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Posted in: Airlines whipsawed by costly fuel, Japan disaster See in context

Answering KingSaint question: According to Dictionary.reference.com:

–adjective Stock Exchange . subjected to a double loss, as when an investor has bought a stock at a high price soon before it declines and then, in order to make good the loss, sells it short before it advances.

No, I had never heard before.

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Posted in: Maki Horikita happy to play villain for first time See in context

Woow, I like this photo. I'm really looking forward to watching her new movie. She's always cute and beautiful.

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Posted in: Russian, Japanese women lead Cup of Russia field See in context

Hhhhmm, what happened to my favourite Suguri Fumie? I haven't heard of her lately. I hope we could still see her.

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Posted in: Brazil, Russia reach final of volleyball worlds See in context

I'm very happy for my home country have won this battle. We want to be Chapions by the 1st time in this competition. If it wasn't against Brazil, I wanted Japan have won this Semi-Final.

Carneiro, onde voce vive? Eu estou em Montreal.

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Posted in: NZ teen survives 16-story fall onto concrete floor See in context

Woow, I got quick response to my comments here. Sorry, I had given inacurate information. It had happened in the Manhattan Island of New York City, was just 47 floor, not 60. Anyway, see the news here:


Woow, I didn't know about the story of that Soviet bomber who fell 22,000 feet(from Kyushujoe). That's alos really amazing.

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Posted in: NZ teen survives 16-story fall onto concrete floor See in context

To answer VelvetRosetta:

This is not a record for the longest fall and surviving. A few years ago, an Equatorian man, washing a window in a very tall building - I don't remember the city, maybe in New York City - fell from a about 60th floor high, and survived, even though having his bones broken in several pieces.

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Posted in: Germany, Argentina advance in games marred by refereeing errors See in context

I think nobody noticed or commented, but the terrible referee mistakes on Germany X England, and then, in Argentin X Mexico, are clearly FIFA manipulations. Otherwise, how come they could have been allowed? Joseph Blatter apologized later, but that was just pathetic, and doesn't correct those absurd mistakes. I don't want to see either Germany or Argentin being champions...unfortunately, because of those referee mistakes.

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Posted in: Woman drowns while trying to rescue child at Chiba beach See in context

For 'Zenny 11': I was astonished by your comments. 200m rescue swim pulling a partner. That's incredible. What country are you originally from? I'm original from Brazil, and there's no such swimming, at least in the public schools, as far as I know.

Moderator: Stay on topic please. Posts that do not refer to the story will be removed.

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Posted in: New neighbors and the trouble they can cause See in context

Hhhmm, this is an interesting article.

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Posted in: Tokyo experiences coldest mid-April day in nearly 50 years See in context

Hhhhm, strange! The Global warming is affecting the overall weather in the World...that would explain this atypical cold.

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On Masterkun05, he says 'Nice clean image not much noise'. I can't understand the expression. It's just a photo, so why he talks about noise? It's not a video, where we could hear the noises. Could anybody explain?

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Posted in: I’m shut out of my daughter’s life See in context

This is sad. I hope things change and Tony could be allowed to see his daughter. Changing the subject: I see some of the commentators here have their photos on their profiles. I also tried to do so, but I don't know how to post mine. Can anybody help me?

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Posted in: Man saves woman from train after she falls onto tracks See in context

Woow, what he did is increadible. Yes, he's definitely a Hero. But, was the young woman drunk?

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