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Posted in: Gender gap still exists in Japan in pay, working conditions: OECD report See in context

So, even as a great democracy, there is still significant inequality for women in the 21st century in Japan?!! I am disappointed. You can do better!!!!

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Posted in: China commentary questions Abe's sincerity See in context

Indeed JanesBlonde. Whereas, Japan's manners and etiquette much much much better and unquestionable. We all should trust Japan's LDP. Always always always trust the party elected in a democracy in Japan, unlike China.

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Posted in: Crime, corruption and tax evasion costs developing world $6 tril, led by China: report See in context

Yea Poke! C'mon! Whereas in democratic Japan, there is very very very little corruption if not at all. Modern Japan is morally clean when it comes to corruption.

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Posted in: Abe-nomics See in context

Zenpun, that is a result of Japan's democratic choice, unlike China. We must go along with it and embrace it. This is the people's verdict in the election. Abe-nomics here we come!

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Posted in: Japan's November trade deficit widens 37.9% on-year See in context

Folks, Japan has really really nothing to worry about. Japan still has one of the world's HIGHEST per capita GDP and still has the world's 3rd largest economy. Just keep coasting along. Japan is still advanced and developed with a great democratic system to withstand this minor issue.

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Posted in: China commentary questions Abe's sincerity See in context

@PnoyMafia, every year you think is a bad year for China. Nothing happened. Tibet is still not free for many decades. What makes you think 2013 will be any different?

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Posted in: China tells Japan it will not tolerate violations of sovereignty See in context

Shoot first, kill! Talk later!

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Posted in: Japan protests after 3 Chinese ships enter waters near disputed islands See in context

Tokiyo, looks your your "smart and educated" society in Japan didn't successfully make your economy stronger independent of China.

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Posted in: Coast guard on lookout for 1,000 Chinese fishing boats See in context

Japan, blood is on your hands. If one or more fishing boats are shot at, then all bets are off when it comes to China's military measures/retaliation.

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Posted in: Japan-China dispute: little islands, big problem See in context

@Rounin78: Greedy Japan thinks that because it is a superpower, it is going to step on its neighbors (South Korea, China, and Russia). Let me tell you, JAPAN, you are so WRONG. Japan, you have to RESPECT. -fixed-

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Posted in: Japan to ask international court to settle S Korea isle dispute See in context

What are you, a peace keeper?!! Are you the imperial world police?!

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Posted in: War memories See in context

Ugh! That imperial flag again. This is offensive to the Americans that died in Pearl Harbor!

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Posted in: Japan marks 67th anniversary of end of World War II See in context

Noda, it should be apologize, not regret!!!

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Posted in: 1 dead, 2 missing after heavy rain hits western Japan See in context

I thought the infrastructure of 1st-world modern, developed Japan was superb to handle the heavy rain. What gives?!

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Posted in: S Korea urges 2 Japanese ministers to scrap Yasukuni visit See in context

@hatsoff: But Japan's diplomatic behavior is certainly not earning praise from its neighbors. All I see is friction and confrontation from the Nippon leadership.

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Posted in: S Korea-Japan flare-up a setback for U.S. See in context

All I see is the U.S. will selfishly use South Korea and Japan to help contain China.

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Posted in: Lee says emperor would have to apologize if he wishes to visit S Korea See in context

President Lee and South Korea have nothing to apologize for to Japan. Instead, Japan has many things to seriously apologize for. So Japan's leadership should really grow up and apologize to Russia, South Korea, and China as a whole. For those westerners who will boycott some Korean businesses over this, I as an American will instead support those Korean businesses even more. Those of you who bash South Korea and its leadership for its righteous patriotic act need to do some serious soul-searching. The majority of East Asian neighbors are not on Japan's side. Japan should drop its arrogant ego from the international stage.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea, U.S. to hold naval exercises off Hawaii See in context

Not surprising, both South Koreans and Japanese love America sooooo much.

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Posted in: Parents of bullied high school boy file criminal charges in Miyagi See in context

Sick sick Japanese mindset of the school.

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Posted in: South Korea protests Japan's claim to isles See in context

Gosh, the "democratic" peace-loving Japan should stop creating disputes with its neighbor's territory.

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Posted in: Japan flags China military's policy role as potential risk See in context

Heh! I'm not surprised. In the recent anime, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse, the People's Republic of China was utterly destroyed during the alien invasion. Only Japan and the United States were able to fight off the aliens successfuly as the last line of defense. I bet deep down, Japan would want to have the potential "threat" of China removed completely this way or another. If they were able to fight off the aliens unlike China in the anime, do they think they could fight off China itself?

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Posted in: Gov't officially approves TEPCO plan to hike household electricity bills from Sept 1 See in context

I guess Japan's GDP number will only grow by price increases or higher bills.

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Posted in: Labor minister orders probe into claims workers' radiation levels faked See in context

Don't investigate until it is exposed by the media. How nice of Japan. xD

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Posted in: Three 17-year-old boys arrested for nearly drowning student in river See in context

Looks like boys are up to no good in Japan these days. -_-

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Posted in: Firm told workers at Fukushima plant to lie about radiation dose See in context

As a "democracy", why does a 1st-world Japan allow this of kind of thing to happen?!!! Don't you have high standards?!!

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Posted in: Japan's ambassador returns to Beijing amid territorial dispute See in context

TokyoLurker. You could not be more wrong. Japan stole those islands around 1895 with your imperial war-mongering activities. From your attitude, I think the world should take a very close look at Japanese textbooks with respect to Asia's history.

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Posted in: Japan recalls Beijing envoy See in context

Japan is not acting pacifist at all. All it does these days is escalating its disputes with Russia, South Korea, and China. Peace and Love as you preach in Japan? I think not!!!

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Posted in: Embracing détente: Japan-Korea relations See in context

So, basically, push aside the "Comfort Women" (sex slave) issue and the Dokdo dispute and move on to face North Korea?! LOL. Yeah right! You could say something fairly similar with China!

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Posted in: Lawmakers push gov't to get tough on Senkakus dispute See in context

Let the world court and UN decide on the sovereignty of the Islands, plus the other islands around Philippine and Vietnam as well. The shameless China is bullying small and weak nations around the area through phony bilateral negotiation one by one. The world body must step up to the plate for its own credibility instead allowing China to play a divisive game in the midst. The sooner is better since China is building and moving all fronts to their favors through business enticing and arm twisting tactics. "Men do not live by bread alone", for the communist China never understand this. The freedom loving nations should unite against China new form of colonialism. Let's learn from Tibet's experience

Sorry, Bgood41. At this incredibly uncertain state of the global economy, it is not wise to antagonize the giant, China. Your view is far too idealistic. It is far too risky with consequences far too great to throw China under the bus.

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Posted in: Lawmakers push gov't to get tough on Senkakus dispute See in context

They are only Chinese in the eyes of people who do not respect history and who would rather play silly imperialist war games.

@SushiSake3, are you blind? It is Japan who does not respect history and acknowledge or apologize for ALL the atrocities it committed in Korea and China. Japan has not settled its territorial dispute with Russia on the northern islands as well as South Korea, and yet you and YuriOtani are willing to escalate the dispute with China towards war. Have you gone mad?! Like Governor Ishihara, you folks are not so pacifist and mature after all. And are not even trying to be anymore.

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