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The Miracle Pine is a symbol of 'Hope and Survival' and spreads out that message around the world so its worth more than 90 million yen.

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Well done Nishikori! You brought another joy to Japan in a difficult times like these. Play your best game against Murray, you have nothing to lose! You are already a winner by reaching the quarter finals! The pressure is not on you!

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tokyokawasaki, Yes, the business companies in Japan has to change, honest businesses is ofcourse the right step forward, but take a look at the situation in Japan. The recession is so big that companies have to do whatever it takes to stay afloat as these people have a family to support. Just imagine how difficult it is now for the current Japanese Olympus employees when they try to go for new jobs. Their CV will say 'Olympus' and employers will automatically associate with scandals. Maybe in the US or Europe they wouldn't care about that, but this is Japan, we look at it from a different angle. Woodford might have done the right thing, but he is also responsible of ruining the employees future. What would you choose, whatever it takes to support your family, or trying to be a hero and jeopardise many hundreds of employee's future?

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I do know what Olympus has been up to and know that Woodford have been at the company for 30 years,otherwise I woudln't have posted like that. Yes, the top management screwed the company. And sure, what he did was right in the good world that is, but realisically, all major companies worldwide are corrupted, and leaders at that level keep their mouth shut and take it to the graves if they really liked the company. Leaders at that level will be expected to handle things calm. There must've been a better way to solve the problem rather than Woodford going to the media about it and put Olympus's brand name in the dark spotlight and having all employees in the company been frowned upon from people outside. He has to be more considerate. Buggerlugs, your name isn't Michael Woodford by any chance?

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Ironically Sea Shepherds are killing the whales slowly by throwing acids and paint which eventually mixes into the water. Ofcourse members of Sea Shepherd will get injured if they cause these activities in the sea, that's a good lesson for them. It's just a matter of time that someone dies and they suddenly realize that what they do is extremely dangerous and think that they shoudln't have do it in the first place. Forest Rescue Austrailia can just turn around and stick with the stuff they actually do.

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The biggest mistake Olympus has ever done was to hire Woodford for the CEO position in the first place who doesn't even know the company culture well enough. After all the trouble he has caused, he expects to have his job back? And sueing the company now because he didn't get enough votes for his CEO position again? This guy is full of greed thinking only about himself. He has put all the Olympus staff in jeopardy. The recession is bad as it is and he has made it even worse. The only thing he has caused was to make a bad reputation for foreigners running companies in Japan. Now lesser trust and jobs will be given to foreigners from Japanese companies thanks to him.

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