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Posted in: Aso retracts Nazi remarks amid criticism See in context

................. wow. just wow.

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Posted in: Superman is coming back and this time with Batman See in context

I want the God damn batman!

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Posted in: New Pokemon XY anime series to air Oct 17 See in context

I wonder when Cartoon Network will air it. Regardless, I am excited.

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Posted in: Who is winning the game console battle? See in context

Nintendo is the best. That is all.

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Posted in: Kanji skills decline in digital age See in context

@ZombieNemesis Exactly. I find cursive easier to write in because it flows better for me. I also think it is a more attractive way to write but not many of my classmates can read it.

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Posted in: Snowden flying to Caracas via Moscow See in context

Does he have duel citizenship to another country? I thought you couldn't get into Cuba, even for a quick stop, with a U.S. Passport unless you were Cuban.

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Posted in: Next 'Die Hard' movie rumored to be set in Tokyo See in context

When I was in vacation in Rome my group stumped onto a movie set. All of us rushed out the opening weekend to see if we could see ourselves in the action shots. I bet most people would do the same.

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Posted in: Pope Francis wants 'church for the poor' See in context

Help poor people rather than spend millions upon millions of dollars fighting gay marriage and abortion.

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Posted in: Life after death? Yes, says one doctor See in context

We get reborn after we die.

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Posted in: Japan ranks 22nd of 54 countries in EF Global English Proficiency Index See in context

You mean countries that speak Germanic languages or close relatives to them are more successful in mastering English than countries with no natural language relations? Wow. I'm shocked.

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Posted in: Pope says he will resign on Feb 28 See in context

Pick someone in their 50s or even younger. We are living longer but having the starting age of such an important position be in the 70s or so is not a good idea.

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Posted in: Blizzard brings U.S. northeast to a halt See in context

Some people might be literally snowed in their house. If my family and I did not continuously shovel out the front and back stairs we would have been snowed in. These same people might have lost lost their power.

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