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Posted in: Do video games, mental illness drive U.S. massacres? See in context

OMG NO! The guy in El Paso wrote his reasons for the shootings. "This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. They are the instigators, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by the invasion." He is against mix racing and that, "the country should be divided into a confederacy with at least one territory for each race." The only news outlet here blaming video games is Fox News. He knew full well of what he was doing, and it was premeditated because he drove 10 hours from his hometown in Dallas, TX to go to El Paso which is a border town. If video games were the culprit, these mass killings wouldn't just be happening in the United States.

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Posted in: Do you consider dress codes forcing women to wear high heels at work power harassment? See in context

Don't like the dress code? Don't take the job. I'm a woman and I fully believe in having dress codes. Women are funny, bc we will where heels anywhere else but magically have a problem when it comes to wearing them for work.

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Posted in: U.S. men avoid spending time with female colleagues in the wake of #MeToo See in context

As a woman, I completely understand and I don't blame the men at all. It has gone from one extreme to the next. What did people think was going to happen?

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Posted in: Marie Kondo's Netflix show has cluttered Americans abuzz See in context

I read her book a few years ago and it was soo helpful! I'll have to do it again bc unfortunately we've collected more crap, I'm sure of it. I'll honestly be surprised if we didn't.

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Posted in: S Korean 'forced labor' plaintiffs seek Nippon Steel asset seizure, paper reports See in context

Or we could just move on and stop living our lives in the past.

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Posted in: Japanese school explains why it won't let cold schoolgirl wear tights under her skirt See in context

So wear nude color stockings... We were never allowed to wear tights or pants under our skirts either and I went to Catholic schools in the States. It sucks but you'll survive. I'm sick of coming across articles, not just here, but in the States too, about teenage girls bitching about school uniforms. You will always have some sort of dress code and rules to follow so suck it up buttercup.

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Posted in: Organizers of 2020 Tokyo Games admit extreme weather a major issue See in context

This just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen...

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Posted in: An increasing number of companies in Japan have banned employees from smoking during their work hours, aiming to resolve low productivity caused by their smoking breaks. Do you agree with this policy? See in context

I'm not a smoker, but give them their breaks. There's nothing worse than working with a stressed out ticked off smoker who can't take their break and chill out for two seconds. Same can be said for the coffee addicts. Let them have their coffee breaks. Also, wouldn't kill anyone to let workers off on time but apparently taking away smoke breaks is the bigger problem. People getting off on time means time they can unwind, sleep and come to work refreshed. But, that's just my two cents.

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Posted in: Ideal timing between pregnancies is at least one year: study See in context

Andrew Crisp Heard stories that a woman that is still breast feeding cant get pregnant anyway - can anyone deny or confirm this

@Andrew Crisp, this is false. My sister in law was breast feeding and she still got pregnant.

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Posted in: Relocation of Tokyo fish market to Toyosu begins See in context

This saddens me...all of this for a one time event...I get that it was old, and there were some problems but you can't deny the historical and cultural aspect of it. Idk where it's moving to but I'm sure it will have a completely different feel to it. But, where one chapter ends, a new one begins.

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Posted in: AI robots to help teach English in 500 classrooms next year See in context

Or! Drop the requirement down to an A.A/A.S. degree and figure out to budget the salary because as much money that went into this could have been put towards the budget. Yes, I'm feeling some type of way because I want to teach ESL in Japan and I only have a 2 yr (working on TESOL) and can't afford to go back to college (and I've used up all of the student loan money trying to get my bachelor's).

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Posted in: Japan's declutter queen Marie Kondo expands her empire See in context

That's so good! I thoroughly enjoyed her book and it helped me out tremendously. I have since accumulated crap and need to go through it again lol

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Posted in: International students gripe about bad food at Ohio college See in context

You can't be serious? First, there are very few college campuses that have good cafeteria food. Second, there aren't even many restaurants that are truly authentic. To expect that any college (except for maybe Ivy Leagues) will have authentic foreign anything is unrealistic. Please, get over yourselves and find something worthy to discuss.

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Posted in: Mini Honda See in context

It's adorable, and I want it!

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Posted in: And now for White Day See in context

I actually like the idea. My husband and I don't live in Japan (yet) but we are going to start this tradition (both V-Day and White Day) next year. Though, I can understand the annoyance of both days because it's like being in elementary school when there is a birthday or it's Valentine's and you have to go out and buy something for everyone in the class (at least in the States, though I don't know if they still do that...)

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Posted in: N Korea's Kim says he is open to 'highest-level' talks with South See in context

I honestly don't see North Korea surviving as a country that much longer.

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Posted in: Is Japanese TV really as bad as its reputation? See in context

I'm not that familiar with Japanese television programming, but I do like J-Dramas and anime. ^.^

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Posted in: Sea of blue mourns slain New York police officer See in context

When this story first broke it made me upset to the point where I wanted to cry. This all could have been avoided if the Grand Jury would have indicted those officers who choked a man to death. People don't understand (for whatever reason) that you can be against police brutality but still support our boys in blue. Incidences like this bring me relief that my father is no longer here. He was an officer of 25 years, and everything that is happening in this country would boil his blood and feel ashamed for what those NYPD officers did. I pray that the family of these two officers will be consoled, healed and continually supported by their second family.

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Posted in: Over 20,000 bras recalled due to injury fears See in context

I'm sorry but (and I know I may get thumbs down for this) it really isn't that serious. All underwire bras at one point or another will decide it wants to kill you. The wire, in my own experience, has always decided it wanted to come out while I'm out and cannot just simply go home. Unless this company has designed a way for their bras to never do this at any point in time, it's inevitable.

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Posted in: What are some of the most common stereotypes that people in your native country have about Japan? See in context

and that New Orleans was up and running several months after Katrina

No, it wasn't up and running several months after Katrina. The CBD was up and running for the most part but that's a very small section. Stereotypes: Everyone likes anime, sushi and they are the most intelligent people on the planet. In reality people are people no matter where you go.

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Posted in: 60th anniversary Godzilla Music Festival will feature film screening and live music See in context

Must. Teleport.

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Posted in: Tsunami evacuees caught in Y3 tril money trap See in context

It's Katrina all over again, in regards to getting the money that is needed and people's houses and companies re-built. In all honesty when disaster strikes there shouldn't be all of this red tape and he said she said nonsense. Unfortunately, these people are looking at another year or two at least if nothing is done before then.

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Posted in: U.S.-Japan group calls for completion of TPP pact See in context

Stop using 9/11 as a ploy to get people to agree to your terms!!!!!! If you can't make a valid argument without using 9/11 once then you should just keep quiet.

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Posted in: Hollywood uses sequels to cash in big on the cheap See in context

Hollywood is dead. They haven't come out with a great movie (that wasn't a reboot or sequel) in a long time.

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Posted in: Cassette tapes making a comeback with youth in Japan See in context

Oh the memories of cassettes and walkmans! Nostalgia. ^.^

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Posted in: Widower continues diving off tsunami-hit coast in search of wife's remains See in context

I hope he finds her, to give him closure and peace of mind.

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Posted in: Gov't considering to create a new public holiday See in context

I'm all for holidays! I loathe working, but that maybe because I'm not working in my field yet. ;)

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Posted in: Tsunami survivors suffer in silence three years after disaster See in context

I wish I could go there and help those who are still suffering. I know what they are going through. It kills me knowing that I can't help them. Unfortunately, I have the same problem that I had three years ago: no money. Heck, I don't even own a passport. And even worse, the people that are still missing will most likely never be accounted for...

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