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Posted in: More Americans think U.S.-Japan relations improved under Trump: poll See in context

Yes... and most voting Americans voted for Trump, so you can see how wrong these people can be.

Just to put the record straight, a minority voted for Trump. The majority voted for Clinton.

Ass-ho, that would make sense; most voter voted for Hilly, and we can see who wrong these "people"always are."

I doubt that many in Japan, if this collection of comments is any indicator, understands that total number of votes is not how the US of A elects a president. It was NEVER they way, and never the intention of the constitution, or the founders of the nation.

If that were the way, we would have idiots like Clinton elected! Seems few liberals understand that the job of being president requires much more skill than winning a poularity contest.

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Posted in: More Americans think U.S.-Japan relations improved under Trump: poll See in context

Well, Bertie Wooster,

In many respects, you are correct.

"I've not met one Japanese person....correct!" (who has anything good to say for him...incorrect) " and most Americans I come across, almost of them (?) in the military, don't have a good opinion of him either."

Can I ask? How many did you come across? We have to hope that was not meant in a Buttigieg sort-of-way?

I suspect that you hang out with people who think like you do, so it is natural you would have that experience.

"I can't think of any president who has been so universally disliked."

Universal, eh? Even as far as Aldebran? Tau Ceti? Just how did you take that survey, and how many did people from another universe did you pole? More than 1000?

No, please don't reply. I think the adults have heard enough.

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Posted in: Number of female hunters in Japan on increase See in context

As a hunter and trapper in Japan, I am not fooled by the "poor little Bambi, three piglettes" fairy-tail safe-space commenters. When a problem becomes as big as the the deer and feral pig problem, anyone who finds a solution and promotes it gets a star by his/her name.

I will give the "stupid comment of the week" award to the poster who said, give them a sterilization virus. That is like the, "lock multiple mass murderers in jail because I thing execution is wrong!" limp-wrist people. If one is close enough inject a wild animal with something that in theory could escape into the entire food chain at large...you are close enough to cut it's throat and be 100% certain that animal will NEVER breed again.

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Posted in: Number of female hunters in Japan on increase See in context

Aly RustomToday

"I would love to be able to obtain a license to go and hunt deer and never have to buy processed meat again, but the process is so costly. If they were really concerned about these wild animals, they could at least make the licenses free of charge, or at least cheap to obtain without getting rid of the strict checks and balances which are needed to ensure safety."

It isn't about ensuring safety. That is what the gun clubs that run safety programs do, like NRA, Boy Scouts in US. The gun control is really about control, same as anywhere else.

And for the record, in the only nation on the planet that requires a "riding license," to ride a horse, they are not going to let you, me or any random Hiroshi get anywhere close to a gun unless they have taken a sword and hacked his hands off first. It's just the kind of thing Japanese socialist would never do.

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Posted in: China criticizes U.S., Japan, Australia for 'fanning' tensions See in context

Fre Okin, China entered into arbitration, and said they would agree with the ruling of the panel. But when thye unbaised panel came out and said, basically, "China, you have to stop! You are in the wrong!" the little liars backed out. China is wrong. End of story.

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Posted in: Obama's Asia pivot tested by China's bold maritime claims See in context

Daniel Neagari (Viet Nam.... you know there was a big war there, where the U.S., was technically defeated).

Actually, America was politically defeated, the people who lead the defeat are now key members of Obama's cabinet; Hillary and Kerry being two that were primary in stealing defeat from the jaws of Vietnamese victory.

It is a very fooling Japanese person (or any Asian person) who puts trust in THIS American political party to "help them." If there is conflict in Asia, god help you. They don't care about dead Asians. Their career path is strewn with millions of Asian corpses.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for fatally stabbing 2-month-old daughter See in context

Yet no one would say these things had the woman aborted the baby, no! They would say, "Mommies choice!" "It was HER BODY!" "It wasn't a human yet!"

Amazing what a few months time does to all you people's perceptions. You bad-mouth someone who blows cigarette smoke in her home and wax poxetic on how wonderful abortion is. No child ever supported abortion.

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Posted in: Kennedy inspects Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

So, Gokai...because GE built the "guts" as you call it, it was forced on Japan? Now, before you think I am be ijiwari on your stupid oshiri, let's get something straight; Japan hired GE to build a nuclear plant they had designed, in a place the Japanese government choose t build it. They then dis-assembled 90% of the reactor and reverse engineered it to build more reactors very much like it. By-passing GE and stealing millions of dollars of research efforts while doing that. They, because they had no experience re-assembling the dang thing, they cobbled it back together, leaving out redundancy systems and failing to completely repair the damages they did in dis-assembly. Not all the parts of the reactor are designed to taken apart and reassembled; many items are once assembled, never taken apart kind of things. Close loop systems. Japan's technology thievery came back and bit them, and you have the ignorance to blame America, blame GE for it? Have you never asked, "Why has no American nuclear plant made by GE had a similar failure?" Never asked "why did my government spend more time covering up than cleaning up?" You hope from broken leg to broken legged argument to appoint guilt on America, when the rest of your fingers point at your government, and the Japanese penchant of stealing other people's technology. Well, you stole nuclear. America didn't force you to do that.

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Posted in: Lifelong sex? Men say yes; women not so sure See in context

" ... the passion burns out at some point..." is just another way of saying you are not a good lover. Women who stop wanting sex have just been continually disappointed by Japanese men who learn how to "do sex from watching etchi videos." Manga and x-videos do'na a lover make!

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Posted in: Akita man arrested over attempted extortion for sex and songs See in context

“Your son was kidnapped. If you want him returned, have sex with me.”

As they were hashing out the details...ha ha ha! I would LOVE to hear about THAT part! The hashing of the details!

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Posted in: The 'downgraded wives' who make hubbies squirm See in context

OK, Ensnatcher2, how about equality? I mean real equality, not feminists "we get everything and you get nothing" equality. Goes like this; Husband gets the first choice, "Hey wife, wanna have sex tonight?" She gets to say yes or NO, and if she says no, he can go out and ask another woman to satisfy his needs. No questions asked. Next night it is her turn; "Husband, I don't fell like having sex tonight." He has to accept it, no questions asked. And she is also free to go out that night, and refuse sex to another man of her choice...

True equality! Marriage requires dialogue, together with mutual respect. Includes women respect men.

And Bernie...Japanese are basically Buddhist, Shinto. Not Christian. I just wish they were Nudists!

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Posted in: Beaujolais Nouveau See in context

People who say, "me thinks, rarely do either one. Japan LOVES "fresh crop of rice!" Can anyone really taste the differnce? They love "first tuna of the season!" It really is worth 70 X the normal price! They love the latest TV, Handy phone and TV! The land-fills burst with things that only have one problem, they are "last-year's model!" And look at those salary-men watching lolita-can! OK. I do that, too.

Why should "Beaujolais Nouveau" by the exception?

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Posted in: Noda meets with relatives of abductees See in context

A spokesman for the Association of Abductees’ Relatives urged the Japanese government to make some tangible progress. He said the government seems to have lost interest in the plight of the abductees.

Actually the government wishes all the abductees and their relatives would just die, maybe get run over by an epileptic driver drinking the season’s 1st shipment of Beaujolais Nouveau, in Toyota hybrid cars that are due for a recall because of "defective floor mats."

If they were going to DO anything, they would have done it by now.

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Posted in: Penalties eyed for drivers who fail to disclose illnesses such as epilepsy See in context

I agree with the Egyptian, Rames. Abolish all driving. No one goes anywhere except by train...oooops. They have accidents and kill innocent people. Ok. Only bicycles. Wait. Deaths there too. Alright; people only walk. nope; death from walking has happened.

Face it folks; live is dangerous. At some point during the practice of life death is going to happen. To everyone. I bet more deaths and accidents happen from people falling asleep at the wheel than any combination of sicknesses. By this (above peep's) reasoning, anyone who ever falls asleep should be banned from driving, or get fined.

MORE regulation of Japan will not solve the problems. The problem is over-regulation. Making more will not solve Japan or humanity's problems.

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Posted in: Obama hunting for votes on non-stop 40-hour blitz of states See in context

"...a non-stop 40 hour blitz of states that will decide the election. "

This will decide the election, eh? then what was the last four years of campaigning all about? Just waste our time, when the non-stop 40 hour blitz of states will decide the election.

Some ask what Obama will do the next four years; That's easy! Elected or NOT, he will stop blaming Bush. And start blaming Romney!

It's good there is an election though; blaming Bush for things like Benghazi, the failure of bailouts, and Eco-economy's Green-Ink Foot-Print are starting to wear thin. If his economy continues to go as he planned it, he will be blaming Romney for it.

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Posted in: McDonald's staff trained to throw tracking balls at armed robbers See in context

I think it is fair, if the robber gets to threaten the staff, who are only paid 700 or 780 per hour, they should get to throw paint balls at them for 700 or 780 per hour...I would pay money to throw paint balls at criminals! ;->

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Posted in: Vice principal picks up forgotten ATM cash; police pick up vice principal See in context

There are two facts here, maybe you missed them? The guy was ID'd by the video camera. Means the lady returned to the ATM, didn't find her money, went to a teller and asked for help/ has money been turned in? Answer is No, not turned in, so review the security camera. Then the have to ID the guy, all this time, he is "intending to turn in the money?" I say, and I bet the cops do as well...Bullshit! He only said that because he got...caught! The only person he was trying to help then as now is himself.

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Posted in: 28 Fukuoka bars get threatening phone calls in one night See in context

Notes; "as despicable as the yak are, they have a right to eat and drink where they please." No one has that right. Why should the Yakuza have it? "What about other people with tattoos?" What about them? All the looks of a Yakuza and none of the power? Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck...it wants to bwe a duck... "Not sure it's a smart idea to put such a sign on an establishment. That's just inviting trouble." Or is it inviting people who don't want oto have their heads or their GF hit on by Yakuza thugs? Seems more like it is Not Inviting Trouble.

Southsakai...you know it!

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Posted in: Japan should apologize for wartime aggression: N Korea See in context

YuriOtani; very good observation! I especially like the note, "Am sure the Republic of Korea can provide very comfortable retirements to the North leaders." Yes, I am sure a great number of 1.8 meter pine boxes can be built quickly! The leaders of Communist North Korea deserve appropriate retirement benifits. They have provided much the same for their people for several generations.

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Posted in: Japan should apologize for wartime aggression: N Korea See in context

Japan needs to appologize exactly how many times? Once a year? Once every 5 years? And how many billions of yen in restitution? And how often? And the duration of the compensation package lasts how long, again? Forever? Correct me if I am wrong but...Japan LOST the war, right? North Korea (with American help) WON the war right? Isn't it the obligation of the victor to rebuild the looser? Or is that just an American thing?

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Posted in: Women could save Japan's economy: IMF's Lagarde See in context

from Hero_us 's advice column; "...import your favorite gelato from Italy, try to re-create the unique taste of the takuwan your grandma made at home, write code for revolutionary new i-pad applications!"

My advice? Be very wary of taking advice from hippies. You could very easily loose your nest-egg trying to sell takuwan flavor gelato.

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Posted in: Women could save Japan's economy: IMF's Lagarde See in context

Women can save the population! Women can save the economy! Women can save...the whales! Come on women, your not trying! Gambaroo Ze! (Means; "Suffer!")

This is the best the governmnet can do? Blame the over-regulation and lack of government action on women? How about reduction of taxes, relief from painfully high manditory health insurence costs, and restrictive and expensive lisencing and permit obligations? How about abolishment of governmnet programs designed to line the pockets of bloated ranks of governmnet officials? How about elected officials being responsible for their mistakes instead of "retiring to take responsibility?"

Short of a major revolution, what will it take to get the Japanese people realize that "Fukeiki" is today's "normal," and the bubble economy was the problem? The government has been trying to return things to "bubble prosperity levels," and through the entire 20+ years of "economic down-turn, have managed to maintain their high living standards, their golden cussion jobs, yet the entire fabric that supports it, that pays the taxes, the people and business that ARE the bed-rock of Japanese borders, language and culture, get the pointy end of the shaft.

But it is the fault of...the women.

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Posted in: People who live in 'gomi yashiki' shouldn't stow bones See in context

"old cars rot during 5 yrs as it's a custom here..." There are mountains of rotting cars in some places of Japan, and in Alaska, too. People stop "seeing" their own gomi after they see it everyday for years...

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Posted in: Kitakyushu man robbed of Y20 mil at his home See in context

I really like your confidence, Marcels. "that,s exactly what happened! Proabably! "

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Posted in: Chinese tycoon offers Geelys to replace cars damaged in anti-Japan riots See in context

Crustacean (The Raw Prawn Man!) "China is an immature nation and they have a long way to being accepted as a responsible power." Yes, the new kid on the block, having only been around since what? 3,000 BC? The definition of "newbe."

I was just thinking though; MY CAR was destroyed! I want a new Greely, too! I may even vote Obama for a Greely and a free cell-phone...

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Posted in: Turkey intercepts Syrian plane as tensions mount See in context

"see the number of wars started by the US and the continued fighting and killing that is ongoing with US involvement..." Which wars would that be, ghost? Some wars that don't involve Muslims, on one or both sides? Try again. In every shooting war on the planet, Muslims are on one side, and most...both sides. If Islam were a religion of peace there would be peace in Muslim countries. yet, strangely, NONE are at peace.

As for Turkey intercepting a jet plane...a waste of a good turkey, with Thanksgiving coming and all...

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Posted in: Kitakyushu bar torched in arson attack See in context

Dang! I leave Japan for a few weeks and those nasty little tattooed freaks get out of line again! Relax; I will be back next week.

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Posted in: Woman found stabbed to death after neighbors report sounds of argument See in context

"We do not know anything about this incident and then right away people judge the murderer as being something so horrible." Well Baxter, we know she was stabbed at least ten times in the back...and that's about all I need to know. You think it may have been...justified? Like maybe she flipped a bugger on him or something? Just to beb safe, I am going to watch out for you, Baxter, because like you say, "...hate and revenge can be brought up within anyone to make them stab someone given the right conditions..." And you sound like a dangerous condition...

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Posted in: Man on flight from Japan held in LA after smoke grenade, leg irons, body bags found in luggage See in context

In Germany they confiscate violins, in America, I had my sax taken (This is a sonic Harmonic Disruptor! Not Allowed!) But Japan? Cool! A transplanted North Korean can carry semi explosive devices...onto the plane! How cool is that? Very! ;->

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Posted in: Thai man arrested for murder in Japan 19 years ago See in context

rickyvee is one of those with no idea what the law is, but doesn't fear posting his inorance of theat. Do you think, for instance, you can murder someone in Thailand and then hop to Japan and never have to worry about it? THAT would be absurd...

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