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Posted in: S Korea's Park says she is not opposed to talks with Abe See in context

I have worked with many Japanese people over the years and the vast majority just want to have good relationships with everyone regardless of race. When asked about their feelings towards China or Korea, the response is "I don't like them because they don't like us". That's all there is to it despite all the rhetoric. However, the passitivity of the general public leads to right wing politicians getting elected, who in turn seems to take either joy or an amazing lack of foresite in directly or indirectly retracting previous statements or apologies for the atrocities commited by Japan in the past. So, basically, if the public doesn't take a more proactive approach and pride in how their country is run, this becomes an on-going loop.

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Posted in: French singer Yvette Giraud, big in Japan, dies aged 97 See in context

Thank you for giving Japan your love and smiles! Rest in Peace Ms Giraud

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Posted in: Saudi Arabian TV tempts would-be thieves in Tokyo to test Japan’s honesty See in context

A few years ago I dropped my wallet in Itami airport whilst waiting for the limousine bus to take me to board a connecting flight at Kansai airport. I panicked and ran around trying to find it, and lo and behold, it was on the floor where I dropped it with a security guard standing vigilant next to it! Thank you!

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Posted in: Yuko Oshima gets 20,000 Twitter followers in first hour See in context

Great to know that her popularity is carrying over after AKB! Fantastic job, and happy for her

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Posted in: Yuko Oshima's first post-AKB48 job will be special reporter for World Cup See in context

I think it's fantastic that those girls get to do what they love! Go AKB, and go Yuko! You will be able to help soccer gain a broader appeal and that is a great thing!

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Posted in: Teacher criticized for attending son’s entrance ceremony instead of her own school’s See in context

As a country which considers appearances and adherence to conformity to be vitally important, it is understandable as to why the parents would be upset. Whether or not it is right or wrong is not the point, as it is a systematic and deeply entrenched issue. Rules are rules, and when deciding to take up the job within such a system, the teacher needs to play the game or otherwise accept the consequences despite how illogical it may appear to be. I lost count of the number of times I challenged the system only to ultimately accept that "this is Japan" and thus conclude that certain things were out of my control.

Perhaps the "best" thing which the teacher could have done was to sit down with her son and say, "please be strong and understand that I love you, but I have a job to do, even though I don't want to do it". It is not easy, but this is the system that she is operating in.....

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Posted in: Ex-AKB48 singer Maeda appointed ambassador for Tokyo Int'l Film Festival See in context

Ah, the keyboard warriors are again out in force today, complaining yet again about anything to do with AKB48. The girl worked hard for more than 7 years and no matter what you think, she has become immensely popular and a role model of many teenagers within Asia. Seriously guys, the AKB bashing is getting really old

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Posted in: AKB48 No. 1 See in context

What Ted and Thunderbird said!

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Posted in: AKB48 No. 1 See in context

As a gaijin living in Japan, I love what these girls are doing! Living their dreams and being great at what they do! Go AKB48!

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