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Cynthia comments

Posted in: Romney struggles to stem fallout from comments on Olympics See in context

THAT IS SO IGNORANT. Why should he have to defend his words, when it was the truth and several British spokespersons agreed that he only said what was already known and had EVERY right to say that there was worries about how it would be. Its so stupid how people complain about how politicians lie, but complain even more when they tell the truth. So DUMB. But understand, I don't like either Obama NOR Romney, but Romney shouldn't be made to seem the bad guy for speaking what we already knew.

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Posted in: Body of newborn baby found in Kanagawa river See in context

That is so sad. I hope that the mother and father of this child are prosecuted. Especially if they put him there because they "just didn't want him" or "couldn't take care of him". Even then, there are places to you can leave your child so that he/she may have a fighting chance. Ugh, that is just stupid.

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Posted in: Osaka police officer accused of raping teenage girl at beach See in context

As much as I love Japan, its stories like this that generally make me nervous about visiting. :/

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Posted in: Body parts found floating in Tokyo Bay See in context

I read a book by a japanese author about something like that. Its called OUT. Its a good book. (in the book a battered wife stragles her huband and she's blackmailed by her freinds after they cut up his body for her. Its awesome)

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing 30 garden ornaments to alleviate loneliness in Aichi See in context

That so sad(like crying sad). The man has depression. So send a careteker to hang with him, if htat doesn't work, medicate him and if that fails, place him in a half-way house or something.

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Posted in: Woman found dead by ex-husband in Ibaraki See in context

Hmm,.. is it possible he killed her out of anger/jealousy, or maybe something to do with the place she owned. it sounds too suspcious...

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Posted in: Hooded assailant cuts high school girl’s hair before fleeing on bicycle in Miyagi See in context

The man is either a stalker, or he's obsessed with her.<basiclly a stalker still>

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Posted in: Stalker dies after setting woman's house on fire in Wakayama See in context

To HelloKitty- There's a good possibility, but i have to say, if that is the case,.. more power to her cause it was a smart thing to do. <Dead men don't tell tales.>

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Posted in: Teacher, wife busted for filming women in toilet 'just for fun' See in context

I noticed that most Japanese fellons admit to thier crime once caught and tell how long they've been at, how they did it and so forth. I wish American criminals were that coroperative.

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Posted in: 22-year-old mother held for allegedly suffocating 16-day-old son See in context

That point blank post pardom(??? not sure how to spell it) depression. Don't they have special help for mothers like that?

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Posted in: Serial groper caught in the act on Yokohama train See in context

There's is nothing unusual about that. In Japan, it happens more often than you think and doesn't get reported.

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