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I think it’s a difficult issue. Be honest, I like Korea drama and watch some shows when my mother is watching. Nowadays, I feel Japanese dram is boring and it’s proved by an audience rating. It’s getting low and low. But I also feel Korean boom is too much not only Korean drama but also Korean artists like Kara, Girls generation like that. I don’t know how long the Korean boom will be continued. I think it’s just someone’s sense of values problem. But I just hope Japanese media could make good dramas like they made before. I loved old drams.

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I didn’t use Facebook so much time last year. Because around my friends didn’t use it too. But while studying abroad, Facebook was very convenient to communicate people from other countries. So I was using it very often. And after I came back to Japan, I was surprised that a lot of people around me were using Facebook. I realized Facebook is expanding very fast. On the other hands, Facabook has a demerit. It’s their security is not so strict compare with mixi. For example, if my friend tags my picture on the person’s Facebook, the person’s friend who is stranger for me can see it. I like Facebook but the one thing I don’t like it. So I prefer mixi than Facebook.

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