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Posted in: 1st 'comfort women' statue installed in Taiwan See in context

I hope they erect a statute next to the one for all the past, present and future human trafficking that is as worse as it’s ever been. At least address real and present issues that the public should be angry about! Combine the 2 if you have to and do something about it.

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Posted in: Phone service providers to be required to unlock used smartphones See in context

Firstly, never buy a phone via a monthly contract - they own you

If you must, purchase from the Apple store or online Apple store. Even better, just purchase overseas and get rid of the camera sound.

The only difference with an overseas model with different firmware/boot code is they can’t accept Suica type prepaid cards to be used. Other than that, why buy in Japan.

If you have an old iPhone, even a 4S you can use a mod chip to unlock any carrier and use any sim you want. I’ve had no problem with all the above senarios.

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Posted in: Japan's push for telework hoped to ease traffic during Olympics See in context

None of the hightech companies use video conferencing regularly. I’ve never been in a teleconference with the video turned on in the last 10 years (averaging 3-4 meetings a day) despite having the best of polycom or other hw. All you need is a smartphone!

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Posted in: Docomo to offer cloud-based call/dispatch solution for regional taxi services See in context

Waste of Human Resources. Just trying to find something to counter the Uber threat once they get approval to fully operate in Japan. I believe Abe-Chan mentioned 2020 prior to the Olympics, but he might still back peddle!

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Posted in: Osaka gov't warns of baseless rumors on social media after quake See in context

It only takes one racist on sns. Japan on the whole has never been racist towards foreign travelers and most welcome them. Uncertainty certainly brings about suspicion, but I saw none of that in the last 3.11 earthquake. Ignore bigots and move on. Arrest the worst offenders.

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Posted in: Japan gives Akita dog to Russian skater Zagitova See in context

I was bitten twice by different dogs when young, but never blamed the dogs and only the humans. One female dog had her puppies taken away which caused her to become depressed. Another was just having a bad day. Dogs rarely bite without reason or unless you get in between a dog fight. Love all dogs and sincerely hope Japan hits the zero kills soon.

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Posted in: Japanese airports short of safety inspectors See in context

Absolutely insane. Just get rid of the middleman, hire direct and throw in some incentives. Hakken will be the downfall of Japan. Make legalized human trafficking illegal.

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Posted in: 69-year-old serial wallet thief caught stealing again on Tokyo subway See in context

They have Special undercover cops at stations

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Posted in: Popular encrypted email standards are unsafe: researchers See in context

“In addition the mails would need to be in HTML format and have active links to external content to be vulnerable, the BSI said.

It advised users to disable the use of active content, such as HTML code and outside links”

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Posted in: Popular encrypted email standards are unsafe: researchers See in context

Just don’t use HTML

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Posted in: 3 Taiwanese women get suspended sentences for smuggling gold in bras See in context

dumb, all you have to do is keep it below 1kg per person. 950g should do it or switch to less than 90% purity.

“There is no limit on the total amount of means of payment that may be brought into or taken out of Japan. However, if you transport means of payment exceeding JP¥1,000,000 or its equivalent or precious metal (more than 90% purity's gold only) exceeding 1Kg of total weight, you're required to report this to the Customs. Means of payment include Japanese or foreign currency, checks (including traveler's checks) promissory notes, and securities.”

”Gold with more than 90 percent in purity should be reported to the authorities if importing or exporting over 1 kilogram.”

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Posted in: Microchips get under the skin of technophile Swedes See in context

See no reason to embed into your body with so many wearables these days. The smart wearable which identifies the wearer would be able to do so much more than a passive chip and connect to your smart device for added functionality. That tiny rfid chip is just a fancy barcode.

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Posted in: Manga website investigated over copyright claims See in context

With a dwindling population there’s no way sales can increase with Japanese only manga. Perhaps they should target the millions who stand around for hours reading manga at BookOff or other shops that don’t plastic cover every single book. They need to adapt much like the music & games industry if they want to survive.

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Posted in: Gov't to ask mobile carriers to stop charging for switching providers See in context

BICSIM all the way. 2560yen for 3 sims shared across 12GB + Wi2 300

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Posted in: More Vietnamese trainees made to join Fukushima decontamination work See in context

So, what’s the going rate for modern slaves in Japan?

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Posted in: Top finance official denies sexual harassment; vows to sue publisher See in context

J-Gov/Abe-Chan didn’t anticipate Womenomics included empowering Women.

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Posted in: Japanese engineer builds giant robot to realise 'Gundam' dream See in context

Should be easy to dismantle a wall to let it roam free. What license will this need for the road?

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Posted in: Vietnamese rank top for 1st time in number of crimes committed by expats in Japan See in context

You do realize that the same person can be charged multiple crimes and most often do. This is what can skew the numbers. As for the actual crime, we need to dive deeper to understand what they are. Stealing food is vastly different to pick stealing card, pocketing or entering people’s houses. Like wise overstaying you visa is not the same as any other crime which directly affects somebody else. I need to see a breakdown of stats to really understand what’s going on.

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Posted in: Male idol dance group finds hidden stalker gadget inside stuffed animal present from fan See in context

I’m sure they’re all destroyed or given away. If you’re going to give something make sure it’s something even the queen would want to keep.

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Posted in: What is Japan’s most used on-demand video streaming service? See in context

If torrents is your thing then just choose NURO for 2Gbps unlimited unthrottled DL&UL

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Posted in: Microsoft and LinkedIn: Is their marriage working? See in context

Turned everything off for LinkedIn. It only serves as a database for me.

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Posted in: Google's AI push comes with plenty of people problems See in context

Parts of this story were generated by Automated Insights...

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Posted in: JAXA paying people 380,000 yen to drop out of life for two weeks See in context

Sounds like you could offer this to some people at a minimum security prison...

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Posted in: About 4,000 homeless in Tokyo believed to be sleeping in 24-hour cafes on any weeknight See in context

These people have no obligations so really not as hard compared to say a single mother with two kids. I wouldn’t even call them homeless if they’re able to pay for a roof over their head and most probably do have a family home somewhere regardless if they never want to return. Help the working poor families first by changing the rights for employees and change the part time haken mentality of corporations.

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Posted in: Japanese movie theater with kotatsu seating looks like it’s the best cinematic experience ever See in context

Is this like at the very front?

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Posted in: Land ownership mysteries in aging Japan stifle economy See in context


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Posted in: Japanese teacher wakes up sleepy students by whipping out realistic model pistol in classroom See in context

In Japan, the first thought would be that it's a model gun. He would have to fire off a round first before anyone thinks otherwise.

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Posted in: Audrey Hepburn's son sues children's charity over use of mother's name See in context

I wonder how she wanted her son to be? Sounds like an ungrateful privileged senile brat, but if he has some legitimate concerns about the charities spending then please say so instead of suing a charity you setup yourself in your own mothers name.

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Posted in: AOL Instant Messenger to sign off See in context

ICQ 5digits since 1996.

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Posted in: Panasonic to increase automotive lithium-ion battery production in Japan See in context

Cool, vertically. I assume a multilayer automated assembly line

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