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Yes, it happens. More or less frequent? Less, actually. Just more coverage. But the problem is not, as Disillusion-chan says, that she dated an older man; The problem is the man being so uneducated about relations that he thinks abduction is "a good idea." He learned that from parents, pachiko-mentality, and from sex-education-by-hen-na-manga-and-etchi-anime.

Girls! You need to sexually educate the boys better and more often! Reward them (;-) for good behaviour!

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"China has repetitively warmed Japan of the serious consequence if Japan goes ahead the purchase of the islands."

Hate to rain on the parade, but Japan purchased the islands...from the owners...who were...JAPANESE.

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The "Kamikaze wind" has saved Japan in the past!

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"Guest" don't respect Limbaugh because he feels Limbaugh is a junky. I don't respect "guest" because he is ignorant. The same old conflict, feeling vs reality.

I do agree with the majority of people posting: Rush is a blast to listen to, and spot on. Many don't like how he says things, and the media hate his guts. He cuts into their ratings!

One has to actually listen to him to critique him, though. "Guest" doesn't do this, obviously. Junanam, Limbaugh's comment about tax payers having already donated to Haiti refers to the massive amount that, over the years, U.S. and U.N. aid programs have transferred to this socialist/communist country.

Secondly, Obama uses every event as a political lever to try bolster his plummeting ratings. Granted, he was elected because of ratings, not substance. So of course, ratings are of prime concern. This is the essence of liberalism. Liberalism isn't about doing what is right, it is about doing what is popular.

Does this help explain? It is called "reality," and can be a bit hard to take at first. You can grow accustomed to it, Junnama.

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Let's be fair, Sarge. The major media outlets miss-quote and lie about Palin on a daily basis. Why should we deny Zurc the same right?

I think Zurc and Amrijap have a chance with their "alternative relationship," and we shouldn't spoil it for them ;-}.

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Posted in: Glamorous mama-to-be Anna Tsuchiya hopes for 'carnivore,' not 'herbivore' See in context

Is it nature or is it nurture? DNA or training? Considering that the jury swings both ways, I say a new hair-do is in order.

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