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D1lostgaijin comments

Posted in: U.S. petty officer charged with two counts of molestation in Kanagawa See in context

For all those that have said ALL U.S. Military members can't abide by laws - you are sadly mistaken! There are those that are idiots and get in trouble cause they are the "rebels and no one will tell them what to do" and then there are the ones like myself and husband that are opposites. We spent 5 years in Japan. We followed all the Japanese laws, paid respect to everyone we met and were very gracious that we were allowed the opportunity to have been there....and we FOLLOWED the rules our command set!

With that said, of those individuals that can't follow the rules and make Americans look bad - don't think our entire population is like that. We aren't trained to fondle women on the streets, get drunk and break rules our command sets. These actions shows a lack of discipline on THAT persons behalf, not the entire nation. It angers me when Americans act like fools when they do this but it saddens me that the rest of the world is going to clump me into this "stereotype" because I'm not like that at all. I loved Japan, the people and the rich culture - but thanks to the screw ups of those idiots that I get to share the title of "american servicemember" with, I get to be lumped into that negative stereotype.

Really....you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.

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