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Posted in: Toyota Prius top seller in FY2016 for 1st time in 5 years See in context

ugly pos, it takes the crown over the Aztek as the ugliest car in history

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Posted in: Despite redesign, Toyota Camry’s reign as top U.S. car in jeopardy See in context

Mazda makes way better cars than Toyota nowadays, in terms of their attention to detail, quality, driving feel, Mazda beats Toyota hands down.

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Posted in: Let's not go places See in context

Great title!

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Posted in: Mazda Roadster wins Car of the Year in Japan See in context

good to see a proper sports car win this award, rather than some boring as hell econo green box

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Posted in: U.S. probes air bag maker Takata after 7.8 mil vehicles recalled See in context

Only 139 injuries out of 7.8 million, you do the math, 0.0018% regulators and media over-reacting as usual

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Posted in: 'Gangnam Style' earns $8 mil for YouTube: Google See in context

I also take pride in never having seen it.

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Posted in: F1's reigning champ savors second title See in context

@Shinhiyata: "Suzuka is not one of the harder circuits"

are you kidding me? LOL

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