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Posted in: Toyota chief's U.S. testimony closely watched in Japan See in context

Toyota was wrong and has to answer why it took so long to acknowledge and respeond to these probs. However, with that being said, some of the congressmen and women need to be taken out back and shot. Particulary the one that suggested more Americans be placed is positions of leadership which has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

As for the 3 auto-makers, some posts are wrong as far as who took/owes money and who is still American owned. Ford never took money and is still US owned. GM took money and has the US government as a backer. Chrysler took money, but has paid it back. It is however not American because it was aquired by Italian carmaker Fiat as of June 2009.

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Posted in: Obama's election spurs hundreds of race threats, crimes See in context

No, it doesn't count. Your only a mix if your ancestry doesn't have any African blood in the USA. I truly find that sad as it seems like its "legal racism".

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