm which part does he think got out of control?

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Posted in: What are the pros and cons of living together with someone before you marry that person? See in context

Living together hmmmmm yea thats o.k

Marrage.........Huh No No this is just an economical arrangement.

Commitment.................I`m as commited as I want to be.

Think carefully before you say ......I DO.......because later you wish you hadn`t


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Posted in: Play ball See in context

and the winner of the bean pole is...............

She has a cute face, but I too think a strong wind will blow her away

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Posted in: Mother arrested for killing daughter wrote of child's death on blog See in context

I hope they steralise this women so she can NEVER have another child, and she gets the mental help she needs.

Unfortunately the 2 month Daughter paid the altimite price for this immature lady.

R.I.P such a sad case

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Posted in: The state of the language school industry See in context

I spent 7 years teaching english in Japan and have just recently returned to my home country.

while in Japan I worked for 2 different companies, the first was teaching mainly kids, I would describe this as basic kindy stuff.

My second school was with one of the larger chains (Not Nova) with this company came a challange of effectivly teaching different levels, from aged 3 up to business people.

The industry needs to be customer focused and deliver specifically to the customers needs, purpose and Goal.

In Japan there has been deep divisions in the debate of english instruction within the Japanese public school system, where english is concerned.

The foreign community offered to help to formulate more constructive english tuition, these were rejected.

Deffinately Nova`s situation knocked the confidence of students out of the industry and mistrust about quality surfaced.

I never regret my time in Japan and certainly got satisfaction in seeing students improving thier level and most of all confidence, through having a communicative goal orientated lesson.

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Posted in: Man attacked, robbed in elevator See in context

Id check the mahjong employee first to see if he is not in some financial difficulty, like owing the yakusas protection money.

did this attacker wear a mask or not, between 40 - 50 that narrows it down.

And 9:30am wow and no one around at that time, when I lived in Japan I was hardly EVER alone, especially given the population of Tokyo.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! Here fishy fishy?

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Posted in: 16 security cameras installed on Akihabara streets See in context

10 million Yen for 16 cameras.........Shit I`m in the wrong business, and in the Akihabara district too, things not as chaep as I thought there.

I wonder if there is one in the Ladies toilet at the train station....well you never know!!!

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Posted in: 14-year-old student arrested for indecent assault See in context

grabed her in her teens, exactly which part of the body is that?

The two did not know each other......Well they certainly do now.

I can imagine the situation.........Now that I have your breast and teens in my hands would you go out with me.........hahahahah

Horny little b****d........hehehe

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Posted in: Kyoko Hasegawa returns to TV after taking year off See in context

If I take a year off can I get in the news too?

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Posted in: Junior high school girls arrested for marijuana possession in Kobe See in context

Just look at Holland who controls things like this and seem to do it well.

I agree let the cops chase the real crims

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Posted in: Preparations begin for Sapporo Snow Festival See in context

I went to hokkaido in 1998 and visited everywhere fron Abashiri, noboribetsu, asahikawa, Otaru and supporro what a great 4 days.

Never forget that experence and photo`s to remember.

whether alone or in a group the experence is worth it.

Oh and Noborito I`d rather the Military playing with snow rather than in a war somewhere (The Military is a stupid invention anyway)

Whats the problem with using the Military for some good, Noborito would you rather they be fighting somewhere and causing distress to their families.

Maybe some other countries could learn from the Japanese Military.

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Posted in: Woman stabs husband after years of marital distress See in context

so funny first he tries to get rid of her by throwing her off a balcony and fails

Then she tries to stab him in the neck and fails..........the keystone Japanese.

Marital distress, what the F*** which couples don`t have that today.

At their ages, give them a pair of boxing gloves each and let them duke it out.

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Posted in: Do you think it is a good idea to have armed guards on planes as an anti-terrorism measure? See in context

This is a question of real debate and a hard one to find an effective solution.

Here you have people in an enclosed mode of transportation at 33,000ft to which you would feel more comfortable have an armed Marshal on board, which means 2 things 1) 1 hole through the plane you have trouble. 2) The terrorist is more agitated dealing with an armed apponent.

Now to imagine a terrorist getting a gun on board a flight in itself is inexcusable giving all the security checks, but explosives are different.

I actually liked the Idea of black belt trained marshals on board who properly trained can efectively take out the threat.

Maybe all airline staff should have martial arts training, in some form.

Also putting this kind of debate out into the public forum, is I find a little strange giving the fact Im sure airlines take security of its passangers very seriously and their security plans should be secret from the public for it to be effective.

Our personal security at home is our own responsibility, but when we travel, we are in the hands of others, extreemly difficult.

How ever to the question at hand, many airports around the world, London, Singapore etc have armed guards, but to put them visibly on planes, it will not deter terrorists, given the fact the are so focused on their task, and explosives seem the prefered method now.

I`d say no, keep it secret, out in the open just Hightens the tension.

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Posted in: Saitama woman arrested after stabbing lover in Nagano car park See in context

Come on people this is "love Japan style"

I guess he was not much of a lover, and they met in a car, maybe he was too cheap to spring for the love Hotel.

Hes 51 and shes 44 I can imagine the passion there.

Oh and 4:00am in the morning there`s a case, she was sleep deprived at the time.

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Posted in: Ex-cop arrested over rape in underground passageway See in context

I don`t remember, Great defence

I bet he was a great cop!!!!

How do these idiots get in.

Please give me 5min in a room alone with him and I`ll get a J-cop type of confession out of him

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Posted in: Two young girls punched by stranger on street in Hyogo See in context

wow this tough guy puts rambo to shame, unarmed 6 and 7 year old girls.

Please let me meet him in a dark ally............PLEASE!!!

Tie him down and let the girls have a kick at his (alledged) manhood.


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Posted in: Student accidentally sets off fireworks on train See in context

deffinition of stupidity = 1 brainless 16 year, old mix in 10 other brainless school mates of similar IQ, an enclosed area (such as a train carrage) and you have potential disaster.

Yes he had the lighter, and I guess his 10 friends forced his hand to the firework.


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Posted in: The cheering gets nasty at a pro baseball game See in context

OssanAmerica, the artical said the child mistakenly stood on a shirt, not intentionally.

And why were shirts strewn all over the place anyway it`s a baseball game not a dam clothing shop.

There was no suggestion the boy was not being controled in the middle of stupid screaming fans (Shit he was 5 )Obvously YOU have never been 5.

And if the parent was 100% responsiblt why didn`t the lady slap the parent (Yes different story then)


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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki See in context

Now if she changed her costume in front of the audience, that would be a trick!!!........hehehe

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Posted in: When should Alzheimer's patients stop driving? See in context

They will stop driving once they forget where they parked the car.


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Posted in: Man arrested after taking taxi from Tokyo to Fukuoka and refusing to pay Y359,230 fare See in context

Did the taxi driver call his wife and say....I won`t be home tonight hon


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Posted in: Man arrested after taking taxi from Tokyo to Fukuoka and refusing to pay Y359,230 fare See in context

Now that I have stopped laughing after 30 min

Your telling me this Dumbass (Sorry the regular Dumbasses) actually drove all the way to Fukuoka and then became suspicious and it cost ¥359,230 which means it will cost ¥359,230 to get the dam taxi back to Tokyo.

A Plane or train would have been cheaper, was Utsonomiya dressed in a suit or something?

I kind of hope this guy is no longer a Taxi driver.

Also he must have driven throughout the night, which is also illegal because of Max driving hours.

When he became suspicious he called the police, How long did it take for them to stop laughing or where did they find the spare time fro bike checking to investigate this serious missjudgement of a taxi driver.

This should be a new movie the police against the taxi driver called (Yes its been made before) Dumb and Dumber. Im surprised the police believed him.

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Posted in: Man beats pedestrian to death in Kanagawa; says it didn't matter who See in context

didnt matter who, why didnt he pick one of his so called friends.

The 3 should also be charged with accessory

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Posted in: Horie says legal system unfairly crucifies rich and famous See in context

Horie OR ishihara who would you trust.

come on team lets vote

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