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Posted in: German activist arrested for vandalism in Taiji See in context

Ronald F one respect you are right, "I don't think." There is no such thing as "just vandalism" when you consider who did it, what he did, and why. He is a shore pirate terrorist.

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Posted in: German activist arrested for vandalism in Taiji See in context

"So profuse is the bleeding that many whales spew blood from their blow holes." I have heard that some whales actually die of it! S.S. are little more that pirates at sea and now it seems...pirates on the land. Japan really must stop the "scientific whale research." Hey! Let's see if people will still eat whale THIS year! is not scientific research.

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I use pachinko balls to keep cats away. They really don't like those shiny round metal balls... ...I sort of sprinkle them about...with a wrist-rocket.

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Posted in: What happens to Japanese porn stars after they retire? See in context

Yasukuni is absolutely right, though...well said. But many people in Japan don't care about their parent's stigmas. Like America...

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Posted in: What happens to Japanese porn stars after they retire? See in context

I am GM for a company that owns some 60+ clubs, and we pay ex-AV (and future AV girls) much higher than their inexperienced, non-performing counterparts; they earn more revenue. They know what men like...and they are not squimish about providing it. Even old ones are very skilled at what pleases a man.

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Probie, you don't want any girl you're seeing to taste like 50 guys? Is that the voice of experience? I know what 50 guys TASTE like? What kind of movies were you in? Broke-Bake Mountain Goalie?

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Posted in: What happens to Japanese porn stars after they retire? See in context

Dennis 711...what give YOU the right to judge?

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Posted in: Couple arrested for stealing hotel amenities See in context

I will note which people here I will never, ever, invite to my home.

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Posted in: Woman restrained by dog collar dies in man's apartment See in context

"Japan is still one of the a few safest countries on earth..." Reaaaaaly? I thought there was only one safest country.

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Posted in: Hornets attack 25 high school children in Iwakuni See in context

~ebisen~ "Were these simple "mini" hornets (abu)..." Horsefly. Abu. Japanese-sounding name and failed Japanese. ebisen...shrimp-line.

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I was hired by a Japanese company to fill the gap when their staff all quite, enmass. The owner also hired, directly from the Hello Work offices, a lot of others. In side of 3 months, I was desperate to find a way to get ride of 60% of those new-hires.

And that is one problem with Japan today; specialization has removed the ability of many boys to adapt to new duties and the "employement for life" mentality makes them think that, like college, all they have to do is "get hired" and their work is done.

But the fact is, if a man does not produce $120 dollars for his daily $80 pay, he should be let go; companies don't need staff that sits at a window.

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Posted in: Abe visit Fukushima; promises action if LDP returns to power See in context

LDP, "If you return us to power we will help you!" unspoken, LDP; "If you don'r return us to power, we will continue to block hlp!" If LDP actually had the interests of japanese people at heart, they would have done something in their long reign to do so, instead we have the longers fukeiki in the world's history. Except for Greece, that is.

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Posted in: Survey reveals over 60% of elementary students hate Japanese-style toilets See in context

Waaaaayyyyy too much information...

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Posted in: Romney must project a warmer image to win election See in context

Obamamittes blame Romney for "a fumbled response to unrest in the Middle East," when, as president, it is actually Obama that fumbled. Anyone still can tell that there are 47% of the people who wouldn't vote Romney, Palin, heck, they wouldn't vote for a reincarnation of George Washington himself if he were on the GOP ticket; they are the 47% that Romney accurately said are beyond logic, reason or reach. They vote party, and today their party in Obama inspite of what he has is and will do. All the facts in the world would make them change. You know it, I know it, and Romney sure as heck knows it. He even said it. He anticipates it, and anticipation denotes intelligence. "It's the kind of thing you'd expect Republican strategists to say," is not a particularly enlightening thing to say.

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"Because this is not a normal time." It never is. Just like Japan's economy is just "Fukeiki," not the way it going to be forever. Obama is the man bringing American "Fukeiki" in for ever. Give him another 4 years and he will have your kid's kid's in debt so far they will never recover. If Obama were the better choice, it seems that after four year somethingb would have iomproved; nothing has. More tax, fewer jobs, less international security and less hope that he will do anything other than what he has done. I may not like Mitt, but then again, I may! But I would vote for the livingroom sofa before I would vote for Obama again; that was the worste political choice of my life! What the hell was I thinking? And for all you Japanese out there? Do you really think Obama will stand by Japan when the going gets tough with China, as it undoubtedly WILL? You really think Obama will do more than make glib response to China's stealing Japanese land now, businesses in China tomorrow, and your water and people in 2016? Remember who was raping the schol kids in Okinawa? What color were they? Now multiply that by one million; and support Obama.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan offering free coffee this week See in context

Complementary coffee. It isn't only free, it says nice things about you! Just like Joyful Food; So happy you eat it!

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Posted in: Youth stabbed by two men outside home in Chiba See in context

Imagine; two wimpy boys on scooters attack one even whimpier boy in front of his mommies house. This is pathetic.

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Posted in: Why they don't want us dancing at nightclubs See in context

It is government beauracracy, and socialism. I am Gm for a company that owns 60+ bars, and this is a subject I am in costant revolt with the city office inspectors, the fire dept. inspectors and police inspectors. The health inspectors don't care. But read that again; there are four levels of flaming hoops needed to get a liscence. Yes, the police have a concern; but they have laws about how high and clear the windows (inside windows) must be, that are in the wall of a VIP room in a hostess bar! They decide if a bar can't have dimmer lights! The fire department sets the max. number of guests allowed and the number of chairs, and if ther can be a bench outside the door or not. Dancing is both fire dept and police, and the nature of the liscence applied for is determined by the number of staff, floor area and the nature of the fire alarm systems, the size of the stairs or entry doors, egress windows, and the amperage of your braker panel (controled by the power company, in related construction laws.) The city office gets their snoot in there with parking, alchohol and food delivery schedules, garbage removal and openning/closing hours.

And the laws cahange club to club, area to area, and week by week. THIS, my friends, is the basic reason Japan will NEVER "recover" from Fukeiki (bad economy) ~ recovery is not allowed. It isn't in the regukations Bible(s)!

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Posted in: Men connected to Roppongi club murder flee Japan See in context

Well, what was it, yen or dollars?

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Posted in: Men connected to Roppongi club murder flee Japan See in context

Lowly, it was "about half a million yen" not dollars. Not a huge sum, but Tokyogas, in one respect you are mistaken; it takes very little to hire 10 boys with bats to beat someone up. Yen 10,000 each is plenty. I never pay more than that...;-)

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Could it be possible that the Japanese Govenrment is (making) a massive capital grab? Considering that the biggest criminal element in Japan today is the governmnet...I would say it is possible. They are socialists, what do you expect? It is just another day for the governmnet.

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Posted in: China tells Japan it will not tolerate violations of sovereignty See in context

China will not tolerate any violations of its sovereignty, just look what they did in Tibet. Mustang. Mongolia. Turkistan. The list of Peaceful Chinese intolerence is long and bloody.

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Posted in: S Korean dictator's daughter apologizes for abuses See in context

"...conglomerates ...were already growing quater over quater." Naturally. Quater under the bridge, eh?

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Posted in: S Korean dictator's daughter apologizes for abuses See in context

"This women has know real clue about the needs or concerns of masses." Clearly Shiny Finger (?) has too "fue" clues, to judge what she will or wont do...

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Posted in: What is a Westerner? See in context

Everyone not Japanese is called Gaijin. Everyone not Japanese IS gaijin!

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Posted in: At 82, relaxed Clint Eastwood throws another curveball See in context

Listening to shanabelle and Stern, one soon realizes that what they call "thought" was just emoting. You felt it was this, felt it was that. I don't see much thought actually happening. Had you actually thought, you wouldn't be liberals, saying inanities like, "...raised many eyebrows, with some wondering if the icon was simply, sadly, growing senile." Only liberal media types said that, and liberals sucked it up. Coolaid. People who actually think understood the entire time that Eastwood, the actor, was doing a standard gambit used for acting preperation. We see that gambit used everyday, if you actually think about it, as you claim. Not with a chair, but many ways! Instead of saying the truth, which is "I don't understand this!" you made your inability to understand into a statement about Eastwood's sanity. That is pathetic. Shameful and pathetic.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy arrested for stabbing father in back See in context

incognito sez; "The father's back will be mended but not his heart. His relationship with his son will never be the same again, to say least." Looks like his relation with the son never was the same to start with... And gogogo, you say "...I wish there was some sort of government social services or counseling instead of just the police." and yet you said later, "It's a "not my problem" society..." I ask, which is it you want? Personal responsibility or government intervention?

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Posted in: Apple maps disaster may solve China-Japan islands dispute See in context

Takahiro and Elbuda, consider if it were Shikoku, or Baja California, and say, France "claimed them." Would you be cool with that, then? The one who needs to see beyond a nose is you. Unlike yourself, these islands are not stupid. They are just Japanese islands. While it is about recognition its recognition that they actually do belong to someone, and China didn't just, "find them laying on the beach." China only claims them now because they think Japan can't hold them. That's the way wars start. China knows it. They are saying, on an international play-ground level, "I am going to take your toy and you can't stop me because I am beigger!" Some think, like muslims, "riots make us right!" But a smart-ass article about a smart phone glitch is not going to stop China's agression.

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"Complications arise in all pregnancy. Blaming the woman for having a stillbirth is inhumane. I think she is suffering enough that's why she told somebody about her ordeal."

OMG. mikihouse. Too much prune-juice for you.

No, complications don't arise in all pregnancy, derp. Inhuman is stuffing the baby in the freezer. SHE said it was dead. But this is a woman who stuck a baby in the freezer one month ago. Why?? Otsumame? She is 42 and you think she is...what...a victim of circumstance?

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Posted in: Japan embassy, businesses shut as more protests erupt in China See in context

"One Hong Kong newspaper said some protesters in southern Shenzhen had been detained for calling for democracy and human rights." Now THAT is a protest China will clamp down on in short order!

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