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Posted in: 3 arrested for tweaking Denny’s logo for sexual service company See in context

They had a Penny's in Hiratsuka ( not sure if it's still there) looked exactly like a Denny's sign. It was also a sexual service company.. I'm not sure what makes them think that a Denny's sign would make for a good rip off.

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Posted in: 8-year-old boy falls to death from 9th-floor balcony See in context

RIP young man. I have to say that those that think 5:20am is too early to be waking up , it isn't. This morning my 5 yr old woke up at 5:30am ( he usually doesnt) but because of the sun streaming through into his bedroom he did. My son is also 130cms tall already so it is quite possible for a child to climb up onto a balcony especially I would say for an 8 yr old boy. I hope it was a tragic accident rather than murder.

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