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czykent comments

Posted in: Employees reveal absurd company regulations See in context

One word: "Sick"

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Posted in: Son arrested over murder of mother in Sendai See in context

Nah, the radiation must have gotten to him or something... Jokes aside,I don't really think that he meant what he did, most probably because of his illness, the one his mom campaigned on...

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Posted in: Praying man See in context

If the action by the monk offers some form of relief and comfort to the believers, then why not? If you are one of the non-believers or are simply individuals of other religions, then just leave it at that. Why be negative about it?

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Posted in: Taxi plows into pedestrians near Dotonbori canal in Osaka; 7 hurt See in context

The driver definitely took a wrong turn...right round the bend!

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Posted in: Republicans call Obama timid on Iran See in context

God knows why obama got elected...McCain could have been a better leader.

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Posted in: Opposition steps up pressure on Aso to resign See in context

Time to settle down and get a stable leader,Japan....

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Posted in: Obama must apologize for U.S. crimes against Iran: Ahmadinejad See in context

i agree,zkna0

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Posted in: Japanese learn English using Obama speeches See in context

No offence,but has President Obama official became a saint of a man?

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Posted in: 58-year-old woman arrested for harassing former lover’s son with emails See in context

58-year-old? i expect dat kind of act to be commited by a jelous 13ye old teen!

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Posted in: Student arrested after threatening undercover policewoman with box cutter See in context

Hope this will teach the other perps to think twice before commiting such crimes.

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Posted in: Y18 million stolen from bank worker in Chiba See in context

Yeah,suit 'em rite for being robbed. Those bank employee were robbed without any precaution measures..damn fools. People work hard for those money and there they are! Collecting workers & bosses' hard earned cash without any protection.

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Posted in: Obama summons Americans to be of service See in context

In terms of experience and capability to handle economic problems, John should be a better choice...too bad he got drag down by the bad name of the "B". Republican administration

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Posted in: Sumo See in context

unhealty lifestlye for these ppl

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Posted in: 14-year-old Saitama girl commits suicide after being bullied online See in context

I don't mind people making lite of 'emselves for entertainment...but people should not build their pleasure on the suffering of others....

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Posted in: Fire drill See in context

Agreed...if these water used in the drill helps the fighters to gain more experience in their job, it can't be counted as wasting it.

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