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Posted in: JAL maintains international fare fuel surcharge for Feb-March See in context

I'm glad to hear this news. It would encourage people use airplane and go on a trip. I would like to go overseas if there will be no increasing of international fare fuel surcharge. It would help an economic recovery and reconstruction of JAL management I guess.

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Posted in: Kumi Koda announces upcoming marriage to KENJI03 See in context

Congrats Kumi Koda! I saw a video which Kumi Koda and her husband were singing together on a stage. She does look enjoying playing with him and look great on the stage. I like her saying that when she with him she can be herself and can’t stop smiling! What a cute couple! Have happy days with him.

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Posted in: M6.5 quake hits southern Mexico; 2 dead See in context

I think 2001 is disaster year. There were many disasters all over the world. There was flood in Australia and Thailand. Earthquakes hit New Zealand, Japan, Turkey and Mexico this time. Volcanic from Chile flew about whole world. There was not only nature disaster but also a man-made disaster. Unclear power has been flew about and flowed out. Hang in there all those who are surffer from disasters!

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Posted in: 68-year-old woman arrested for attempted murder of 74-year-old husband See in context

There are many murder like this case sadly. She doesn't want to kill him, but she doesn't take care of him any more either, I guess. Because of an aging society, Japan is short of care taker. There is system of nursing and most of people pay a pension for nursing. If she had used this system, this might not happened. Or if she has used this, system the issue is the problem of this system.

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Posted in: M5.8 quake hits southwestern Japan See in context

I was afraid of tsunami since a place I live is near this area. In addition the place where I live is island. Therefore if tsunami hit the island, it would be a huge disaster for us. I was relieved that there is no tsunami warnings and no damage of this earthquake.

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: Snickers and Erika Sawajiri See in context

I have watched this TV commercial. I like it. However I was wondering why she accepted to appear in this commercial. It is bad impression of her that most of Japanese have. On the other hand it could be her personality and people may not forget about her. I hope she will come back on dramas and movies.

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Posted in: 'Nadeshiko Japan,' '3.11' voted top buzzwords for 2011 See in context

I'm glad that positive word "Nadeshiko Japan" was selected as one of the 2011 U-CAN Awards. Japanese are hard time because of the disaster as 3.11 was selected one of the buzzword in 2011. However there are some good news and it cheers Japanese up! I'm almost crying every time I see a scene which members of Nadeshiko Japan are rising a trophy.

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Posted in: Kenya's Josphat Ndambiri wins Fukuoka Marathon See in context

I watched news on TV in this morning. It reported about Yuki Kawauchi who won the first prize in Japanese in this international marathon. He doesn't join any marathon team or isn’t a professional runner. He is just one of citizen runner. He practices marathon everyday by himself every day in limited time. He would love to be a one of runners in London Olympic. I was touched by his passion and motivation.

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